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White Isle League - Season LV

Few amongst even the hardiest of travellers from the Old World have dared the voyage across the Seas of Chaos to the remote island of Albion. It is an uncomfortable and treacherous crossing, with icy fogs that close in to smother vessels, cutting their visibility to a few feet. But - when the mists at last clear - no wanderer could fail to be awed by the sight of the majestic white cliffs which greet them, and give Albion, the White Isle, its name.

Albion is a land which barely warrants the term civilised. The taint of Chaos is heavy upon it, and it is riven by strife amongst its feuding kingdoms, and labours under the burden of corrupt government. As with everywhere else in the Known World however, all these little concerns take second place to Blood Bowl ...

Season LIV

Round 1 Deadline - 8/3/20
Round 2 Deadline - 18/3/20
Round 3 Deadline - 28/3/20
Round 4 Deadline - 7/4/20
Round 5 Deadline - 16/4/20
Round 6 Deadline - 26/4/20
Round 7 Deadline - 5/5/20
Round 8 Deadline - 14/5/20
Round 9 Deadline - 24/5/20

Discord channel: #WhiteIsle

Please come and join us in #WhiteIsle even if you are not yet a league member.

Theme: British Blood Bowl
Format: Sched. RR
Current Season: 53
Status: Recruiting Reserves
Time Zone: GMT
Join Criteria: FFB TV1000 / Draft
Round Length: 9 Days
Season Length: 2.5 Months

RulesTo save on space on the main group page, all league rules can now be found on a separate RULES page. Only a few key points are repeated here.


League scoring is 5 points for a win, 2 for a draw and 1 for a loss. 0 points are awarded for a forfeit or concession!

At the end of a season, ties are broken first by head-to-head result between the teams concerned, then by TD difference.


The league now uses the WIL Fringe to recruit future members. Any interested coaches should apply to join the Fringe, which is always recruiting! PM staff member Sweep12121 for details.

Current totals: (Correct as of Season XXX)
15 Rock: Dwarf (2); Chaos Dwarf (1); Orc (3); Chaos (3); Nurgle (3); Chaos Pact(3).
18 Scissors: Lizardmen (1); Necromantic (5); Norse (1); Skaven (5); Undead (4); Khemri (2).
16 Paper: Dark Elf (5); High Elf (2); Wood Elf (1); Elf (3); Human (1); Amazon (3); Slann (1).
1 Dynamite: Ogre (0); Vampire (0); Goblin (1); Halfling (0); Underworld (0).

Season additional notes

In Season LIII we have three tiers: the Premier division; two Conferences; and three Regional divisions. If numbers go up, then Divisions that are scored out come into play. (NEEDS UPDATING)

Premier Division

Lion Conference
Unicorn Conference
Gryphon Conference
Dragon Conference

Albany Regional Division
Great Albion Regional Division
Morien Regional Division
Aeryn Regional Division
Hibernia Regional Division

Promotion to the Premier division is automatic for the top two in each Conference.

The bottom four Premier division teams will be automatically relegated to the Conferences and the bottom four teams from each Conference will be automatically relegated to the Regionals. The top four teams in each Regional win promotion to the Conferences.

(All the above is subject to change should teams withdraw from the league.)
Staff - to be updated

Prez - Current deputy commissioner.
EasilyAmused - Division Admin/Forfeiter - currently awol
El Dude - Division Admin/Forfeiter (run off to join the circus)
Azure - Division Admin/Forfeiter (on the bench)
Mateuszzzzzz - Division Admin/Forfeiter
DaCoach - Division Admin/Forfeiter
spubbbba - Former Channel op, Division Forfeiter and Fringe admin.
Unstoffe - Former Stat King and Division Admin/Forfeiter
XnoelX - Former Division Admin/Forfeiter.
HowlingGriffon - Former Division Admin/Forfeiter.
Gibby33 - Currently lose in Albion somewhere - Former Division Admin/Forfeiter.
PeteW - Current Commissioner, back for a third tour of duty
PYTHRR - Forfeit monkey and weilder of the MIGHTY BANHAMMAH. Taunt him at thyown risk, rapscallion!

If you think there's another job that needs doing in the league, and you want to do it, contact PeteW!

WIL History

Thanks to ...pac - pac is the founder of the White Isle League, and lead us through seven successful seasons.

Purplegoo - Purp took over from pac and lead us through eight successful seasons, helping the group to grow to the mighty beast that we now all know and love.

PeteW - Ran the league for seven seasons taking over from Purplegoo and still provides advice, kept the league running beautifully. And is now back for more....

The White Isle league has no direct affiliation to the Southern Wastes League or the Northern Wastes League ... except that we stole all their hard-earned methods and approaches when designing this league ... Their unwitting contribution is thus greatly appreciated!

Thanks also to Petter for our current banner.

Check out the league's stats page, which is now run by Christy. Please contact him if you have suggestions for that page.