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Group managers: Emrys
<center><div style='width: 780px;'><img src="http://www.fumbbl.com/teams/266818.jpg">;

<h1 style='text-align: center;'>Group on extended hiatus</h1>

<b>Really 'Opeless Fumbblers' League</b></center>
<h3>Welcome</h3>This group was original meant to be for members of Aftermath Gaming Club in sunny Norwich but they've largely proved resistant to the idea of online leagues to complement our tabletop adventures. Idiots.

Instead, then, this group will be for a select band of fumbblers some of whom are also members of Aftermath Gaming Club. To avoid disappointment please don't apply with a team unless you've been invited to.

<h3>Lots of competitions</h3> This group isn't one of those fast paced groups as it's just a relaxed and friendly environment where we can play with different tournament formats (it's where the WDNNSR concept was first tested, for example).

There'll be a number of competitions, subject to interest. There are two "normal" leagues:

<table cellspacing=5 cellpadding=5 align=center style='text-align: center;'><!--
--><td style='width: 250px;'><img src='http://www.fumbbl.com/teams/266946.jpg' alt='ROFL Majors' style='width: 250px;'></td><!--
--><td style='width: 250px;'><img src='http://www.fumbbl.com/teams/266947.jpg' style='width: 250px;' alt='ROFL Minors'></td><!--
--><td style='width: 250px;'>For any team of TR150 or higher (until Craig gets his hands on them)</td><!--
--><td style='width: 250px;'>For team with a TR under 150 at the start of each season</td><!--
--><tr><th colspan='2'>Qualifying Teams</th></tr><!--
--><td style='vertical-align: top; border: 1px dotted #600;'>Quit Hitting Yourself (Craig)
Molten Death (Lee)
ROFL Incompetents (Emrys)
Run Run!!!!! (Craig)
Snottingham Forest Maidens (Tim)</td><!--
--><td style='vertical-align: top; border: 1px dotted #600;'>Elfy Competition* (Emrys)
Hellz Bellz (Stew)
Hi-Ho Silverminers (Emrys)
Ouaxland Raiders (Tim)
Pro Swift II (Lee)
ROFL Mafia (Will)
Woodlands ROFL (Craig)</td><!--
--><tr><td></td><td><i>* Not competing this season</i></td></tr><!--

--><p>In addition, there may be a number of fun "themed" leagues which will be run on a rotational basis.</p><!--
--><p><b>The order has been decided!</b> After collating all the votes, the competitions will be played in the following order:<ul><li>ROFL Does Stunty</li><li>Skelly v Skelly</li><li>ROFL Does Elfbowl</li><li>Squishfest</li><li>Ultimate Halfling League, and</li><li>We Don't Need No Steenkin' Apo</li></ul>before starting again with Stunty (although with only 1 vote we can drop the No Apo league if there's not enough interest).</p><!--
--><table align=center cellspacing=5 cellpadding=5 style='text-align: center;'><!--
--><td style='width: 200px; background-color: #ff0;'><img src='http://www.fumbbl.com/teams/266950.jpg' alt='ROFL Does Stunty' style='width: 200px;'></td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px;'><img src='http://www.fumbbl.com/teams/266822.jpg' alt='Ultimate Halfling League' style='width: 200px;'></td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px;'><img src='http://www.fumbbl.com/teams/266949.jpg' alt='ROFL Does Elfbowl' style='width: 200px;'></td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px; vertical-align: top;'>Fun and games for Stunty Leeg rosters. <b>Note that teams must be [L] teams.</b></td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px; vertical-align: top;'>Any roster as long as they're LRB4 Halflings</td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px; vertical-align: top;'>Any Elfin rosters are welcome here</td><!--
--><td style='vertical-align: top; border: 1px dotted #600;'>Off 4 A Bite (Craig)
Oopsadaisy (Emrys)
Rotton Apples (Lee)
Skinky Beggars (Tim)
Slavebowlers (Will)
Squiggle it, just a little bit (Stew)</td><!--
--><td style='vertical-align: top; border: 1px dotted #600;'>Just4Fun08 (Craig)
Eine Kleine Splatmusik (Emrys)
Pink Foot Panthers (Lee)</td><!--
--><td style='vertical-align: top;'></td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px;'><img src='http://fumbbl.com/teams/267004.jpg' alt='Squishfest' style='width: 200px;'></td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px;'><img src='http://fumbbl.com/teams/267002.jpg' alt="We don't need no steenkin' Apo" style='width: 200px;'></td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px;'><img src='http://fumbbl.com/teams/267003.jpg' alt='Skelly-on-Skelly Action' style='width: 200px;'></td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px; vertical-align: top;'>Each team can have just 1 player with an AV greater than 7</td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px; vertical-align: top;'>A division for Undead, Necro, Nurgle and Khemri only - i.e. rosters which can't have Apothecaries</td><!--
--><td style='width: 200px; vertical-align: top;'>Only skeletons allowed. The good news is that means you can afford 7 or 8 rerolls!</td><!--
--><td style='vertical-align: top;'></td><!--
--><td style='vertical-align: top;'></td><!--
--><td style='vertical-align: top; border: 1px dotted #600;'>No Bodies Required (Stew)
Size 0 (Emrys)</td><!--

--><h3>Legal rosters</h3>Any [L]eague side with a starting Fan Factor of 7 (SEVEN) or more. The team <b>cannot</b> play matches outside of ROFL competitions. Teams can have played games outside of ROFL, though, so if you've a team from a now disbanded group, feel free to have them join in the fun here.</p><!--

--><p>You can run two teams in the Majors or Minors if you want to, although this will mean having to play two matches each round (let me know if you don't want a team entered into a competition). If you've got two teams in a league then their match against each other will be forfeited with no points to either. You'll be at a disadvantage compared to someone who only has one team in the competition as he'll have one more league game in which to rack up those points.</p><!--

--><p>Set yourself up a [L]eague team or two - please give them a decent number of fans otherwise winnings will be on the low side - and join in the fun.</p><!--

--><table cellmargin=0 cellpadding=5 align='center' style='border: 1px solid #000; width: 500px;'><tr><td rowspan='2' style='vertical-align: top;'>Feel free to add one of these badges (or a a better home-made version) to your team bio:</td><td><img src="http://fumbbl.com/teams/232153.jpg"></td><td>http://fumbbl.com/teams/232153.jpg</td></tr><!--
--><tr><td><img src="http://www.fumbbl.com/teams/267134.jpg"></td><td>http://www.fumbbl.com/teams/267134.jpg</td></tr><!--