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Post   Posted: Feb 06, 2017 - 08:16 Reply with quote Back to top

Hangersons: 40K 0-16 6/2/3/8 Dauntless G/SPA
Disgraced Knights: 100K 0-4 7/3/3/8 Dauntless, Juggernaunt GS/PA
Border Messengers: 70K 0-2 8/2/3/7 Dauntless, Diving Catch, Fend GA/SP
Tainted Wizards: 0-2 50K 6/2/3/7 Dauntless, Hypnotic Gaze GM/SPA
Chrimeia: 160K 0-1 5/5/2/8 Loner, Claw, Wild Animal, Frenzy, Horns, Foul Appearance, Extra Heads, Leap, No Hands, Sure Feet SM/GAP

Apothocary: Yes

Rerolls: 70K

Background: The Border Prince Confederacy, otherwise known as the Borderlands, is a dim mockery of civilization. A thousand tiny Princes ruling Principlaties which are at best a village and at worst a single shack. Adventurers, disgraced knights, cultists, and other people either with an inflated sense of self worth or no where else to go gather in droves to these dangerous, monster infested lands.

When Bloodbowl replaced war, these ever conflicting Princes became even more irrelevant to world stage. The sport did eventually spread into the Confederacy, with the Princes leading their small bands of followers and whatever monsters they can train well enough not to attack their own side.

While most of the players with any actual talent for the game have left these desolate lands to compete on actual teams, a few Princes who have been blinded by their success in the confederacy have taken their rag tag teams to the world at large.

Rational: Much of the background for the Border Prince Confederacy is a theme of over valued self strength and importance. The closest translation of this into bloodbowl is Dauntless.

So, the linemen (called Hangersons as that is the name for the members of these Princes' "courts") are normal human statline with one less strength, meaning they have to rely on dauntless to hit normally.

The border Knights represent the various warriors in the Confederacy that try to emulate the Knights of the proper human nations. I didn't want to directly rip off the Bretonian roster from secret league, so I gave them a block like skill in the form of Juggernaunt instead.

I am not basing the Border Messengers on anything specific in the lore, but there has to be some form of communication in the confederacy, and I assume that would fall to whoever can run faster than the bandits/monsters/people tainted by chaos.

I have read that several princes have been so deluded that they have tried to create their own Colleges of Magic. However, without the centuries of experience and proper caution that we see in the proper schools of magic, these efforts inevitably result in whatever magic users getting tainted and controlled by Chaos. They have Hypnotic Gaze as it's the only "magical" skill in the game, but the mutation access does at least give them some extra upgrade paths over the standard linemen.

The Area is filed with a lot more monsters than other parts of the Old World, so they needed an outright monster of a Big Guy. Thus, the Chimerae. It is a horrific looking multiheaded beast that has wings, so I gave it the traits that fit. Leap represents the wings, although it isn't exactly that good at it.

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I like this idea. Not a strong team, but interesting background.

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Post   Posted: Feb 06, 2017 - 12:07 Reply with quote Back to top

Good concept, though I would make the linemen 6337 Dauntless and 50k. Also, you mixed up Manticore and Chimaera on the roster at the top.


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