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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jun 29, 2017 - 11:40
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Bob Borc Cup II
Game 4: Foad's Chaos Chosen "Blackwater Glee Club" Image
The Glee Club, I believe this is the last active old timer >50 game team (ignoring goblins, easy to ignore) that I'm yet to face. They come with a fearsome reputation. They hold the SWL record for most carnage (Cas for + against) per game - 6.5 Cas per game. They have destroyed teams. They are the reigning Prem champ of the past two seasons.

Oh yeah, and they have this guy:

How the hell are you meant to deal with a c-..., with a goat like that?

I brought Chaney, Helmut, 2 babes, and a wandering apo. Yeah, I'm a wuss for the apo, but you can't get wizards anymore.

First drive, Glee Club receive and start removing players. Gox got a Cas early on, but there was a steady procession of norse players off the field. New Fish didn't let that deter him, dodging into the cage, and with the power of dauntless, he managed to get a 1D hit on Dr Jones twice! The second hit spilling the ball. But the players kept leaving the field and eventually the norse collectively curled up in the foetal position for three turns.


New Fish took two kicks to the face, but it was worth it. With the two Chaos dirty players left in reserve, the Glee Club boot seemed a much gentler prospect than their mighty claws (and piling on is still a thing too). On turn 7 one brave Norse stood up and 1D punched a goat - DEAD! The Chaos blitzed him, but no more fouling it was time to score. 0-1

Turn 8, my turn to sharpen the Claws. Babes working overtime, Helmut would keep until the second half. I set up to do some damage. /boo went the crowd. What? Oh yeah, the elusive 1TTD, yeah why not? If there was a Timeout ping on setup I'm sure it would have tripped a few times. Eventually I settled on a set up, Gox charged in to push the dodge beastman into the pocket [SKULL][POW][POW/PUSH], Foad elected not to use dodge rather than risk the unlikley TD - DEAD!

Second half, 0-1, Norse fired up on the taste of two dead goats. And they went mental.
- T1 Superstar diving tackle Beastman KOed with the boot
- T2 Dirty Player Beastman smashed hip (-ma) from a Gox Block
- T2b Clark blitzed by Strength 5 Warrior, [SKULL][PUSH], reroll [SKULL][SKULL], gouged eye (mng)
- T3 Helmut blitzes the Legend Warrior Dan Rollins, double niggle, chainsaw smash that hand! (mng)
- T3b Dirty Player Beastman fails a GFI, KO!
- T4 Helmut blitzes Dr Jones!!! Only a stun /aah
- T5 Helmut fouls Dr Jones!!! Badly Hurt /cheer (and /aah)
- T6&T7 nothing
- T8 Score.

1-1 Overtime!

I win the toss! With only 7 reserves to set up against my full 11, it looked to be game over. And it was.
2-1 victory

Look at this!
Cas 2/3/2 - 1/1/0

An amazingly fun game, made better by the incredible sportsmanship of Foad. Not a peep of a complaint about the ridiculous damage my glass cannons were dishing out.

On to the semi-finals!

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 07, 2017 - 22:04
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Bob Borc Cup II
Game 5 Semifinal: Relezite's Elf Union "Wings of the Condor" Image
The first game of the the tournament for which I felt safe. Not safe from defeat, but safe from damage. Only one mighty blow player.

Like the team I played last round, this one has a freak:


First paper team in a while. The old game plan against paper was give the ball to Lorax and while rumbling up the field slowly, kill the elves. Sadly Lorax is no more, but the strategy was pretty much the same, destroy elves.

The plan seemed to be working mighty fine. Three turns three cas (including the MB blitzer). Throw in a sent off dirty elf, after the 4th turn and things were looking sweet.

Ball in hand near the end zone, only 5 elves on the field, Viola out of range, who needs a cage? Two corners went to assist a foul on their DT annoyance, and New Fish stood by the sideline with two friends. Foul failed, Viola came close enough, and suddenly there was no longer a simple T8 stroll over the line. Good thing I have my own elf. 3x 2+ dodges and a GFI. New Fish scores!

Sadly it was T7, and although elves can sometimes 1 turn, they can often 2 turn. And they did, helped by a terrible side step selection on my part.

1-1 half time.

