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Post   Posted: Dec 16, 2018 - 01:44 Reply with quote Back to top

Your brane is broked. Khleveland will torch the river, burn Maven feathers, toast orc, bake high elves, and fry frog legs if it comes to that. Where’s my lighter?!?

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Great read! I'm pumped to see another 3 teams from the NFC North in the playoff mix. Fun times! Very Happy

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Incredible write-up ex-convict!

Hail to Frik! The latest charioteer to DIE for bloodbowl! - Slain, by Raiders of the Lost Tomb

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Breaking News

In one of the least shocking events in history, though it goes against their stated plan from last offseason, the Oakland Elf Raiders' management has reached an agreement with the city to extend their stadium lease for one more year.

A reporter was able to catch up with the team GM:

Rep: "You clearly stated last offseason that winning a championship was your ultimate goal, and that a team makeover or a move entirely would likely be required to do so. What changed?"

GM: "Well, as you know we got off to a good start last season, going 5-0-0, before hitting a huge slump and not winning again until the final week. However, our team was good enough to make the playoffs, and even though we fell in overtime, the progress we showed allowed us to make this decision."

Rep: "Despite how banged up the team was by the end? And that you still failed to get out of the Wildcard round?"

GM: "True, we did lose a lot of talented players from the team, ultimately looking like more of a team fit for a college league than the pros. And it was disappointing to be 'one-and-done' in the playoffs, for sure. But after missing out of 'the tournament' for three straight seasons, it would be counter-productive to clean house and still expect similar results from the team."

Rep: "This new deal only lasts for one season. Does management still plan to make changes if even more progress isn't shown?"

GM: "We are always looking for the best way to win a championship; this extension will allow us to compete this season after we reload in the upcoming draft. But yes, if the team can't manage to get over the hump once again, we will look at all options, whether making changes to the coaching staff, the team roster, or by finding a new location to move the franchise to. Perhaps even a combination of those."

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

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S21, Rise of the Jortles...

One game to go for the plucky molotov cocktail huckers.

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Post   Posted: Jan 30, 2019 - 21:06 Reply with quote Back to top

NBFL Draft Recap

The NBFL draft has changed from previous years, giving expansion teams arguably better options for putting their team together than ever before. In addition, teams can be granted compensatory picks when they get the stuffing beat out of them, helping their rebuilding process. And of course every team has a pick in the main draft where the most recent NCBB studs and duds have a chance to change a team's fortunes, for better or for worse. Here are the top ten draft classes, based on need, value, and talent.

10. Miasma Dolphlegms (Nurgle)

Chrisss "Mr. Big" Adcock [CAL] (Pestigor // B, T, MB // 37)

Coach Poods needed a hitter in his pestigor core (pesti-core?) and had one fall into his lap. Mayhaps he will live long enough to make an impact.

9. Weaklington Frailskins (Pro Elf)

Sampson Anguay [HAW] (Catcher // DO, D, B, SS // 56)

Match-made-in-heaven...at pick #22. Hot damn.

8. Hot Arizona Sticky (Nurgle) - coach Amon decided to try and make a ugly team into a beautiful thing in Arizona, ending up with this core group:

Expan1: Davie "Kroxkiller" Goldberg [TEN] (Rotter // MB, ST+, ST+, B // 63)
Ex2: Travis Frederick [DAL] (Rotspawn // B, G // 16)
Ex3: Allen Robinson [JAX] (Pestigor // D, B, SH // 50)
Main: John Shakleton [NV] (Bloater // B, MB, G // 47)

Conventional wisdom suggests that Zona could have taken an elite Big in the first expan pool, then had a good-to-great Bloater in the 2nd. Instead, Amon goes with a non-traditional pick with a St5 rotter, while still getting a block-Big in the 2nd. I'm not sure it will work out in the long haul, but a front line of twin St5 and four St4 players will be tough. Round that out with a solid carrier and bloater, and you see a solid foundation.

