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Post   Posted: Oct 17, 2011 - 04:02 Reply with quote Back to top

College GamePlay
Built by the Gnome Depot

Chris Fouler: Welcome to the College GamePlay show, where we review and preview all of the recent National College Blood Bowl action! The NCBB is just beginning its 12th season, as week one is finally here. We're going to quickly review last season, including the award winners, and then we'll preview the upcoming year. So let me introduce my partners, former Cal blocker Anthony Killer and current NC State quarterback Tyler Brosius. It's that time of the year, fellas.

Anthony Killer: I can't wait for the gamesss, Chrisss.

Tyler Brosius: This year should be very interesting. It should be quite a roller coaster season.

Fouler: It certainly has the potential to be. But before we look ahead, we need to take a look back at least year. Sitting at 3-1-3 with two weeks left, the California Golden Lizards were wondering if they would even make a bowl game, much less potentially playing in the national championship. But wins vs highly ranked Big Beast opponents (Nibraskah and then Nevada,) combined with the lack of a true record-worthy AQ opponent for an 8-1-0 Oregon Waterfoul squad, gave Cal the chance they needed. While some of the polls favored the sensational NonAQ Michigan State team, the coaches' poll was decidedly against them, which gave Cal the edge needed to sneak into the championship.

Bro: Going into the game, it looked like Oregon was easily going to win another BCS title. They had already beaten Cal 2-0 back in week 2 of OoC play, and hadn't lost all year. Few predicted them to be able to stay in the game, much less pull off perhaps the biggest upset in NCBB championship history.

Killer: But upset them they did, Brosiusss. Cal wasss finally able to break sssome elven armor, playing ball control and positioning better than their coaching ssstaff had ever previously done. Eventually the numbersss for Oregon dwindled, and then when the dreaded sssnakesss dodge roll occurred, Cal wasss able to break away and run out the clock for a historic 2-1 victory. Thisss wasss my alma matersss' first bowl win, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Fouler: It certainly couldn't have, Anthony. But before we start looking at how the upcoming season will play out, we need to announce last year's various award winners! Without further delay, here are the recipients:

ImageHammer: best overall player in the NCBB
Winner: Jared "Marlin" McFarlin, BlackKnights. 8 votes.
Runner-up: Frank Reddic, Torxas State. 2 votes.

ImageBanger-Hardell: best offensive player in the NCBB
Winner: Stoney Case, UNM. 7 votes.
Runner-up: Heart Doctor, Yale. 4 votes.

ImageNeeley: best defensive player in the NCBB
Winner: Mason 'The Lawyer' Powell [#55], Michigan State. 11 votes.
Runner-up: Rusty Ironmind, Buffalo. 1 vote.

ImageWylie: best player no longer with his team
Winner: Werewolf of London II, Nevada. 4 votes.
Runner-up: Archibald Cunningham, Nibraskah. 3 votes.

ImageSOMUFTEN: top coach of the season
Winner: Ex-convict, 9 votes.
Runner-up: Deviant_Strategist, 3 votes.

ImageGabbert-Bryant: best quarterback in the NCBB
Winner: Simon 'The Wiz' White [#4], Michigan State. 8 votes.
Runner-up: Xochimilco "Mr. Cowboy" Ixtlilxochitl, Tlaxcua. 3 votes.

ImageWolfman: best freshman in the NCBB
Winner: Anika Quickstep, Akron. 6 votes.
Runner-up: Mason 'The Lawyer' Powell [#55], Michigan State. 5 votes.

Bro: That's quite the list of players. Congrats to all the the various winners.

Fouler: Congratulations indeed. But while history is important, it is also necessary to look into the future. What out-of-conference games do you guys want to see the most?

Killer: I'd enjoy watching the BlackKnightsss face off against Buffalo in the ssseason opener. The BullCentaursss had a lot of tiesss last year, and ssshould be itching to prove themselvesss against a top tier team.

Bro: The Fiesta bowl rematch between Clemson and PainState catches my eye in week 2. The Terrors lost 1-2 in that contest, and since the teams are now officially rivals, I can't wait to see this slugfest.

Fouler: I think an under appreciated contest by viewers is the UCon vs Navy match in week 3. These two have a history that was lost when Navy disappeared for a while, including a shocking upset over the Huskies. It'll be interesting to see how the Midskeletonmen do in their return to the NCBB, especially in a match that they'll be especially fired up to play in.

Bro: But arguably the most anticipated match of the first four weeks comes in the final around of OoC play, when the perennial NCBB powerhouse from Oregon takes on last year's NonAQ sensations from Michigan State. It could be argued that these two should have faced off for the national championship last year, and while this game won't be for all of the marbles, it will be no less entertaining for the fans to watch. What better way for a rising program to test itself than against a school that has been to four straight title games?

Fouler: That's a great point, Tyler. So with a quick preview of out-of-conference play complete, let's take a look at our preseason polls. Who do you guys have in your top 5?

Killer: My top five would have Oregon at number 1, the BlackKnights second, PainState third, UCon fourth, and Clemson fifth.

Bro: I have Oregon first, Michigan State second, where they should have been to end last season, the BlackKnights third, PainState fourth, and finally Clemson fifth.

Fouler: Why so high on the Spartans, Brosius?

Bro: Well they haven't lost in the NCBB yet, and I really like the potential that their team has. Their blitzing corps is outstanding, lead by the recently announced Neeley winner. They have a promising young quarterback, who likewise recently won the Gabbert-Bryant award. If they can add a few more weapons in the passing game, it will be tough to stop this team in the future.

Killer: While they do ssshow a lot of promise, Brosiusss, they haven't accomplished anything in BCSss play yet. Ssso while they might end the ssseason highly ranked, I don't think we ssshould ssstart them there.

