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This division is based on football divisional systems.

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Due to this being a competitive league, do not use this division to play amongst a close group of friends. The accepted benchmark for this division is 1 game per round (two week period) played versus the same team. If you want to play games among a close group of friends, create teams in the L division.

The rules for Faction are as follows:

  • The number of required games is 1 per round.
  • Additional teams will be promoted from below if there are more than the minimum number of free spots.
  • The first, second and third placegetters in each round of F1 are awarded gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. This is represented on faction pages by the appropriate icon, followed by the number of medals of this colour the team has won. Each coach's info page also shows how many faction titles he or she has won - this refers to F1 only, not lower divisions.
  • Each round lasts two weeks, with the changeover on midnight between Sunday and Monday server time. The date that the current round ends is usually in the topic of the #fumbblfactions channel. Use the BowlBot command "time" to see what time it is now.
  • If you are in FQ and you don't play a game, your team becomes "inactive" and has to be activated again to rejoin FQ.
  • Teams that are tied on points at the end of a round, will be positioned randomly when the round ends. 6 promotion slots, and two teams are tied in 6th and 7th place on 150 points? The team in 7th could be promoted.

Faction Changes!

Posted by: Christer on Sunday, November 05, 2006 - 04:16

News: The faction division has gone through a number of changes to reduce the possibility of "cartels" dominating the division. Most of you have seen the discussions, or heard of it so I will not go into details in this news posting.

Because of the extensive changes done, all teams have been inactivated from F and coaches who wish to participate will have to reactivate the team they wish to use.

The new rules for the faction division are as follows:

  • You may have any number of faction teams.
  • You may have one (1) active faction team.
  • Faction 2 is reduced to 30 teams, and Faction 3 is reduced to 40 teams.
  • Each team may play any number of matches per round, but only once against the same opponent.
  • Each round, teams in Faction 1, 2 and 3 will be assigned a number of opponents which will give you points. F1 ten (10) scoring games, F2 fifteen (15) scoring games, and F3 twenty (20)scoring games. These will be marked with an S icon.
  • Faction Q doesn't have any scoring, and the highest rated (team rating) teams with four (4) or more games will be promoted to F3 as listed below.
  • The number of promotions for each faction are changed as follows:
    • F2: 6 teams
    • F3: 9 teams
    • FQ: 12 teams.

Note that this may vary somewhat due to retired teams.


  • Teams marked with an S icon give you points.
  • Teams marked with an S icon and a * icon give both of you points.
  • This will vary each round, as your opponents are randomly selected as the round changes over.

New Rules FAQ


Do you get points for playing against other teams than the "scoring" marked opponents? No. Only those will give you points.

Has the formula for scoring changed?

No, you still get the same points as before. 31 points for a win, 11 for a tie, 6 for a loss and +/- 1 per TD for/against. Minimum of 1 point, and only 1 point if you concede.

Promotion / Relegation

What teams will be promoted at the end of this first round? The ordering is as follows: 1. Teams with at least 4 games are on top. 2. Teams with at least 1 game gets places after the first group. 3. Team Rating sets the order within each group. 4. If there's still a tie, a random roll is made.

There are 90 promotion spots for grabs for this first round. The top 20 go straight to F1, teams 21-50 go to F2 and teams 51-90 go to F3. Teams without games are never promoted.


When does the first round with this new system end? November 12th.

Can I deactivate a team?

Not yet. This is a feature that will be available shortly though. You will be able to activate a new team if your currently active team has not played any matches during the current round. Note that this will take your currently active team away from the Factions, and if you at a later time reactivate it, it will start in FQ again.

Faction has its own forum, with a Faction 1 records list. Faction games are not ranked.

Last update: May 2, 2007