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BT3.1 completed
My goals going in were to play low tier teams to get some bonus points, and to only play teams that I hadn’t played during BT2. Only one I’d had more than a dozen games with before was Ogres (60 games in Ranked), the others were pretty much new to me. Here is my experience, ranked from least fun to most fun:

Underworld: Jerry and Friends. The Seinfeld themed team (Jerry was the troll). 2/2/21 record and the last too finish. -16 casualty difference. And to think that it all started with a win… then the next win didn’t come until game 25. Between some challenging matchups (both regarding the race and skill of opponents) and my inexperience with the race, they played like gobbos without the weapons, and it wasn’t pretty. Things I’ve learned from them: AG and MA boosted rats can do some pretty cool stuff, and 2 heads is a fun mutation on gobs.

Slann: The Airplane! team. ”That as much as anything led to my drinking problem (tries to drink but misses mouth completely)”. 4/1/20 record, -12 casualty difference. Despite playing against frogs quite a lot, the subtleties of their play style eluded me throughout my run. Sure, I jumped into cages and tried to pop the ball loose many a time, but usually was lacking good sacking skills like wrestle, strip ball so it was quite long shots at best. Also, Nuffle kept pairing me up against teams which out blocked me far too easily, and the frogs broke easily.

Ogres: Big and Small. 2/1/22 record, and -4 casualties. Note that games were played before the disposable rule would have dropped their TV by approximately 200 k every game, and I still quite enjoyed he thrashings I got. I’ve played them quite a lot before, and knew better what to do with the big boys when they skilled up… as always, ogres smashed things, boneheaded a lot, and occasionally did something cool. I will return and play this team now that they’re playing with the disposable handicap. Got two ogres killed over all those games, and had six ogres for much of my run. Tried piling on for the first time ever on one of them (he was killed quickly) but was very unimpressed… and the big fellows can really use their rerolls for something better.

Khemri: Dust to dust. ”Some men just like to see the world burn.” 4/5/16 record, and a whooping 48 casualty positive difference. (I kept playing them, and in the next 17 games I had 38 net casualties). Tomb Guardians skilled up quickly and I got them some MB, Guard, and Stand Firm. One of the original TG’s got Block as well as +ST and became a real monster. Skellies got dirty player left and right, and half my game was the fouling game. Some pitches were cleared, lots of blood was shed, but mostly it was a laugh. What did I learn? Going up against high strength / plenty of guard players with MB and/or claws is super scary with decaying non-block TG’s. Blitzing with ST6 Block is amazing. And AG2 is pretty bad.

Already jumped into another run, and this time as a bona fide ”power-gaming b-stard”. Norse, Orcs, Dark elves, and Gobbos, ’ere we go!

Thanks to friendly opponents I ran into along the way. Community here is very healthy for the overwhelming majority of the time.

See you in the box!
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Posted by Swampserpent on 2019-12-30 07:58:19
awsome read, thanks for the input. UW - my experience derives from the regular roll mutations... so claw goes on every rat and troll, tentacles as well. 2h for the goblins make them super grunts..so try UW again but load em up with mutations...

I've never had success with slann but.. the time will come.

I've never ran ogres myself and err.. not my cup of tea.. I would bre driven crazy by all the BH, I can barely handle the vampires bloodlust...

never tried khemri and again the ag 2 is not my cup o tea..

cheers see you in box-
Posted by Bloodfeast on 2019-12-30 11:44:02
Excellent write-up (as usual)! And I agree completly with the Khemris :)
Posted by Rbthma on 2019-12-30 16:54:41
Nice work! At your rate, I'll probably run into you with my 1st squad :D
Posted by Popcorn on 2019-12-30 20:19:16
Your ogre win record is 2 wins ahead of mine!
Posted by Arktoris on 2019-12-31 21:56:44
If you want to do well with slann, the first thing you need to do is be Happygrue