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Post   Posted: May 02, 2017 - 04:20 Reply with quote Back to top

ryanfitz wrote:
UDub - one more right for the RFA
Brohio - 2nd right for the RFA

can Cali make it 3/3 of the remaining games?

California, disapointing the RFA since long before most of these teams ever joined our league.

The Rose Bowl was a fun, fairly quick bowl game between two teams that needed to beat up the other first; Cal kicked and preceded to get kicked around. However they had a great opportunity to gangfoul star St4 blitzer Nick Egads...only to fail to even break armor. This let Rolla Gold continue to push the ball further yet still isolate lizards for surfs and blitzes, breaking armor left and right. A lucky -2d by a brave skink popped the ball free momentarily, but Rolla reclaimed it and scored on their final turn. With one turn left and few forces, Cal set a few players aside in case that Nuffle was on their side, and this time he was, setting the clock back. This gave Cal the opportunity they needed, moving the ball downfield and dodging through the scrambling defense to equalize at the half.

After the intermission, both sides had seen the highs and lows of the dice and knew that the initial turns would be key, especially if one could gain a numerical edge. However, after being generous a few turns ago, Nuffle gave the norse an opportunity to improve their defensive setup. Rolla Gold moved players in position for a potential scatter next to the mid-field line, but the wind moved it back towards the lizards. This proved to be nothing more than a tease, however, as the first block of the half was made by an otherwise studly Kroxigor, who picked a hell of a time to roll double skulls, then fail his loner roll.

At this point, the game was more or less over, with Rolla picking up the ball and using their two snow trolls (one a star hired for the game) and ulfenwhatevers to systematically take down the remaining lizards with perfect tandem work. Cal never really threatened the ball from this point on, and both sides simply tried to injure the other until the final whistle sounded as Rolla strolled in for the winning score.

GG to Sutherlands, who played his norse very well and stepped on the throat when the opportunity presented itself. Both teams return most of their players next season (a combined two seniors, both from Cal), and pledged to meet in the National Championship a year from now.

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: Aug 24, 2017 - 23:02 Reply with quote Back to top

images for those who use them in your bios

Season 25 tag:

Season 25 winner badge:

Season 26 tag:

Season 26 winner badge:

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Post   Posted: Apr 19, 2018 - 08:10 Reply with quote Back to top

McNurgle's Bowl
Ole Miss Reb-tiles (3-1-1) vs Texas E n' M Banshees (2-2-1)

Normally reserved for the two worst BCS teams, this year's McNurgles instead features two promising teams that simply couldn't play all of their games. The Reb-tiles' marketing team was specifically campaigning for this game all year for various reasons, and they got their wish. Expect a grinding, 2-1 style game in this matchup.

Fireball Fire Bowl
Texas Shortlegs (0-3-5) vs Karak University (0-2-6)

More or less the real McNurgles' bowl, the Fireball Fire Bowl features two teams with a combined zero wins on the season. Fortunately their literally has to be a higher number than that on the scoreboard eventually, though it make take until overtime to get there.

Wonderbra Bowl
Hell Kraken of HENM (2-3-3) vs Kentucky Burn Ban (2-3-4)

Neither team is technically bowl-eligible, but with the weirdness of this season, both were granted a contest against each other to prove who is less feeble.

Killer Lite Bowl
U-Dub Elfskies (4-2-1) vs Pepperdine University Slaves (3-0-5)

U-Dub received little to no love in the polls, probably due to their weak strength-of-schedule (no marque wins). Their opponent is a team with a losing record, Pepperdine, so it's likely no one will give them much credit here either (if they avoid the upset).

Tossitos' Fiesta Bowl
Oregon Waterfoul (4-3-1) vs Slam Diego State Smacktecs (4-3-2)

Two respected NCBB programs meet up in what should be one of the better bowl games this offseason. Will the Waterfoul be able to pull of the game-changing play? Or will Slam Diego's punishing style carry the day?

