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Group managers: burgun824, OTS

Code of Conduct

Scheduling Matches

Each round of games will be open for (7) days which will run from 12am CST on Thursday to 12am CST on the following Thursday. You are responsible for scheduling and playing your matches with your opponent within this time frame and there is no penalty for playing scheduled matches in advance. At weeks' end unresolved matches will be forfeited at the judgment of the acting League Enforcer (also see league forfeit rules below).

Please note the following simple three step procedure (known as THE PROCEDURE) that will help keep you from absorbing a forfeit:

1. Contact and/or reply to your weekly opponent ASAP. Preferably on Thursday (if not sooner if playing ahead which is encouraged) but definitely before the weekend. Some people can't play during the week and need the weekend to get their games in. Some players vice/versa. The only way to know is communication.

2. If after multiple back and forth offers on your SINGLE scheduling PM (this is important as it establishes a record of the communication), or if one player is unresponsive, and it looks like the match won't get played, THEN copy the League Enforcer, Commissioner, and Deputy Commissioner on the thread. This is how you avoid receiving a forfeit if you've followed THE PROCEDURE. NWFL management can’t make an informed decision regarding who deserves a forfeit without THE PROCEDURE being followed AND them being added to the (single) PM a day or two prior to the deadline.

3. Failure by both coaches to follow THE PROCEDURE will result in the match being randomly forfeited. It will be marked in official league standings as a draw.

NWFL forfeit rules

1) Forfeits will be deemed as excused or unexcused at the discretion of the NWFL management staff.

2) An unexcused forfeit is considered to be one where a coach is obviously negligent in performing due diligence in scheduling their matches. Examples include reading PMs but not responding, or never stating availability in advance and just hoping the opponent will be online when you are. Forfeits deemed to be unexcused by the staff may result in standing points being deducted from your team, possibly taking you below 0 points in the standings.

3) Missing a match due to a legitimate personal reason is considered an excused forfeit and is a lesser violation. If you are in this situation, contact league management with the relevant information so that they may make the call. No standing points will be deducted for excused forfeits.

4) Whether excused or unexcused, forfeits are to be avoided. Repeated forfeits of either kind may result in your dismissal from the league.

NWFL concession rules

1) Concession rules for ranked games will be used (click HERE for further details). In the event of a dispute, FUMBBL admins will be used as arbitrators to settle the dispute. File a support ticket to them.

2) Legal concessions must be performed in the client to ensure that results are uploaded properly, with your opponent gaining the extra MVP and gold from the match. Leaving a match instead of finishing it is considered to be blatantly disrespectful and will result in immediate dismissal from the league.

NWFL drop-out policy

Unfortunately, drop-outs happen and they always negatively impact the season when they do. If and when this occurs, league management will attempt to find replacement coaches to take the place of the departed coach. The replacement will inherit the record of their predecessor, and the season will continue. If a replacement cannot be found, forfeit wins will be awarded instead. The results of previously played matches will not be altered.

NWFL chat requirements

All official communications from management staff will be distributed as PMs. Per THE PROCEDURE, scheduling requests should also be done using a single PM thread per week. However, coaches are also highly encouraged to run HydraIRC (or similar) as a chat program to connect to IRC, and specifically the #NWFL channel.

Common Courtesy Rules

I am not your mother and I can not force you to use manners. However, I can strongly urge you to be respectful of your responsibilities to this league and other coaches in it. We are all here to have fun and this is only a game. However, I remind you that this is a competitive league. It can be extremely frustrating and irritating to the commissioner and other coaches if you start skirting your responsibilities and/or become hard to contact or communicate with. Accidents happen, personal issues arise, and computers can suddenly melt down. When this happens (and it will) we don’t expect this league to be the center point of your life, but common courtesy dictates that you make an effort to contact the Commissioner and/or your opponent to let them know what’s going on. You may even have to take a forfeit if something can not be worked out. However you’ll find people are a lot easier to deal with when you let them know what’s happened and how long you will be indisposed for. If a coach’s poor communication problems become a persistent problem then they can be dismissed from the league at the discretion of the Commissioner.

Good Sportsmanship Rules

Good Sportsmanship is required. Too many complaints about a player’s bad attitude and they will be dismissed from the league. Mocking and ridiculing to a lesser degree will be overlooked as long as it is done in good spirit. If you are caught cheating or intentionally disconnecting from a match you will automatically be banned from the league for the rest of eternity and have your bloodline cursed. Bad games (and even bad seasons for that matter) happen. It’s part of the game. Your opponents will (and should) foul you and push you OB when the opportunity arises. Stalling and turn 16 fouling are legitimate tactics in league play. Don’t bother complaining about it because your whining will fall on deaf ears. Try laughing off the death of your troll as a result of that failed 3d block against an unskilled halfling before you drop out and retire your team in a fit of rage. Take your knocks like a man and grow from it. Always remember that it is called BLOOD Bowl for a reason and it will make a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Taking a Leave of Absence

You may opt to take a leave of absence. In order to do this you must contact the League Commissioner and inform him prior to the start of the season that you will be taking the coming season off. Your racial slot will be preserved for you for one (1) season, so that you can guarantee your team's return the season after. If you do not return for that second season, your spot will be considered vacant, and new teams will be allowed to take it if they want. If you return after that, you may or may not be able to bring your existing team back, at the discretion of the management staff.

If, at the start of a season, there are more than 32 coaches interested in returning (between coaches from the just-finished season and ones who took a leave of absense previously), coaches who played the more recent seasons will be given priority, and then returning coaches based on seniority (total seasons played in the league). Anyone who does not get into the season will have their racial guarantee extended for a season, and will be contacted first if and when mid-season replacements are needed.