Fouler: And while the final polls are really what matters, it's always fun to rank teams to start the season. So here is the first official preseason poll, brought to you by College GamePlay:

1. Oregon Waterfoul: we've finally learned our lesson; never again will the Waterfoul not be ranked #1 until they lose a game...and maybe not even then
2. BlackKnights -I'm invincible!: return a ton of experienced players from an Orange bowl-winning squad, also start out as the most talented team (TV wise,) in the nation
3. PainState: won the Fiesta bowl last season, and return their awesome blockers and blitzing corps
4. Clemson Terrors: lost the aforementioned Fiesta bowl but returns some experienced players to help the young positionals along
5. Michigan State Spartans: won the Rose bowl after a stellar NonAQ campaign, featuring both the Neeley and Gabbert-Bryant recipients. Can their potential translate to on-the-field success in the BCS?
6. UCon Huskies: finally look to be back after several disappointing seasons. Can their Killer Lite bowl victory springboard them to bigger things this year?
7. Nevada Wolfpack: can't seem to beat their rivals, the BlackKnights, but have otherwise built a very solid program. Will the underrated John Barrowman finally get some recognition if the team wins some big games?
8. Buffalo BullCentaurs: had to replace three veteran blockers to graduation, but still have a solid core of players. Their two bulls are a dynamic duo, and will have to carry the team as usual.
9. Vampirebilt Commonthralls: for the first time in a long time, Vandy comes into the season with a realistic amount of hope. Finally with some depth and enough talent to challenge anyone, this team will be dangerous each and every week.
10. California Golden Lizards: the defending national champs (how strange is that to read still,) likely have to make a top ten list simply based on merit, but Cal does actually return a very solid group of linelizards to pave a way for the running game. However all but one of their potential ball carriers are freshlizards or sophomores, so they'll have to grow up fast if Cal wants to winner a second consecutive bowl game.

Fouler: So with our preseason poll up, why don't we make some bold predictions and try to foresee the results of season 12?

Bro: I'll take Oregon, big shocker, against Michigan State in the championship game. The newly formed SCC conference is pretty weak, and the Spartans will likely run rampant through the group. Oregon will lose one game this year, but they'll still be good enough to make an insane fifth consecutive title game. Everyone will know about Robert "Bad" Kough of the BlackKnights after he wins the Hammer award.

Killer: I'll agree on Oregon, but they'll be facing a very solid PainState squad in a rematch of the season 8 championship game. Coach TodFa finally has his team looking eerily similar to the team that did beat Oregon in that contest. And watch out for Clemson's Da'Quan Biters, who will terrorize the Smack on his way to a Neeley award.

Fouler: And that is going to be all from everyone here at College GamePlay, built by the Gnome Depot. Season 12 looks to be perhaps the best one yet in the NCBB, and out-of-conference play starts us off with a bang. Best of luck to everyone playing and watching the games, and we'll see you in two weeks to review everything that went down. Thanks for joining us!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Nevada SportsBook Power Rankings
Season XII, Week 5

The Nevada SportsBook proudly presents the Power Rankings for Week 5. The rankings will weekly list the top 15 teams in the NCCB (since the top 14 teams each season are offered bowl invitations). The rankings are complied based upon a Byzantine formula that includes: BCS points, strength of schedule, and whatever else our chief oddsmaker Pythagoras has decided to include (the formula is way to complicated - trust us).
Well without further ado, here are this weeks power rankings.

1. Ohio State Drunkguys: 35.4
2. U. Con. Huskies: 34.2
3. Oregon Waterfoul: 34.0
4. BlackKnights: 32.0
5. Akron Yips: 30.75
6. Nibraskah Wanabees: 29.0
7. UNM LoBlows: 26.75
8. California Golden Lizards: 24.8
9. Vampirebilt Commonthralls: 24.0
10. Maryland Terror-Pains: 22.87
11. Arkansas Racer Rats: 20.77
12. Texas Tech Rat Raiders: 20.25
13. Norsern Illinorse Huskies: 19.25
14. South Dakotah Hobbos: 18.43
15. Tlaxcua horned Frogs: 18.0
16. Arizona State SheDevils: 17.33

Stay tuned for the Week 6 rankings after the completion of this rounds games.

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Nevada SportsBook Power Rankings
Season XII, Week 6

The Nevada SportsBook proudly presents the Power Rankings for Week 6. The rankings will weekly list the top 15 teams in the NCCB. Once again, don't ask how they are compiled -- the formula is way to complicated for BB players and coaches to figure out . . .

Here are this weeks power rankings:

1. U.Conn. Huskies: 41.0
2. BlackKnights: 39.0
3. Oregon Waterfoul: 36.5
4. Ohio State Drunkguys: 35.83
5. Akron Yips: 34.00
6. UNM LoBlows: 32.4
7. California Golden Lizards: 31.33
8. Nibraskah Wanabees: 30.6
9. Maryland Terror-Pains: 26.78
10. Arkansas Racer Rats: 24.97
11. Vampirebilt Commonthralls: 24.2
12. Torxas State: 21.6
13. Arizona State SheDevils: 21.53
14. Alabama Criminal TiDE: 20.53
15. Texas Tech Rat Raiders: 20.25

Highest Debut this week: Torxas State at #12
Biggest Jump this week: Arizona State SheDevils +2
Biggest Drop this week: Norsern Illinorse Huskies: -3 (now out of the poll)

Debuting this week: Alabama Criminal TiDE, Torxas State.
Dropping out: Norsern Illinorse Huskies, Tlaxcus Horned Frogs.

As always, stay tuned for the Week 7 rankings after the completion of this rounds games.

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Well this game vs Oregon Waterfoul can be summed up in the following 2 events

1) A -2db pow pow on my carrier near the end zone late 1st half followed by some elfy business for 1-0 waterfouls

2) a -2db pow pow on my carrier T8 2nd half to stop my equalizing TD

What can I say to that... without getting rude... nothing, so il just leave it at that

Nuffle is cruel but we love him still

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Post   Posted: Feb 11, 2012 - 18:13 Reply with quote Back to top

NCBB Season 12 Review

Simply put, this has been a hectic season for many reasons. Multiple teams dropping, mid-season conference realignment, holiday interruption, lazy commissioners, and other things that have just slowed us down. However we have finally finished the regular season and are now ready to begin our bowl week!

