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Post   Posted: Jan 07, 2019 - 07:55 Reply with quote Back to top

Welcome to the forum thread for Season LXXV


Season LXXV
  • Schedule
    First round will begin on Monday the 14th of January with a first round deadline of the 28th of January and a round 7 deadline on the 11th of March. Team Rebuys are to be completed by Saturday the 12th of January by 8pm.

  • Structure
    We will have 1 Premier, 2 Conference and 1 Regional division(s).

New Rules

  • We can now clear injuries over FUMBBL. The season rollover niggle rules as per BB16 are now implemented. Also, MNGs will be cleared at the end of the season.

  • Rollover Bonuses Ammendment
    The new rollover bonuses have now come into effect. At the end of this season, the qualification bonuses are:
    Prem - 200k
    Confs - 150k
    Regionals - 100k

  • Expensive Mistakes Formula Changes
    The formula has now been changed to 50k increment levels rather than 100k as currently defined by the BB16 rules (beyond the initial level threshold) as mentioned last season.

Recently Implemented

  • Forfeit Games Bonus
  • Wants to Retire Amendment (10 Game Increments)
    Please refer to our recently updated guide on the league's page.

General Reminders
  • Axing
    PM to the swladmin FUMBBL account by 10pm Monday SWL (Sydney) time if your game has not yet been played. Check out the Guide for more information or check with someone else in chat. Refer to post below for more details about expectations. This is also the method for advising of parking at the end of a season.

  • General
    Please be aware that we rely on individual coaches to be active in checking this forum, arranging games against opponents (especially if not on east coast of Australia) and in communicating with Admins. The responsibility is on the coach to enquire, not the Admins to inform. Please feel free to ask any questions, anytime.

  • Communication
    Please respect each others time and reply to PMs in a timely manner with potential playing times rather than loose commitments. If something comes up and you are late or unable to play, please log in on your phone and send a PM if possible.

  • BB16 Rule Ammendments
    We will endeavour to maintain our rules as close as possible to those of BB16 in regards to FAQ and Errata changes, taking into account the nature of our league. There are rumours of changes to inducements, which we will likely implement if/when they become official. Generally changes like this that effect Team Management Strategy are introduced at the beginning of a Season and not half way through.

Thankyou to everyone who participated in Season LXXIV.
Congratulations to Sandune on the absolute domination of Premier and the league, an incredible effort with a strong Wood Elf team. The Kiwis are certainly on fire. It looks like Daudy has got his act together and Grod is doing the expected with his dwarfs, both won their Conferences and join what looks to be a stacked Prem for this season. Welcome back Mr Clay, it's great to see the return of the former Commissioner to the league and the winners circle.

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Joined: Apr 26, 2008

Post   Posted: Jan 07, 2019 - 07:55 Reply with quote Back to top

The Off Season Season 74
The script has been run: https://info.swl.org.au/post-season/74

Above you will find the rebuy budgets for all teams, including yours. For details on how to use the information to prepare your team please consult our re-done guide on the group page or ask for help in discord. Also please note: your Team Value on Fumbbl.com does not include Retain Fees; but it may include leftover journeymen from last season. Keep this in mind when checking your numbers(edited)

Please prepare your team no later than Saturday the 12th of January and send a PM to swladmin to inform us that you are prepared before readying your team.

Also please note that the TV limit total does not account for Wants to Retire, MNGs or journeymen.

