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No, I doubt it.
 11%  [ 49 ]
I don't know what the NCAA is.
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I don't join leagues.
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Joined: Feb 26, 2013

Post   Posted: Jan 14, 2017 - 19:31 Reply with quote Back to top

Azeem "Flawless" Victor II for The Hammer
Keelan Ewaliko for Banger-Hardell

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Post   Posted: Jan 14, 2017 - 19:38 Reply with quote Back to top

ex-convict wrote:

So unless a player with mostly offensive stats like Kolby snuck in three casualties, or lead the nation in rushing yards, and/or averaged 4 yards per completion with four or more completions, I probably won't nominate him. I'm simply looking for all-around statistical players, for better or for worse

Pass Block, ex-con.... pass block!!! Can it be more defensive?


Just kidding, it's fine. His junior year was his least legendary season. LOL
He'll be on top of that list in his senior year!

Joined: Jun 28, 2005

Post   Posted: Jan 14, 2017 - 19:40 Reply with quote Back to top

mrt1212 wrote:
Azeem "Flawless" Victor II for The Hammer
Keelan Ewaliko for Banger-Hardell

Votes go in the Award PM, please. Easier to track that way

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: Jan 15, 2017 - 18:25 Reply with quote Back to top

for consideration as offensive players and rookie of the year:
Flash 20spp, 3 Comletions, 4 TD's and an MVP. 105 rushing yards (9 games)
Long Legs 21 spp, 2 completions, 4 TD's, 1 casualty, and an mvp. 98 rushing yards (9 games)

defensive player consideration should include:
Bam Bam who tied Klokworkk for the team lead in casualties at 6, while also getting 2 mvps. 53 blocks

- Xeterog

Joined: Jun 28, 2005

Post   Posted: Jan 21, 2017 - 20:41 Reply with quote Back to top

College GamePlay
Built by the Gnome Depot

Chris Fouler: Welcome to the College GamePlay show, where we review and preview all of the epic National College Blood Bowl action! The NCBB is just beginning its 25th season, as week one is finally here. Let me introduce my partners, former Cal blocker Anthony Killer and current NC State quarterback Tyler Brosius. Things are about to heat up, fellas.

Anthony Killer: That they are, Chrisss. This looks to be as competitive a season as ever before.

Tyler Brosius: You guys are both spot-on, this may be the best year yet.

Fouler: One can certainly hope so. Before we look ahead though, we need to review the season that just finished up. Despite being in the league for ages, Clemson was always the 'bridesmaid', never quite able to seal the deal. A consistently strong program, the Terrors made it the title game in Seasons 9 and 22, only to fall short. The third time was the charm, however, as they emerged from a hard-fought contest as national champions. Now that the monkey is off of their back, fellas, are the Terrors the favorites going into this year? Can they become only the second program to ever win back-to-back titles?

Killer: They return a very ssstrong team, Chriss, but they won't have an easy path by any meansss. Their Out-of-Conference ssschedule is brutal, with games against Killer Lite Bowl winner California and the Rose Bowl winning Oregon Waterfoul. No rest for the wicked, asss they sssay.

Brosius: Likewise, their conference schedule got a lot tougher when the Notre Dame Flying Irish brought their program back to life this offseason. Throw these elves in with the super-speedy TCU Horned Rats, who put up five scores in their bowl game, and the Terror's defense will be tested each and every week.

Fouler: And we haven't even mentioned another returning program, the Slam Diego State Smacktecs. They aren't quite as strong as they were when they made the Season 18 championship, but they aren't a team to be overlooked. Likwise, Smack 6 member U-Dub won a bowl game last season, and could be a dangerous underdog. Lastly, Illinois and Ogrehome-A are match-up problems for a lot of teams and will likely pull of an upset or two that you didn't expect. So, with all of that said, can Clemson manage to win their conference again and potentially make it back to the title game?

Brosius: If they win the Smack this season, they'll definitely have earned it. While a lot of their team is young, they have two exceptional players in Tyrone Crusher and Ben Bullware. They will be the cornerstone of the defense, which will have to carry the team early on.

Killer: They certainly will, Brosiusss. Mr. Bullware is in the running for last ssseason'sss prestigious Hammer award, with the resultsss due out next week. Their two freshman ghoulsss will look to sssophomore ghoul Wayne Grinder to teach them on the fly, asss Mr. Grinder managed to ssscore sssix timesss in hisss debut ssseason. Ssstill, with ssso many young playersss in the backfield, the Terrorsss might be too inconsistent on offense to repeat asss champsss.