But before we do, we need to review what has happened over the course of the regular season. And while I'd love to make a fancy College Gameplay post about it, it's just easier to do a 'by the numbers' post. So forgive me for my poor management this year, as well as the boring-ness of this post:

Team Name (Overall Record) (Rivalry Record) BCS Pts
UCon Huskies (8-0-1) (2-0-0) 26
Wins: Army, Cal, Navy, Oregon (2-1), Tlax (forfeit), Army, Vandy, Torxas (forfeit)
Ties: None.
Losses: Nibraskah (0-2)

BlackKnights (7-1-1) (2-1-0) 24
Wins: Buffalo, Army, Vandy, Navy, Nibraskah, Navy, UNM (2-0)
Ties: Nevada
Losses: Cal (0-1)

Oregon Waterfoul (7-1-1) (0-0-0) 21
Wins: Ohio (2-1), UNM (3-0), Nevada, MSU (F), Vandy, Army, Buffalo
Ties: Akron
Losses: UCon (1-2)

UNM LoBlows (6-1-2) (0-0-0) 19
Wins: Pain, Buffalo, Texas Tech, Nevada, Ohio (2-0), Nibraskah
Ties: Cal
Losses: Oregon (0-3), BlackKnights (0-2)

Ohio State Drunkguys (5-1-3) (3-0-0) 19
Wins: Akron (2-1), Buffalo, Army, Nibraskah, Texas Tech
Ties: Navy
Losses: Oregon (1-2), Cal, UNM (0-2)

Akron Yips (6-1-2) (0-0-0) 19
Wins: Clemson, Torxas, Nevada, Tlaxcua, Buffalo, Army
Ties: Oregon
Losses: Ohio (1-2), Torxas

California Golden Lizards (4-3-2) (0-0-1) 14
Wins: Clemson (F), BlackKnights (1-0), Ohio, Navy (F)
Ties: Tlaxcua, UNM, Texas Tech
Losses: UCon, Nevada

Torxas State Bodkats (4-1-4) (1-0-0) 14
Wins: Buffalo (F), Vandy, Akron (2-1), Tlax (F)
Ties: Navy,
Losses: Nib, Akron, TTech, UCon (F)

Nevada Wolfpack (3-3-3) (0-1-0) 12
Wins: Navy, Cal, Nib (F)
Ties: Navy, Vandy, BKs
Losses: Oregon, Akron, UNM (1-2)

Vampirebilt Commonthralls (4-1-4) (0-0-2) 11
Wins: MSU, Tlax, Army, Tlax (F)
Ties: Nevada
Losses: BKs (1-2), Torxas, Oregon, UCon

Nibraskah Wanabees (3-0-6) (1-0-0) 10
Wins: Torxas, MSU, UCon (2-0)
Ties: None
Losses: Tlax, Ohio, BKs, TTech, UNM, Nevada (F)

Buffalo BullCentaurs (3-0-6) (0-0-1) 8
Wins: Tlax (F), Army, Tlax (F)
Losses: BKs, Ohio, UNM, Torxas (F), Akron, Oregon (nuffle)

Texas Tech, being fitz's 2nd team, is ineligible for the bowl season.

Navy finished 1-3-5, but Aenir doesn't seem too keen on continuing to play blood bowl. If we don't see him in the league past this season, we would like to thank him for everything he did during the past 12 seasons (as he was around for most of them,) including restarting the league for season 5.

Army finished 1-0-8, with its only win coming via forfeit over Clemson.

As for the NonAQ, there were so many forfeits that it's simply difficult to sort through them all and determine who is actually still around and who just got a bunch of forfeit Ws. Since the overall records are probably skewed, I'll just post their records from the tournament page and let you decide:

Arizona State (4-2-0)- however they are sleep's second team
Maryland Terror-Pains (4-1-2)- Rogue is still around
Alabama Criminal ti-DE (3-1-3)- prop is around
Arkansas Racer Rats (1-1-3)- I think Gracehoper is around
Kansas Elvenhawks (2-1-4)- SirOrange is now taking a break from BB if i recall

The other teams were either replacements, AFK for most of the year, or I'm not sure if they're around.

Alright so that should sum things up for everyone. It's best that you go and do a little research about some of the bigger games in order to correctly rank your coach's poll. Then again, you're allowed to vote however you want, so pick a name out of a hat if you so desire.

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: Feb 11, 2012 - 19:39 Reply with quote Back to top

Just to clarify. SirOrange is taking a break, but only after all his league obligations are settled.

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Eye beht yooz nevur taught yoo'd gunna sees it uhgain, butt 'ere iht IZ!!

GOGRE KEG STAHNDYNGZ!!... braut t'yooz bi duh Gogres...

WOAH!... whut's DIS!?... hooze inn FURST!?

duh Gogres. wee noze dey di'nt pley enny gaymz butt dey'z sthyl duh bestist KEG stahynderz.

Nummer TOO is dat RAT ARMEE. Cuz dere arm luuks lyke dey schyt it owt dere poopholz... heh. Nummer TU.

WOAH!... whut's DIS!?...

TURD PLAYCE is RAT FAYCE ARMEES uhGAIN!!... dihs beez UHN-prehs-UH-dehntid fur duh Gogre Keg Stahndyngz!! butt maykez sence cuz dem rats gawtz TOO armees an' deyz uh pyle o' turdz.

FYVE SPOT goez too TORXAS cuz dem geez HIE FYVE whin deyz keg stannin'

FAH-WUR is dem YOO EMINEM loeBLOEz fawur wifh fore 'n FOH-wer

SICKS issa YOOkons Doggies uhgain wif dere pukin'...

SEHBUN dun beez VAMPEEZ cuz dem din't suhk assmuch dis yeerz.

HOoo GIT ATE?! Errybuddy wannabe eetin' NIBRASKuh wonce dey gitz don spillin' KEG beerz awl ovur deyselfz...