+100k Prem Bonus
[L] Da Lollipop Guild
[L] Wildwood Windlords
[L] Lab Rat Elysium
[L] Chrimean Chimera
[L] Immortalis Inquietus
[L] Evil Moon Rising
[L] [adult swim]
[L] Beyond the Sunset

+50k Conf Bonus
[L] Haunted All-Sorts
[L] Murine Cultists
[L] Blue Mountain Giants
[L] Loec's Loggers
[L] Bronzed Raiders
[L] Brew Pub Brouhaha
[L] East Farkner Journeymens Club
[L] Pugs Not Drugs
[L] Styx αnd Warpstones
[L] Unicorn Gunfight
[L] TingBuDong
[L] Cryptic Cryptids
[L] Bravado
[L] Phoenix Academy Sharp Shooters
[L] Blackwater Cockfighters
[L] Redgum's Rationalists

+60k Forfeit Bonus
[L] East Farkner Journeymens Club

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Post   Posted: Jan 07, 2019 - 07:55 Reply with quote Back to top

Tomay's Power Rankings

1. Wildwood Windlords: 7-0 Prem season and no one wants to retire. Look at those players and all that cash. With no natural predators around to knock them down a peg I can’t see them being beaten.

2. Da Lillipop Guild: Nice roster composition and a very good Dwarf coach in charge.

3. Immortalis Inquietus: They’ll need Artoria to live, but they have some versatile pieces and a semi competent coach who loves high AG dodgers.

4. Pugs Not Drugs: They’ll be back on the warpath in Conferences.

5. [adult swim]: Bounced back after a bad start last season but WTR and a lack of cash has knocked them back a peg.

6. Chrimean Chimera: This is how to build a Nurgle team in BB16. They will miss a Beast vs the faster teams though.

7. Unicorn Gunfight: They should be in Prem next season. Such a solid core of positionals and a good coach, there’s no excuses this time around.

8. Lab Rat Elysium: A strong roster but too reliant on a few positionals makes their all or nothing game plan a risk.

9. Mruine Cultists: Irgy is quietly building a contender.

10. Beyond the Sunset: Stella got her groove back, has Daudy? I’m not sure, but this team has enough pieces to worry anyone. They just need a bench.

11. Bravado: Ramchop is becoming consistent at Conference level and his Wood Elves have a solid core to get them through.

12. Evil Moon Rising: With Dlock at the helm they will always be a tough matchup, but their roster looks thin.

13. Blue Mountain Giants: Clay with Dwarves is a real threat and the team already looks good. Lean and mean and ready to make a charge towards Prem.

14. Brew Pub Brouhaha: the best named team in the SWL, they have a few good players still there to build around and will bounce back after a tough prem Season.

15. East Farkner Journeymens Club: Everyone’s favorite team will probably do enough to finish in the top half of their conference again.

16. Blackwater Cockfighters: Knocked back a peg after a tough Prem season. Lets see how the experiment goes this season now that other teams are bigger as well.

17. Cryptic Cryptids: As cool as they are, with 11 players and such reliance on Beithir they are vulnerable.

18. Bronzed Raiders: They need more than their blockers. But their blockers are good.

19. Redgum’s Rationalists: Some good Big Guys for Renegades, but still just a middle of the road team without enough core skills.

20. Phoenix Academy Sharp Shooters: They need a run without injuries to get going, maybe the season after that happens they can challenge for Prem.

21. Haunted All Sorts: A lean mean roster with enough flexibility to game plan for anyone but lacking any real exciting star players to challenge for a Prem spot at this stage.

22. TinBuDong: They’re getting there, but struggling without a proper scoring threat.

23. Loec’s Loggers: Wood Elves are apparently a thing in BB16. This team lacks a superstar but should still press the top teams if they avoid injuries.

24. Styx and Warpstones: Cool Troll and a solid coach in JPM, but they’re Underworld.

25. Regional Teams

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Well, I needed 700k of my 1000k worth of treasury to do the rebuy. Was worried at one point that I might not have enough. Did anyone need to spend more than this (without including errors and changing your mind)?

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The Fantasy League is back for season 75 with a rule change!!!
Do you ever wonder how much SPP would be earned if Vilot Voom and Impak played on the same team? Or maybe you just want to spice up your life as an SWL spectator. If this sounds like you, the SWL Fantasy League is for you!

The SWL Fantasy League is the perfect opportunity to add flair, excitement and passion in following SWL. How does it work? Select 11+ players from 11+ different teams and watch as they give you their hard-earned SPP. The fantasy team with the most SPP by the end of the season will be awarded the Fantasy Cup (currently held by Ramchop).