7. Deadver Brujahs (Vampire) - a late franchise move that may have altered the course of NBFL history, coach Asteflix decided to tear the AFC a new one with style...eventually:

Expan1: Brooks "the Stampede" [DAL] (Vampire // MA+, D, SS, ST+ // 74)
Ex2: Ph'llp'k'th M'nly #68 (G) [ATL] (Vampire // MA+, SS, D // 35)
Ex3: Brandon La Fail [NE] (Vampire // B, SS, D // 35)
Main: Charles Holmes [TX] (Vampire // B, T // 27)

Flix knows what he's doing, and I have very little experience with Vampires, so it's hard for me to judge this class. However it is clear that a long-term approach was chosen, instead of taking players with sub-optimal skills because they were slightly better in the short term. Whether or not we all become thralls to our new vampire overlords remains to be seen.

6. Baltimore Mavens (Dark Elf)

Expan3: Pepp [CAR] (Blitzer // MB, D // 21)
Main: Mash Skull [PAIN] (Blitzer // G, MB // 28 )

After being beaten-up late last season, coach Thoralf knew he needed to retool the blitzer corp in this draft. Despite picking late with both his compensatory and main draft picks, he added two solid pieces to a team that will look to make the playoffs yet again.

5. Indianapolis Crypts (Undead)

Matthew Pritchett V [NAVY] (Mummy // B, G, MA+ // 33)

With all the hoop-la in the AFC South about the expansion T-Rexans (see below) and conference champion Jortles, it's easy to forget about the bogey-man in the division. However, the division, conference, and league itself will soon remember how terrifying coach Nomad is when he has block Mummies at his disposal...

4. Houston T-Rexans (Lizardmen) - coach Baz finally had enough of the rat race and decided to embrace his 'lizard god' persona that others had decreed upon him. Deity or not, Baz needed a quality draft to get his scaly empire started:

Expan1: O'si Um'ny'ra #50 (DE) [ATL] (Saurus // MB, B, T, BT, D // 81)
Ex2: Doug Bloodwin [SEA] (Skink // AG+, B, SH, KOR // 69)
Ex3: Bob Ross [CIN] (Saurus // B, MB // 22)
Main: Alex Croxwaite [Cal] (Saurus // B, Frenzy, BT // 44)

A distinct lack of tackle may hurt early on, but with a stud like O'si leading the way for Doug, these lizards will be very competitive from the get-go.

3. New Elfland Patreants (Wood Elf) - coach Malkor decided to try the 'go big or go home' strategy with the forest elves, and had the first pick of the main draft to do it with:

Expan1: Elthor the Evil [TEN] (Lineman // B, ST+, ST+, D // 66)
Ex2: Duke Boreaku [JAX] (Treeman // G, ST+ // 26)
Ex3: Step On Titt [PIT] (Lineman // DP, ST+ // 20)
Main: Vin Riddick [TX] (Wardancer // T, MA+, AG+, AG+ // 68 )

With a clear focus on stat increases, New Elfland walked away with a whopping seven on these four players. Now, a tree in the three-claw AFC East (chaos/nurgle/necro) may be a bad idea, and a naked St4 lineman could be lost just as quickly. But when the balls are to the wall and a play needs to be made, Elthor and Riddick are going to elf the pants off of many a team.

2. Oakland Elf Raiders (Dark Elf) - coach Ex-con made the playoffs after a three-year drought, but it cost the team two St4 linos, two +stat witch draftees, an Ag5 runner, two blitzers, and some other fodder in the process. Whether or not the ends justify the means, the Raiders knew that, after they decided to stay put and were given two compensatory picks, they had a golden opportunity to retool the team:

Expan2: Claude Maillot Van Horn [TEN] (Lineman // B, MB, T, G // 65)
Ex3: Bryan "Red-Breasted Goose" Heaps [NO] (Lineman // W, D, T // 42)
Main: John Barrowman [NV] (Blitzer // Acc, Pass, Ag+, SH // 69)

With their extra picks, the Raiders boosted their defense with a hitter and a sacker. With their main selection, Oakland eagerly and anxiously watched as their targeted player fell out of the top 10...then the top 15...then past 20...and right into their lap. While an odd fit on most teams, Mr Barrowman fit snugly onto the Raider roster in need of a thrower to add another dimension to the offense...but who also isn't afraid to play some defense at times as well.