Fouler: It's certainly a problem that has plagued many teams before, as an untimely turnover can be devastating, if not lethal, metaphorically speaking. Now that we've covered the Smack, let's look at the conference that features Army, last season's runner-up. I've got to say, very few people saw this program rising as fast as they did.

Killer: Coming up from the Non-AQ before last year, Army wasss placed into a conference that hasss historically been dominated by Oregon, yet they managed to fend them off with a tie during the ssseason, then finish #1 in the BCS Ssstandingsss. While their ssseason ended in disappointment, expectationsss from fansss are sky-high for the time being.

Brosius: And for good reason. With their team full of underclassmen (sophomores, freshman, and various redshirts) and led by several promising junior players, Army looks to have a two or three year window to finish what they started last year. Their dynamic duo of Leipziger Schwarz and Eclipse Eel will get a lot of attention from both fans and opponents alike.

Fouler: What challenges lie ahead for this up-and-coming program guys?

Killer: Last ssseason they probably caught a lot of people by sssurprise, asss they were sssuch a young team. Going from the 'hunter' to the 'hunted' isss no joke, however, and while they have a great core of junior playersss, it behoovesss them to make sssure their younger teammatesss get enough experience by the time the ssseason isss winding down.

Brosius: Plus, you know, they have to play Oregon every year.

Killer: That too.

Fouler: Of course, the premier NCBB program is a giant obstacle for any team to overcome. The Waterfoul won the title in both Seasons 21 and 23, in addition to finishing #3 in the polls last season and winning the Rose Bowl. Needless to say, they aren't going away anytime soon. The best coaching staff in the nation simply keeps churning out players like Benjamin "Black Necked Swan" Pickles to lead them, and the results speak for itself.

Brosius: Both of these teams have a new challenger, though, even if the team is actually old.

Killer: That'sss right, Brosiusss. With the return of Notre Dame, thisss conference isn't a one-team ssshow anymore. Sssporting the most talented team in the nation (according to TV), the Irish will be a challenge to ssstop thisss ssseason and moving forward.

Brosius: Not to mention, there's two more teams in this conference with championship petigree, namely Hawaii and Rolla Gold. While neither team looks to be at championship level right now, they're going to be tough opponents every week.

Killer: Lastly we have Karak University, who might be a bit under the radar. However, they have a very talented team thisss ssseason, and their grind-it-out ssstyle of play could be the proverbial kryptonite to the wide-open ssstylesss of many of their conference rivalsss, if they can protect the ball.

Fouler: That's a big 'IF', considering their opponents. Still, both aforementioned conferences look to be extremely competitive. Thus it's fitting that we now look at was once the 'gauntlet' of the NCBB: the Big Beast Conference. Anthony, I'm sure you remember your senior year still, right?

Killer: Not only do I remember, I ssstill feel it to this day. Ssseason 8 was the sssenior year for every player who joined when the NCBB restarted, thus it was full of ridiculously ssstrong sssenior and junior players. The Big Beast that ssseason featured a whopping FIVE programsss with title aspirationsss: Nibraskah, California, Hawaii, Missouri, and PainState. Ultimately, they were all ranked in the Top 9 at ssseason'sss end, with PainState winning the conference and upsetting Oregon in the title game. Alasss, the conference isss not what it once wasss.

Fouler: Indeed, I recall last season's RFA Standings criticizing the conference winner, Bowling Green, for not beating anyone with a winning record all year. They do have several promising players, and will certainly be motivated after their aforementioned bowl beat-down against TCU. Granted, they gave several TCU players a beat-down in the process.

Brosius: Rats have always done well in the Big Beast, like Nibraskah did in the conference's glory days. Thus it's fortunate that former Non-AQ program LSU ended up here as well, since they have the same team philosophy (ie: race). They're probably a year or two away from making some serious noise, but they show promise.

Anthony: Indeed, and they already have a taste of the conference from when they played my Alma-matter in a tough bowl game that was closer than the score suggests.

