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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jan 01, 2021 - 21:07
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The Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg is a weekly league for New Zealand based coaches. Coaches from elsewhere able to commit to NZ prime time (7pm - 9pm nzt) are also welcome.

Season 23 kicks off on 17th January with what will be another great season, wizards, cards and all. First round is two weeks, then weekly after that.

The Leeg operates both Spiraling Expenses AND Expensive Mistakes to try and knee cap those monster teams.

Teams so far for S23
Image Freezy Trees - ramchop Image
Image Blackwater Blitz - Foad Image
Image Old Murican Gods - Klazam Image
Image Da Sexy Buggerz - Felix17 Image
Image Madhead's Mountain Mob - Trickey Image
Image Deserted Isle Buccaneers - Happy_Amateur Image
Image Toronto ArgoNutz - knine Image
Image Valinor Football Club - Fool Image
Image Crookback Mountainrats - JPM Image
Image Ungirt Runnerz - smeborg Image
Image Otago Spirit - tussock Image
Image Talabheim Timelords - Wozzaa Image
Image or Image Sharper Image
Image Coromandel Capricorns - mushoomy Image

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jan 23, 2021 - 20:44
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

One week into the new season and the laid back lot in Powell Division has yet to play a match. However, Hulking Hauraki Division is half way through Round 2 already! Better get their predictions done before it's already decided.

Image Deserted Isle Buccaneers (Happy_Amateur)
TV 2270k. Nurgle have never won DIBBL - come close, but never won it. Unlike the famous Scum chokers, the Buccs haven't really threatened before. This season they'll terrorize the Leeg and put up a decent fight in the playoffs.
Player to watch: The amazing Mash Kharnn is superceded this season by the foul Hoof Lord Black Death Rotmaw. Gives me nightmares he does.
Prediction: 1st in pool, exit Semifinals

ImageBlackwater Blitz (Foad)
TV 1650k. What a disappointment! Not only did they fail to live up to my expectations last season (predicted seminfinalist, reality Boot bridesmaid), but the performed woefully in the Waikik summer festival. Once bitten twice shy for S23 prediction? Nah, these guys are the business, until they het squished in the playoffs.
Player to watch: A nasty ex-SWL Legend here to terrorise the locals High Stakes Lockwood CPOMBer!
Prediction: 2nd in pool, exit playoffs

Image Coromandel Capricorns (mushoomy)
TV1430k. Who would have predicted rookie humans to take the DIBBL title last season? Certainly not me. Can they do it back to back? No.
Player to watch: Picked an ogre last season, I'd never have picked him again (certainly not after Happy killed him in R1). A St4 blitzer or an Ag4 catcher? Let's go with Torfire Quolamin, he looks angry.
Prediction: 3rd in pool

ImageOld 'Murican Gods (Klazam)
TV 1940k. The glass cannons won't miss out on their traditional Plate tier. OMG are aiming to get their 100th game in this season, maybe they should take the foot off the accelerator and target an easier tier. They'd make the Boot or Sole final, but will be cruelly stranded on 99 with a Plate Semifinal exit.
Player to watch: The big, the mighty, the slightly cracked Rock Johnson.
Prediction: 4th in pool

ImageToronto ArgoNutz (knine)
TV 1500k. A new team crosses the seas to raid the Isles. The ArgoNutz look to be building a solid base of players and will grow to be a real threat next season.
Player to watch: Ag4 Ghouls are nice, but St6 Mummies are special. Look out for Walnut
Prediction: 5th in pool

ImageCrookback Mountainrats (JPM)
TV 1460k. JPM got tired of squishy paper wood elves. Squishy paper rats must be better! They're cheaper anyway.
Player to watch: A MA10 gutter runner, Monty, pure cheese.
Prediction: 6th in pool

ImageBack Alley Burglars (DustBunny)
TV 2240k. It's tough to win with Ogres. Maybe they'll just have a fun season cracking skulls.
Player to watch: Chop is the biggest ogre Ogre across all divisions in Fumbbl, and perhaps the known universe. What's left for him to achieve? Outdo the biggest human Ogre!
Prediction: 7th in pool

Image Madhead's Mountain Mob (Trickey)
TV1460k. A monumentally successful season 22 for the Mob, outdoing all predictions (except mine) and finishing clear from the bottom of the table in 7th. Things return to nomral this season.
Player to watch: Fox Meadows!!!!!! what a... spectacle.
Prediction: Spoon

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jan 24, 2021 - 20:54
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

Next up stephensii Division named after a Legend saurus and celebrating the return to the Leeg of his coach bigbullies.

ImagePink 'n Scabby (Sharper)
TW 2220k. Two time Leeg champions return, aiming for a third title and auto-banishment. There's a very good chance they'll achieve this goal. A bit rusty in their first game (go Flings!), but Pink will settle back to their winning ways.
Player to watch: One good skink is all it takes, watch out for Powell wannabe Blotchixtli IV.
Prediction: 1st in pool, Champion, now f#$k off!