-You have a 1200 budget to buy players. A player's total cost is their positional price plus their skill cost.

-You may spend 1250 on your team if you include a big guy on your roster. A big guy includes Trolls, Ogres, Mummies Etc. This number does not increase if you were to choose more than one big guy.

-Rosters must have a minimum of 11 players. You are now able to buy more than 11 plays if you want to. Like a normal bloodbowl team, there is a maximum of 16 players

-Only one player from each SWL team. For example, you can not have two players from North Cape Crays.

-Maximum of one position type per race. This means you are unable to get 2 Undead ghouls, but you may get 1 Necromantic ghoul and 1 Undead Ghoul. (Yes, that means if you wish, you can field 4 types of goblin!)

-Players must not be hired if they have earned spp in Season 75 of SWL. This means any player that has earned spp in season 75 is ineligible for your fantasy team.

-You may not choose a player from your own SWL team. This is to ensure full focus on SWL. This also means if you are not currently an SWL player, you may still participate in the Fantasy League.

-MVP's are not included in SPP Total.

The team that has totalled the most SPP by the end of the season will be crowned the champ of the Fantasy League.

Please PM me your fantasy teams ASAP. Deadline is THE END OF ROUND 1 OF SWL. In your PM, please use this format:

Player Name - Cost - Team - Race + Position - Player ID

The longer you wait, the more likely it is that your favourite players will have played their round 1 games so hand those teams in to me ASAP! Please ensure that your team complies with the rules before sending it to me. Let's get those SPP's rolling!

Teams are currently undergoing the rebuy process. Some obvious picks may want to retire. Please be aware of this and check the rebuy link to see whether the player you want wants to retire or not.


Last Season's Winning Team
Image Blazer (Calithonian Cynegeticus) - 20spp in 6 games
Image Vilot Voom (Wildwood Windlords) - 29spp in 6 games
Image Bromwell lostweeper (Zagazig United) - 10spp in 7 games
Image Bell-Kat Billy-Ho (Lab Rat Elysium) - 13spp in 6 games
Image Freezie Pop (Unicorn Gunfight) - 29spp in 7 games
Image Sylvester Clumsyhammer (East Farkner Journeymens Club) - 10spp in 6 games
Image Hergal Goldbrew (Blue Mountain Giants) - 24spp in 7 games
Image Tragynus III (Yeast Lords) - 21spp in 6 games
Image Wiberoo (Didgeridead) - 10spp in 7 games
Image Nebula (Haunted All-Sorts) - 12spp in 7 games
Image Arouet (Redgum's Rationalists) - 0spp in 4 games RETIRED
Total:178spp in 69 games

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Post   Posted: Jan 09, 2019 - 01:35
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There are 11 Superstars currently active in SWL, will any of them make the grade and become SWL BB16's first Legend?:

Image Impak, Waaaaghton Redskins, 140 spp
Image Mouse Haus, Beyond the Sunset, 103 spp
Image Salamoneus, Styx αnd Warpstones, 98 spp
Image Chocolate, Pugs Not Drugs, 91 spp
Image Sakari Spawnrot, Chrimean Chimera, 89 spp
Image Baron von Kitemonger, Unicorn Gunfight, 88 spp
Image Cotton Candy, Pugs Not Drugs, 87 spp
Image Henry Allen "Hank" Venture, [adult swim], 85 spp
Image Emily Snakefield, Bravado, 82 spp
Image Beard o Zeus, Brew Pub Brouhaha, 78 spp
Image MaoZedong, TingBuDong, 78 spp


Legend Watch? Not likely to be relevant this season unless Impak has a blinder. How about Death Watch!?

Image Cotton Candy part of the champion S73 team, and was one to watch on the Super Stars list. Top scorer for Pugs Not Drug, and past winner of many golden gongs. 89spp

Image Eamonn Everweep So very nearly a superstar. Buried with a bit of golden Twahnlow bling 75spp. Died Week 6.