Fouler: California looks to have a solid balance of young and experienced players, Anthony. But let's not forget that their arch-rival UCon is eager to avenge their head-to-head loss last season. The Huskies have been quiet the past few years but look to have a team that will beat their opponents into the ground like they have in the past.

Anthony: That'sss true, and we'll alwaysss consider the Huskiesss our main rival. However last ssseason we had sssuch a bloody contest with the B U Tear-iers that a rivalry was declared on the ssspot. B U lost a ton of playersss to injury/or graduation, but they alwaysss recruit playersss who can block well even asss freshman.

Fouler: It's certainly a good strategy to use. In fact, the last Big Beast member, the Purdue Boilermakers have a similar recruiting philosophy. Now that they've been promoted from the Non-AQ, Purdue will look to make their mark on the league.

Brosius: Speaking of the Non-Automatic Qualifying Conference, we have quite a few new programs to welcome to the league this season.

Fouler: That's very true, Broius, and there's a lot of promise with this group for the future. Schools like Drexel and Bro-hio have gone with a spread-offense philosophy, while UNAM and Stanford are trying a balanced approach to their teams.

Killer: I like the defense-first style that Evergreen State, New Richmond, and Yale are going with.

Brosius: Personally, I'm excited to see how the Syracuse Orangeskins do in this league. They have a very unique philosophy that we've only seen once before.

Fouler: Certainly the anticipation is building through the nation as the games begin to get underway. In order to help hype the Out-of-Conference matchups, we're going to reveal our pre-season poll:

Pre-Season Poll

10. Karak University (FBC) : a tough match-up for many teams now has some talented players

9. Bowling Green Ratbirds (Big Beast) : conference champs last season to preseason #3...motivation, check.

8. U-Dub Elfskies (Smack 6) : a program on the rise that will give people fits all year

7. California Golden Lizards (Big Beast): a few saurus skills away from really threatening teams this year

6. TCU Horned Rats (Smack 6) : their high-risk, high-reward strategy usually pays off, as these rats feast off of turnovers, not cheese.

5. U.Con. Huskies (Big Beast) : the highest ranked Beast team, the Huskies will have the bite to back up their bark.

4. Army Blackest Knights (FBC) : no one will overlook them this year, but they have a very talented core of players.

3. Notre Dame Flying Irish (FBC) : a very high ranking for a team that might be rusty, but this team is the most talented on paper.

2. Clemson Terrors (Smack 6) : the defending champs get a slight snub, but their young backfield and tough conference give us slight pause.

1. Oregon Waterfoul (FBC) : Season 21 and 23 champs...maybe odd numbers are lucky for Oregon recently. Not that they need luck, as they are always talented and always coached well.

Fouler: With three teams in the top four, the FBC looks to be the best conference heading into this season, but they could also play themselves out of the title game if they all beat each other. Who do you guys predict will end up playing for the championship?

Killer: I've got Notre Dame emerging, though not unscathed, from the FBC and facing UCon, who will be on a mission from the Beast. (cursed again, robo! some things don't change)

Brosius: I'll take the odd-year pattern and go with Oregon of the FBC against TCU of the Smack.

Fouler: Those gutter runners look nigh-unstoppable if they can stay healthy. Of course lots of things happen over the course of the season, and any one of these aforementioned teams, not just the ones in our preseason poll, have championship aspirations. From all of us here at College Gameplay, we hope you enjoyed our show and enjoy the games even more! Until next time, folks!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

Joined: Feb 26, 2011

Post   Posted: Jan 21, 2017 - 20:53 Reply with quote Back to top

SDSU has made the championship more recently than Season XVIII. We're fresh off a championship appearance in Season XXIII. We're hoping that, like for Clemson, the third time is the charm.

We also can't believe you left us out of the top 10. We've never placed below the Fiesta Bowl as an AQ team.

What is Nuffle's tree? Risk its trunk, space the branches. Touchdowns are its fruit.
What is Nuffle's lawn? Inches, squares, and Tackle Zones; reddened blades of grass.

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Post   Posted: Jan 21, 2017 - 21:12 Reply with quote Back to top

I need to actually win some games. Have two Seniors with some great skills, really need to give it my all this year.

