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Joined: Aug 04, 2014

Post   Posted: Nov 26, 2016 - 11:24 Reply with quote Back to top

I received my copy of the new boxed set and deathzone and I thought I would share with you my opinions on the product.

1. The Minis.

In a word, exceptional. The detail is quite superb on both teams with nary a mould line to be seen. The poses are great too. 10/10

2. The Rules.

Pretty much the same with a minor tweak here and there such as piling on becoming an optional league rule. Whilst the rules are great you don't need to buy the box if you have a previous edition to keep on playing and none of your models have become illegal. 9/10

3. Artwork.

For me one of the biggest failures of the previous 3rd edition was the style of its artwork. All gone and we are heading back towards the Pete Knifton style of artwork (even with a new Knifton piece in Deathzone!) that captured our imaginations and gave the game a more sporty feel. 9/10

4. The Pitch

Bigger, thicker and double sided the new pitch is amazing. An issue with previous pitches was that prone models didn't fit in their square, not any more. The only thing ruining it are the gratuitous dead goblins on it. 9/10 (would have been 10 without the gobbos)

5.The Fluff.

A cut and paste job from previous editions, it is confused, uninspired and slap-dash. Death Zone is no exception. I really feel let down by this as there are a couple of examples which show what could have been in the Orcland Raiders section. The dirty, nomadic reputation of the Oakland Raiders is brought across really well with a nice little special rule, and the thrower being named Kren Stabbla a little touch of genius. However these flashes of well thought out effort are too few and far between. 2/10

6. Bits and bobs.

The cards are lovely and thick, there are two sets of themed dice which are the properly sized ones rather than the titchy rubbish ones in 3rd edition but the range ruler, scatter and throw in templates are too big and bulky in my opinion. The dugout is lovely and big making it easy for us goblin coaches to fit all 16 of our lads into the seriously injured box no problem. 8/10

7.Overall 9/10

This is the 2016 reason that a whole horde of children will be hooked on Blood Bowl forever this Christmas, just as I was in 1988. A superb piece of work, everyone involved in the production should be thoroughly applauded. Even if you own the previous editions of the game as I do I would still definitely recommend purchasing this edition as well.

Hope this helps, GG

Joined: Jan 24, 2017

Post   Posted: Jan 30, 2017 - 16:19 Reply with quote Back to top

One issue I have with the rulebook is how hard it is to find an individual rule. The index is awful and the way things are grouped is not at all intuitive. An index/better ToC would make it a 9/10 for me, but without it, it's a 5/10. Use your electronic copies so you can search.
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