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Dark Elf


  • 1st normal skill: Dodge or Tackle
  • 2nd normal skill: Side Step (after Dodge) or Jump Up
  • 3rd normal skill: Side Step or Tackle or Jump Up
  • 4th normal skill: Diving Tackle
  • Utility skills: Strip Ball, Leap
  • 1st doubles skill: Guard or Mighty Blow
  • 2nd doubles skill: Mighty Blow or Guard

If Guard: Dodge and Side Step preferred as normal skills
If Mighty Blow: Tackle preferred as normal skill

If +MA: Shadowing on normal, after Dodge and Side Step
If +AG: Leap on normal; sometimes - Pass Block; Strip Ball (sometimes, after Leap and/or Dodge)
If +ST: Tackle on a normal roll, and Mighty Blow on a double is preferred


  • 1st normal skill: Nerves of Steel
  • Later normal skills: Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, Safe Throw, Dodge, Block, Catch, Sure Feet
  • Doubles skill: Strong Arm, Guard

If +AG: Not both Accurate and Strong Arm; Dodge preferred (for survivability)
If +ST: Block preferred; Lineman/Blitzer path (ie, Tackle, Mighty Blow) preferred over Passing skills

Witch Elf

  • 1st normal skill: Block or Wrestle
  • 2nd normal skill: Side Step
  • 3rd normal skill: Tackle/Strip ball
  • 4th normal skill: Leap
  • Doubles: Mighty Blow, Juggernaut


  • 1st normal skill: Block or Wrestle
  • 2nd normal skill: Dodge
  • 3rd normal skill: Tackle/Strip ball/Jump Up
  • 4th normal skill: Side Step
  • Doubles: Guard
  • Utility Skills: Kick, Dirty Player, Leap, Diving Tackle

If +AG: Leap on normal (after Block and Dodge); Pass Block (sometimes)
If +ST: Tackle preferred as normal skill


  • 1st normal skill: Dodge
  • 2nd normal skill: Block
  • 3rd normal skill: Jump Up
  • Doubles: Multiblock, Guard
  • Other Skills: Diving Tackle, Pass Block
Last update: November 25, 2017