Image Dean Venture And he was having such a good season too (3 cas from 25 blocks). Well better than last season anyway (2 cas from 67 blocks). Another star bites the dust 67spp. Died Week 4.

Image Terminator A Star! Nearly a superstar. 15 cas and an mvp whore. 65spp. Died Week 1.

Image Secundus Pescennius Big mummy, big loss. 32 games, never missed one. 45spp. Died Week 5.

Image Ineptus Minimus Strength! AND Agility! 34spp. Died Week 6.

Image Nebula A couple of awards in reggies, couldn't cut it in conf. 27spp. Died Week 4.

Image Avo Smash Toastyflake How many innocents did this cheater hurt? Hard to tell, 0 cas. Loves the mvps though. 25spp. Died Week 4.

Image Fallen Queen Strength! 23spp. Died Week 6.

Image Fyter Guard, mighty blow, cookie-cutter dorf. Plenty more where he came from. 22spp. Died Week 5.

Image Wiberoo The key play maker for Didgeridead, now he's didgeridead. 21spp. Died Week 1.

Image Sprinkles A nasty season for the poor Pugs. With no wolves on the pitch, the ghouls were sure to get hurt. 21spp. Died Week 3.

Image Spin Dizzy Tick Tick Tock, was much loved. Three times voted most valuable player. Never achieved anything else. 15spp. Died Week 1.

Image Ronan Tough guy. 14spp. Died Week 5.

Image Ilrysel Iron-Razor Lived long enough to get Dodge. 13spp. Died Week 5.

Image Wu x Sangui One less guard in swl, that's got to be a good thing. 9spp. Died Week 4.

Image Living Reflections Living no more. 9spp. Died Week 5.

Image Stewart, The Gunslinger Sling your hook. 8spp. Died Week 6.

Image Moogie Not as accomplished as his Thro-Ra teammate Wiberoo. But a team player, Moogs died in the same game. 5spp. Died Week 1.

John the Hungarian Rookie line fodder, lasted 9 games. 4spp. Died Week 3.

Image Gallio Aemilius Verulus 25 appearances, another team player. 4spp. Died Week 5.

Image Teumman the Elamite scored a touchdown in preseason. Only lasted 4 turns in SWL. 3spp. Died Week 1.

Image Talon NuGen 13 games, not bad for a squishy. 2spp. Died Week 4.

Image Randolph Rhinovirus Rotten 2spp. Died Week 4.

Image Jack Clumsyfist didn't achieve much in his 8 games. 0spp. Died Week 1.

Image Cinnamon Chills dead on debut. So much unrealised potential. 0spp. Died Week 1.

Image Kirin Treecutter Dwarf Blockers: short guys with big armour. Couldn't save this rookie. 0spp. Died Week 2.

Image Corn Elf goes squish. Nothing to see here. 0spp. Died Week 2.

Image Richard Upton Pickman Goblin goes squish. Even less to see here. 0spp. Died Week 2.

Image Heidelberg One game, zero turns. A memorable career. 0spp. Died Week 3.

Image Albert Clumsyrock Should we even include journeymen on this list? 0spp. Died Week 3.

Image Eachy One skink. 3spp. Died Week 4.

Image Blim Blam the Klorblok Eighteen games for the swim. No end of season retirement roll to worry about now. 3spp. Died Week 5.

Image Changshe Two skink. 0spp. Died Week 4.

Image Manipogo Three skink. 0spp. Died Week 4.

Image Morgawr Four. 0spp. Died Week 4.

Image Richard Upton Pickman More stunty squishiness. 0spp. Died Week 4.

Image Megophrys Nasuta III More green skin squishiness. 0spp. Died Week 4.

Image Merc Norse Lineman 2 I guess if we're counting journeymen, we can count mercs. 0spp. Died Week 4.

Image Sithriel Sharp-Tongue #2 that's got to be a wardancer! pfft. I feel cheated. 0spp. Died Week 5.