DedEx Orange Bowl
Mz State Bull Dawgz (5-3-1) vs ITBA Tinkerers (5-1-2)

In other seasons, a record like these could get you into the title game, not the third highest bowl game. Alas, these two excellent programs will have to settle for one last shot to prove themselves this season.

Uluthan's Rose Bowl
Notre Dame Flying Irish (6-1-2) vs California Golden Lizards (4-3-0)

Two conference champions meet up in the illustrious Rose Bowl, with a distinct clash of styles ready to please the fans. Will the high-flying, high-scoring Irish run circles around the lizards? Or will California find a way to slow the pace, and march towards victory?

Cal will have to find some offense with star fresh-lizard Melquise Stovall missing the contest (tied for second in the nation with 10 touchdowns)

BCS National Championship
Maryland Killer Turtles (7-1-1) vs. UNAM Pumas Malditas (7-1-0)

While many NCBB seasons have seen a team reach seven wins, rarely have we had a campaign with two. Naturally, these teams are meeting to decide who will be the national champion. On one side, Maryland is a very solid team with one superstar: Stefon Diggs. On the other, the defending champs* lead the nation in casualties while letting Russl Wilsn carry the load on offense.

Both players broke various NCBB records this season; which one will leave one last stamp on their legacy?

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: Apr 19, 2018 - 08:15 Reply with quote Back to top

Didnt get a bowl game against Oregon, despite not having played them. Keep ducking me.

Joined: Nov 14, 2013

Post   Posted: Apr 19, 2018 - 08:52 Reply with quote Back to top

McNurgle is a rivalry game too!!!


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Post   Posted: Apr 19, 2018 - 13:48 Reply with quote Back to top


Rolla is supposed to be barred from bowls this season!

What is Nuffle's tree? Risk its trunk, space the branches. Touchdowns are its fruit.
What is Nuffle's lawn? Inches, squares, and Tackle Zones; reddened blades of grass.

Joined: Jun 28, 2005

Post   Posted: Apr 19, 2018 - 16:39 Reply with quote Back to top


Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: Apr 19, 2018 - 17:02 Reply with quote Back to top

Banned, half the coaches didn't put me on the list, and I still made a bowl? Nice...

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Post   Posted: Apr 23, 2018 - 11:56 Reply with quote Back to top

Gratz, Arcayn, on winning the NC!

What is Nuffle's tree? Risk its trunk, space the branches. Touchdowns are its fruit.
What is Nuffle's lawn? Inches, squares, and Tackle Zones; reddened blades of grass.

Joined: Jun 28, 2005

Post   Posted: May 21, 2018 - 11:58 Reply with quote Back to top

NCBB Season 29 Preseason Coach's Poll

10. Oregon Waterfoul, FBC.

-Blasphemy! But if you can overlook their legendary mystic, the Waterfoul really don't have a lot coming back for this season (once they update their classifications). Though by now we should realize that the one Ag5 catcher is probably all they need.

9. Kentucky Burn Ban, FBC.

-A team on the rise, Kentucky moves into its third season with a lot of promise. Coming off a WonderBra Bowl victory, they now have arguably the second most talent in the nation (by TV). Whether or not they can take the next step remains to be seen.

8. Del'were Blue Phoenix, Big Beast.

-The Phoenix enter their third season ready to finally make some noise; with eight players trained how to dodge the opposition, this team will be tough to take down. The opportunity is there for them to reach a quality bowl game before their team enters their senior years next season.

7. UNAM Pumas Malditas, Smack 7.

-while they fell just short of their bid for back-to-back championships, UNAM has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. Their will be some growing pains as they rebuild, however, as they just graduated a TON of talent to the NBFL. But with players like Eduardo Flojo still around, they may not be rebuilding as long as other teams may like.

6. Slam Diego State Smacktecs, Big Beast.

-The Smacktecs have been a model of consistency, never dipping too low in the 'Win column' during their time. So while the team doesn't really catch the eye right now, odds are they'll beat you down on the field and earn your respect by the end of the game.