Joined: Mar 24, 2007

Post   Posted: Jan 21, 2017 - 22:32 Reply with quote Back to top

Certainly on paper at least it looks like the Smack will be one of the hardest conferences this season. Well at least no one will say Clemson had a soft schedule this season. By my count we will be playing #1, #6, #7, #8 in the preseason polls. As well as some old heavyweights that are just coming in the conference that probably aren't ranked properly in the preseason polls. Sounds like a fun season Smile

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Post   Posted: Jan 25, 2017 - 18:20 Reply with quote Back to top

ex-convict wrote:
Lastly, Illinois and Ogrehome-A are match-up problems for a lot of teams and will likely pull of an upset or two that you didn't expect.

The world must be ending because I'm getting better at this prediction thing.

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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Post   Posted: Apr 20, 2017 - 03:50 Reply with quote Back to top

Quick note on Conferences this season
Smack6 went +11 in OOC play
Beast went +0 in OOC play
FBC went -9 in OOC play

This weighed into the seating of teams this season. Enjoy!

RFAdvantage Bowl Predictions!

McNurgle's BowlImage
#Last - Hawaii (FBC) 0-4-5 (.haha)#last
~ Only conference team without a win this season. No more needs to be said.
#2nd to last - Ogrehoma (Smack) 1-3-3 (.lawl)+1 OOC
~ Their only win came in OOC play. Maybe they can get a 2nd win on the season vs the lowly Hawaiians!

There's never a winner in the McNurgle's.

Goober BowlImage
#13 TCU (Beast) 3-3-3 (.748)+0 OOC, 1-1-3
~ The Horned ones just qualified with a .500 record this season. Giving us a chance to dust off the old Goober Bowl and plastic “Da Nutz” trophy. Not having a losing record in the Smack is an accomplishment, but there isn’t much to highlight on their season. +3TD, -15 Cas differential means they can score but beating them down early really does work on them
#14 Egreen State (AKC - nonAQ) 3-2-2 (.742)Yup, they didn’t lose too much
~ The State’s claim to fame this season is that they qualified for a bowl game, They didn’t do much else of interest with a -1TD and +2 Cas differential and no special wins to speak of. They were unable to hold their own in matches vs conference teams but could have a shot vs TCU.

TCU shows off their stuff in the 1st half going up 2:0, but as usual suffers significant casualties to make it interesting. Only nuffle prevents the late score by State to give TCU the 2:1 win.

Wonderbra BowlImage
#11 LSU (Beast) 4-2-3 (.828)-1 OOC, 1-2-3 vs winning teams
~ The Tigers are likely upset with the low ranking but their losing OOC record and their losing record vs winning teams really pulled them back down into the pack. Their +4TD, -5Cas differentials really doesn’t do much to inspire belief in their fans either. They should have a good chance to take a trophy home this seaons
#12 UNAM (AKC - nonAQ) 3-5-1 (.766)#2 non-AQ
~ The Malditas were a solid team in the non-AQ but couldn’t put any wins on the board vs Conference teams. With a +5TD and +8 Cas differential this team has the tools to put a win on the board if they can keep their freshman squad from panicking.

A solid game throughout. Late heroics by a rookie look like the Pumas will take it only to be foiled by nuffle. LSU finishes off the game 2:1 in OT.

Killer Lite BowlImage
#9 BU (Beast) 3-2-2 (.838)-1 OOC, 2-1-1 vs winning records
~ The Terriers had a rather anemic season with +0TD, -7Cas differential. They helped their case by going 2-1-1 vs winning teams however to really add to their overall winning record to qualify for the bowl games. They will really need to up their game to have a chance
#10 Oregon (FBC) 4-2-3 (.836)#2 FBC, +1 OOC, 1-1-2 vs winning teams
~ The ducks may have had a winning record, but being in the FBC really hurt their chances of doing much with that 1 game over .500 line. While being +4TD, they suffered at -6Cas differentials while going +1 OOC to qualify.

Oregon proves they are still a team not to be trifled with running up the score early and coasting to a comfortable 3:1 victory.

Tossit-os Fiesta BowlImage
#7 UCon (Beast) 4-2-1 (.844)#2 Beast, +2 OOC, 0-2-1 vs winning teams
~ The Huskies were a middle of the road workhorse team +6TD, +5Cas. Their solid OOC play was marred by the fact they didn’t have a win vs a winning team this season, and despite having only 1 loss should feel lucky to be ranked as high as they are.
#8 Fight Ill (FBC) 3-1-2 (.842)#4 Smack, +0 OOC, 1-1-3 vs winning teams
~ Usually coming in #4 in your conference means you are looking forward to next season. Coming in 4th in the Smack this season means you are a top level team looking to take home a nice bowl game trophy. +4TD, +11Cas differentials makes this a team to recon with.