Image Shamshi Adad As resiliant as a wood elf. 0spp. Died Week 5.

Image Ulric Blueshield Three turns in the big league then gone. Another dead journeyelf. 0spp. Died Week 5.

Image Aaron Coldshield A good guy was Aaron. A real character. 0spp. Died Week 5.

Image Blackmoore's Mistress They can't all be special. 0spp. Died Week 6.

Image Graham Goldbrook We love you Graham! 0spp. Died Week 6.

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Reserved for one of my fantastic season predictions.

At least this season I don’t have to predict a win against Tomay.

Welcome to this seasons instalment of the Cryptic Cryptid season review, brought to you by none other than serial wierdo hunter, almic85.

This season sees the Cryptic Cryptids relegated from the lofty heights of Premier down to the SWL BBQers Rise Again Conference LXXV. The conference is a mix of perennial conference contenders and regional upstarts with the Cryptids being the only team with Premier experience (even if it was dead last). Despite the lack of Prem experience with these teams the coaches themselves look to be of a pretty high standard with a fair bit of experience across the board.

A bit of heavy pruning was needed in order to get I under budget and the Cryptids have said farewell to much loved veterans the Beast of Busco and Sucuriju Gigante and welcome a rookie Kroxigor and Saurus into the team. Hopefully they can get a few cas and MVP’s to get them skilled up early in the season before they need to take on some of the more block and guard heavy teams.
The teams are sized between 1550k and 1270k TV and an average TV of 1450k with the Cryptids sitting in equal third size and just above average at 1480kTV.

The larger teams in the conference are Chaos Renegades, Underworld Denizens and Humans with a smattering of +ST, block big guys and claw between them which could be trouble for the Crytids.

The smaller teams are Dwarf, High Elf, Chaos Chosen and Wood Elf and all look to be decently developed. Of this lot the Dwarfs look like they will be the most trouble, but even a rookie Wood Elf team can be trouble.
Any way on to the season predictions

Round 1 vs Styx and Warpstones - Underworld 1510k - JPM
The season kicks off with a match up against the Underworld team that everyone thinks is their best chance of unforlorning them in SWL. JPM certainly has a lot of experience coaching Underworld having continued with the race from the previous ruleset. With block on all of the key positional, including a tentacles, claw troll and a killer Skaven Blitzer this team looks like it is building to open some cans. If I can keep stop the killer can opener early and avoid getting key positionals held up by the troll I think I have a good chance to beat these guys, if not then I might need a new team.
Prediction – Win 2-1

Round 2 vs Pheonix Academy Sharp Shooters - High Elf 1430k - Bobs
This could either be a tough recovery match or a chance for me to out muscle some elves. With a good one turn touch down option, a blodge, guard Catcher and a +ST Juggs Catcher this game is going to be about how many of their key positionals I can stop before they run up a cricket score. At least they’re not Wood Elfs.
Prediction Draw 2-2

Round 3 vs Blue Mountain Giants – Dwarf 1440k - ClayInfinity
Block, block, block, block, plus tackle on all the positionals. This is going to be a tough match up for a team that relies on dodge stunties to survive and score touchdowns. Even tougher with Clay coaching as he is a pretty solid coach with a lot of experience. Luckily they don’t have a lot of guard so I should hopefully be able to use my strength advantage to slow down their grind up the field, otherwise all that mighty blow could leave a big dent in my saurii.
Prediction 1-2 loss

Round 4 vs Haunted All Sorts - Human 1480k – Nebula753
These Humans look like they have a solid pick of skills on all their key positionals, though they only have one tackler in amongst their mix of block, dodge and mighty blow. With a MA catcher they even have a decent one turn touchdown option that could be a late game winner if not neutralised early. With only two guard as well I think I should be able to out muscle the middle, but will really need to get some points on the board to get the win.
Prediction Draw 2-2

