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Joined: Apr 04, 2007

Post   Posted: Mar 16, 2017 - 18:02 Reply with quote Back to top

BTW there is a major going on.


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Joined: Jul 12, 2004

Post   Posted: Mar 16, 2017 - 21:43 Reply with quote Back to top

Too bad the changes didn't hit during the grotty. Would fit the fluff. 😀

Joined: Sep 02, 2004

Post   Posted: Mar 17, 2017 - 07:26 Reply with quote Back to top

PainState wrote:
UI XIII Pickers challenge entry card

Ash High House Death

How can anyone pick against Erdsa Longrit I wonder?

Joined: Dec 07, 2014

Post   Posted: Mar 17, 2017 - 08:20 Reply with quote Back to top

Steel - Warpheadz
Obsidian-Hashuut Fanatics
Crimson-Passing Chaos
Copper-Ultimate Mr Men
Bronze-Chaos Waste Crushers
Brass-Ugly and Dumb
Alabaster-Bored Supercomputer

Light-Irongut Clan
Jade-Nothern Astronmey
Grey-Tale y lot Forestales
Golden-Swiss mountain Brewers
Bright-Stars Commets
Amethyst-Ulthiun Starforce
Amber-Elf Professionisti

Joined: Sep 28, 2016

Post   Posted: Mar 17, 2017 - 10:35 Reply with quote Back to top

Steel - Pickers United
Obsidian - Hashuut Fanatics
Crimson - Rogue Industry
Copper - Circus Stromboli
Bronze - Renegades of Clan Eshin
Brass - Gefaehrliche Raubtiere
Ash - Uusiverikylho
Alabaster - Darkside of the Force

Wildcard - Atrapadosen El Tempo
Wilcard - Los Senaldos

Light - From Mexico But Legal
Jade - Karak-A-Krak Grudgebearers
Grey - Tale y lot Forestales
Golden - Warplurgis 2
Celestial - High and Mighty Low
Bright - Hellbound Charioteers
Amethyst - Bad Luck Sux
Amber - Elf Professionisti

Wildcard - Crossdressers
Wildcard - Blood Sea Bucaneers

Joined: Sep 16, 2006

Post   Posted: Mar 19, 2017 - 12:44 Reply with quote Back to top

Ty for believing in the Dressers those of you who did.
But Santo´s humans played better this time.
I had the dice when it was a bit to the goal line, santo´s had it when it was time to score.
A good fight, decided in the absolutely last moment of regular time with a wild move from the men.
And a Santo said: Dicegame!

Unfortunately we now have to wait another year for our goal. But thats how goals work I guess! Very Happy

Joined: Jul 12, 2004

Post   Posted: Mar 21, 2017 - 13:53 Reply with quote Back to top

Humphrey and the show take on the mighty bloodsea buccaneers at 0300 tonight in an alcoholics and insomniacs special.

There are rumors that morgs services and fee have been inquired about.

Joined: Apr 04, 2007

Post   Posted: Mar 21, 2017 - 15:24 Reply with quote Back to top

** Milford from the UI **

Mass chaos, riots and total Mayhem in Ulthuan

Well, FUMBBL fans the Blood Bowl universe as we know it has totally exploded!!! It seems some renegade wizard has set off a "genesis" device in the middle of FUMBBL and now everything is total chaos.

Fans, teams, coaches and street urchins are up in arms, storming the streets in protest. Children are crying on the street corners, women are laying on the ground weeping and crying to the heavens.

Finacial markets are collapsing all around us like it is a "fire sale". Teams are losing Millions of gold over night. Some teams are hording their cash, making plans for one huge inducement purchase to at least get value out of the gold stash before they to are hit by the FUMBBL economic depression that is going on.

Players have reported strange events. In the middle of the night a orange moon rose in the west and all players with Pile On fell to the their knees. The power of Chaos overcame them, assaulted them and transformed them. Their team mates recoiled in fear as the "change" over came them. They stood up and grew 5 inches taller, muscles they never knew they had bulged out.....THEY ARE NOW JUGGERNAUTS OF DESTRUCTION!!!!

The wizard guild is up in arms!! Are they banned, are they not banned, will they be allowed to play any more? What kind of nerf does FUMBBL have in store for them? There is now talk that the wizards will abandon the game of Blood Bowl and have some guy by the name of Kalimundus make a new client and form up a rival league.

The Ulthuan BB committe is up in arms over all these changes happening during the UI. Ticket sales are down, fans are not coming to matches, they are to busy in the streets protesting and rioting and reading the latest blogs. Hotel rooms are empty, merchandizing sales are in the tank. It has become a complete disaster for Ulthuan and they stand to lose billions of Gold over this fiasco. There are talks that that Ulthuan will sue Christer and FUMBBL for this finacial melt down.

I would love to give you an update on Round #1 of the UI but there is so much action happening in the streets with the protests, riots and so many back room talks amongest coaches I do not even have time to attend the matches.

I can tell you though I talked to Coach Hicksey of the Blood Sea Buccaneers and it seems like with the current chaos going on it is very possible they might spend up to 1 million Gold in the opening round. He is confident the Humphrey and the Show will respond in kind.

It is just massive chaos right now....What a time to be a fanatic FUMBBL fan!!!!!

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Joined: Sep 16, 2012

Post   Posted: Mar 21, 2017 - 16:37 Reply with quote Back to top

I was going to ask about inducement caps and whatnot but after an unexpected 1st round win, the Randylions proceeded to spend 500k on an after party. Inducement gluttony is no longer an issues. Raging headaches on the other hand.....

2016 Chaos Cup Stunty Champion

Joined: Apr 04, 2007

Post   Posted: Mar 22, 2017 - 02:47 Reply with quote Back to top

Blood Sea Buccaneers have taken the pitch in pre match warm ups. The fans are buff rowdy and drunk for this late night match.

Get your whiskey and beer ready....this will be inducement madness of the highest order!!!

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Joined: Jun 25, 2010

Post   Posted: Mar 22, 2017 - 03:05
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The Filthy Goods decided to go spend over 1.2 Mil on their afterparty... seems like all they have to show for it now are some new tats.

Joined: Dec 07, 2014

Post   Posted: Mar 22, 2017 - 16:00 Reply with quote Back to top

I was sweating on that after party Lorebass. Hope you all had a good party. My rats had a nice peaceful sleep in the knowledge it was gone. Cool Cool Cool

Joined: Jun 11, 2011

Post   Posted: Mar 31, 2017 - 01:16 Reply with quote Back to top

Looks like nobody predicted Amethyst lantern right. Penat took their second major spot with 2-0, 2-0 and 3-0 victories. This time team is aiming for at least top-8 after placing 9th-10th in Lustria last year.

Joined: Oct 11, 2007

Post   Posted: Apr 05, 2017 - 22:06 Reply with quote Back to top

As we have one place open in the UI Main Event here is the draw:
[22:04] BattleLore: 1 cedric19 Hashuut Fanatics
2 Prez Souless Slayers
3 spinball Dragons of Curan
4 Nestoroide Carisma puro
5 Rbthma Farsea Shades
[22:04] BattleLore: bb 1d5
[22:04] BOTBowlBot: @BattleLore, (2)
[22:04] BattleLore: Prez Souless Slayers made it

Joined: Aug 13, 2008

Post   Posted: Apr 07, 2017 - 01:07 Reply with quote Back to top

I miss those posts that used to look in detail at each match-up and provide an analysis and prediction. Who used to do those? Wasn't it PainState? Did he stop doing that?

Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!
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