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ARR Season XVII: Awards and Round up!
Season ovARR!!

Apologies for the lack of mid-season updates, but it was a really, really slow one for the box as a whole, not just ARR, before picking up a bit now as we entARR...

PREP GAMES TIME* for the FumbblARR's Cup!!!
*friends don't let friends do prep games

With only 14(!) completed sprints this season (down on the last 2), there wasn't much to report in in general box activity... ApARRt from the grand chase that was the battle for fARRst!

Mattdakka's Red Bats raced out to an early lead, and with so few sprintARRs this season, it looked for some time like they might be reclaiming the title for pointy-eared undeadites! Were they caught? To ouARR standings!

BOOM! FARRst Agains! Timetis' Rain Wild steal the title in the end! Showing once more that they can stay up there over several games, the high (TV that is, avg 187.56!) Elves complete yet another dominating sprint to take the top spot. Not bad for their coach who is, of course mostly known for his numerous orcs and dorf teams in the box ;) We salute yet another superb display of sustained PElfing! (12/1/3, 53pts)

fARRst loser... er Second place!! Goes to Stonetroll's Generic B elves. A completely ordinary squad, with very average players, and very beige tactics - one turn, steal the ball on D, score as much as possible when possible, and all this with a swanky stolen logo! Beaten into second place by a single point in the end! (11/3/2 52pts)

ThARRd place! Goes to the early pace-setters, Mattdakka's Red Bats. A quite humble vampire squad compARRed to some of the others that regularly grace the box, they set a strong eARRly benchmark for othARRs to chase. No doubt there have been muttARRings of poorly timed "snakes" on the granite, or even shakings of head at uncontrollable blood lust at key junctions, but in the end, the Vamps finish thARRd, in a vARRy tightly contested top 3! (10/4/2 50pts)

And a shout-out here to Nestoroide, who finished in both 4&5 with two different Slann teams! (49 & 48pts!)

On to the big one! The stunty sprint! Which btw, was VARRY, VARRY close, in fact, it had to be judged on avg TV played at :o

The halfling sprint was won by NikkiClev's Bandle City Thunder (14pts) who played every single game of their sprint in the deadzone that is NA box... The Goblin sprint was taken by Dirold's I Gigietti on 32pts, and the Ogre sprint by none other than, you guessed it, cdassak's Ogre me TendARR on... 32pts.

Both the Goblins and the Ogres went 4/4/8... but I Gigietti played at higher avg TV (by 3pts), and finished one spot highARR on the overall leadARRboard... so they win the stunty race!

I think we have lost bleedARRs & killARRs (as well as scoring recARRds) for the time being unless someone wants to/has time to write new scripts :(

All othARR top ten finishers can claim this here trophy

EvARRyone who completed a sprint can claim this:

And as always, we can’t be ARR without allowing some to lAARd it ovARR othARRs, so all top three racial finishARRs can claim the appropriate badge:

If you wARR a brawl winARR in the last season (or previously but haven’t added the badge), then this one heARR is for you!

This season's brawl winnARRs were Throweck's fARRters, Timetis' Rain Wild and Fluffy_bunny's Final Curtain... Great showings from those three :) Let's keep getting the ARR brawls full of our/ARR teams and showing those who enter only Nurgle or Chaos in the ARR brawl that they needn't be afraid to enter their Slann!

Also worthy of a mention was Tussock's Tribal Leeg Champions participating in the XFL masters. The gobs might have been thARR just to make up the numbers in most people's eyes, but they managed to avoid finishing bottom of theiARR swiss group, after running zons (2-3) and ogres (0-1) close, and managing a very creditable draw vs an extremely strong UNDEAD team (1-1)!
As well as tykoonfranky's Bulboniks le Retour!! who represented ARR in a very, very strong group, and fought extremely hard despite being quite far from the peak of their powARRs.

Breakdown of all racial top3s is here!

And... Complete season standings are here!

Consider the new season ACTIVE! Thread will arrive soonish :)
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Posted by JellyBelly on 2016-10-01 13:34:53
W00t! CongARRats everyone! :)
Posted by Timetis on 2016-10-01 17:07:31
Woop! Masked elves rule!
Posted by keggiemckill on 2016-10-01 17:54:27
For the second Sprint Ive played with my Underworld, i couldn't get the 16th game in, ending on 15 both times. I tried several times, but I just ended up watching the Game generator saying "not enough match ups available." Good fun though.
Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2016-10-01 18:20:18
Yeah Keggie, there is for sure a link between people who regularly sit on 13-15 games (even in peak BB times) and playing in the NA timezone. There's just not much you can do about it really unless you cram in on weekends, but it's not particularly busy this time of year (for past two seasons) anyway.
Posted by Rbthma on 2016-10-02 03:11:33
Yeah, I couldn't quite get the full 16 either, but proud to put the Racial RunARR up badge on my Underworld (wooo! 2nd out of 4!) ^-^. I think next season (has that started already?) I'll jump in with ARRnold (Schwarzenegger Ogres of course) and mono-activate them and get that SprintARR badge!