Round 5 vs Loec’s Loggers – Wood Elf 1270k – ArthurWynne
I hate wood elves. Thse ones are more undercooked than the last ones I lost too, but even with rookie Wardancers they are still always a threat and will have four games to upskill their key positionals. They also have a sprint catcher that looks like it is built for a one turn touchdown option for that all important last turn touchdown. I hope I can jump the shark with these Wood Elfs, but I am not overly confident.
Prediction Draw 2-2

Round 6 vs TingBuDong – Chaos Chosen 1410k - HandyKaufman
Finally a team that doesn’t have a one turn touchdown option Now all I have to do is outmuscle a proper Chaos team with a decent selection of skills across the board. Block on all but one of the Blockers and a smattering of guard on the team means that this will be easier said than done. Thankfully only one tackle Beastman means that I should be able to protect my skinks well enough and sneak away with a hard fought win.
Prediction 2-1 win

Round 7 vs Redgum’s Rationalists – Chaos Renegades 1550k - Redgum
Rookie linemen and well developed positionals make this a tough team to take on. A blodge Troll, a block +ST Tentacles Minotaur, and a blodge +ST Dark Elf make it really hard to control the middle of the pitch and also to sack the ball carrier. With the toughest team in the conference saved for last at least this season will be sent off with a bang.
Prediction 2-1 loss

Predicted final standing is 4th with a 2/3/2 season. Unlikely to see the Cryptids promoted to Rem, but should be a solid builder season for the next run.
Thanks for tuning into this seasons predictions and good luck with your own season.

SWL the place to be.

If you're interested join the Fringe

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Power Rankings Posted above.

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Woo Hoo - tied for 25th in the Power Ratings.

(I've never been this rated this high before without getting a nosebleed!)

Never moon a Werewolf!

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If the Gunfight doesnt make prem this season I pledge to redraft frogs or goblins.

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Relezite wrote:
If the Gunfight doesnt make prem this season I pledge to redraft frogs or goblins.

This I gotta see!

Shocked Mr. Green Shocked

Never moon a Werewolf!

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Merry Christmas and HNY SWLers

Hope everyone is well. Thought I'd drop in and say hello. I am currently working part time, studying (so close to finishing), looking after my daughter full time while my wife works full time and studies. I am so short of time I don't have any hobbies short of audible while I'm cleaning or ironing.

So I will be off fumbbl for at least this year but you're not forgotten and I hope to be back.

Hope everyone is well. How are the new rules going? Do we have the urn? Any new races been unforlorned since my orcs? Are the Wana warriors, 13 seasons without being relegated, in the HoF yet?

Take it easy,

Check out my fishing and camping blog.

The Black Pearl Bounty-Board.


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At the end of the season, I'll be giving out three awards alongside the all star awards. I need all of your help though. If you see anything that could fit in one of my award categories, please message me on discord, or send me a pm on the site with a description of what happened along with the match replay link.

My three awards are;

Nastiest Hit (Awarded to the player with the most high profile kill or maim/and/or the most critical maim/kill that significantly changes the course of a season for a team)

Nuffle-Blessed (Awarded to the player who makes a play that showcases Nuffle's intervention - for example, a negative 3d uphill block that results in a splat, or a long bombing tomb guardian for the tie)

Flashiest TD (Awarded to the player who makes a TD POSSIBLE under improbable situations - not necessarily the one who got the ball to the endzone, but the most key player on that turn)

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Hi Stu! Studying sucks! We are working on updating the HoF.

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* Bringing all youse the news and views from the [magmatic] ooze *

'Shake It Off' Halford Regional - SEASON LXXV PREVIEW.

Well, we're back.

Coming straight to you from the Mt Doom Newsroom, THE HOTFOOT HERALD once more cuts to the chase, and in Season LXXV will focus on that hotbed of excitement and energy that both underpins and drives the entire SWL .......... THE REGGIES.