UhLEBUNTEEN is gay nummer cuz deyz bof WONz an' deyz too cloes toogevver, soh geyist keg stahnd iz NAVY o' corse.

NYNEFH issz MARRYland cuz dem git mERReed an' den DOOZ BEEG keg stahnd... guud JOHB!

TRELVPH im'st NIBADUH Puppeemillpack cuz dey DIN'T puke onnna kEG lyke UKON puppeepack...

DIS MANEE WIF BOF 'ANDZ giz AAAaaaaAAAALLLLL.... uh -BAM- uh wher' duh WINDZ kum sweepin' downz duh plANYEz...

TURDTWEENTEEF... NO WAY!!...is DUH RAhT ARMEEZ uhGAIN!!! goh figgur deyz gawt turdz tween dere teefs

SIKStweenph iss uh... OH YEAHZ! CALIGOGRIA. Difendyng chumps get uh KEG like birfdey ohn dere swEEt SIKStweenph birfdayz parhtee....

FOH-wur-TENPH BUffaloz issa gonna dooz dis wun

FYVEtweenph iss awl das leff' fir AKRUN. HEY!! Yooz noe 'ow tuh mayke uh AKRUN YIP?!? PunCH iHT INNuh NEKc!! Very Happy

an' DAT duhn beez IHT fur dis yeers GOGRE KEG STAHNDYNGZ!!!... lossa guud keg stannz dis yeer. Goh git bowlz tuh peuuk inn!

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RFAdvantage Bowl Predictions!

BCS Title GameImage
#1 BK 7-1-1 (.872) #1 toughest schedule with a 1.17 factorial (1.0 being the hardest schedule)
+17 TD +10 casualties (+27 net)
~ Number 1 without a doubt! The knights compiled a 1 loss record while facing the toughest schedule in all of the ncbb this season!
#2 U.Con. 8-0-1 (.859) #12 ranked schedule with a 1.42 factorial
+8 TD +9 casualties (+17 net)
~ The United Convicts are our pick to challenge the knights for the crystal trophy this season.

BK will prove they can deal with any and all teams this season winning 2:1 but being in control most of the match.

Rose BowlImage
#3 Oregon 7-1-1 (.835) #13 ranked schedule with a 1.46 factorial
+13 TD -3 casualties (+10 net)
~ With the same record as BK, the opponent schedule and the direct loss to UCon will likely keep the ducks bobbing for roses this year.
#4 UNM 6-1-2 (.776) #6 ranked schedule with a 1.31 factorial
+6 TD -1 casualties (+5 net)
~ The Low-Blows performed well against a strong schedule, but have the misfortune to pull Oregon in their bowl game bid.

In what will be a closer than expected game by many Oregon will look to be on the ropes until the last moment, when by some miracle they find a way to score in turn 15 or 16 for a narrow 2:1 victory from what will look like certain defeat.

DeadEx Orange BowlImage
#5 Akron 6-1-2 (.764) #15 ranked schedule with a 1.62 factorial
+10 TD -21 casualties (-11 net)
~ Akron had just two losses and last season that would have had some people talking about championship consideration, this season however will likely see them bowling for oranges.
#6 Ohio 5-1-3 (.720) #5 ranked schedule with a 1.29 factorial
+2 TD +21 casualties (+23 net)
~ The Drunkguys are far surpassing their coaching, thankfully we know their coaching staff is unable to read, so we are safe from any retaliation.

What may look to favor Ohio will suddenly turn after about the first 15minutes of play when the Akron players are finally stretched out and playing in top form, unless they can knock out enough early, this will be a long day for Ohio 2:1 but not as close as it looks.

Tossit-os Fiesta BowlImage
#7 Cali 4-3-2 (.685) #10 ranked schedule with a 1.38 factorial
+2 TD -4 casualties (-2 net)
~ The championship slump has hit nearly every champion saving Oregon, and Cali will have to be satisfied with the Tossit-os Fiesta this season.
#9 Nevada 3-3-3 (.639) #3 ranked schedule with a 1.19 factorial
-3 TD +11 casualties (+8 net)
~ Nevada’s taxing schedule give their mediocre 3/3/3 record a big bump and will likely squeak them into the Fiesta bowl this year.

Cali extracts revenge (yeah surprises the hell outta us too) and wins this 1:0.

Killer Lite BowlImage
#10 Maryland 6-1-2 (.633) #20 ranked schedule with a 1.77 factorial
+7 TD +15 casualties (+22 net)
~ A schedule filled with forfeit wins is nothing to brag about, however the Terror-Pains did win a good share of the games they got to play, and did so in solid fashion.
#11 Vampy 4-1-4 (.623) #11 ranked schedule with a 1.39 factorial
-1 TD -2 casualties (-3 net)
~ The suckers of Vampy are likely quite happy to not have been in consideration for the McNurgles this season.

Vampy welcomes the Terror-Pains to the bowl games maiming 2 of their own thralls and several of the Pains in a resounding 2:0 win.

Wonderbra BowlImage
#11 Torxas 4-1-4 (.612) #7 ranked schedule with a 1.31 factorial
-5 TD +21 casualties (+16 net)
~ The Bobcats will count themselves lucky to be in a bowl game this year as we were considering recommending suspension of the Wonderbra, due to lack of teams with suitable records.
#16 Arkansas 3-2-3 (.550) #23 ranked schedule with a 1.90 factorial
+3 TD +0 casualties (+3 net)
~ The Racer rats were one of only two non-aq squads to achieve bowling status this season, not a good commentary on the state of the non-aq, more quality blood will be needed to keep it a viable alternative!

Rat racers take a quick lead but the grinding Bobcats will finish it out in traditional 2:1 basher style.

Goober BowlImage
#18 Nib 3-0-6 (.524) #8 ranked schedule with a 1.34 factorial
-1 TD -7 casualties (-8 net)
~ Just not a season deserving of a bowl.
#12 Bama 4-1-4 (.6428) #19 ranked schedule with a 1.77 factorial
+2 TD -3 casualties (-1 net)
~ To go without a winning record in this years non-aq class would be charitable if we called it underwhelming.


