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2017-05-22 23:01:33
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2017-02-17 02:52:05
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really expanding my BB fun
I guess I had never been "that serious" of a BB fan and player, as I had never listened to a BB podcast.

In fact, I had never listened to ANY podcast before, of any topic.

Tonight, all that changed.

I was on my way to work this evening, which is about a 35 minute drive. I had heard people mentioning BB podcasts, so I decided to look around in a podcast list to see what I could find, and stumbled across Both Down tonight.

I listened to their most recent episode, which goes into detail about the upcoming Orclahoma Bowl tournament and the Spikey Cup, as well as their history.

The podcast itself is a bit "talky" at the start, which I would figure to expect, since most everyone that is a constant listener is very familiar with the people providing the podcast.

What fun! Those guys at Both Down really have fun with what they do. I sure hope they get the turnout that they are hoping for.

So, within this past year and half, I've finally found a "local" BB table-top league, the game was re-released, spubbbba painted an absolutely AMAZING team for me, and I've discovered fun podcasts about the game.

What else do I need to listen to or experience as a BB fanatic, ASIDE FROM getting to visit a store in England and play there?
We do have a few tournaments in our area per year, but I'd be very interested to learn about other exciting opportunities.

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Posted by xnoelx on 2017-02-17 03:34:24
There are about 6 or 7 other BB podcasts out there.

There's the NAF Championships, the biggest single player tournament, every year in Nottingham. Usually around 150-200 players. And the World Cup, the biggest tournament of them all, with national teams and a single player side tournament. Something over 900 players last time, iirc. Runs every 4 years in a different country each time.

A trip to GW HQ and Warhammer World (also Nottingham, so ties in well with the NAFC).

The joys of painting, converting, or even sculpting your own team. The related fields of making your own... fields, stadiums, dugouts, pitch in a case, etc.

The 4 BB novels, the graphic novel, and the recent short stories.

Putting out your own podcast.

Playing in the final of the NAFC (an experience not many get to have).

Being on the BBRC/GW's new playtesting team.

Do a Kickstarter for a new team, field, accessory, whatever BB-related gubbins you can imagine.

Playing live action BB (there's a (not very good)youtube video from a con years ago with people doing this).

Write and perform BB related songs with a BB themed costumed band (I don't think anyone's ever done this one. Yet.)

Join the facebook Blood Bowl Community group. Or the Reddit one.

Write a playbook.

Edit or write for the GLN.

Disclaimer: I haven't done all of these things.
Posted by Jeffro on 2017-02-17 07:48:32
There is a Warhammer themed Ork Speed Metal band called Da Gof Rockurz that has a song called "Bloodbowl"...
Posted by Verminardo on 2017-02-17 11:56:20
Yeah I know a lot of people listen to podcasts, whenever I try one I always think "stop blathering and get to the point", and turn it off after a few minutes.

*insert grumpy cat picture here* ;-)
Posted by keggiemckill on 2017-02-18 15:16:20
I drive a lot for work. I can't stand Radio DJs. I'd rather get my lame jokes from podcasts. Bothdown, has exceptional bad jokes.