UCon starts off quickly with a new zombie recruit for next season and a 1st half lead, but the Illin are able to grind their way to a slow 2:1 OT win

DeadEx Orange BowlImage
#5 Brohio (non-AQ) 5-2-0 (.868)#1 non-AQ, +1 vs AQ teams
~ It is rare to see a non-AQ team this highly rated. A tremendous season +10TD was offset by a -2Cas differential. These guys could be for real, only a good bowl game will prove or destroy them.
#6 Rolla (FBC) 5-2-2 (.859)#1 FBC, -1 OOC, 2-1-1 vs winning teams
~ The Diggers are the best of a pathetic division. They did win their division with a +5TD, -2Cas differential but there was nothing really spectacular about this season. Winning their conference gets them a seat at a top bowl game non-the-less.

Rolla shows up and Brohio just wont be able to compete with a conference winner. A good showing in the 2nd half makes it close but Rolla takes home the Orange 2:1

Rose BowlImage
#3 SD (Smack6) 6-1-2 (.938)#2 Smack, +4 OOC, 3-0-2 vs winning teams
~ The Smacks won all of their OOC games this season, but their 4-0 drubbing from the Elfskies kept them from claiming their spot on top this season. Their +3TD differential is dwarfed by their +15 Cas which puts them 2nd among all bowl eligible teams.
#4 Clemson (Smack6) 4-2-2 (.876)#3 Smack, +2 OOC, 2-1-2 vs winning teams ~ The brutal Terrors are back at it again. #1 Cas (34), #1 Cas differential (24), allowed them to overcome the anemic +1TD differential on the seaon

Blood, gore, a great game for all to view. The end result won’t matter to the fans and who really cares when these two go at it. OT coinflip.

BCS Title GameImage
#1 U-Dub (Smack6) 7-1-1 (.988)#1 Smack, +3 OOC, 3-1-0 vs winning records
~ The Dubs have been the dominant force in the league this season. With the 4-0 drubbing of SD they secured the #1 seed and a date in the title match. With a top end attack +12 TD differential (best in the NCBB) only their durability could keep them from taking the trophy home this season.
#2 Cali (Beast) 5-1-3 (.939)#1 Beast, +2 OOC, 1-1-3 vs winning records
~ The G.Lizzies are really just a place filler to give the Elfskies something to do when they walk away with their 1st trophy. A nice 5 win season in the Beast is marred by their poor record vs winning teams. They did go +2 vs OOC teams and can keep the game interesting. +3TD +3Cas differential

Elfskies put up 2 in the first half. Cali’s OTT falls short and the game ends up 3:1 Elfskies taking home their 1st championship.

Joined: Mar 24, 2007

Post   Posted: Apr 22, 2017 - 00:31 Reply with quote Back to top

Fitzy I really appreciate all the work you put in. Thank you. I also didn't realize the Terrors were as brutal as they were this season. Not bad only getting in 8 games this season too.

Joined: Mar 24, 2009

Post   Posted: Apr 25, 2017 - 05:57 Reply with quote Back to top

So far, the RFA has been a good prediction of the bowl winners this season.only Clemson inexplicably choosing to not only not protect the ball in overtime, but then fall down and leave it on the goal line prevents it from being perfect. The higher rated RFA team has won all but one match.

U dub, bro, and Cali should take their bowl games.
U dubs injuries, bro having to face Oregon in a bowl game, and cals coach make these all the most uneasy predictions, but the RFA will stand by their rankings. 2/3 would be a reasonable expectation for these games.

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Post   Posted: Apr 25, 2017 - 16:02 Reply with quote Back to top

Well we haven't lost to Cali yet, so we'll take that 1/3 that goes the other way.

Joined: Mar 24, 2009

Post   Posted: May 01, 2017 - 02:04 Reply with quote Back to top

UDub - one more right for the RFA
Brohio - 2nd right for the RFA

can Cali make it 3/3 of the remaining games?

Joined: Feb 26, 2013

Post   Posted: May 01, 2017 - 02:20 Reply with quote Back to top

Ha, you're the best Fitz.
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