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Joined: Sep 25, 2008

Post   Posted: Jul 31, 2018 - 20:20 Reply with quote Back to top

SWL Thunderdome 14

Dr. Mealgood wrote:
"Listen on! Listen on! This is the truth of it. Fighting leads to killing, and killing gets to warring, and that was damn near the death of us all. Look at us now, busted up and everyone talking about the Great War! But we've learned! By the dust of them all, we've learned. Now, when men get to fighting, it happens on the pitch, and it finishes on the pitch! Two teams enter; one team leaves."

Welcome to another edition of Thunderdome!

A year has passed, and SWL Thunderdome is back!

As last year, we have 8 teams who have been fighting their way across the Fringes for this tournament.

And now, after 6 months on Thunder Road, they are finally here to entertain you.

Morgenstern Wranglers    Klazam       1650k   Chaos Renegades
Students of the Arcanum  pdarbs       1690k   Slann
Gray's Anatomy           almic85      2100k   Khemri Tomb Kings
Blackwater Glee Club     Foad         2450k   Chaos Chosen
Witch Gate Wraiths       ArthurWynne  1750k   Dark Elf
Chokeland Graders        Karnov       1490k   Chaos Chosen
Freezy Trees             ramchop      1790k   Norse
More Than Ballgowns      bigbullies   1930k   Amazon

Let the fighting commence!

Thunderdome Rules:
    3 rounds Swiss with overtime; then top half (rounded down to 2, 4, 8, etc.) plays TV seeded KotH. Winner plays the reigning Thunderdome Champions.
    No extensions.
    Banned Sneaky Gits goes to KO box
    Teams receive 50k card and 250k inducement allowance to be spent like this:
    50k to be spent on 1 Dirty Trick
    100k to be spent on bribe(s)
    150k that must be spent on player(s) with the Secret Weapon Skill (including Mercs with SW like Loonies and Deathrollers). You must spend as much of the 150k in this way as possible and you can also add other (normal) inducement cash to hire for instance a Merc Deathroller. Any spare cash after purchase may be spent as normal.

    Note: Elves and Halfling teams, not having access to Secret Weapons, must instead spend this 150k on a combination of Cards/Apothecary/Babes/Chef
    Take care getting the inducement buying phase right, but feel free to add of your own treasury and TV difference to buy inducements as well.
    If mistakes are made during the inducement phase, you can have the game restarted by Fumbbl staff (support ticket).

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Joined: Sep 25, 2008

Post   Posted: Jul 31, 2018 - 20:23 Reply with quote Back to top

Deadline for Game 1 is Aug 6th 10pm, so get cracking!

Game 1: Aug 6th
Game 2: Aug 13th
Game 3: Aug 20th
Semi-Finals: Aug 27th

No extensions.

Joined: Sep 25, 2008

Post   Posted: Aug 15, 2018 - 15:02 Reply with quote Back to top

Listen on, listen on!

Four contestant teams have made it out of the meat grinder and will head into the final games.

Gray's Anatomy
bashed into their first opponents and a couple of ball gowns was taken to the dry cleaners, and then directly to the local thrift store post-game. Helped by Ramtut III they then wrestled aside former Prem three-peater Foad and his Glee Club. They will play the newcomers, Morgenstern Wranglers, for the top spot.

The Wranglers missed their monstrous Minotaur for their opener, but still managed a 2-0 win in a match that had a lot of Dark Elven swearing between the two teams. They went on to beat the former Prem side Freezy Trees in a tighter 2-1 affair, with the Norse actually seeing more pitch time than the Renegades.

Speak of the yeti, and it shall appear. Freezy Trees is the third team through. After beating the perennial chokers, the Graders, they hit a bit of an icy patch, and slid out for a loss vs the Wranglers, as mentioned above. However, after shining the Beacon of Morg into the night sky, the ogre stalwart showed up and ripped the head of one of the Chaos Warriors. Only two other teams have done that. One of them were also Norse. Welcome to the club (pun very much intended).

The fourth and final team is another newcomer, the Witch Gate Wraiths. Hailing from beyond the Blackspine Mountains and Obsidian Peaks, this Dark Elf side failed to impress in their opener, but then seemed to effortlessly speed past both Graders and Ballgowns. They also made up for the lack of access to the Thunderdome's weaponry by bringing two well-trained Assassins. They will be thirsting for a KO match-up versus the thinly clad Freezy Trees, we reckon.

The impact of the final game will decide who meets who though.

Thunderdome 13 was the first tournament to introduce a Weapon Prize to the winners. Handed over by Master Blaster, who will stay in the team to oversee and partake in the mayhem for the following year.

This year the arsenal has been expanded further. Unfortunately one combo of weaponry, namely that of quarterback and bombs, has been deemed too unsportsmanlike, even for the Fringe, so it has got its usage restricted.

"Slots" is the number of player skill slots (out of the total 6) each weapon costs.

Note: A player can never gain more than one weapon in this way.

Ball & Chain*    2     Ball & Chain, No Hands
Blunderbuss      4     HMP, Pass, Strong Arm, Sure Hands
Bombardier**     1     Bombardier
Chainsaw         1     Chainsaw
Hidden Blade     1     Stab
Pogo Stick       2     Leap, Very Long Legs


* B&C will cap players MA at 4 (can be increased later). Fumbbl limitations unfortunately means we cannot alter statlines to give ST7.

** Bombardier cannot be given to players with Passing Skill access. It will also cap the players AG to 3 (can be increased later).

Because of Fumbbl limitations Deathroller will be unavailable for the foreseeable future.

Putting the romantic in necromantic since 2008
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