1. Phull-o-s'elfia Egos (High Elf) - coach Arcayn decided to be a gent and switch races to help out other moves in the league, and it may have paid off big time. High Elf teams are built around super-stars, more-so than a lot of rosters, and they managed to get three potential studs, as well as a solid defensive player. Just take a look at this haul:

Expan1: Devin "Odin" Harason [CLE] (Thrower // Acc, AG+, SH, MA+ // 51)
Ex2: Devante Downs [NO] (Catcher // MA+, SS, S.Feet, SH // 58 )
Ex3: Will Demps [NO] (Lineman // W, T, Frenzy, Leap // 54)
Main: Robert "Bad" Kough [ARMY] (Blitzer // T, AG+, D, MA+ // 51)

Getting one of each positional was a good move; getting a stud thrower and a potential OTS target was a great move; having a top 5 talent fall to #10 in the draft was just sheer luck. But that's how it be sometimes. This is an outstanding foundation that should be able to put up some points right away, and perhaps even compete in a division that only took six wins to take first place last year.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Can any of the six expansion teams make it into the playoffs in their inaugural season? How many of these draft picks will be maimed after the first week? How long until Poods asks 'is it draft time yet'? Find out the answer to these questions, and many more, in the upcoming NBFL season!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

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Is it draft time yet?

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NBFL Season 22 Preview Part I

AFC South

We start our season preview series with perhaps the most intriguing division in the league, given that there are three excellent coaches running three very different races. Add in another franchise that got their legs under them last year, and there will be quite a fight going on for the division crown. Let's take a look at the contenders:


Jakesonville Jortles (High Elf)

We begin with not only the reining South title-holders, but also the conference champions. Though they ultimately fell short of the Super Bowl trophy, one cannot deny the power of the Jortles, even if thou cannot understand it. With the aptly-named Derek Bortles distributing the ball at an All-Pro level (tied for 2nd most completions and led the league in passing yards) to targets like Rhys Llyod [MIN], the Jortles can almost score at will. But their defense is led by players like Dante Fouler Jr., meaning they are not an imbalanced team.

Biggest Strength: Versatility

Far past the 'cookie cutter' basic elf team (blodge with some tackle and guard), these super-skilled elves have developed enough to literally have a tool for every situation: diving tackle, juggernaut, frenzy, nerves of steel, etc. Elves often only need one turn to swing a game in their favor, and more often than not, the Jortles tend to make it happen.

Biggest Weakness: Expectations

Naturally, a lot of teams will be looking at Jakesonville with envious eyes and sharp claws, hoping to drag them down off of their current perch. Their division got tougher in the offseason (more on that below) and while another AFC powerhouse left the league, the path back to the championship is always tougher with the pressure of being the favorites. And make no mistake folks, with the second highest payroll, a bunch of star players, and a bunch of pissed off division rivals, there will be a lot of eyes on the Jortles this season.


Indianapolis Crypts (Undead)

Perhaps no team is looking forward to the new season more than the one led by coach Nomad, who's team flopped badly and earned a top 5 draft pick after a terrible campaign. Almost always a division contender, the Crypts could not get anything going, but are dying (figuratively) to get back out onto the pitch. The bright side from last year's debacle was picking up Matthew Pritchett V (Navy) with that premium pick, giving Indy TWO mummies with block. This will inevitably lead to each turn starting out with a 3d block, opening the way for a chain of favorable blocks, repositioning, and perhaps even a nice boot. With Marshall Flash carrying the rock and Floris von Rosemund (Rut) cleaning everything up, Indy looks to get back to their usual form.

Biggest Strength: Efficiency

Coach Nomad knows undead like his right hand knows his...er, mouse; he's an expert at highlighting the strengths of his beloved race, as well as mitigating their weaknesses. Some may think that the living-dead are unable to succeed in this league, but when you watch a well-oiled Indy machine slowly but surely march towards another 2-1 grinding victory, you too can become a believer.