McNurgle's BowlImage
#21 Buffalo 3-0-6 (.502) #14 ranked schedule with a 1.46 factorial
-9 TD +18 casualties (+9 net)
~ The Bulls will likely be surprised to be in the McNurgle’s but this season’s attrition leaves them in the second to bottom spot of the AQ teams and favored to take the ill-famed trophy home.
#23 Army 1-0-8 (.3007) #2 ranked schedule with a 1.18 factorial
-12 TD -23 casualties (-35 net)
~ Surely the rats will squeak that they had the second hardest schedule all season, however their incompetence was marred by their forfeit win and was only outshined by the ’07 Gogre squad who were able to complete the ignominious “Imperfect-Season”.

As we have said before, there are no winners in the McNurgle’s, just two losers wallowing in the mud/

Teams not referenced:
Arizona #8 (.650): probation (coach caught doing we wont mention what)
TTech #13 (.587): academic probation not enough players taking “actual” college coursework
Penalty State #14 (.571): insufficient number of matches
South Dakota #15 (.551): really? They play ball there? Are you sure?
Navy #17 (.531): program being de-boned
Kansas #20 (510): insufficient record

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College GamePlay
Built by the Gnome Depot

Chris Fouler: Welcome to the College GamePlay show, where we review and preview all of the recent National College Blood Bowl action! The NCBB is close to completing its 12th season, as bowl week is only a few hours away from beginning. We're going to break it all down for you, so let me introduce my partners, former Cal blocker Anthony Killer and current NC State quarterback Tyler Brosius. Welcome back, fellas.

Anthony Killer: It'sss been far too long sssince our last ssshow, Chrisss.

Tyler Brosius: Yeah but we came back at just the right time. Bowl season is the best part of the year, and I wouldn't want to miss it!

Fouler: Agreed, Tyler. This has been a very strange season, with multiple weather delays across the nation, as well as several programs suddenly closing down their athletic departments inbetween games. We had mid-season conference realignment, in addition to a significant amount of forfeits. But all of that is behind us now, as the Final BCS Standings were recently released, and now the bowl matchups will follow suit.

McNurgle's Bowl: Army Black Rats (1-0-8 ) vs Arkansas Racer Rats (5-1-3)

Fouler: The first game to be announced is the infamous McNurgle's bowl, usually reserved for the two lowest-ranked BCS teams. Apparently the committee thought that this matchup was better for the two above teams than other possibilities.

Tyler: This should be an entertaining game, Chris. Army didn't find much success on the field, but their coach is famous for his in-game and post-game rants. Most of Arkansas' wins (4/5,) came via forfeit in the weak NonAQ conference, so this will be a chance for them to prove themselves against a live opponent.

Goober Bowl: Buffalo BullCentaurs (3-0-6) vs Nibraskah Wanabees (3-0-6)

Fouler: It could be argued that either of these teams deserves to be in the McNurgles based on their finish in the BCS standings, 16th and 14th, respectively, but these two teams are much closer together skills wise (aka TV-wise,) to each other than the two aforementioned teams from the McNurgles.

Anthony: These two teams had identical records during the season, so it'll be interesting if either side can salvage their campaigns with a win.

Wonderbra Bowl: Alabama Criminal ti-DE (4-1-4) vs Maryland Terror-Pains (6-1-2)

Fouler: The Wonderbra bowl features two NonAQ teams who faced off earlier in the year, with Maryland winning 2-0. But both squads have come a long way since that time, so it'll be interesting to see how their gameplans have changed.

Anthony: With ssso many young playersss on the field, expect a lot of mistakesss when these two teams are under the bright lightsss for the first time.

Killer Lite Bowl: Nevada Wolfpack (3-3-3) vs Vampirebilt Commonthralls (4-1-4)

Fouler: In the Killer Lite bowl, which is always a treat for the fans with all of the free samples they give out, we have two teams with .500 records looking to get above the hump and perhaps springboard into next season.

Tyler: A classic Beast vs Smack matchup, it should be interesting to see two teams notorious for relying on a select few super-players, supported by waves of scrubs, do battle against one another.

Tossit-os Fiesta Bowl: Torxas State (4-1-4) vs California Golden Lizards (4-3-2)

Fouler: The defending champs had a rough season injury-wise, but fought tooth-and-nail to claim themselves a respectable bowl game. What do you think about Cal's chances in this contest, Anthony?

Anthony: Well I certainly like their odds better than I did in last year's title game, that's for sure. However, given their "soft" play this season, Cal shouldn't play grind-it-out ball against Torxas, which is the latter's style. My alma mater will need to use a little more finesse to stay in this one.

DeadEx Orange Bowl: Akron Yips (6-1-2) vs Ohio State Drunkguys (5-1-3)

Fouler: Although not the bowl opponent they wanted, Ohio State, who was apparently lobbying to play Army again, will have their hands full with a very well-coached Akron squad.

Tyler: These two teams met back in week 2, where Ohio State beat Akron 2-1. It'll be interesting to see if revenge will be a factor this time around. Oh and by the way, the DeadEx logo is by far my favorite.

Rose Bowl: Oregon Waterfoul (7-1-1) vs UNM LoBlows (6-1-2)

Fouler: The Grandaddy of them all features a team that went to the four previous title games against a team looking for their big signature win in the NCBB. Last year, UNM went through the NonAQ before landing in the dreaded McNurgles bowl, but a victory there seems to have boosted their program to great heights.

Anthony: While the Waterfoul won't get to potentially add another BCS trophy to their collection, they do have a great matchup in an even better location.

BCS National Championship: U.Con. Huskies (8-0-1) vs BlackKnights (7-1-1)

Fouler: And for the biggest game of the year, we have the resurgent UCon program looking to claim their second title after not having been to a top two bowl game ever since their season seven championship. They will face an equally hungry team in the BlackKnights, who have been close the past two seasons with Rose and Orange bowl appearances, before finally breaking through this year.

