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2019-07-11 04:49:30
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2013-08-24 12:51:34
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2013-02-24 20:15:12
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2012-11-20 08:22:39
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2012-11-09 12:38:32
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2012-09-21 04:54:32
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2012-09-06 04:57:04
rating 5
2012-08-03 03:32:33
rating 4.4
2012-07-20 03:03:14
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2012-06-26 09:06:04
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2012-05-29 20:17:29
rating 2.3
2012-05-11 01:19:46
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rating 4.8
2012-02-22 19:25:14
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2011-06-25 16:07:38
rating 4.3
2011-05-28 17:15:33
rating 2.9
2013-02-24 20:15:12
12 votes, rating 5.3
This. Is. STUNTY!
My game against Johnny KTOU was ridiculous. Luck was atrocious, and yet FANTASTIC on both sides.

Nuffle granted us the Thrills and Mayhem I pray for in every game.

May you enjoy the ridiculousness too.

Short Version:
Every bash thing the chaos flings did, worked; and the ref ignored them (1 of 8 fouls seen, only 1 sent off chainsaw despite 7 checks to send them off, even a double 1 kickback result from a saw didn't result in a turnover).
Every ball thing the chaos flings did.. well.. they just didn't. They literally only ever had 1 attempt to touch the ball (which worked and resulted in their sole touchdown).

Every bash thing the squigs did failed; whether it was double skulls, failed leaps, or simply 17 failed MB/Claw/Block/Piling On/Tackle blocks vs AV 6 stunties.
Every important ball thing the squigs did worked, multiple Blitz! kick off results, .. well, really that was it. They failed 2 more easy scoring attempts due to snake eyes.
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Posted by Crook666 on 2013-02-24 20:23:28
Even when you get diced you have a good time in Stunty. That's the peculiarity of this division. Have fun! :D
Posted by Nelphine on 2013-02-24 20:25:03
But we don't KNOW who got diced!

Or more accurately. We BOTH got miserably diced.
Posted by Dan-Da-Man on 2013-02-24 23:48:06
if its fun then why do people stall?
Posted by Nelphine on 2013-02-25 00:15:17
hey I only stalled because I was down to 4 players; my opponent was actually happy when I scored on turn 6, as he expected 2 more turns of stalling, but I couldn't stand the though.

As for usual games, I do try to avoid stalling.

As for other people stalling in general, the biggest reason is because of secret weapons. If you have secret weapons on your team, you have every incentive NOT to score, so that they don't get banned. It's one of the biggest 'flaws' in Stunty Leeg from my point of view, although I have no idea how to deal with it since secret weapons are so integral to the Leeg.
Posted by member1234 on 2013-02-25 01:57:21
Stunty and hilarity seem to go hand in hand, if you're not laughing equally when you win or lose you're doing it wrong! ;D That game was truly bonkers! jajaja