Biggest Weakness: Securing Wins

Despite his expertise, this league is hard on teams that are forced to settle for ties, due to the risk of allowing quick scores. Even Nomad will feel the breaks of the dice and the limitations of his roster from time to time, being unable to remove enough opponents to gamble on forcing a turnover and scoring twice in the same half. And in a league where taking a win and a loss is better than getting two ties (7 pts vs 6 pts), teams that are more risk-averse can be at a disadvantage.


Titannesse Kraken's (Nurgle)

Armed with a badass logo, the Krakens enter their second season looking to continue their slow grind towards competitiveness. Banking only two wins last season earned them the right to take Who Gives a D*mn in the draft, a monstrous player who will be the bane of many offenses in the league, regardless of whether they prefer passing or running. Now that all four Bloaters have at least three skills, the team can focus on skilling up their underwhelming Pesti-core, none of whom have even acquired a third skill (though one is close). This leaves them with no obvious ball-carrier, severely hampering their ability to pickup and hold onto the rock while on offense.

Biggest Strength: Front Line

As previously mentioned, all four Bloaters have at least three skills, and they are all slightly branching off for different rolls: a hitter (mb/tackle), a killer (claw/mb), a support (guard/DT), and an all-rounder (blodge/mb/tackle). Add the Beast of Nurgle draft pick, and that gives you the muscle to move teams around and clear a few of them off the pitch in the process.

Biggest Weakness: Back Line

Like a basketball team with good post players but bad shooters and ball handlers, the Krakens are horribly imbalanced right now. However management knew that this roster would take at least two seasons to build up, and they already have the hard part completed. It will be difficult to both develop the pestigors and win games in the process, though the team is moving in the right direction for sure.


Houston T-Rexans (Lizardmen)

Last but not least, we have perhaps the most interesting story this offseason: coach Baz leaving his beaten but highly successful rats (three AFC championship appearances with two victories) for a race he mastered elsewhere: lizards. (I'm not sure if it's legal to use a colon twice in the same sentence but I just did). If anyone in the AFC South got complacent after last season *cough* mrt *cough*, surely they were rudely awakened when the news of the switch reached them. While it remains to be seen how successful early on Houston will be with just a few pieces from the draft, albeit they were deemed as having the fourth best class, there is no doubt that we have much to fear in the future.

Biggest Strength: Deity Status

Coach Baz was deemed the 'lizard god' by someone in the offseason, given his extensive experience crushing fools left and right with legions of saurii and dodging through tiny gaps with hordes of super-skinks. With a fresh spawning of lizards, top pick O'si Um'ny'ra [DAL] has a chance to lead the league in blocks, while castoff Doug Bloodwin [SEA] is an amazing focal point for the offense.

Biggest Weakness: Skills to pay the bills

Unsurprisingly, Houston begins the season with the third lowest payroll in the league, as lizards are generally better staying lean and avoiding extra 'fat' from fancy skill rolls. However, they also have with a severe lack of tools to use early on, as they posses only on tackle, two break tackle, and one guard skills on the entire roster. Until the young saurii start gaining more of these three skills, the T-Rexans will have their hands full completing drives, much less games.



1. Jakesonville Jortles
2. Indianapolis Crypts
3. Houston T-Rexans
4. Titannesse Kraken's

A boring, safe order of finish, but nonetheless one that is most likely. The Jortles have until next year (season 23) before age, injury, and their rivals catch up to them. Indy will fair much better and compete for a wildcard spot this year. Houston will struggle early but slowly build up and finish third due to already having a good ball carrier. Finally the Krakens would win a logo-contest but need another year to develop before they can compete for the division crown on the field.

Stay tuned for the rest of the series!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

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Good predictions. I think Houston will end up higher inspite of low skill saurus. They can tie most games such a team would lose, thanks to Bloodwin and his new coach, Baza. IF he can keep Bloodwin motivated, of course. Rumors have it, he didn't like his magical and unvoluntary transformation into a skink. His cloths don't fit any more, he has to hang his mirror lower, and since he can't chew no carrot any more, now and then he can be seen licking and sucking on a carrot, with a nostalgic expression on his face...

