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Post   Posted: Sep 16, 2016 - 20:36 Reply with quote Back to top

The past few weeks, I've been coming up with an idea for a new game. However it occurred to me today, that actually why not play it on the BB client?

The year is earth 2047 (to be pushed forward a bit when we actually get close to 2047). The popular sport is called Moto-deathdrome, which is hosted in the old cycling velodromes.

The sport is a mixture of the film rollerball, roller derby, speedball and cycling team pursuit. Unfortunately, it's an extremely dangerous sport dominated by semi legal gangs. Deaths are frequent.

There are 4 ways of scoring in the Moto Deathdrome.
1 point-if you knock out the opposing team's boss.
1 point-if you have the ball at the end of the half.
2 points-for the team who's rider travels the furthest that half in an anti-clockwise direction.
5 points to the opposition, if you somehow score a Touchdown.

team composition
A team consists of the following:
Motos Most of the team rides on motorbikes of one form or another. Each team has a specialist style moto.
boss The boss rides a regular moto as the rest of the team. However opposing teams gain 1 point for knocking him/her out. So they need some form of protection.
Shamen Usually found on a trike or quad of some form. A form of moto slower than norm. If they are on the pitch you may use a wizard spell....but only if they are on the pitch.
Gunner Again, found on a trike or quad. This vehicle has the bombardier skill.
Auto Each team has one auto. This is generally the slowest, and least agile, but strongest and toughest vehicle.
Gang's magical totem This is a magical monster affiliated to the gang through shamanic rituals. The totem takes the form of an animal close to the gang's beliefs. For example the Brighton Bulldogs totem is a giant English Bulldog, where as the Cherokee Bears have a large bear. Be aware though, the totem need's guidance (really stupid), is very slow, and cannot hold the ball.
corner markers Each team has 2 corner markers that are set up 4 squares in from the side and the endzone. Teams MUST pass corner markers (in essence the track) no matter which direction you are heading.

Special Rules
1. You must abide by the corner markers. You may not cut the course. However you may come inside the markers along the straights if needed.
2. Only motos heading in a counter clockwise direction may score points for the furthest traveled distance. However you don't HAVE TO have all your motos traveling in a counter clockwise direction.
3. Like cycling team pursuit a group moves quicker than an individual. This is represent with:
a. The front moto may never GFI.
b. For each moto in the group, the 2nd and back moto gain 1 extra GFI sprint.

I.e. 2 motos=1 GFI. 3 motos=2 GFI. 4 or more motos=3 GFI.


Basically your team will be split into 2 groups. The group heading clockwise, and the group heading counter clockwise.

The clockwise group try to disrupt and destroy the counter clockwise group and steal the ball/take out the boss.

The counter clockwise group try to travel further than the opposing team's counter clockwise group.

Corner markers play an important role. With your corner markers you can cut corners very tightly. However the opposing team's corner markers you have to take a more conservative/wider line.

did you know?
Although most teams are forced to take wider lines around the opposing team's corner markers the Brighton Bulldogs with their highly agile (but weak, slow and frail) Vespas and Mini Cooper can cut extremely close to opposing corner markers allowing them to keep up with faster teams!

Moto Deathdrome team's

Yokohama Yankees
Yankee in Japanese is a type of hoodlum. The Yokohama Yankees are what is left of the Bosozoku https://8.smash.com/u/2015/08/image19a1-740x740.jpg (look it up) tradition.

The team consists of Bosozoku bikes, original Nissan GTR given the Bosozoku treatment http://www.bosozokustyle.com/sites/default/files/nissan-skyline-210-japan-bosozoku-style-2.jpg and a temple lion as their Totem.

Kawasaki Green Speedsters
Deadly rivals to the Yankees are the Speedsters. Each team comes from the rivaling big cities of Kanagawa Japan. The Speedsters are emphasize the modern side of Japan, riding state of the art Kawasaki racing bikes. Extremely fast, but difficult to control and extremely fragile.

Brighton Bulldogs
The Bulldogs are the re-emergence of the British mod scene. Riding their highly agile vespas. The union flagged roofed Mini Cooper https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/fc/f8/9d/fcf89de00dd244e474ed55737edd000d.jpg, the most agile car in the game further emphasizes this team's concern about agility. The totem is a tradition bulldog and the wizard is a pearly queen http://thepearlies.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/MG_4677.jpg from a bygone era.

