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Joined: Mar 12, 2011

Post   Posted: May 20, 2018 - 00:58 Reply with quote Back to top

Nice touch to include the ingame field images Ramchop.

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jun 04, 2018 - 04:01 Reply with quote Back to top

SWL LXI Postseason

SWL has switched to the BB16 seasons rules, so after 7 games we're given a few bags of cash to re-buy our teams. Most teams found they had a bit of extra cash to play with depending on how Season LXI went.

So if there hadn't been a re-buy, how would Bravado have looked going into the new season? 150k treasury would go towards the tree:
1x Tackle wardancer
1x Strip Ball, Mighty Blow wardancer
1x +ST skilled catcher
1x Leader, Accurate thrower
1x NEW tree
1x Kick linemen
1x Block lineman
1x Block lineman (-ag)
2x linemen
1x lineman (-ma)
1x lineman (-ag)
Apo, 2rr, ff4, 30k treasury
12 players (a bench!), carrying some injuries

Under the new rules we get:
1000k base
10k per game = 70k
5k per TD = 50k for Bravado's 10
5k per Cas = 30k for Bravado's 6
150k treasury
Total 1300k (ff is free)

Which I spent on:
1x Tackle wardancer
1x Strip Ball, Mighty Blow wardancer
1x +ST skilled catcher
1x Leader, Accurate thrower
1x NEW tree
1x Kick linemen
2x linemen (had spp so re-hired)
3x NEW linemen
Apo, 2rr, ff4, 10k treasury
11 players, carrying some injuries

On the face of it I'm worse off: 1 less player, and lost both block linos. However, I have purged the three injuries.

One or two more deaths and I'd be much better off under the new system. Next season if my stars stay alive I expect budgeting for the re-buy will be a lot harder and some difficult decisions will need to be made.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jun 11, 2018 - 13:04 Reply with quote Back to top


Image Image Image

My first passing award (yards), and my first All Star scroll.

But that was last season, how's the new one shaping up?...

Bedouin Falcons Conference LXXII

Round 1 Image Green 'n Scabby - Sharper (1340k)
Round 2 Image Lab Rat Elysium - D_Aquebus (1440k)
Round 3 Image Cryptic Cryptids almic (1270k)
Round 4 Image Redgum's Rationalists - Redgum (1390k)
Round 5 Image TingBuDong - HandyKaufman (1370)
Round 6 Image Goonbongburra Windjammers - Balle2000 (1080k)
Round 7 Image Ratty Old Elves Irgy (1370k)

Another good mix of races and coaches, it'll be a tough ask to top this group

Some Season goals:

1) Win the Conference
2) Score 3 TDs in a game (I'm elves, should be easy)
3) 1TTD (didn't manage it with the Norse, but Wood Elves must be doable)
4) At least Five Cas with the Tree (he needs to earn his keep)
5) Don't come last!

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jun 20, 2018 - 12:00 Reply with quote Back to top

Bedouin Falcons Conference LXXII
Game 1: Sharper's Nurgle "Green 'n Scabby" Image

Low TV Nurgle, no Tackle, not much Mighty Blow. If my paper armour could hold it together I might have a chance here. Just need to stay away from those tentacles.

First drive I receive. The woodies spread out and tried to use their speed to split up the opposition and find a way though. Two elves got badly hurt quite early, and the elves were getting into trouble.
A -2D blitz away from the Beast to punch a hole through the thin S4 wall. Anything but a SKULL.....
Through! Scored, Turn 5

4 turns left to stop the Nurgle, Elves do what they do (dodge and screen).

Halftime 1-0, 9 vs 11.

A poor kick by the kicker, but even worse pickup attempt by the pestigor.

T9 Bravado: Time for the BS. Catcher moves up for the assist on the rotter, backfield Wardancer smashes him out the way. Thrower runs forward. Then Dan Dan, runs, gfi, pickup in 2 tzs, gfi, dodge, hurls to an empty square.

T10 Scabby: Dan Dan is blitzed, blodge prevails, he's pushed into another pesti who punches him, blodge prevails. The 3rd pesti runs and collects the ball (picked up after a rr).

T10 Bravado: More BS. Captain Kai the thrower, dodge, dodge, gfi, assist on the ball carrier. Dan Dan, blitz, 3+ dodge [6], 2+ dodge [6], [POW/PUSH][POW/PUSH], pick up [6]. SCORE. 2-0

Nurgle look to score T15. gfi [1]! It's not their day.