Elf drive, and I think I played poorly. Instead of systematically trying to overpower them and making them score early (or fail trying), I got split up, distracted by a potential surf. Despite these failings, New Fish did hit the ball carrier and took him down. Elves recovered though (thanks crowd!) and a big part of the remainder of the half was chasing speedy stalling elves.


Time for a one turner! Pitch Invasion. With three players down it looked tricky. It left me with 6 players to do the job (did I not mention that the elves smashed me about in the last drive?). I did manage to chain push New Fish 3 steps forward though. Sadly 4 were needed

At least I avoid the Fun Police in the final.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 25, 2017 - 21:51
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Image ImageImageImage
Image Image

New Fish's most spp, TDs and rushing yards awards, and Gox's most Cas were certainly helped by the Trees getting more games than most. 3rd= in Bob Borc Cup II gotta be happy with that. but it's time to return to the real world of SWL conferences....

Creepers Conference LXIX

Who do I have to beat to get back to Prem? :

Image Slumbering Skink (TW1910)*
Image Public Service Announcement (TW2140)
Image [SWL] Jeagers (TW2050)
Image Horrors Of Skye (TW2280)
Image Mexican Standoff (TW2170)
Image High Tea Party (TW1560)
Image Cult of Monroe (TW1660)
* legend Llstr is still on the roster, the damaged saurus will be sacked.

A good mix of races, and coaches again. At 2130TW I have one of the bigger teams in the group. Prem isn't impossible but it will be a challenge, some tough games early in the piece. Two HEROES (High Elf) teams. The last time I played High Elves I lost my unbeaten record against them, got to get my HEROES bashing back on track.

Season goals:

1) Win the Conference
2) Beat both the HEROES
3) Keep my tight five stars intact, ending the season with all at Superstar with no new injuries.
4) Win an individual player award
5) Kill or force into retirement a Star (>50 spp) not including one of my own!
6) Score a one turn touchdown (never done it)
7) Don't lose to league legends Slumbering Skink
8) Don't lose to a team at lower TV
9) Maintain my newly acquired winning record
10) Get a player past 115spp, on the road to a legend. After Lorax's 171spp demise nobody is even close.

With the new MVP rules that last one will be tough, no superstar is like to be selected for MVP again.

Joined: Feb 20, 2006

Post   Posted: Jul 26, 2017 - 00:03 Reply with quote Back to top

ramchop wrote:

Image Public Service Announcement (TW2140)
3) Keep my tight five stars intact, ending the season with all at Superstar with no new injuries.


Check out my fishing and camping blog.

The Black Pearl Bounty-Board.


Joined: Oct 02, 2015

Post   Posted: Jul 26, 2017 - 00:34 Reply with quote Back to top

What new MVP rules that mean no superstar will be likely selected?

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jul 26, 2017 - 01:43
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newish. the 1 in 3 rule means you target mvps. I'd never select a superstar unless they were really close to 176.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 02, 2017 - 21:55
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Creepers Conference LXIX
Game 1: Faulcon's Lizardman "Slumbering Skink" Image

First game of the new season and it's the Skink, SWL's oldest and most successful team. Last time I lost 0-3, last time he had an Ag4 skink, last time I, err, forgot the Ag4 skink didn't have block.

No block skinks! But he did bring Hemlock, pretty clear what Hemlock's role would be. First blitz, in he scampers and plunged the knife into Clark's thick luscious (Av6!) fur. And like his encounter with Zara, Clark's thick luscious fur resisted. Next turn, bye bye Hemlock, badly hurt.

More worrying than Hemlock were the diving tackle side stepping skinks. It didn't take long for two of them to get next to my ball carrier. Time for Clark to step up, and get next to New Fish for support. Blitz! Break tackle dodge [1], dodge RR [1], armour roll [6][1] (Av6!), injury roll [6][6], Badly Hurt....

Fairly easy work from there for a good coach to get the ball and score. Again in the 2nd half on his receive, and I was left to get the consolation score at the end of the game.


A fun game. I had the snakes, Faulcon had the double skulls. Nuffle played fair and it was definitely a game where the better coach won. So how do I get to be the better coach? Blood Bowl has a pretty steep learning curve, learn the basic stuff get much better quickly. I feel I've hit a bit of a plateau where I need to put in a lot of work to get small gains in ability. And there's a clear gap between me and the top coaches.