Tyler: Both teams only have one loss on the year, to underwhelming foes in Cal and Nibraskah, respectively. This should be a great contest that will push both teams to their absolutely limits.

Anthony: This is a huge game for both squads as they try to cement their legacies at their schools, as bringing home the crystal ball changes people's perceptions of your program like nothing else can. Trust me, I know.

Fouler: Indeed you do, Anthony. Thanks for joining us here at College GamePlay, built by the Gnome Depot. Be sure to tune in next time when we preview all of the bowl action!

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College GamePlay
Built by the Gnome Depot

Chris Fouler: Welcome to the College GamePlay show, where we review and preview all of the recent National College Blood Bowl action! The NCBB has just completed its 12th season, capped off by a stellar bowl week. But before moving on, we need to take a look back at the best players from last year, so let me introduce my partners, former Cal blocker Anthony Killer and current NC State quarterback Tyler Brosius. What do you think about this year's award voting, guys?

Anthony Killer: Due to the ssstrange nature of last ssseason, we'll be sssurprised to sssee how sssuccessful sssome of the playersss actually were.

Tyler Brosius: It's always amazing to see how important one or two players really are to a team's success.

Fouler: As always, we have a great list of award nominees. If you want to look at all of the stats from last season, follow these simple steps:

1) go to http://www.pvv.ntnu.no/~brill/fumbbl/ and bookmark the page
2) click on tournaments, type in 6888 for the group number, then type in 28603 for the tournament ID, then hit 'Get tournament matches.'
3) delete the match ID that appears, then copy and paste this list into the big section for match IDs:

3253441 3250953 3246259 3245259 3244268 3241069 3234614 3230860 3229385 3226195 3225068 3223590 3219796 3219547 3219143 3215292 3214764 3213869 3213737 3213060 3212732 3212730 3212369 3213887 3213125 3213085 3213031 3212416 3212281 3211946 3224725 3224557 3223984 3222017 3221583 3221241 3220021 3220015 3219998 3219049 3218728 3218584 3218391 3218032 3217984 3217563 3217197 3216784 3216372 3215636 3215612 3214733 3214234 3254456 3254450 3250154 3244626 3244175 3242004 3239324 3239054 3236911 3233257 3232887 3229855 3229027 3228552 3226621 3226570 3225870 3251092 3249714 3244309 3242741 3241862 3239467 3236404 3235878 3234609 3231315 3230751 3229818 3229627 3228543 3260010 3262429 3265314 3261368 3260573 3263633

4) if you want to see your team's stats only, type in your team's complete name into the 'Filter team name' section; otherwise leave it blank
5) click 'send matches' and wait the 20-30 seconds for the info to load
6) click 'Show total' on the right side in order to see the stats for all (of your,) players
7) enjoy

Killer: I'm amazed that one of the frogsss managed to tie for the league lead in touchdownsss despite the program missing the sssecond half of the ssseason.

Bro: I predict that the Hammer and Banger-Hardell award races will be epically close this year.

Fouler: It certainly looks that way, Brosius. So without further delay, here are the nominees for the different awards.

ImageHammer Nominees
-The Hammer is the most prestigious award in the NCBB, given to the best overall player in college football. Players are listed in no particular order:
-Anika Quickstep, Akron. 4 touchdowns, 3 casualties, 23 spps, 50 rushing yards, 75 blocks. WE wardancer with tackle, MB, sidestep, fend.
-Dillon van der Wal, Vampirebilt. 4 touchdowns, 4 casualties, 25 spps, 53 rushing yards, 60 blocks. Vampire with dodge, block, tackle, mighty blow.
-Walter "Spot-billed Duck" Zenga, Oregon. 2 completions, 6 touchdowns, 2 casualties, 24 spps, 10 passing yards, 36 rushing yards, 31 blocks. HE catcher with dodge, wrestle, strip ball.
-Shane "Fragging" Jones, BlackKnights. 2 completions, 4 touchdowns, 1 interception, 4 casualties, 29 spps, 10 passing yards, 80 rushing yards, 57 blocks. HE catcher with +ST, block, dodge, tackle, leap. Just graduated.
-A.J. Hawk, Ohio State. 1 completion, 6 touchdowns, 2 casualties, 23 spps, 3 passing yards, 162 rushing yards, 34 blocks. Norse berserker with +ST, +AG, tackle.
-Frank Reddic, Torxas State. 5 completions, 5 touchdowns, 5 casualties, 30 spps, 10 passing yards, 91 rushing yards, 20 blocks. Orc blitzer with +MA, +AG, +AG, sure hands.

ImageBanger-Hardell Nominees
-The Banger-Hardell trophy is given to the best offensive player in the league. Players are listed in no particular order:
-Stoney Case, UNM. 2 completions, 8 touchdowns, 1 casualty, 33 spps, 8 passing yards, 208 rushing yards. Lead the nation in rushing yards. Tied for the most touchdowns scored in the nation.
-Slingin' Xami Quetzalcoatl, Tlaxcua. 2 completions, 8 touchdowns, 36 spps, 5 passing yards, 68 rushing yards. Tied for most touchdowns scored in the nation.
-Quentin Kantaris, BlackKnights. 8 completions, 8 touchdowns, 37 spps, 23 passing yards, 99 rushing yards. Lead the nation in spps earned. Tied for the most touchdowns scored in the nation.
-A.J. Hawk, Ohio State. 1 completion, 6 touchdowns, 2 casualties, 23 spps, 162 rushing yards.

ImageNeeley Nominees
-The Neeley award is given to the best defensive player in college football. Players are listed in no particular order:
-Chris Spielman, Ohio State 10 casualties on 53 blocks, 5.3 B/C (blocks per casualty ratio.)
-Mike Vrabel, Ohio State. 12 casualties on 52 blocks, 4.33 B/C. Lead the nation in casualties.
-David Silkerson, California. 10 casualties on 56 blocks, 5.6 B/C.
-Rusty Ironmind, Buffalo. 7 casualties on 32 blocks, 4.57 B/C.