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Was that a euphemism?

"I gotta fever and the only prescription is MOAR COWBELL!!"
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NBFL Season Preview Part II

Well, since commish mrt decided to be an asshat and start the season a day early, the first game has already been played. At the risk of having more games played and players lost (two died and another was permed in the opener - a good start), I'll have to rush through my predictions and get this complete.

I've decided to break down each conference into 'Tiers', with a quick explanation of why they are slotted there. All teams in a tier are considered 'on par', so they aren't listed in any specific order. Without further delays, let's begin:


Championship Aspirations:

-Green Ball Attackers-
Will the frogs go out with a bang?

-Los Angeles Glams-
After winning the S20 Super Bowl, the Glams were denied a shot at a repeat by the Grues in an apparently epic championship game. Despite having a few injuries lingering around the roster, the team is otherwise loaded and ready for another run.

Playoff Contenders:

-New York Deviants-
My pick to win the East, New York will be back with a vengeance after their mysterious flop during year two. With four players relatively close to another skill to go along with their TWO Ag6 players, the Deviants will likely recapture the form they had in their inaugural campaign, when they won the division title.

-Atlanta Falchions-
I believe they're the best team in the South on paper, though the potential for damage during division play is pretty high. However, with two Ag4, one Ag5, and one Ma9+sprint skinks on the team, it shouldn't be difficult to pull some wins out of your ass.

-Chicagovania Provocateurs-
They secured a wildcard birth last year, and have three vamps close to another skill. If Vamps are defined by coaching and dice, Chicago goes into every game knowing it has at least one of the two.

-C'attle C'haos-
Honest to god (Nuffle, obviously), this team looks just like the Wrecks from the AFC. Expect they're not coached by Robo, so they will actually win some games.

Playoff Hopefuls:

-Weaklington Frailskins-
With arguably the best set of skilled players in the league (two blitzers, three of the catchers, and the young stud thrower), the Frailskins can indeed win the division again. However they only had a .500 record last year, and an improved group of rivals could knock them out of the playoff picture.

-Dulles Howlboys-
Brought back after some time in the doghouse, the Howlboys have a lot of good players and are in a winnable division. Buuuut with a minimum of six games against elves, as all three division foes have various pointy-ears, a current total of three tacklers is NOT enough to avoid elf-shenanigans and thus some losses.

-| Carolina Reapers |-
I like the logo, and I love the dual block-mummies. I'm not too familiar with the coach, but the pieces are there to make a run.

-Nawlins Lost Saints-
Brasky won the division and a playoff spot last season with a sub-.500 record, and I don't really know what to make of this team. In Bill we trust, I guess?

S. 23 Draft Prep'ers:

-Phull-o-s'elfia Egos-
While they have already banked seven points, they have also lost two young catchers, showcasing just how tough this league is. I want to believe they have a shot in an uncertain division, but until their non-draftees start getting a second skill, I like their rivals better.

-Bucking Buccaneers-
Sorry, but having two one-skill Bull Centaurs ain't gonna cut it, captain.

-Destroit Lynels-
Solid Centaurs, but this is a baaad division to jump into. Welcome to the league, though!

-Ministers of Sewer Skulking-
I want to believe they have an outside shot at the playoffs (rats almost always do), but with two rookie gutters and at least one playoff contender in the division (probably two), the Ministers might be a few pieces away still.

-San Fransorko 49ers-
Relegating arguably the NCBB's greatest legend to just a middle name is a travesty. Making him into a slow-moving orc is even moreso.

-Hot Arizona Sticky-
Several of the pieces are in place, including a ball carrier and a block big, but Nurgle traditionally take a few seasons to ramp up.


Championship Aspirations:

-Jakesonville Jortles-
"The Jortles have until next year (season 23) before age, injury, and their rivals catch up to them." - me

-Oakland Elf Raiders-
Just win, baby.

