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I started playing Blood Bowl when I was a kid at school, aged 13. Quite a lot has changed in the meantime, although I still go to school (but now as a teacher, not a pupil). One thing is that I'm now married (see photo left of me and the wife). Her name is Liz and she is all but perfect; her one flaw is that she doesn' t like Blood Bowl! My love of Blood Bowl has also been superseded by my love of Jesus Christ, having been convinced of the truth of his death and resurrection to save me from my sins (of which there are many). I hope there will be Blood Bowl in heaven... If you are interested in what changed my life, see this site.

February 2007
I have decided to take a break from playing BB for a while since I realised that winning tournaments here had become more important than spending time with my pregnant wife, and even more important than my relationship with my God who saved me.

This is obviously totally stupid hence I have deleted all my teams and will be taking a break to get my priorities back in order. I'll still be around to start smacks, help with TnT and approval and to insult Synn, but won't be playing for a while. If I do start playing again then it will be for fun only!

Read all about it here

April 2007
So, after a five week break I am tentatively retrying fumbbl. If I cannot resist temptation then I will go again - for good maybe!!!

August 2007
The Woodroffes are now 3! We have a gorgeous little baby girl. See my blog for a couple of photos. :D

3 kids, Headmaster, have idolatry under control (cf. Heb 12:1-2) Life is good! And busy!

Aug 2016
Moved to Cambridgeshire; new church, new job, all good. Same family, same faith, even better.

My challenge thread

36 run 3/2/08

<Purplegoo> when I saw the <secret> tribute team at work, I ejected hot chocolate from my nose :P If you catch me later in the week, I'll make you some Hobbos :)

[16:29] <Synn> pete is correct

<Meetgrinder100> petew is the single spawniest coach on here. Played him twice total unadulterated dice rape both times. He can play but why bother when he is so spawny

Posted by Meetgrinder on 2009-05-20 16:42:05
I know you have the 'occasional lucky spell' and that your opponents often have corresponding occasional 'disastrous luck spells involving the death of their team, their pet dog, their house burns down and their wife runs off with some chick she met in the pub then find out they forgot to put the lottery ticket on with the numbers that turned out to be winners' when playing you, but I wish you all the best Pete - kick butt and do your baddest! Oh, and yeah, you know how to play the game rather well but I'd rather stick to the theory that it's all blind luck - makes me feel better back when you whupped my ass those years ago :) Best o luck and regards, Meety G ;)

[20:47] <;@PeteW|Bmajor> Christer.....
[20:48] <;@PeteW|Bmajor> .... can you turn my admin client off pls?
[20:48] <;@Christer> Sorry, no
[20:48] <;@Christer> You're stuck with it!

The good thing is that you have remind me why I play on fumbbl. It's not about winning but having a good time. And this one and a half hour has been the most exciting and funny for a long time.

To ban idiots:
[19:40] <;@shadow46x2> /mode +b #channelname hostmask