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Skrat Most Valuable Underworld Player Ever
Skrat Tailwhip (https://fumbbl.com/p/player?player_id=12088395) the legendary blitzer of the Karak Eight Freaks was today awarded the Most Valuable Underworld Player of all time by NAF commissioner Wayne Boggs. The award was presented after the Freaks grueling draw against the Nurgle team Disgusting Corpses after Skrat was awarded the MVP in the game taking his lifetime total to 23 MVP's in 45 appearances and leapfrogging the reigning all-time Underworld Valuable Player, Sludge.

The MVP award is slightly odd seeing as Skrat spent the majority of the game in the KO box and did nothing of any note but the fact the Commissioner was already in attendance with the award would seem to suggest it was an arranged deal.

Skrat joined the Freaks at their founding following an amazing run in the Ratling Youth Leagues 2 seasons ago he quickly made a name for himself and soon became the stand out player winning games single-handedly. His quick speed, agile movements and hard hitting methods were an insanely powerful combo which caused numerous issues for opposing teams.

Many feel however, that since his ankle was smashed 3 games ago by a charging Ogre the once agile and ludicrously slippery Skrat has lost an element of his game. He does however remain a potent blocker and many teams single him out for special attention. However, his injury and his lackluster performances since have had many asking if the reign of Skrat is coming to an end. The once extremely arrogant blitzer has himself shied away from the media following his injury and his recent divorce which has left him in custody of over 800 rat babies.

It is known that the owners are looking to reduce the wage bill of the squad and with Tailwhip currently earning 1000x more than anyone else it is likely his name is in discussion. His position is looking at risk even though only a few weeks ago he was in his prime. This is mainly due to the antics of the second Blitzer on the Freaks roster, Gnaw Mangefur who is making a name for himself with his immense strength as well as his perfected running game which he was mentored in to doing by Skrat. Some fans believe he can run the show himself especially with Skrat being absent (literally and metaphorically) in the last few games while Skrat has been an active hindrance when he has started.

But for now the Gnoblar coach is sticking by his rat as are his Madcap Brew sponsers so we will have to wait and see what the future holds for this special player, and this very special team.

Some more Tailwhip stats:

* 10th most active Valuable Player of all races
* Currently the 22nd all time Underworld Star Player, 4th active
* 24th active Underworld Top Scorer

Another cool thing that he has just done is that he is now a Legend player even without the MVP awards!
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