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2019-03-22 21:40:48
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2019-01-29 15:12:29
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2018-08-21 21:43:01
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2018-05-23 20:47:44
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2018-03-10 21:42:18
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2018-02-28 20:09:49
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2018-02-23 23:24:45
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2018-02-05 17:13:07
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2018-01-30 20:22:27
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2018-01-21 15:14:20
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2018-01-03 18:37:49
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2017-03-28 20:58:26
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2017-03-05 14:13:37
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2017-03-01 13:21:58
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2017-02-22 18:16:02
rating 5.8
2017-01-03 01:29:37
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2016-02-25 22:11:34
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2015-01-07 22:57:07
rating 5.9
2015-01-03 18:35:23
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2014-11-17 20:31:10
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2014-11-16 21:15:06
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2014-09-23 18:32:17
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2014-09-02 21:23:29
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2014-01-23 08:34:14
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2013-12-19 19:07:11
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2013-11-10 02:18:27
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2013-10-19 13:49:18
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2013-10-01 19:35:14
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2013-09-24 12:03:28
rating 5.9
2013-08-06 23:48:54
rating 6
2018-05-23 20:47:44
24 votes, rating 5.3
FUMBBLPlus shutdown and the future of SR
Sad to say, I end up my FUMBBL side project FUMBBLPlus tomorrow due to EU GDPR act. Underlying data will be completely removed from the github host and from my hard drive too as I will not store coach data permanently anymore.

You will not get SR rankings for some time yet unknown.

I will start to code the new SR calculator and publisher soon though. It will completely based on the new FUMBBL API endpoints. This means that each week I will process all of the previous 78 weeks' competitive tournament matches, do the scoring, determining the scores which expired and post the results on the forums.

For that I will need Christer to provide some more data to match/list API endpoint.

I will also have to code automatic forum posting as I do not want to make SR consume my time permanently, so if I would have to post the rankings manually, I rather not make SR at all.

As the size of a forum post is limited, I can not publish the whole SR tables, so you will probably get the top 25 coaches and the top 3 teams for each races. You will be informed of each official tournaments and the points they yield by rounds and you will be able to determine which tournaments are included/excluded in a given week's rankings to calculate your own points if not on the list. No more browsing/searching for tournaments and progressions, sorry.

This involves the same kind of maintenance I could not spare myself by naming and classifying official tournaments. This data will be public in a version controlled JSON file.

The system will be the same though, or well, even better, as it will be able to better handle the end date of tournaments whose last match got forfeited.

The SR codebase will be public too and the calculation could be made by anyone with a Python installed on his/her PC (for weeks whose tournaments are covered in the data I maintain manually). However as it will do many API request at each run (requiring all tournament matches of the past one and half years) it should be not used by you in busy FUMBBL hours (or too often at all) to get your SR.

Not good news for some of you, sorry about that.

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Posted by ArrestedDevelopment on 2018-05-23 21:33:36
6 as usual.

Thanks for the update, I did think that this was almost an inevitability (albeit hopefully temporarily) for SR with the GDPR laws.

Thanks for the time you put into this, will put into this, and all the other little projects that enhance FUMBBL in ways some of us never realised were possible until you release your work.
Posted by Frylen on 2018-05-23 22:46:37
This is so sad. Even though I almost never play ranked or boxed. I still admire your site! I hope the changes will be satisfying enough to keep it as an appreciated part of the community!
Posted by jdmickleburgh on 2018-05-23 22:49:40
I've really enjoyed following your work with this and would like to thank you for all the time you put into this and everything else
Posted by cdassak on 2018-05-24 11:11:15
Thanks for everything mister.
Posted by PurpleChest on 2018-05-24 15:06:53
terribly sad, good luck to you mate.
Posted by mike467 on 2018-05-24 21:43:17
Cheers for all your work over the years mate.
Posted by Dan-Da-Man on 2018-05-26 23:27:48
Can we not all agree to letting you carry on storing the data (I have no idea about this new GDPR i must add)? I have had 1 million emails asking if to carry on receiving one thing or another so why not you?
Posted by SzieberthAdam on 2018-05-29 08:36:54
Unfortunately, you can not. Thousands of coaches are involved.
Posted by garyt1 on 2018-06-02 04:17:39
That is a pity. What personal info is there saved?
Match results to an alias surely are not?
Good work though Szieberth on all new developments.