Playoff Contenders:

-Indianapolis Crypts-
" Indy will fair much better and compete for a wildcard spot this year." - me

-New York Wrecks-
With four straight division titles and one Super Bowl appearance (S 20), the Wrecks look to continue their stranglehold on the East.

The real -Oakland Elf Raiders-
This is probably more realistic.

-Kaepsburgh Kneelers-
Still not sure how they missed the playoffs last year with an unbeaten first half (damn tiebreakers), but I AM sure that they will make sure to finish the job this time.

Playoff Hopefuls:

-Houston T-Rexans-
"Houston will struggle early but slowly build up and finish third due to already having a good ball carrier." - me

-Buffalo Psycho Billies-
Team is literally loaded, including eight stat increases, but they have yet to be consistent on the pitch. Call me skeptical until they do.

-Miasma Dolphlegms-
This is about as average an NBFL roster you will find: a good spread of skills, a few key doubles, and just two stat increases. They will have a simple formula for winning games and must stick to it.

-San Dogo Chompers-
The only thing coach Kryten needs to compete for a .500 record is an Ag4 thrower. Check. Now, let's see if he can't do better with a revamped blitzer corps.

Also the -Oakland Elf Raiders-
But this is me with this ungodly schedule.

-Baltimore Mavens-
A solid, unspectacular team but the North is bananas.

-Khleveland Khrowns-
I <3 the Khrowns but is probably the best pound-for-pound division in the league, and only taking one loss again this season is probably unrealistic.

-Vigilante Shingles-
I'm not sold since neither Bull is built to properly handle a ball, so quick-strike scores are probably not in the playbook. Otherwise, the team is pretty solid.

S. 23 Draft Prep'ers:

-Titannesse Kraken's-
"The Krakens would win a logo-contest but need another year to develop before they can compete for the division crown on the field." - me

-New Elfland Patreants-
While normally even rookie Woodies can come in and compete (especially when you draft an Ag6 Wardancer), this is a rough division with three teams that have numerous years of NBFL experience; they won't be scared of some tree-hugging elves.

-Deadver Brujahs-
Not a believer but I expect my foolish ways to be corrected in week three.

-Kansas City Thiefs-
Season three is usually the tipping point for Pact, er, 'Chaos Renegades', to start competing. But a solid division and brutal crossovers vs both Northern divisions will be tough.

Say goodbye to the -Oakland Elf Raiders-
When things go poorly and I finally commit to changing races. Probably.

As you can see, there are a lot of teams vying for just six playoff spots in each conference. Clearly, the NFC is very top-heavy and the AFC is incredibly deep. Here are our playoff predictions:

1. Los Angeles Glams
2. Green Ball Attackers
3. New York Deviants
4. Atlanta Falchions
5. C'attle C'haos
6. Chicagovania Provocateurs

1. Kaepsburgh Kneelers
2. Jakesonville Jortles
3. San Dogo Chompers
4. New York Wrecks
5. Baltimore Mavens
6. Indianapolis Crypts

NFC Championship:

2. Green Ball Attackers vs 5. C'attle C'haos

AFC Championship:

1. Kaepsburgh Kneelers vs 2. Jakesonville Jortles

NBFL Super Bowl 22:

5. C'attle C'haos vs 1. Kaepsburgh Kneelers

With a bloody rampage through the Wildcard all the way to the Super Bowl (potentially taking down both the Glams and Grues, damn), C'attle ends up with the NFC crown.

Meanwhile, perhaps the strangest team in the league with easily the weirdest player, Kaepsburgh fends off New York and Jakesonville to win the AFC title.

The two sides meet in a bloody affair, with 'fan favorite' and 'league darling-bag' Teresa being permed twice, only to regen both times. The struggle continues into overtime, when all of a sudden, I lose interest because I still can't decide on what race I choose for next season.

Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Best of luck to everyone!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Love it!

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I buy this.

Let’s play Season 23.

There is always Sneaky Git.

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Average??? AVERAGE??!?!

scribbles furiously on "The List"...

"I gotta fever and the only prescription is MOAR COWBELL!!"
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uffffff big expectations for my goats Surprised
How is this Curse going, did a team you predicted to win ever win it all?
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