5. Clemson Terrors, Smack 7.

-Coming out of eternal rest once again, the Terrors return to the NCBB with perhaps lower expectations, given their team is fairly young. But with a block mummy and THREE +St players (including a ghoul for offense and a wight for defense), Clemson may just make some noise by seasons end.

4. Notre Dame Flying Irish, FBC.

-The Irish won a thrilling, tactical Rose Bowl last season, and while they do have a lot of youth on the roster now, they will be carried by three strong senior elves. The ability of this team's offense is never in question, but now, they seem to be dedicating themselves more to defensive tactics than before as well.

3. Duke Blue-Green Devils, FBC.

-These junior-laden lizards have a very solid roster to make a run this year. Not only do they have a good ball carrier in Dave Brown, they also have TWO St5 saurrii to open up a path for him. We saw one super-skink lead a lizard team to a championship last season; might we see another happen again soon?

2. Maryland Killer Turtles, Smack 7.

- The defending champs check in at #2 despite losing a super-star, record-breaking player who literally carried the team to a championship. However, they return most of the intimidating line that cleared the way for him. Will their rushing attack be effective without a stud skink? Or will someone emerge quickly and take the vacated lead roll?

1. U-Dub Elfskies, Smack 7

-last season's Killer Lite Bowl winners have a lot to prove this year, as it's been a whole recruiting cycle (four seasons) since they won the title in season 25. Going into this year, expectations are once again through the roof, given that they have the most talented team in the nation on paper (by TV). They are fast (four +MA players), they are talented (four players with three or more skills), and they are elves...all of which are strong historical indications of success in this league!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: May 21, 2018 - 12:06 Reply with quote Back to top

Ole Miss have duly noted their snub.

"Gallifrey falls no more"
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Post   Posted: May 21, 2018 - 17:59 Reply with quote Back to top

fun ready. normally when my team looms good we play like shit haha so we shall see

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Post   Posted: May 21, 2018 - 18:57 Reply with quote Back to top

Oh crap, the jinx is on then, isn't it? WOOF!

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Post   Posted: Jun 16, 2018 - 02:03 Reply with quote Back to top

Seriously Injured Issue#129 Conference preview part 1

Season 29 marks the return of SI's quarterly magazine which will begin after OoC play has been finished and will not include any non-AQ teams. The team makeup will be reviewed based on the time of publication.

Big Beast Conference

1. California Golden Lizards

Coach: ex-convict
Race: Lizardmen
Players: 6 Freshman, 4 sophomores, 3 Juniors, 1 senior

This lizardman team is coming off a close lost in the Rose Bowl from last season against Notre Dame. This is a young team as they have 6 freshman and 4 sophomores. They had a solid OoC beating Karak University and tying a solid Kentucky Burn Ban team.

Strengths: They have one of the most interesting Saurus players this publication has seen in a long time in Cameron Saffle a +str, dodge, SS beast of a player. They also have a very talented skink in Melquise Stovall who can blodge and has SHs. He should be a very effective ball carrier for the Golden Lizards.

Weakness: This is a young team that has not really developed yet. As such they have a few weaknesses. One they only have tackler active on the roster. Throw in the fact they only have one guard player as well and the Golden Lizards could have so serious issues with controlling the pitch against teams like Maryland and Texas. The lack of tackle will also figure in heavily against dodge heavy teams like Del’were and U-Dub.

X-factor: This is a young team as such they will most likely have more skill up opportunities than some of the more developed teams. As such they might get some nice stat increases to help them this season. The lack of block (there’s only 2) on the team could cause some headaches for coach ex-con and his young team.

2. Del’were Blue Phoenix

Coach: Blackdice
Race: High Elf
Players: 2 Freshman, 2 Sophomores, 10 Juniors

The Blue Phoenix come into season 29 with a solid core of juniors. Coming off a dismal 1-3-5 record last season that resulted in them watching last season’s bowl games from the local bar. This season Del’were looks to make the next step in their third season in the NCBB and make it to a bowl game. Unfortunately, their OoC games picked up where they left off last season and they went 0-0-2.