So, without further ado-do, here are our hot tips for the forthcoming season (with teams listed in alphabetical order):

AATTAALII LAVABULLS (Chaos Dwarfs/ Coach - oozeboss) Starting TV: 1150k
Previous Record: 1 - 0 - 1 TD Diff: 3 - 3. Cas Diff: +1 (2/ 1/ 0 - 2/ 0/ 0).
(Season LXXV Trial of Blood only.)

The first of three new teams but the one most likely to stay in the Reggies, the main thing which could hold these inevitably magnificent specimens of Dawi'Zharr back is their coach. A seasoned under performer, his commitment has to be questioned as he seriously lusted after a Necromantic team, and his track record as a Slann coach left a lot to be desired.

Still, anything's possible, but in such a bashy Regional as this season's incarnation this may be a building season for the Bulls.

Predicted Place: 8th.

CLOUD 11 STORMBREAKERS (Amazons/ Coach - Klazam) Starting TV: 1370k
Previous Record: 7 - 4 - 5. TD Diff: 26 - 21. Cas Diff: +13 (29/ 11/ 7 - 16/ 9/ 9).
(Relegated from Memories of FUMBBLs Past Conference, Season LXXIII on finishing 8th.)

A somewhat unfortunate and inglorious exit from Conference level play could have been a disaster for this squad, but with a balanced range of skills and an astute coach, they just may prove two lithe and agile for the lumbering behemoths they will face this season, and it could be a quick dodge out of Dodge for these gals.

The only issue for them could be getting sucked into a slugfest with any of the bruiser packs which could cause them too much significant damage, but we see them as being the team to beat (and in more ways than one).

Predicted Place: 1st.

DENIZENS OF THE DREAMLANDS (Chaos Renegades/ Coach - Boriz) Starting TV: 130k
Previous Record: 3 - 0 - 6. TD Diff: 5 - 14. Cas Diff: -1 (7/ 4/ 4 - 5/ 5/ 6).
(Finished 9th in Huge Axeman Regional, Season LXXIV.)

This is one team that could literally do anything, and go anywhere. Including down. Their first season in the Reggies went pretty much according to script, but Chaos rarely reigns in its first season anywhere, so this could be their time.

This well coached squad's only potential problems will be squaring up to the other big, bold, bashy brutes in the 'Shake It Off' Halford Regional, but we see them gaining promotion at the very least.

Predicted Finish: 5th.

DIDGERIDEAD (Khemri Tomb Kings/ Coach - Balle2000) Starting TV: 1430k
Previous Record: 4 - 3 - 2. TD Diff: 10 - 6. Cas Diff: +12 (22/ 8/ 2 - 8/ 8/ 4).
(Finished 7th in Huge Axeman Regional, Season LXXIV.)

A veteran squad in the Reggies, the Didgeridead have been quietly biding their time and building their skill base. They start Season LXXV with the highest TV, and we see this as giving them a more than decent shot at gaining promotion to Conference level when all the knuckles have been dusted.

Potentially vulnerable to the very few prancing/ dancing squads, it would not surprise us to see them prove to be the toughest in a very tough bar room brawl.

Predicted Place: 6th.

LUPINE FIASCO (Necromantic Horror/ Coach - barberfett) Starting TV: 1130k
Previous Record: 2 - 0 - 0. TD Diff: 5 - 2. Cas Diff: 0 (3/ 1/ 0 - 2/ 1/ 1).
(Season LXXV Trial of Blood only.)

OK, we're biased. One of the two "new" squads, this newly raised squad has the greatest potential to escape the 'Shake It Off' Halford Regional in a single season. The composition of this division in Season LXXV could well allow them to prove too bashy for the agile teams, and too agile for the bashy ones.

This league in this season seems tailor made for Regen teams, and that just may be their ace up the sleeve.

Predicted Place: 2nd.

MORNING BREAKFAST CEREAL (Elven Union/ Coach - Wex) Starting TV: 1120k
Previous Record: 2/0/1. TD Diff: 2 - 3. Cas Diff: -4 (2/ 0/ 1 - 7/ 0/ 0).
(Season LXXV Trial of Blood only.)