Final Score 2-0 (0/1/1 - 2/0/0).

Take away lessons from this one. Stay away from Tentacles! (it felt like only one successful escape from many attempts). My new Tree is squeamish "Ewww!"

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jun 25, 2018 - 10:16 Reply with quote Back to top

Bedouin Falcons Conference LXXII
Game 2: D_Arquebus's Skaven "Lab Rat Elysium" Image

I always thought this could be the toughest game of the season. Although the rats took a bit of a beating in their final game of Season 71 (4 deaths!), they had a strong squad. And a strong coach - despite him having never qualified for Prem, after many, many seasons of trying Razz

First drive I kicked. The standard elf screen and dodge is trickier against faster teams. The rat ogre having frenzy made the sideline part of the screen problematic. In the end the rogre pummeled his way through the edge of a disintegrating screen and the rats scored T8.

Half time 0-1


This picture annoys me. Whenever I look at it I see options I could have done better. Both sides depleted, by the heat and the fist. Rats decided to swarm me. If I scored they'd probably win with a few turns left in the game. If I didn't well, maybe I wouldn't. I decided to score.

Tempting as it was for the tree to punch the Rogre, the risk for take root and failed gfi, meant he'd simply lumber up for an assist instead. Blitzer punched away, Rogre punched down and next to the Tree. Elf ran up and away, but tripped on the TD line, RR worked. However, the RR gone presented a problem - what if he failed the catch? I decided to risk it... but first, let's get the catcher somewhere useful in case the pass does fail. Dodge [1], dodge rr [1] - crap!

Having pushed the Rogre next to the Tree, he also happened to be still next to the ball carrier.
Wild Animal [1] YES!!
Loner RR [5] NO!!
Wild Animal [2] NO!!
Punch [PUSH][PUSH] YES!!
Frenzy Punch [POW/PUSH][PUSH] NO!!

From there rats elf it

Full time 0-2 (1/1/0) - (1/0/0)

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jun 28, 2018 - 21:19 Reply with quote Back to top

Bedouin Falcons Conference LXXII
Game 3: almic85's Lizardman "Cryptic Cryptids" Image

On Discord just before the game:
[8:53 PM] tussock: Almic's fouling Lizards on at the same time. I like how he plays those.
[8:54 PM] tussock: Skinks putting the hurt on.
[8:55 PM] ramchop: they foul? :scream:
[8:57 PM] tussock: Always check a replay or two of your next opponent's, ramchop.
[8:58 PM] ramchop: homework? i don't play bb to do homework?
[8:58 PM] ArthurWynne: But BB homework is fun!
[8:59 PM] ramchop: if there's homework to be done, learning how to 1 turn seems like a good place to start
[9:03 PM] ramchop: but it generally makes my head hurt
[9:04 PM] ramchop: i prefer the on the fly puzzle solving stuff for which there are no cheat notes
[9:04 PM] faulcon: cheat notes are cool

So what should present itself to me midway through the first half? An on the fly puzzle to solve.


Huge Patrol had leaped in and stripped the ball off a skink in a cage. A lineman had run into two TZs nabbed the ball, dodged away and handed off to the catcher. Looking good, until the lizards swarm in.

So how to get out? The skink ahead has side step, the krox has guard (and a tail of course). I love these situations, how to escape?


Chain push the catcher away from the tail, then dodge clear and short pass over the saurus to the thrower 3+ pass, [1] rr [3], catch [2]

Of course the catcher was in grave danger, and the lizards didn't pass up the opportunity to surf. Crowd were mean, smashed her knee (niggled), apo saves.

Wood Elves run down and score T8. Half Time 1-0

Second half scored fairly early to make it 2-0.

Dan Dan got greedy on the next kickoff and went for a hit on the ball carrier hoping for a 3rd TD for the team. The ball knocked loose, but Dan Dan got punished - fractured skull (-av).

Skink collected the ball, passed to the unmarked Saurus who caught it, rumbled up and scored T16.

Full time 2-1 (1/2/0) - (0/1/0)

A fun win, but missing a Dancer next game might hurt.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 08, 2018 - 11:25 Reply with quote Back to top

Bedouin Falcons Conference LXXII
Game 4: Redgums's Chaos Pact "Redgum's Rationalists" Image

This team was moderately terrifying - 6 players with Mighty Blow. I was expecting some pain and took 2 babes with my inducement money.