Strengths: They are high elf team which means they have a team full of 4 agility and AV8 which is durable this shows up in the fact that they have 10 juniors on the team. They also have good team speed with 4 players coming in with 8 MA. Having 2 guard on the team means they have a fair chance to go cage busting with some success.

Weakness: The lack of any wracklers or stripball players on the team means it will be hard to use elven magic to knock the ball loose. They have only 1 tackler which could lead to problems against the dodge heavy teams in the conference.

X-factor. They have 1 5 agi lineman in Bilal Nichols if he can develop into a wrackler or stripball/leap type of player they will have a much better chance of popping the ball loose from opposing teams. If Del’were can get into high scoring games, they have the players to win in those type of games.

3. Maryland Killer Turtles

Coach: Arcayn
Race: Lizardman
Players: 4 Freshman, 4 Sophomores, 3 Juniors, 2 Seniors

Maryland comes into the season with a good balance between young and veteran players on the team. They are coming in as the reigning national champs from last season. Maryland’s OoC games seems to show that they started believing in their own hype which resulted in them dropping their first two games.

Strengths: Every saurii on the team has block and at least 2 skills. This will provide many safe blocking opportunities against their opponents this season. Having 7 skinks on the roster provides plenty of depth to the team and some solid help from the bench when the little guys start filling up the sidelines.

Weakness: Maryland currently has only 5 Saurii on the team. They need to bring in a transfer right away to get back to full strength as soon as possible. They also only have 1 guard on the team and 1 tackle. This will present matchup problems with other teams this season in their conference.

X-factor: The lack of a dedicated ball carrier will hurt Maryland’s chances of winning games. So far to date this season this seems to hold true. The question is can Maryland turn their season around and get back to a respectable bowl game this season.

4. Poli Puerkos

Coach: GotrekSlayer
Race: Dwarf
Players: 2 Freshman, 11 Sophomores

Coming off a 0-4-2 non-AQ season last season the newly formed Poli team looks to make a splash in the Big Beast this season. Their OoC schedule looked promising with a win over Texas and a tie against TCU. The Puerkos look to make a name for themselves their first season with the big schools.

Strengths: Being dwarf you have certain built in advantages in high AV 9 and lots of solid built in skills across the board with mass block, tackle, and thick skull. So far of all the teams reviewed so far, they appear to be the most bashy of the teams in the Big Beast. This should allow them to win the numbers game on the pitch with superior player removal ability.

Weakness: The biggest problem this team is going to face is they are not very mobile. They do not have very good overall team speed. They are a young team and lack some skills that will make them more competitive in the big beast namely guard. They are at least a season away from being competitive in the Big Beast in this publication’s opinion.

X-factor: This team has one huge X-factor in the form of Deathroller John LTD GalaxxY. This will be both a blessing and a curse at best he will be on the pitch one half. If he is on the field when Poli faces a fast team it could be 2 turns. On the other hand, if they can receive and John can bash for a full half plus with being a new team coach GotrekSlayer might get enough inducements to buy a bribe and allow the Deathroller to stay in the next half of play.

5. Slam Diego State Smacktecs

Coach: JackassRampant
Race: Humans
Players: 4 Freshman, 3 Sophomores, 4 Juniors, 1 Senior

The Smacktecs come into the season looking to stay relevant after a tough 3-2 loss in OT to Oregon in the Tossit-os Fiesta bowl last season. In this season’s OoC schedule they had tough loss against the Clemson Terrors and a disappointing tie to the rats from Drexel. They look to improve on that record and have a decent bowl invite this season.

Strengths: They have had some players hit the gym hard in the offseason and it shows as they have two players including thrower Todd Santos and lineman Alex Barrett have +str. They have a pair of developed blitzers in Kassim Osgood and David Wells (both have MB, tackle, and guard) who come in anchoring the defense. Lineman Mike Houghton (block, MB, guard) looks to round out the line play for the Smacktecs.

