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2008-04-19 09:12:33
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2017-09-16 19:16:25
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Getting back to just enjoying the game.
I decided to throw out a bit of random babbling.

I took a vacation in July and spent some time with the family. I was so busy that Fumbbl was not an option. Now I am back in the work grind and I have wandered back here when I can.

The perpetual leagues have really bothered me in the last month. I put teams in the game finder but the few offers I get look completely lopsided. I go ahead and make a ton of offers and no one accepts. At that point I get disgusted and move over to the box only to have no draw happen. Time wasted. I doubt that my beloved high elf team will see the field for some time.

In response I have simply walked away and picked up the paintbrush. The thing is that I don't really have the models for most of the teams I want so I have begun some converting. Mind you the conversions are rubbish. I have a ton of Warhammer Fantasy models I never got around to painting and now that Fantasy is basically dead to me I have begun repurposing.

Unfortunately, the models don't have much of a blood bowl feel. I pulled a dozen night goblins and clipped off the spears and bows to start an underworld team. (I need more skaven.) Skeletons, Striggoi, and trolls are cobbled together into a necromancer/Khemri/undead team. (I need two more Striggoi to use as ghouls.) Six lotr trolls have their weapons cut off and are used for ogres along with fantasy snotlings. A box of dark elf manflayers are turned into a pair of dark elf assassins and six vampires. Ten empire spearmen have the spears clipped and they are now thralls. A random goblin hero is converted to be the gobo my orc team was missing.

The other annoyance is that other people will criticize the models I chose to use. Why do your vampires have shields? The real reason is that I clipped off some massive swords that were really out of place on a blood bowl team and even the sword hilts looked out of place so I stuck on a shield. My fluffy answer would be that the use of weapons is illegal but bringing a shield onto the pitch in the blood bowl world would just be smart. Why do your thralls have sticks in their hands. The real reason is that I am not good enough at converting to remove the spear hafts and turn them into something cool while the model still looks good. My fluffy reason is that a staff is not considered a real weapon so no one cares if they bring them to the field.

Anyway, lots of model mutilation occurring and lots of slapping paint. Maybe I will post a few pics another time.
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Posted by JackassRampant on 2017-09-16 19:48:40
Wanna play a game sometime?
Posted by Rbthma on 2017-09-16 22:29:45
sometimes you need a break :)
we're perhaps overdue for a fun matchup sometime!
Posted by Seventyone on 2017-09-17 10:03:31
Pictures or it didn't happen
Posted by Kondor on 2017-09-17 18:11:13
Ironic that you two guys offer me a match. I had chosen to name my table top team of humans Ranked Amateurs and my Dark Elves the Blackspine Reapers. Pictures to come.