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 Issue 6 - February 27 2506
Word from the Editor
by Mezir

When I offered to act as Editor in Chief for the GLN, it was with the solemn promise to myself that come what may, I would get at least one issue published. That almost didn't happen. Deadlines for articles got missed, the original publication date (before the FUMBBL Cup started, four months ago at the time of this writing) came and went. Then the second possible publication date - after the Cup - sailed by. Christmas came and went and still no GLN was forthcoming.

The possibility exists that my usual reaction to things past their deadline - passiveness, inaction and cropped up guilt - were going to hold sway, and the GLN, so close to completion, would sit there silently and unvread. However, Mr_QB and Candlejack would not let me forget about it, and under the main impetus of Candlejack things started going forward once more, with the addition of new articles and the updating of old ones.

Mnemon stated in the last GLN that an editorial, or a word from the editor, had never been needed before. I agree that one is not technically needed - however, several articles in this issue of the GLN are severaly outdated, and I'd like to take this opportunity to accept responsibility for that, and to apologise to the writers of those articles. I expected too much, too fast and got discouraged when my expectations could not be met. I think much the same may have happened to Mnemon, and to BunnyPuncher after him.

In the end, one more year after the previous issue, and a full two years after the one before that, we are faced yet again with the fact that some people are almost irreplaceable. Again we are faced by a GLN editor apologising for failing to live up to the legacy of the man who started this project. I do not wish to be yet another voice heaping praise onto a man who was no saint (not that he doesn't deserve praise, because he definitely does, but nobody is perfect), but sometimes, when I see the way people act, when I read the countless complaints that abound everywhere on the site, I miss the jocular voice, the helpful man, the friendly rival - the gentle giant.

I hope that this issue of the GLN will be well received despite the laxness of the head editor. Many authors have worked hard on these articles and other editors such as Candlejack have often tried in vain to get me to assign them duties - the issue deserves a fair chance to be judged and read. I hope that the next issue of the GLN - which already has several articles for it pending - will be a more up to date one, published faster than the last two issues, and I hope that people will allow me to try and make it happen.

I'll add as a closing word that we are welcoming all the offers of help that you have! At the start of work on this issue, a lot of offers were forthcoming but only a select few actually came through. Artists, especially, are extremely welcome to submit their work, as you may have noticed that this issue of the GLN is severely lacking on the graphical and lay-outing side.

Hoping that no editorial will be necessary next time,

- Mezir

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