Route 66 Angels
The Hell's Angels of old still hold enough of a sway to be involved in Moto Deathdrome. With their Prussian style helmets http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server6100/a9579/products/1674/images/5713/GERMAN_FLAT_MOTORCYCLE_HELMET_WITH_SPIKE__49378.1372261618.1280.1280.jpg?c=2 harley choppers and (think zz top style) hotrod http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7HWsKUVKyN8/UKXGGIDL68I/AAAAAAACMiQ/AK7PjHn8iXo/s1600/zz.JPG they are probably the toughest team out there.

Cherokee Chiefs
The Chiefs ride on a Chopper fashioned like a horse....
http://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2011/10/24/285397_sm-Boar%20boy%20Nob%20right.jpg or
http://www.spikeybits.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/warboss_bike_wm.jpg maybe.
They also have one of the most famous Shaman wizards in the league (think lots of feathers on his headress and a big totem stick). As well as their huge totem wolf.

Sioux Bears
Not strictly rivals to the Chiefs. The Bears are 'the other' native American team. Mohicans, and a giant bear totem are what make this team stand out!

The Hoodz
(Think of the modern illegal bike culture). There is a double meaning to this team's name. Firstly, they learnt to ride on illegal off road bikes in the Hood boroughs of America. Secondly, they wear hoody style tops to hide their faces from the police. Riding modern style scramblers and accompanied by off road quads and everything (bikes, clothing, corner markers) painted in black make them very distinctive.

Maranello Motos
There is no other team that care more for their motos than the Maranello Motos. Using the most expensive Ducati bikes and ancient Ferrari car. http://www.simeonemuseum.org/wp-content/uploads/exhibits/1933-alfa-romeo-8c-2300-monza-f3q.jpg

The team are very distinctive, with their silk scarves, pencil moustaches and brown leather flying jackets. Ermildo Enzomoroli the boss of the Motos http://dallasvintageshop.com/wp-content/uploads/sm-DSC04517.jpg

Wengen Vultures
Over the border from the Motos are their rivals the Vultures. The rivalry has been built due to the lack of ethics from the vultures and their choice of machinery. From the famous ski resort of Wengen they ride on ski-doos (snow mobiles) rather than proper motos/bikes. Where as the proper machinery is an important part to the Motos. The Vultures look is complete with a skull bandana and ski goggles https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/e6/62/52/e66252d1b4deb73c78f452beb658ac18.jpg

Kings Road Caferacers
Where as the Bulldogs are the re-emergence of the Mod cultures. The Caferacers is the re-emergence of the Rocker/Teddy Boy culture. In the 70s they were deadly rivals and nothing has changed. Black leather coats and the very distinctive cafe racer bikes make this gang stand out. https://rodandtoddesign.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/final-concept-production-blog.jpg

Melbourne Mad Maxers
Homage to the start of moto road warefare. Think mad max look, bikes and original car.

Hockey Mask errrmmmmm hockey masks!
I don't know........something with hockey masks. Everybody loves hockey masks

Evil hoods
Again something with evil hoods. Very powerful shaman.

Ok out of time. Any interest or am I just mental?

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Post   Posted: Sep 16, 2016 - 20:45 Reply with quote Back to top

Sounds interesting, makes me think a bit about the old game Dark Future. How would this work in the FFB client?

nerf indigo 2016

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Post   Posted: Sep 16, 2016 - 20:52 Reply with quote Back to top

Yes, my original idea was to mimic the rules of that on a set track rather than a rolling road. I think it would work in the client, but you aren't playing Blood Bowl. And yes, lots of special rules that players would have to abide by. If you think of the corner markers and a middle line you cannot cross, then it's easier to imagine.

I'm not actually sure how fun the game would be, but I really love the concept of the different bike gangs.

Gameplay would be each team starting like a cycling team pursuit. Both one side of a the track. Each team would then split into 2 groups. The team pursuit squad, going for distance. And the bash squad heading to intercept. I guess the tactics come down to how many in each group.

Each gang would play slightly differently. The Kawasaki gang would be the fastest, but hard to handle (low agility) and low strength and toughness. The Bulldogs would be the slowest, but the most agile. Where as Angels would have the toughest motos.

I'm thinking bosses could go in sidecars (like Dark Future).
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