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Stunty Compendium

This page is devoted to experimental Stunty Leeg races. Feel free to use the races below for playtesting or for your league, but please remember to always give appropriate credit where it is due.


To playtest, create a roster in .html and set up a match like you normally would. The easiest way to create a new roster is to take an existing one (any of your personal FUMBBL teams will do) and modify it using a program that can read .html (e.g., MS Word or equivalent works great). Feel free to administer additional skills and even injuries to mimic an experienced team.

After completing a playtesting match, both coaches should report the match results. This information should include the following:

  • Races played
  • Score
  • Casuaties for and against
  • Game notes (VERY important!!!)
    • Game notes should include anything of interest that occurred during the game to influence the results, as well as your opinions of strenghts and weaknesses of the teams and of the particular matchup. You can also include suggestions for changes that you think would be a good idea, if any.

Adding A New Race

If you would like your race concept available to others, simply link a new wiki page from this one! Ideally, before including your team, it should be presented to the FUMBBL community in the Stunty Leeg forums, and feedback taken into consideration. The race should also have a reasonable chance to become an official FUMBBL Stunty Leeg race... for more information, read the Guide To Designing Stunty Leeg Teams and the Stunty Manifesto. Please use one of the existing pages as a template for your added race! :)

Existing Races

Following are established Stunty Leeg teams, recommended for use against conceptual races during playtesting. Note that for the most valid playtesting, conceptual teams should be pitted against multiple established races, multiple times, at various team ratings.

Conceptual Races

Below are the conceptual races developed with the hope of introduction to the Stunty Leeg.

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Last update: October 22, 2013