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Feral Skinks 0-16 60K 8/2/3/6 Dodge, Stunty, Frenzy A/GSP
Feral Sauruses 0-4 80K 6/4/1/9 Wild Animal, Frenzy GS/PA
Cold One 0-2 150K 7/5/1/9 Really Stupid, Bite(Claw) S/GPA
Dread Saurian 0-1 200K 6/6/1/9 Loner, Wild Animal, Frenzy, Bite(Claw), Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull, No Hands, Sure Feet S/GPA

Apoth: Yes.
Rerolls: 70K

Background: On islands beyond the rule of the Slann, Lizardmen have become almost as animalistic as the monsters that surround them, untouched by the reintroduction of blood bowl to the world. Some enterprising Slann came to the islands seeking new players to find fresh and fercious players to put on the pitch. Now near feral Lizardmen and some of the tamer beasts are being put onto the field, even if they do not grasp the fact they are playing a game.


The current secret teams are filled to the brim with elves, undead, dwarves, chaos followers, humans, and others, but there is only one extra Lizardman team (the Skink team), two if you count the Snakemen.

This is my attempt to rectify it by going to the Lizardmen beyond the reach of the Slann's rule. In the background, some Lizardmen colonized islands outside the Slann's reach and essentially became animals once more.

I thought about just making the linemen bog standard skinks, but I decided to still make them animalistic while not giving them a nega-trait (as having nega-trait linemen would be too much). So I reduced their armor by one and gave them Frenzy, which is probably detrimental as it is on 2 strength play without general access.

I did give the Saurus' trait wild animal for the obvious reason that these feral Saurus' are basically wild animals. Frenzy was also a must as there isn't a player with Wild Animal that doesn't also have Frenzy.

Next I decided to add some beasts. The Cold Ones are essentially the Lizardmen's horses, it is their main single mount. I wasn't sure what strength I should give them, their model size varies wildly, but I eventually decided to give them strength 5 as they are strong enough to carry around a full sized Lizardman all day. I debated between giving the Cold Ones Wild Animal or Really Stupid, but as they are mounts I decided Really Stupid. They also have razor sharp teeth which mandated Claw. I did not give them loner as they are mounts who will instructions, and this team will have enough reroll problems as it is with all the Wild Animals.

Finally the Dread Saurus, a giant bipedial monster. It's huge size mandates at least strength 6. As it walks on four legs, I gave it no hands and sure feet. The models usually have a barbed tail, so it also have Prehensile tail. Also again it has claw as it has large set of very sharp teeth.
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