It'd be easy to moan about Clark's failure, but it was poor positioning that got me in the situation where New Fish was overwhelmed so easily. And it's my positioning I need to work on. I love it when I'm in a tricky situation and figure a way on the fly to get out of it. However, if I'm to get better I need to prevent those tricky situations from occurring in the first place.

Or I could just Luck it. Very Happy

Joined: Dec 06, 2011

Post   Posted: Aug 02, 2017 - 22:18 Reply with quote Back to top

last 2 paragraphs probably applies to majority of coaches here Razz

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 11, 2017 - 02:56
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Creepers Conference LXIX
Game 2: Daudy's Chaos "Public Service Announcement" Image
There are a lot of veterans in this pool, Faulcon, Smegish, JoeKano, and Daudy. Daudy pointed out that he's a mere junior compared to the other three, all his SWL games have been with PSA and they'd only played 134 games (and won 2 premierships).

Chaos, rock, previously I'd be cacking my pants, but I guess after the high placing in BBCII I had a bit more confidence. Though as his icons lined up on the pitch I found I'd labelled 5 of his players "kill" ( = watch out for these guys, they're nasty).

I received, and proceeded to remove 4 goats from the pitch. Mostly by boot I think. But then things swung the other way, 2 norse off and 4 stunned and I panicked. New Fish!, you may have sidestep, blodge, and Ag 4, but the sideline is not your friend!...


0-0 halftime.

Start of the second half and I was feeling a bit deflated. Placed the kick short and implored Nuffle for a Blitz or brutal Pitch Invasion. Nuffle obliged and the crowd invaded. 3 chaos down, no norse. I got two tacklezones onto the ball carrier, and he was forced to dodge... without a RR... off he scampered into the safety of a cage.
But I wasn't done yet, -2D block onto the S5 cage corner [PUSH][PUSH], in came Wrackle SB old fish, -2D onto S4 blodge ball carrier [POW/PUSH][PUSH] and the ball is free!
Massive scrum around the ball and the block spam of norse served me well. New Fish got smacked, sidestepped onto the ball and it bounced into 3 tackle zones! 3 NORSE tackle zones! Eventually Norse armour got battered but the ball stayed on the ground.
Until, goat pushed onto ball, scatter into another goat [6+] catch! Goat blitzes free to relative safety.

but no! Norse not done yet:
Old Fish blitz! Dodge 4+ [5], dodge 3+ [6], 1D [PUSH]. Ball is free, in 1 TZ!
New Fish collect! Dodge 3+ [3], dodge 3+ [6]... oh yeah, we're going to get that ball and score...
Dodge 2+ [1], dodge RR, 2+ [1], Nuffle you tease!

Norse done. 0-1 loss.

I was a bit grumpy during that game. But on reviewing it, it was certainly an excellent contest. Best player on the day thoroughly deserved the win. And as always, Daudy is a great coach to play against. Thanks for enduring my grumpiness in such good spirit.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 18, 2017 - 12:15
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Creepers Conference LXIX
Game 3: Ab5's High Elf "[SWL] Jeagers" Image

4x Ag5 players! FOUR!! Simple strategy here, destroy the..... sod it, let's just leap forward to what you all want to see. The brain fart, the train wreck, the mistake that had me kicking myself all night.

Start of the 2nd half. 1-1 I receive. Only 7 elves on the field. 4 hiding on their end zone. 3 free hits on the LOS (even with Perfect Defence). This would be an easy 2-1 grind. What could possibly go wrong?


Mistake #1: None of that group of players down the bottom moved. Apart from Clark (no Roar!). Not one. They just stood back and watched as the coach ordered the troops on the LOS to get smashing. Absolute amateur hour mistake. Didn't even move someone next to the ball.

Mistake #3: The rookie Ulf. Blocked the Ag5 dodging wrestler. [SKULL][PUSH], push of course, frenzy, [SKULL][BOTH/DOWN]. Yeah, well I have a reroll, but he's not going to take the both down. Not after the carnage he's already suffered. Plus he's out of range, no danger here. Get the boots ready for another foul.