Weakness: Losing their oggie (Rocky Long) in OoC play creates a big gap in roadblock and guard assist ability. Seriously injured is not sure if coach JackassRampant is going to try to bring up a redshirt oggie to fill the void created by the loss of Rocky Long. Also, the lack of catchers might be of some concern if the Smacktecs fall behind in score as they only have a single freshman catcher (Isaac Curtis).

X-factor: Will JackassRampant write off this season and look to just build for the future and not bring in another oggie to help with conference play this season or will he try to win the conference and bring in a new recruit oggie to help win more games this season? That is the big X-factor question for the Smacktecs in conference play this season.

6. Texas En’ M Banshees

Coach: Bazakastine
Race: Undead
Players: 2 Freshman, 8 Sophomores, 5 Juniors

This 3rd season team is looking to make a big splash in the Big Beast this season. After beating the Ole Miss Rep-tiles in OT on the coin toss in the less than prestigious McNurgles Bowl coach Bazakastine has some critics from Texas En’ M Banshees to address. The OoC schedule looks like they maybe making strides in that direction after beating the same Ole Miss team handily 2-0 and tying a preseason top 10 team in Notre Dame.

Strengths: Texas En' M Banshees brings to the table like any undead team a pair of strong mummies. One mummy, Zaycoven Henderson, (Block, guard, Dodge) looks to be a NBFL caliber big guy. Wight Otaro Alaka (MB, guard, tackle) is a prototypical wight that will anchor the defense for the Banshees. Having 4 players with guard will help control the spacing on the pitch this season.

Weakness: The lack of developed zombies this season could end up costing the Banshees some key RRs that might hurt late in the half. Also, the lack of any DP on a three-season undead team is almost unheard of. Having only 1 primary ball carrier might come back to haunt the Banshees in a closely contested game.

X-Factor: The biggest X-factor for the Texas En' M Banshees is the coach himself. Bazakastine is a master X’s and O’s coach who can create miracles where other coaches only see losses. The lack of a 2nd ball carrier could be detrimental over the course of the season. If something happens to ghoul Christian Kirk which is more likely than you’d think since he has not developed the blocking skill yet. The Banshees could be in for a letdown as far as expectations are by the boosters this season.

7. U-Dub Elfskies

Coach: mrt1212
Race: High Elf
Players: 2 Freshman, 5 Sophomores, 3 Juniors, 5 Seniors

U-Dub comes into the season with high expectations after beating Pepperdine 3-2 in OT in the Killer Lite bowl. They beat Pepperdine again in OoC play and tied Mz State Bull Dawgz in OoC. They look to make a very big splash in the Big Beast this season returning the most senior laden team in the Big Beast.

Strengths: U-Dub is a very deep (15 players) and developed team (2260TR). They have a good mix of veteran leadership and new players coming up this season. They are led by a pair of senior catchers in Lavon “Swole” Coleman and Myles “Ahead” Gaskin II. These two are complimented by a pair of junior throwers in Jake “Winchester” Browning III and Blake “The Snake” Gregory II. The defense will be led this season by blitzer DJ “Crush” Beavers (dodge, guard, SS).

Weakness: To be honest the biggest weakness this team may have is over confidence. They are so stacked that they may actually play down to competition this season instead of steamrolling them.

X-factor: Can coach mrt1212 keep his team focused on the conference crown this season and ultimately the National title game? Will the team put it in cruise control and have an upset that keeps them out of the national title game this season? Hopefully the tie against the Mz State Bull Dawgz was the wakeup call that coach mrt1212 needed to get his team energized for the rest of this season.

Conference prediction

1. U-Dub Elfskies

2. Texas En’M Banshees

3. California Golden Lizards

4. Slam Diego Smacktecs

5. Poli Puerkos

6. Maryland Killer Turtles

7. Del’were Blue Phoenix

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You are right. The Turts need to turn it around now if they have any hope to prove you wrong for putting them at 6th of 7 teams.

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