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The Greyback OutKasts chapter 1
"WHAT! NO FOOD GET?!" the voice of an enraged Skaven echoed through the tunnels of the run down hovel town of Lesser Greyback. Every one of the tiny goblins in the area cringed in fear, even outside the largest nest room. "LITTLE-GREENS HAVE FAILED-FAILED!" it barked.

The skaven's good red eye was wide in utter fury. He was tall for a ratman and his dark grey fur had many scars, one of which covered his left eye which was clearly missing. Adding to his bedraggled look had a thin, messy mane of hair on his neck that was almost black in colour.

The goblin in front of him quivered in terror, the 3 armed greenskin tried to protest. "but" was all he could manage, how could he tell them the caravan of humans had managed to drive the entire raid away? the rat would kill him.

Eventually the skaven smiled, though there was nothing nice about it. "If little-greens fail-fail, then little-greens replace-replace." The Skaven chittered lifting the goblin by it's clothes and smashing it into the floor with the rat's entire bodyweight, breaking the little creature's spine in several places and killing it. the Other goblin, the second-in-command turned to flee in horror, hoping to escape but was gabbed and was also killed by the much faster, dark grey rat man, this time the goblin's head was grabbed and his neck broken by the powerful rodent.

A brownish red rat approached from behind. "Must Mixall Break-break many-lots Slave-greens?" it asked, clearly fed up of this repeating act, they wouldn't have any slaves left. it was a female rat judging by the size differences and pitch of speaking, it was very hard to tell with skaven.

Mixall smiled, rising himself to full size. "Tikkid should keep-keep pretty eathole close-close" it growled threateningly to the smaller skaven, holding it's muzzle to force the smaller skaven to look him in the eye.

The brown ratman growled and pulled away, having to refrain from outright attacking the larger male. "Tikkid go, get food-food from Man-things, Maxall eat Slave-greens if want-want!" it scolded, scampering out to gather together it's own party for a raid, it wasn't eating goblin, it wanted to keep some slaves.
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