These guys could go either way. The only team likely to match them for maneuverability are the CLOUD 11 STORMBREAKERS, and the rest of the teams (with the possible exception of the LUPINE FIASCO) will be struggling to lay a glove on them. But Coach Wex has been there/ done that before, and is well aware of potential pratfalls.

Dancing & jabbing just may do the trick, and only a bad case of stinging like butterflies and floating like bees may come between them and instant promotion.

Predicted Place: 4th.

SINGED POOR SCOUNDRELS (Goblins/ Coach - MrCushtie) Starting TV: 1150k
Previous Record: 0 - 0 - 12. TD Diff: 2 - 29. Cas Diff: +1 (23/ 8/ 7 - 28/ 5/ 4).
(Finished 10th in Huge Axeman Regional, Season LXXIV.)

Coach MrCushtie obviously plays with a vastly different set of priorities to every other team manager in this league, and although the SCOUNDRELS may well struggle to win a game, they will undoubtedly achieve their pretty obvious goals of being the spoilers of this division. Teams may outscore them, but all too often in the past this has come at a price.

With nothing to lose and everything to be gained, the SCOUNDRELS will undoubtedly once more be the opponent that other squads will be relieved to get past relatively intact. Nuffle only knows they will again - and deservedly - be the darlings of the peanut gallery.

Predicted Place: 10th.

SKYE HOPPERS! (Slann/ Coach - JoeKano) Starting TV: 1300k
Previous Record: 5 - 4 - 19. TD Diff: 19 - 48. Cas Diff: -41 (18/ 14/ 4 - 43/ 23/ 11).
(Relegated from Brethren of the Horned Rat Conference, Season LXXIV on finishing 8th.)

Slann on their day can be wondrously elusive and dangerous, but the HOPPERS!' track record of taking over 2 Casualties per game could prove to be their greatest weakness in what will be a quite brutal competition. Coach JoeKano is no fool, and will be keen to stay out of the clinches so that his excellent Blitzers and Catchers can strut their stuff.

We have a softness for Slann, but unfortunately, so do they (and it's usually right between their eyes). Surviving this season relatively intact could be their greatest challenge.

Predicted Place: 9th.

TRIAL O PUPPIES N FLUFFY CANDY (Ogres/ Coach - Ramchop) Starting TV: 1320k
Previous Record: 3 - 1 - 3. TD Diff: 7 - 7. Cas Diff: -9 (14/ 2/ 0 - 19/ 5/ 1).
(Fill in team from the Trial of Blood.)

This is the ultimate spoiler team played by the ultimate spoiler coach. Coach Ramchop's "other" team has no interest in gaining promotion from the Reggies, but will undoubtedly embrace the opportunity to be the ultimate agents of Chaos in this company. And in a bashy league, nothing hits and hurts quite like a mob of Ogres.

Score lines will be largely irrelevant in their games, and so much will come down to how often their opponents can get at the Snotlings while staying out of the way of the fast path to the Casualty ward that are the big boofheads.

Predicted Place: 7th.

WAAAAGHTON REDSKINS (Orcs/ Coach - Pyates16) Starting TV: 1370k
Previous Record: 28-10-28. TD Diff: 36 - 38. Cas Diff: +11 (30/ 20/ 9 - 28/ 12/ Cool.
(Relegated from Vanisburgh Vipers Conference, Season LXXIV on finishing 8th.)

This is yet another good team with another great coach unexpectedly finding itself in the bargain basement bin of the SWL. We would be very surprised to see the REDSKINS staying here for more than this single season, and they should prove too flexible and (yes) agile for the vast majority of their opponents.

The 'Shake It Off' Halford Regional will only be their home address temporarily UNLESS they prove too lumbering for the very few agile teams and not quite bashy enough to match it with the goliaths. Whatever happens, this team stands a pretty good chance to take on anybody and everybody, and walk away with teef intact.

Predicted Place: 3rd.

Never moon a Werewolf!
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