I received and was forced to score quickly, leaving the Pact 6 turns to grind me into the dirt.

Turn 4:

Let's start with the easy, zero risk moves... OK, apart from a catcher there are none, I decided to hit the ball, 1D with the strip ball Dancer. Dodge and gfi for the lino assist, Dodge and 2x gfi with Huge Patrol. Had to try something. Dodge 2+ [1] rr [1]. That was a very quick turn.
Pact score T8 with only 3 prone elves and a rooted tree left on the pitch.

Half time 1-1

Seven elves on the pitch, there was no way I could screen these monsters for a full drive. I had to attack the ball

T9: 6 elves on the pitch Huge attacks, ball stripped! Ball on the deck.
T10: 6 elves on the pitch. Emily attacks, 2D [POW][POW/Push]. Ball on the deck.
T11: 5 elves on the pitch. Two catchers swarm the lone Orc ball carrier
T12: 5 elves on the pitch. Emily attacks, -2D [BothDown][POW/Push]. Ball on the deck.
T13: 5 elves on the pitch. Prone and stunned, running out of things to do here
T14: 3 elves on the pitch. uh oh
T15: 2 elves on the pitch (including Tree)
T16: Pact score

1TTD failed [SKULL][BothDown] rr [SKULL][SKULL]

Full time 1-2 (1/0/0) - (1/1/0)

A rough game.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 15, 2018 - 09:44 Reply with quote Back to top

Bedouin Falcons Conference LXXII
Game 5: HandyKaufmans' Chaos "TingBuDong" Image

The last time I played against Chaos in a SWL regular season was an occasion so painful that I couldn't even write about it. But that was with Ag3 Norse, surely my elves, even without block spam, could simply skip away from danger.

I received and with elf dodging hot, and Dan Dan blitzing on fire, I manged to stall the full 8 turns and score. The stall did result in the second Dancer also getting an armour dent though.

Half time 1-0

Thanks to the mighty efforts of Dan Dan, the second half began with 10 a side. Enough elves to try to screen them out.

The screen slowed the Chaos progress but it wasn't going to stop it.

Turn 14:

I only realised about halfway through the game that Gone Off had Guard. He had taken some hits being positioned as a rookie, but luckily didn't pay for it.

Image Gone Off stands up, Dodge 3+ [5], Dodge 2+ [6], and stands south east of the ball carrier.
Image Dan Dan leaps over the head of the Warrior 3+ [5], Dodge 2+ [5], and stands between Gone Off and the sideline.
Image Emily 1D blocks the ball carrier [POW] into the crowd he goes.

She really should have blitzed, the ball sailed over her head towards the Bravado endzone. On a blitz she could have gone back to get it, but that was left to...
Image captain Kai. He got it, but without Blodge he couldn't keep it, smashed to the turf.

Fortunately elf BS ensued. From endzone to endzone in 2 turns.

Final score:
2-0 (1/1/1) - (1/1/0)

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 21, 2018 - 21:59 Reply with quote Back to top

Bedouin Falcons Conference LXXII
Game 6: Balle2000's Human "Goonbongburra Windjammers" Image

Time for some analysis, and self-loathing

Turn 15:

Nuffle wasn't having a big influence, the Wood Elves had instead been blessed by Khorne the blood god. 5 cas to 1 , Bravado ran riot. At turn 15 the good guys were leading 1-0 and merely had to stop the depleted humans from scoring. Only two players were in range, a catcher 9 steps away, and a blitzer 8 squares out.

I could have attacked the ball, but I chose a simple two layer screen. No way he could get through that surely.


Leading blitzer hits Gobslag, 1D [PUSHBACK]
Handoff to catcher 3+ [1] catch rr [4]
skips down the sideline
Dodge 4+ [1] dodge rr [5]
Dodge 4+ [6]
Dodge 3+ [4]
GFI 2+ [3] Score

$%$##$!!!!!! Lucker! Bloody Lucker!

Except, 38%. With the inherent skills that humans have, the odds were indeed that high. It wasn't offensive luck, it was offensive skill coupled with huge defensive deficiencies.

I'm sure the odds of scoring could have been cut down massively. One simple change, Dan Dan manning up and marking the lead blizter would have made the same path more like 24%, but I'm sure I could have cut it down further. e.g. what were those players doing at the third line of the screen? - that path was well out of range.

