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 Issue 6 - February 27 2506

  • Kevin O' The Glen, Thrower for the Blue Bombers
    Kevin O' The Glen was in the Blue Bombers' original line-up. He got a strength increase right off the bat, and didn't miss a game until he'd played 41 in a row. At time of death, he was the 6th Active, Ranked, Human Throwers for TDS, and 3rd for CAS. Post-Humously, he remains 6th all-time, all division for CAS on the Human Throwers Top Ten. He threw, blocked and ran as necessary, surprising and thrilling opponents and fans alike. It has taken me a long time to post this, as the hurt was too fresh. Good bye, Kevin.... We will never see your like again.

    And it seems to me you lived your life
    Like Kevin O' the Glen
    Never knowing who to cling to
    When the rain set in
    And I would have liked to have known you
    But I was just a kid
    And Kevin burned out long before
    His legend ever did.

  • Longslash Bamboo, Treeman for the Daisycutters
    Longslash Bamboo was affectionately known as "The Fling Launcher" and was the tall backbone of the Daisycutters. He was the all-time Top Blocker for Halfling teams in the Faction division. He went to his eternal rest at the wrong side of a boot.
  • Mukhael Cloudstrife, Wardancer for For the Grace of Wood D.M.U
    August the 6th was a black day for all Wood Elfs as Mukhael Cloudstrife, star Wardancer of For the Grace of Wood D.M.U, died on the field after a block in a game against the Dwarf team Reportoire. Mukhael is probably most famous for his games during the GLT qualifiers, where he humiliated a chaos dwarf team in the semi-finals by scoring 4 touchdowns and a casuality, and where he made an interception and scored a touchdown in the final that selaed the deal for the grace.

    Mukhael, you will be missed, but at least you died doing what you like most: hunting dwarf.

  • Greylar, Thrower for the Underdark Nightmares
    The recent death of Greylar struck the Underdark Nightmares hard. Greylar was still young in years and certainly not the most experienced Dark Elf thrower, but she had already gained incredible skills. Apart from Safe Throw these were Strong Arm and Nerves of Steel - exceptional this early in her carreer. She had the talents to become one of the best Dark Elf trowers in history.

    Her full enthusiams showed in the finals match of the Fumbbl Cup IV SA Qualifier III. The Underdark Nightmares won gainst Csonti's Orc team Tough Enough and Rough Enough, with Greylar not only throwing two completions, but also seriously injuring an agile Orcish player. It was one game later, a game that was played to prepare the team for the Fumbbl Cup, when a Chaos Warrior of the Tukker Terror Team II blocked her so hard that even the skills of the team's apotheacry couldn't save her any more.

    Greylar, we do miss you. May your spirit stay with the team.

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