He took the both down. Turnover. No armour break.

Been paying attention? Did you spot I skipped over Mistake #2?

Mistake #2: Fail to notice the skill Jump Up. He wasn't out of range. Time for the elf BS.

Four elves hiding on their own endzone run forward and make a cage.
Ag5 dodge wrestle JUMP UP lineelf:
- Dodge into 2TZs, 3+ [2], dodge RR [4]
- Dodge 2+ [4]
- Dodge 2+ [5]
- GFI 2+ [1], team RR, [6]
- GFI 2+ [2]
- Pickup 2+ [5]
- Pass Long Bomb (failed intercept), 4+ [5]
- Catch 2+ [4]

A brilliant turn from Ab5. Stellar Elf BS.

Final score 2-2. Cas 3/2/1 - 0/0/0

I think there's a lesson or two somewhere here.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 26, 2017 - 06:19
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Creepers Conference LXIX
Game 4: JoeKano's Necromantic "Horrors Of Skye" Image

Another old timer, JoeKano has been in SWL for well over a decade. The Horrors have played more 150 games and this was to be our 3rd encounter, could I stay unbeaten against them?

Two babes would prove very useful as the KO count went 11-3 in favour of the necro. Under pressure I scored on T6, giving them 3 turns to equalise. And this looked very likely indeed.

One thing about BS elfish plays is they're certain to fail if you don't even try them. Old Fish wasn't going to die wondering. Turn 8...


Dodge 4+ [2], dodge RR [6]
Dodge 4+ [4]
Dodge 3+ [5]
GFI 2+ [5]
GFI 2+ [1], team RR, [2]
Go the wrackle strip ball!
Who needs the wrackle strip ball?

First half score foiled, Old Fish pulled off more BS in the 2nd (5+, 3+, 1D hit) to strip the ball, but this time it bounced to a neighbouring Wight.

Final Score 1-1 (1/1/0) - (3/1/0)

And Clark broke the S5 Golem Frankie's jaw (mng), to make him my first Blood Bowl player to get to 50 cas. Grats to the big broken Yeti!

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Aug 29, 2017 - 23:09
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Creepers Conference LXIX
Game 5: Smegish's High Elf "Mexican Standoff" Image

No +St, no mighty blow, no guard. Plenty of +Ma and +Ag. These are truly elvish elves. Let the BS fly!

Drive 1: I receive. Blitz! In come the elves. I had considered picking up the ball with my surehanded thrower, combat the strip ball. But it was raining, I needed that ball. And I discovered that my Ag4 New Fish also has surehands (I really need to get to know my players better). How did I discover it?
Pickup 3+ [1], Surehands RR, [1]
Ag5 Elf picks up and scores. Not the best start.

Drive 2: I manage to pick up the ball this time, but somehow this:

Becomes this:

Leaping -2D blitzing wrackle BS elves! Wow this made my head hurt. The timeout ping got a good workout the next couple of turns. These are the situations I love to try and figure my way out of. Wrong options were picked (so many options), ball bounced over 5 players to land in a near perfect spot for the elves. Nuffle stepped in, elf pick up failed. New fish redeemed himself.

Halftime 1-1

Drive 3: Easy elf score

Drive 4: After some early resilience, eventually elves started to do what elves are also good at (besides the BS). Mexican Standoff hold the SWL all time worst Cas differential record (-300 going into this game). By the end of this game it was -306. I stalled for the draw

Full time: 2-2 (3/2/1 - 0/0/0)

And in the rivalry between the DIBBL Invaders vs HEROES, after five seasons in HEORES hands, Sally's Boot finally returns home - 3/2/1 (with one game still to play)


Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Sep 05, 2017 - 12:22
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Creepers Conference LXIX
Game 6: Angryman's High Elf "High Tea Party" Image

Winless after 5 games, was this to be my worst SWL season ever?

More elves. These came with two stars, Hubris and Prince. Elves received and in a moment of staunch madness the big Av6 Yeti stood on the line of scrimmage. The elves stood up to him and only then did I notice Prince Moranion's skill set: Tackle and Dauntless. The gentle giant was about to get smacked....

...except Blitz! Gox charged in on Turn 0 and badly hurt a guard. Four elves in casualty by the end of my Turn 1!