Image Ungirt Runnerz (smeborg)
TW 1730k. Time for the Orcs to step up. The Runnerz still have a bit of building to do before people will look at the roster and cry, but they're getting there. BOrcs are all block and guarded up, mighty blow is halfway there.
Player to watch: No superstars stand out in this solid team. Filbert has surehands, kick off return and a dash of speed. If you get bored of watching the BOrcs snap necks, you could watch this guy for the touchdowns.
Prediction: 2nd in pool. Exit first round of playoffs

ImageSettra's Sons (Boriz)
TV 1650k. Speaking of snapped necks, Khemri won't disappoint in that department. In a pool of paper, blood will abound, and the Sons will be a big part of the pain.
Player to watch: Broken bodies alone won't get the team close to the top tier, but Ag3 Ma6 blodge, surehands Un'kahk the Unlucky the skeleton will. Blessed!
Prediction: 3rd in pool

Image Valinor Football Club (Fool)
TV2120k How did High Elves get so big, so quickly? A bit of money in the kitty will keep them big for a while yet. But sprialling expenses, expensive mistakes, and some nasty opposition will put some massive downward pressure on this paperweight.
Player to watch: Drizzt Do'Urden was the pick to watch last season. Did you watch him? From St3 to S5 in a season. Thriving on the Isles.
Prediction: 4th in pool

Image Otago Spirit (tussock)
TW 2500k. Spiraling expenses hasn't yet managed to keep a lid on this massive team. Maybe the orcs and khemri will.
Player to watch: Legend Hollie Fraser will speed past many a failed tackle.
Prediction: 5th in pool

Image North Cape Crays
TV1190k. I like the flings, they gave me the Shield. Wozzaa knows how to coach the wee ones as he showed against the S23 favorites in round 1.
Player to watch: Come on they're flings! They're not worth watching! However, stick one on a goat and the party really gets going. Go Rumblelow Sheepskin
Prediction: 6th in pool

ImageUmbrage of Ulthuan (LictorZ)
TV 1420k. Dark elves are not the speediest of elves. The Umbrage have taken that trait to heart with five movement hits across the roster. They won't be getting away from the nastier teams in a hurry.
Player to watch: If they can't run, maybe they can punch. Watch Vocoun Dawnshade take it out on fellow squishy teams.
Prediction: 7th in pool

ImageGlass Bones, Paper Skin (IRLGoblin)
TV 1430k. Always good to welcome a new coach to the Leeg (and to fumbbl, and to blood bowl). Nuffle laid out the welcome mat with a 3-1 round 1 win over the Otago old guard. Things will get tougher ahead, but if the armour holds it won't be the only win of the season. Good luck!
Player to watch: Speed freaks are nice (if they're yours). Yuppie will help the rats stay in touch after another assault.
Prediction: Spoon

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Jan 25, 2021 - 08:18
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

Last but not least, Powell Division, named after a disgusting St4, 3x champ, Legend skink.

Image Da Freebootaz (D_Arquebus)
TW 1920k. Tough orcs, tough coach, they'll be tough to beat in this pool. They'll grind their way through a tough semi to make the final. A final which will be too tough for them. Tough luck.
Player to watch: "Flash Git", he has diving tackle. That means I'll be watching him (in my game at least)[/i]
Prediction: 1st in pool. Runner up

Image Da Sexy Buggerz (Felix17)
TW 2250k. A third orc team into the play-offs? Yep, half of the top tier will be greenskins. These ones have just come off the back of another impressive Waikikamukau festival finishing second (again). Speed, strength, mighty blow and guard.
Player to watch: Zak Efrork S4 Blodger will be very hard to take the ball from, scoring all the touch downs. And if you get in his way he has mighty blow too.
Prediction: 2nd in pool. Exit semi finals

ImageFreezy Trees (ramchop)
TV 1630k. Last season made the top tier, won and kept the Shield. And got their Legend Ulf mudered by snotlings. They're still licking their wounds from the loss of Gox. A good chance to hang onto the Shield, but won't make the finals.
Player to watch: Little Cat D doesn't quite know if he's a hitter or a baller. Hopefully he'll do a bit of both.
Prediction: 3rd in pool

ImageCrouching Saurus Hidden Skink (bigbullies)
TV 2210k. Back from another break, the big lizards have a bit of rust to shake off. The wins will come, and the Skink will finish strongly, possibly lifting the Shield again in Round 6.
Player to watch: Two legends! Which one to pay attention to? The wee speedy one, striatum, will be scoring heaps.
Prediction: 4th in pool

ImageMesoamerican Mayhem (Kransky)
TV 1460k. This new coach came to DIBBL wanting to play something with break tackle before it gets BB20 nerfed. Lizards! Sure, being a past Aussie lizard NAF tabletop top dog had nothing to do with this choice. They're still a bit small to really threaten the trophy, and when they get bigger for next season? Nerf!
Player to watch: Itzamná, an Ag2 saurus. Okaay.
Prediction: 5th in pool

ImageMnajdra Solstice (claymore3981)
TW 1470k. Most teams enter DIBBL at around the 1500k maximum. These vamps did it the hard way last season, battling up from around 1000k. But they're vamps, and are still a bit small to make a big impact.
Player to watch: Jmais Richard the speedy vamp
Prediction: 6th in pool

ImageGameshow Gladiators (barberfett)
TW 1470k. More blood spilling, this could be a nasty conference for the low Av teams. The khorne will be both dishing out and receiving the hurt, and maybe a bit broken by the time play offs roll around.
Player to watch: John Fashanu S4, Ag4, horns, a beautiful bloodletter. Frenzy will get him into trouble and he'll die early in the season
Prediction: 7th in pool

Image Milking the Pigeon (pdarbs)
TV1030k. It's Trickey! Still playing Snotlings!
Player to watch: Murderer! Kalamazoo Thundertrunk can still taste the blood of the Yeti and the Legend ulf on his many boots (or wheels?). Clean your boots!
Prediction: Spoon
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