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This group is for testing the Blood Bowl Sevens format within the CRP ruleset and FFB client.
Join #BB7s for chat.
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<b><h3>Group Rules</h3></b>
<b>1) All BB7s teams must be NEW. </b><u>Teams from LRB4 BB7s and other Fumbbl Divisions or League formats who cut down from 11 or more players are NOT permitted</u>.
<b>2) Teams may field a MAXIMUM of 7 players on the pitch per match</b>. Coaches are allowed to use journeymen if the team has any MNG players. When creating a team the extra four players must be base (linemen) players and be named with numbers 1-4. After first game these four players must be fired immediately.
<b>3)</b> <u>Regarding extra players:</u> If you manage to gain any extra player(s), then one player must be placed in the corner of your End Zone and may not be used for duration of the drive. This also goes for the 4 extras in teams' first games. <u>If an active player is removed for any reason, this player may not take his place until the next drive! </u> If the player will be in the way, politely move him out of the way. Opposing coaches may not: prevent the player moving in this fashion by forcing TZs on him or block/blitz the extra player out of bounds.
<b>4) No ReRolls may be bought!</b> This reflects the lack of teamwork within teams. However, you may induce max 1 ReRoll and use ReRolls that you get from kickoff results.
<b>5)</b> Star Players will never show up to a game</b>. The low standard of play means that no Star Player worth his salt would ever seen with "that lot of losers!". <u>Same goes for Wizards,</u> and Master Chef is only allowed for halflings.
<b>6)</b> When a player earns his 4th MVP he has attracted so much attention from major league scouts that he gets signed by a pro team. The player must be retired from the team.
***If you refuse to retire a player who has been scouted, then your team will be kicked from the league and you will be banned from applying with any other teams to this league! This is to keep it fair for everyone.
<b>7)</b> Use of petty cash is not allowed. When teams play their first game the four extra players will be deducted from TV when calculating inducements.
<b>8)</b> There are no restriction on Apothecaries, coaches, cheerleaders, bloodweiser babes and bribes.
<b>9)This is a fun easygoing league, if you lack social skills, then maybe this isn’t the league for you </b>

<hr><h3>Team Creation</h3>
<b>1) All BB7s teams must be NEW and from the [L] Division only. </b>
<b>2) Teams are not allowed to hire big guys/loners</b> (except for journeymen, see above). It is far too expensive to feed them and they ruin any chances teams have of winning! The notable exceptions are Stunties, Treemen help out their Halfling friends, and Trolls are too stupid to realize they could get paid. Goblins are allowed them too!
<b>3)</b> Because revenue streams for these misfit leagues are scarce and teams can’t afford expensive stars, <b>ALL positional limits are halved, the exception being base players</b>, 0-12 or 0-16 types. This means teams may have 1 Wardancer or 2 Black Orc Blockers, but 7 skeletons is fine for the league! This rule doesn’t apply to Halfling and Goblin teams! (this means halfling and goblin teams are allowed to hire 2 treemen/trolls).
<b>4)</b> Leader is fine to take on a Skill roll, as is Pro! However, the Leader skill must only be used as long as the Leader is still on the field.
<b>5)</b> Within these rules for team creation there's a few race specific exceptions:
<b>Chaos Pact</b> - One of each renegade is allowed.
<b>Goblin</b> - One secret weapon allowed.
<b>Ogre</b> - Four ogres allowed.

<hr><h3>Tournaments and Misc</h3>
<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=7473">Mini test leagues</a> are open round robin tournaments with the best placed teams going into play-offs. Coaches may only have one team in each mini-league. Between these Mini test leagues we will set up other events.

There is no guaranties but the teams from this test league will probably be allowed to join the main <a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=group&op=view&group=3433">BB7s group</a> when this migrates to crp.