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Joined: Apr 21, 2015

Post   Posted: Jul 17, 2017 - 08:56 Reply with quote Back to top


The loss to the Mootland Cocks was too much. Regardless of the Halflings' extraordinary burst of capability, this disgrace is too much to bear. Coach Wex is hereby expelled from the Eagles. The last game will be played without a coach, if at all.

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Joined: Nov 22, 2006

Post   Posted: Jul 20, 2017 - 05:00 Reply with quote Back to top


Time for a change!

A disappointing Tour Leg for the Buccs was easy to understand. A new team with a new coach looked like they struggled to find their feet. The small break before the home leg gave the coach hope for the first win.

The Bulls were just to brutal, having numbers advantage from the first turn, and handing the Buccaners their worst loss under Sharper.

Speaking ahead of the Yhetee's game this afternoon, Sharper still sounded confident in his boys, praising their development and persistence. Can all that add to a win? Only time can tell.

Joined: Apr 23, 2016

Post   Posted: Jul 20, 2017 - 05:25 Reply with quote Back to top


Cocks in valiant display in final game of the season.

The Mootland Fighting Cocks have been defeated 0-2 by the Stallions, but the loud, well fed fans were pleased with the display. Gadregar showed it isn't just pansy elves he can maim, but well armoured Humans as well, causing an impressive three casualties for the second game in a row. Coach Wozzaa told the Hanchen Herald that he would like to stay on with the Cocks, despite claiming to have bigger aspirations at the beginning of the season. The decision is in the hands of the Cockerels management, with speculation that there are several other top coaches vying for the position.


Are you good with knives? Are you able to disguise knife sized objects and sneak them onto a Blood Bowl pitch? Do you understand human (or elf and the occasional dwarf) anatomy enough to cause potentially fatal cuts with sharp objects?

If you replied yes to these questions, the famous Mootland Fighting Cockerels need you!

The Cocks are searching for a new Butcher for the next season. All applicants write to Fido Failsburry-Green, Sporting Director of the Mootland Fighting Cocks. 43 Cake Street, Eicheschatten.
3'4" Voluptuous blonde offering massage with the works. Very small hands.

Contact Candy. 52 Crumb Road, Eicheschatten.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 21, 2017 - 12:34 Reply with quote Back to top

21/7/17 10:33pm

Captain? Me? I guess I am the only one left not in his rookie season.

A big game to finish the year in Luccini. Against Athel Loren - this is our fourth encounter. Can we finally beat them?

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Joined: May 04, 2016

Post   Posted: Jul 23, 2017 - 12:29 Reply with quote Back to top

New Scorpions Coach to Play Against His Old Team the Panthers by Sally Scopes

Sally: While waiting for the game to begin I've manage to corner coach Patdragon for a quick word about facing his old team.

Hi coach Patdragon, how do you feel about going up against your old team.

Patdragon: Well Sally it will be interesting to see how the new coach has handled a fresh new team like myself with the Scorpions, but as there are both fresh new teams I have no hang ups about facing the old group of players I used to coach.

Sally: So do you think your experience with the Panthers has let you learn tactics to defeat them in today's match?

Patdragon: Of course!, I coached that team for three years and know what the school requirements for the team are and with that knowledge it should give my players an edge in the game as long as they do what i say anyways?

Sally: Are you having trouble with the Scorpions team?

Patdragon: Not problems per say but having the accept me has been a real challenge. There previous coach led a well built team to a victory the previous season and these new squirts wanted the same, Basically that's just not going to happen as they are all rookies and so far their performance has been lacking. They manage to pull off some good plays but still there are not a well oiled team yet and need to learn to work together better.

Sally: Well i look forwards to seeing them grow to into another championship team. One last question, can you respond to the rumours about your hiring being a last minute school choice rather than a coach with talent.

Patdragon: Well that's quite a rude question my dear, But i'll give you an official statement. I took the job because this school needs a coach to keep running the scorpions and I was the best inline to accept, The negotiations were tough to be sure but it was all worked out in the end.

Sally: Well I guess that's the official statement lets see how the game goes.

Joined: Jan 08, 2017

Post   Posted: Jul 23, 2017 - 15:26 Reply with quote Back to top


Countess Can't Change the Curve

TU Tribute

Panthers Beat Writer: Jorje Getwald pre-game newswire

The Countess Elise was in attendance while the Talabheim Panthers squandered a fresh opening drive opportunity in a 4-0 cannonade of grape shot, loss to the Gunners.

Coach HandyK had some choice words for Alfonso Feurerbach.

"Zo got wide eyed for the countess instead of the ENDZONE!" said Coach K.

"He was directing ... to set up a crowd push on the Gunners ... I understand his logic but ... skulled out!?!?" Coach K was visibily upset after the game.

In turn ... Alfonzo had clear control of the ball with an assist and 9 uncontested paces.

"Coach is pretty mad... But! he's not as pretty as Countess Elise..." Feurerbach said as he exited the locker room post match.

"This numbskull comes to the game today and says, 'coach give me the ball' I figure sure he has worked hard, he deserves it maybe we can work his new frenzy skill into some sideline action..."

And side line action was what Alfonzo wanted!

"I had a clear shot at the endzone and I thought to myself I would score in front of the Countess! then ... had to blow it with a set of eye sockets."

"I mean.. it would have been cool to have the crowd push followed by a score but after losing by four points???"

When asked the Countess denied having any influence on the match.

"I think Alfonzo is handsome! but he is not cool." Countess Elise was not impressed with the 4-0 loss. "Coach K needs to get this team under control... the learning curve has got to increase before next season."

Always the serious and faithful Panthers fan the countess balked at her less than perfect attendance to games.

"Oh I'm always here... just don't tell Alfonzo I wear a disguise."

With the Scorpions next on their play list Coach K was optimistic about the teams chances.

"I think this Panthers team can turn it around and really sink their fangs and claws into these game."

The Scorpions coach, Patdragon is last seasons TU coach. When asked what he thought about the 4-0 victory over his former team he could only talk about his dinner from the night before the game. "I miss Talabheim so much! It's a great city with great Great Lanterns! Possibly the GREATEST Lanterns of all time! The BLACK LANTERN! EAT AT THE BLACK LANTERN...."
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