Final score
1-1 (2/1/2 - 1/0/0)

If results in other conferences go my way, and I can win the last game I still have a slim hope of making Prem. But on the strength on my coaching displayed this game, I don't deserve to be in the top tier.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 01, 2018 - 10:07 Reply with quote Back to top

Bedouin Falcons Conference LXXII
Game 7: Irgy's Elf "Ratty Old Elves" Image

Every season, 5 teams get promoted to Prem. In a 3 conference league this means the 3 conf winners, and 2x 2nd placers ascend. For Bravado to get through on second place they'd have to do better than the worst 2nd placer in one of the other two conferences. With a R7 win we'd be on 22 points, so how many results from other games would need to fall into place?:

Quotable Folks Conference LXXII
Pugs Not Drugs (necro) 22pts had to lose to Dean Park Rangers (helf) 25pts. Pugs win 2-1 FAIL

Some Kind of Voodoo Conference LXXII
R6: East Farkner Journeymens Club (human) 20pts had to lose to Blackwater Cockfighters (norse) 22pts. Cocks win 2-1 SUCCESS
R7: Wildwood Windlords (woodies) 17pts had to not win against Blackwater Cockfighters (norse) 27pts. 2-2 SUCCESS
R7: East Farkner Journeymens Club (human) 20pts had to not win against Belfast Black Rats (rats) 2-2 SUCCESS

Back in my conference, I'd lose to Redgum on h2h if he won so...
Redgum's Rationalists (pact) 17pts had to not win against Goonbongburra Windjammers (human). Goons win 1-0 SUCCESS

Wow! My game, penultimate of the SWL season, was not a dead rubber! The Farkner draw in Round 7, did mean though that if I managed a win we'd be on even points and it'd go to tiebreaker. First TD diff, then Cas diff.

This meant I needed to either win my game by 2+ points, or win the game with a 4+ cas diff. Against the squishiest team in the conferences, this seemed possible. Either way, I needed the win.....

Half time: 2-1 up, but -1 on Cas!
T16: 3-3, 2+ on cas.

I really really needed to finally get that 1 turn touchdown (and get 2 cas in the process, justifiable T16 foul?). Unlikely, but still possible with my grab tree......


Dean Martin you dick!

Full time: 3-3 (3/0/0 - 1/0/0)

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 14, 2018 - 05:21 Reply with quote Back to top

The Season 72 goals:

1) Win the Conference FAIL
2) Score 3 TDs in a game (I'm elves, should be easy) SUCCESS
3) 1TTD (didn't manage it with the Norse, but Wood Elves must be doable) FAIL
4) At least Five Cas with the Tree (he needs to earn his keep) FAIL
5) Don't come last! SUCCESS 3rd

2/5 must try harder

And the rebuy for next season. First up the team showed great commitment to the cause and not one wanted to retire. Sadly some didn't have the choice as I had to trim 170k from the roster to squeeze in under the seasonal salary cap. I decided to keep all the favourites, dropped the guard lino (-100k), a reroll (-50k) and replaced a block lino with a rooke (-20k).

Including fan factor, Bravado go into the new season at 1520k tv. One reroll. Scary.

The draw has been made. Two conferences this season meaning a 2nd placing will certainly be enough to go up, even a 3rd could get me there. What am I facing? (in order):

Memories of FUMBBLs Past Conference LXXIII

Round 1 Image Ratty Old Elves Irgy (1500k)
Round 2 Image Beyond the Sunset - Daudy (1450k)
Round 3 Image [adult swim] Tomay (1410k)
Round 4 Image Cloud 11 Stormbreakers - Klazam (1440k)
Round 5 Image Phoenix Academy Sharp Shooters - Bobs (1480k)
Round 6 Image Waaaaghton Redskins Pyates16 (1490k)
Round 7 Image Evil Moon Rising Dlock (1410k)

This is a really tough group. Quite elf heavy, which my Mighty Blow wardancers may love - but all 3 paper opposition are coached by experienced elf coaches (all been in prem with elves before - 2 have won it!). And there's enough bash in there to worry my av 6s and 7s. In total 4 of the 7 opposition coaches have won Prem before.

Season goals? Do I have to? Really?

1) Win the Conference
2) Promotion to Prem
3) Thrash someone, 3+ scoreline
4) 1TTD, come on! Grab tree, what could be easier?
5) End the season with 2 stars on the roster
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