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Earlier today, the Horned Rat shed a tear for his loyal disciple FiXXXer, who died after being blocked by a mummy in this game against Pulpo_Fiction's Undead team mmm[B]raainnss BRAINS!. Thankfully, his soul can rest in peace, due to a linerat being raised from the dead, who died earlier in the game.

FiXXXer was my first Fumbbl superstar and he was a true menace on the pitch. With both CPOMB and horns, he was able to single-handedly tear apart a dwarf blocker with ease, however this also made him quite a target for enemy CPOMBers and DPs, which bought him down to MA5 long before he finally kicked the bucket. He was fun while he lasted, but now I'm looking forward to developing his replacement, who I've named 'Breaker' in his honour.

The game itself was a bit of a bloodbath and I managed to scrape the win, which was at least some consolation. Two linerats were RIPed straight off the LOS on the first turn. Previous to FiXXXer's death, my apo was used to heal my AG5 star gutter runner, Hadrek Sewerbreed, who was also killed, however he then went on to take a -AV later in the same game!

Admittedly, getting a CPOMB player to his 5th skill isn't that much of a challenge, but it was still a significant milestone for me. At 73 SPPs, Hadrek himself is very close now to becoming my second superstar player, however, with AV6 and a niggle, it's a bit questionable as to whether he's worth keeping around. Any suggestions? I think I'll keep him for now, but temporarily remove apo privileges. If he gets a stat increase or double for his 5th skill then I'll keep him, but otherwise I might replace him sooner rather than later.

Moral of this story: don't get attached to your pixels kids! Very Happy

"Opinions are like arseholes, everybody's got them and they all stink." - The protagonist, Fallout 2

"Go for the eyes, Boo! Go for the eyes!!" Razz
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