ImageWylie Coyote Nomninees
-The Wylie Coyote award, better known as the 'Gone too Soon' award, is given to the best player who had his career cut short, whether by injury, grade issues, death, kidnapping, assassination, poisoning, ex-girlfriends, Russo, "accidents," or anything else imaginable. Please note that this is annoying as hell to try and find, so bear in mind that not every candidate might be found. Players are listed in no particular order:
-Jared "Marlin" McFarlin, BlackKnights.
-Matthew "Tomahawk" Luetjen, BlackKnights.
-Urist "Red Shoveler" McDwarf, Oregon.
-Prince Vultan, Nibraskah.
-#46 'Psycho' Sio Moore (LB), UCon.
-Geoffrey Gibson, California.

ImageSOMUFTEN Nominees
-The SOMUFTEN award, or the 'Coach of the Season' award, is given to the coach who best lead his program during the season, whether it was winning a championship, overcoming numerous obstacles, or just being the least hated. Coaches are listed in no particular order:
-ryanfitz: brought UCon back to national prominence with another championship
-Kryten: back-to-back 8-1-1 seasons, this time capped off with a Rose Bowl win
-licker: took a sophomore-laden team to the Rose Bowl after being in the McNurgles last year
-Nicodemus1: finally got to the title game with a seven-win season

ImageGabbert-Bryant Nominees
-The Gabbert-Bryant award is given to the best quarterback, whether a passer, runner, or combination of the two, in the NCBB. Players are listed in no particular order:
-Stoney Case, UNM. 2 completions, 8 touchdowns, 1 casualty, 33 spps, 8 passing yards, 208 rushing yards. Lead the nation in rushing yards. Tied for the most touchdowns scored in the nation.
-Chip "New Zealand Scaup" Medora, Oregon. 13 completions, 18 spps, 52 passing yards, 58 rushing yards.
-John Barrowman, Nevada. 21 completions, 2 touchdowns, 27 spps, 60 passing yards, 74 rushing yards. Lead the nation in both completions and passing yards.
-Snik Throtler, Buffalo. 8 completions, 13 spps, 28 passing yards, 98 rushing yards.

ImageWolfman Nominees
-As most of us know, players in the NCBB are only allowed to play for four seasons, and thus teams are always recruiting promising players to come in and continue on the tradition. This award will be given to the best freshman player from the past season, whether he got a redshirt in the last-last season (in this case 10,) or was hired more recently. The following players are in no particular order:
-Deadmon Haynes, Maryland. 5 touchdowns, 1 casualty, 22 spps, 102 rushing yards, 22 blocks.
-Ardeth Bay, Nibraskah. 12 completions, 17 spps, 28 passing yards, 79 rushing yards, 18 blocks.
-Rick Deckard, Nibraskah. 2 completions, 4 touchdowns, 1 casualty, 16 spps, 9 passing yards, 47 rushing yards, 12 blocks.
-Luc Longley, UNM. 2 completions, 5 casualties, 17 spps, 3 passing yards, 6 rushing yards, 42 blocks.

Fouler: What a group of players. So, what are your thoughts on each of the awards guys?

Bro: Some of these races are going to be very close, Chris. Three players tied for the most touchdowns scored, so how do you pick between them for the Banger-Hardell?

Killer: Ultimately the fansss will have to find a way. I will sssay that I was sssurprised at how few impact freshmen there were in the NCBB thisss year.

Fouler: True, but the amount of talent in the upper classes is simply amazing. Some have recently graduated, while others are have one final season of eligibility. Teams better start recruiting if they want to stay competitive every year.

Bro: The Gabbert-Bryant race will come down to whom the voters prefer: a traditional pocket-passer like Medora, a pure freight-train like Case, or a dual-threat like Barrowman. I can't wait to see who wins this award.

Fouler: Alright guys, who was the best player in the NCBB last season?

Bro: The Hammer will sadly not go to a thrower this season, despite my prediction last year. Still, each of the candidates is very worthy of the award, and if I had to guess, I'd say that "Fraggin" Jones of the BlackKnights makes it two Hammers in a row for the program.

Killer: I'll take the dark horse, who most people probably haven't heard much about until today: van der Wal. He has helped lead Vandy'sss resurgence asss a program over the last few yearsss, and it'sss about time to recognize him for hisss effortsss.

Fouler: Well that should do it for today. Tune in to our next show where we preview season 13. From everyone here at College GamePlay, thank you for joining us and enjoy the next week of the offseason!

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The NCBB just completed its 12th season and is recruiting new coaches for the upcoming campaign! For those of you that don't know, the National College Blood Bowl group is a league based off of American college football. We have bowl games, coach's polls, award voting, rivalry games, player graduation, and many other features of the real thing!

Right now we're in the offseason, which means our rules are being reviewed and discussed. We currently have some limits on inducement usage, but so far the consensus wants to change that. All new teams get three builder games before the season begins, and are thrown together into the Non-Automatic Qualifier conference (or Non-AQ), where only the top 2-3 teams will get a bowl game invite. Seasons are nine games long + a possible bowl.

So if you want to represent your favorite college, join a fluffy league, or simply want to beat Kryten whenever possible, stop by #NCBB in chat and check out our group page below:


Season 13 is starting either this weekend or the next (March 17th or 24th, respectively), so be sure to apply today! After all, who doesn't want to spend more time in college Wink

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Last chances to join up! You know you want to
make a team and join us at #ncbb

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CBBS Special Report: Season 12 All-Americans

A few years ago we unveiled the first ever All-American list of the top 12-16 players in the NCBB from season 8, split between offense, defense, and special teams. Fitz was even awesome enough to make a logo to go in these player's bios. So with another season complete, it's time once again to identify the best players in the league and put them on a 'super team,' aka the All-American team. Enjoy!