Lineman Zower was effective with his 7 bootings, scoring the trifecta: Badly Hurt, Serious Injury, Kill.


The angry norse stopped fouling after Zower got sent off, but the damage was well and truly done.

New Fish got a hat trick, and had a great opportunity for a 4th TD at the end. But I know how Nuffle works, all his blessings aren't for nothing, payment is often demanded. GFI to pick up the ball without a reroll? I'm not letting my Superstar die that easily.

Full time 4-1 (2/3/3 - 1/0/0)

Kudos to Angryman for taking this ridiculous Nuffling (and it was ridiculous) in such good spirits.

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Sep 16, 2017 - 08:02
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Creepers Conference LXIX
Game 7: Wozzaa's Amazon "Cult of Monroe" Image

Things started so well for the Zons. My Leader thrower fouled into casualty in the first turn, and Little Cat B gone badly hurt in turn 3. And the Zons still had a full 11.

but then it was my Turn 3. Old Fish blitz. Sploosh! (apoed to niggle). Next action Zower foul. Sploosh! (apo fail).

Despite Old Fish getting a groin strain in Zon T4 (2 of my 4 tacklers gone for the game), the tide had turned. By T7 there were only 5 zons on the pitch, and they had to score. 0-1

New Fish had to dodge through a partial screen. He can do anything. Half time 1-1

Second half Grind.

Final score 2-1 (2/2/1) - (1/3/0)

Outblocked 32-36, outfouled 5-8, but Block beats Dodge today.


End of the season, how'd those goals go?

1) Win the Conference FAIL 5th - but after losing the first two games, fairly happy with the comeback.
2) Beat both the HEROES FAIL No wins, but no losses
3) Keep my tight five stars intact, ending the season with all at Superstar with no new injuries. SUCCESS!!!
4) Win an individual player award SUCCESS!!! New Fish looks to be in line for two gongs.
5) Kill or force into retirement a Star (>50 spp) not including one of my own! SUCCESS!!! Despite a -ag on the already niggled/-av HElf Blitzer Shaolin Rogue, retirement didn't come. Good thing I killed a superstar Mexican two games later.
6) Score a one turn touchdown (never done it) FAIL
7) Don't lose to league legends Slumbering Skink FAIL
8) Don't lose to a team at lower TV FAIL see #7
9) Maintain my newly acquired winning record SUCCESS!!!
10) Get a player past 115spp, on the road to a legend. After Lorax's 171spp demise nobody is even close. SUCCESS!!! New Fish on 124

5/10 a bare pass.

Norse were very angry this season. 33 Cas, likely to be the most by any team this season. 7 Kills also likely to top the league. Zower was responsible for a fair whack of these - 10 Cas by his 33 foul boot (4 kills).

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Oct 04, 2017 - 09:10
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Fukuoka Fireflies Conference LXX

Another season, who's standing between me and Prem?:

Image [SWL] Jeagers (TW2220)
Image Forest Magicians (TW2080)
Image Styx and Warpstones (TW1770)
Image Wunderland Libertines (TW1580)
Image Urban Nightmare (TW2110)
Image Tusq (TW1740)
Image Egon Schiele All Stars (TW1690)

A good mix of races, a bit rocky, but they're mostly lower tv fresh from reggies rock.

Season goals? Nah, not doing them anymore. I'm getting to the stage where I'm actually thinking of redrafting. But there is plenty of unfinished business, and I'd like to tick off at least half of them before retiring to Fringe.

Team goals (before retirement):
1) Play 100 games with the team
2) Play 100 games with a player
3) Beat lizards
4) Beat norse
5) Play and beat halflings
6) Play and beat goblins
7) Score a 1 turn touchdown
8) Have a player selected for the SWL All Star team
9) Return to Prem
10) Win Prem
11) Get a Legend
12) Have and maintain a +ve TD diff
13) Have and maintain a +ve Cas diff
14) Have and maintain a winning record
15) Never return to Reggies
16) Win a game with a 4 point margin
17) Kill (or force into retirement) a Legend
18) Get a Norse badge (only 3 of the 5 listed are possible)
19) Kill (or force into retirement) a player on the team grudge list
20) Win a gold twahnlow
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