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A Legend is Born
Skrat Tailwhip, my monster Skaven Blitzer from the 'famed' Underworld team Karak Eight Freaks has today become a legend of the sport! He is also coincidentally, my first ever Blood Bowl legend and isn't he super cute!

It took him 30 games, 10 TD's, 35 cas's and a record 16 MVP's to make it to the top.

His path wasn't easy though, he had to watch as his ratkin blitzer brother Gnaw was forced to retire due to injury only a few games before they would have both become legends but don't be too sad because as a reward for becoming the teams talisman the local Warlock Engineer has managed to graft the severed head of his brother Gnaw onto Skrats' body. Only time will tell if this was a wise decision or will lead to the two heads arguing with each other in the middle of a game.

Skrat is famed for his hard hits and stunties and ball carriers fear him immensely. Capable of breaking legs before somersaulting away and catching a wayward pass only to run it in for a TD has become a signature of the Freaks offense. His greatest game so far is his role in a 4-1 victory over a goblin side in which he ran in 4 TD's and broke 4 goblins in the process. It is still unclear how the team troll was awarded the MVP in that game and not Skrat. It is made more confusing by the fact that the troll in that game spent most of it drooling and scratching itself...

But anyway, I'm a very happy Gnoblar today :)

Long may it continue!

UPDATE: Following Skrats rise to legendhood MadCap Brew Co, the creators of the Old World famous range of madcap spirits and beers has announced it will be becoming the Freaks official sponsor. Following this the stadium name will be changed to 'Madcap Brew Stadium' and concessions will be exclusively provided by MadCap Brew Co despite a safety report which showed that madcap infused liquids had a 50% chance of causing blindness or death. Skrat Tailwhip is now also contractually obliged to mention MadCap Brew products in every public statement.

"MadCap Brew-drink makes me big-strong. *gulp* Mmmm tasty-good"

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Posted by JackassRampant on 2018-09-27 07:17:56
Gratz! Legend in 30 games isn't easy, though getting more than half the required SPP just in MVP value in that time is kind of wild.
Posted by garyt1 on 2018-09-28 17:51:13
Awesome player! A scary one to face.
Good point JR. The MVP method really helps rebuilds and quick starts now, but does make for some legends before their time. A category of legend not including MVP points would be great. I suspect this particular player may make that mark anyway.