-Stoney Case, UNM, UNM.
-Quentin Kantaris, BlackKnights.
-John Barrowman, Nevada.
-Frank Reddic, Torxas State.
-Slingin' Xami Quetzalcoatl, Tlaxcua.
-Shane "Fraggin" Jones, BlackKnights.

-Chris Spielman, Ohio State.
-Mike Vrabel, Ohio State.
-Walter "Spot-billed Duck" Zenga, Oregon.
-Dillon van der Wal, Vampirebilt.
-David Silkerson, California.

Special Teams:
-Belta Bantah, Buffalo.
-Julian "another Rocket" Crockett, BlackKnights.

For those coaches who were lucky enough to have a player on this list, please put this image into their bio for all to see:



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you're kidding me... only half of the Hammer winners are on the team! Should'nt they be the first 2 on the roster? Said the disgrunteled Black Knight with only 2 players on the team Wink

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College GamePlay
Built by the Gnome Depot

Chris Fouler: Welcome to the College GamePlay show, where we review and preview all of the epic National College Blood Bowl action! The NCBB is just beginning its 13th season, as week one is almost here. The league looks to move forward after having several schools drop their football programs, thus making for an interesting season. So let me introduce my partners, former Cal blocker Anthony Killer and current NC State quarterback Tyler Brosius. Things are about to heat up, fellas.

Anthony Killer: That they are, Chrisss. We've lost sssome good programsss over the last few yearsss, but we ssshould ssstill have sssome great gamesss all ssseason long.

Tyler Brosius: Likewise, several teams just graduated quite a few senior players. A lot of the big-name stars are now playing on Sundays, which means the underclassmen need to step up to fill the voids left by their departure.

Fouler: One team not looking to replace many players is the UCon Huskies, who won the National Championship last season. They return most, if not all, of the squad that brought home the title. Several of their prominent players are now seniors, so will complacency set in?

Killer: I would hope not, Chrisss. The Huskiesss had a great run last year, but they might have overachieved. It will be tough for the coachesss to keep them focused all ssseason long, especially with every team trying to take them down.

Tyler: I'm going to go ahead and state that the Huskies will NOT repeat as national champions. No school in NCBB history has gone back-to-back, although Oregon has been close on several occasions.

Fouler: What about the Huskies' opponent in the title game, the BlackKnights? How will they fair after losing so much talent from last year's squad?

Tyler: The team looks knight and day different, pun intended, from how it did to begin last season, that's for sure. They began as the most talented team in the nation, and #2 in the preseason polls.

Killer: Yes but coach Monty Python doesn't believe in rebuilding years. They still have two of the best players in the nation, Quentin Kantarisss and Robert "Bad" Kough, to lead them. It might be tough early on in the year, but I bet that they make a late push once their incoming freshman start to learn the game.

Fouler: Who do you guys see as the favorites for the national championship heading into season 13?

Tyler: No doubt it has to be THE Ohio State Drunkguys. Not only do they enter the season senior-laden and as the most talented team in the country, but virtually all of the other major powers are in a rebuilding year.

Killer: I'm ssstill going to go with Oregon, despite having to retool their team early on. They have three excellent upperclassmen to help teach the younger playersss, including two that are sssuper-agile. The Waterfoul will slowly mold their team into a contender by season's end, as they have done in the past.

Fouler: Let's see how the preseason College GamePlay poll shakes down:

1. THE Ohio State Drunkguys - built for a title-run with a senior-laden, uber talented team. They can bring the pain, but is their offense good enough to win a championship? Then again, does it need to be? Just play defense and run the ball down their throats.

2. Oregon Waterfoul - although we previously claimed to learn to never rank them below #1, this team has a lot to live up to. Then again, with two Ag5 bastards, they'll constantly pressure the ball and skill up the younger guys in a hurry.

3. UCon Huskies - the defending National Champs will be hard-pressed to continue their luck from last season. Fortunately, they return most of the squad that brought their school back to national prominence. Will the pressure of being the hunted bring them back down to earth?

4. Vampirebilt Commonthralls - it may never look pretty, but Vandy will beat the hell out of you with fundamentals and ball control. For the first time in a long time, they finally look like they have the talent to return to a top-tier bowl game.

5. UNM LoBlows - the LoBlows had a great sophomore campaign but simply could not beat the elite teams in the NCBB, falling to Oregon and the BlackKnights in the regular season, and again to Oregon in the Rose Bowl. Fortunately, both teams look to be rebuilding after losing a ton of seniors. Will the UNM players not named Stoney Case finally pull their weight and help win some marque games?

6. BlackKnights -I'm invincible! - they finally broke through and got to the title game last year, only to find Nuffle was just teasing them. After being hit hard by injuries and graduation, the BlackKnights look to two super-stars to show the freshman how it's done.

7. Nevada Wolfpack - although they still need to graduate around six players, the Wolfpack hope to finally keep two wolves around for the entire season and compete for another top-tier bowl appearance. The team will have to adjust their offense once John Barrowman goes to his graduation ceremony, after four stellar seasons of quarterbacking his team.

8. Nibraskah Wanabees - Nibraskah will be very young heading into the season, but they did get solid performances out of several freshrat and sophomouse players last season, giving the team hope for the upcoming campaign. They have a lot of history to live up to as Wanabee runners, though the rest of the team will need to give them some help.

9. Buffalo BullCentaurs - the Buffs will likewise have a lot of young players on the field, but if they play smart and can simply do their job, Don Quey might have a Banger-Hardel worthy season ahead of him.

10. Army Black Rats - a lot of jokes have been made at the expense of Army over the last two seasons, but the players that have managed to survive during those years are actually looking pretty good. Staying out of the McNurgles discussion is easily the top goal of the team, though getting revenge on a few programs is likely also on their minds.

Fouler: And there you have it folks! The preseason Top 10 has been revealed, and it seems like everyone is looking up at the Drunkguys. Surely there will be a team or two that challenges them in the end, and it will be interesting to see who does. From all of us here at College GamePlay, best of luck to everyone in Season 13!

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