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The Old Skool TTT is brought to you by Dave's Dungeon Equipment Emporium, suppliers of Spikey Fings to all good lairs, caverns and citadels. Our prices will make you screeeam!

Media partner Radio Snotling's crack team of football analysts - no story too small, no reporter too big - will broadcast what little of the action they can see and describe as it unfolds, and will give sports fans unprecedented access to the pitch, the players, and almost inevitably Dr Hacksaw's treatment table.


Dave's Dungeon Equipment Emporium, in association with Radio Snotling, is proud to present... The Old Skool Invitational Tag-Team Tournament!


The Old Skool TTT was formed from the remnants of an older tournament featuring dozens of aged coaches, inspired once more to risk (their players') life and limb for a last chance of football glory. Sadly, infighting between teams dominated the build up to the games. This culminated in a series of increasingly hostile takeovers, mysterious accidents and random assassinations that left just three coaches and six teams standing.

With Dave's sponsorship money now long spent on grog and cheerleaders, and unrecoverable even on pain of Dave's patented Pointy Fing, the remaining coaches resolved that playing the league was marginally less dangerous than legging it and so the TTT format was born...


In a fit of rage, Dave decided to sack the entire league at the end of Season II. The precise reasons are unknown, but Radio Snotling reports that the noxious fumes generated by the last Goblin-Nurgle showdown were so powerful that they left the league's owner temporarily blinded, whereupon he accidentally snapped his favourite Pointy Fing in an unsuccessful attempt to cut off his own nose.

Dave moved quickly to reassemble the league, press-ganging a fourth coach to take charge of an extra two teams, and so the new, super money-spinning TTT Season III was born!

The following, updated rules now apply:

  • Standard Fumbbl rules apply throughout the TTT.
  • The league comprises one division of EIGHT teams, with each coach controlling two. To retain competitive tension throughout the season the sponsor has decided, on pain of Pointy Fing, that a coach's teams can not play each other. Each team will therefore play SIX others giving each coach a six week, 12 game season.

  • Each coach must have one Tier 1 team and one Tier 2 team at all times.

    Tier 1: Dwarf; Chaos Dwarf, Orc, Chaos, Undead, Nurgle, Chaos Pact, Lizardmen, Necromantic, Norse, Skaven, Khemri.
    Tier 2: SIMYIN, Dark Elf, High Elf, Wood Elf, Elf, Human, Amazon, Slaan, Ogre; Vampire, Goblin, Halfling, Underworld.

  • No duplicate races are allowed in the TTT by Dave, for fear of losing fans.

  • New league teams can play up to three pre-season friendlies against other teams in the TTT universe (being existing and former league AND CUP teams). Existing league teams can play up to one friendly. Relegated/retired/OTHER TTT teams can play as many as they like. All friendlies are at the agreement of both coaches.

  • Coach of the Year. At season end the TTT coach with most league points (3 for a win, 1 for a draw) is declared the winner. In the event of a tie between two coaches, the coaches' most successful teams (by league position) will play-off to determine Coach of the Year. If the tie is between three coaches, TD difference and then CAS difference (across all 6 teams), will be used to determine which two coaches are selected to play-off. If still tied, combined fan factor and then combined TV will be used.
  • League Champion. At season end the team with most points (3 for a win, 1 for a draw) will be the winner. Teams equal on points will be split on their head to head record.

  • Coaches may in order from EIGHTH place upwards elect to retire their teams. Replacement teams will be drawn from the same Tier as the departing team. Or, they may return a retired/relegated team of lower TW.

  • League and cup winners may not retire - or will get DA POINTY FING!

  • Due to the volatile nature of a tournament effectively controlled by an out-of-pocket psychopath and a mob of Snotlings, new teams CAN BE selected at random OR PICKED, BY AGREEMENT AMONG THE COACHES, from the same Tier of team that left the league.

  • In order to maintain balance over the longer term and to stop established teams from regularly dominating the league, at the end of a season where a team is relegated from the TTT and replaced by a new rookie team, the following rules apply:

    * the league winning team must retire it's most valuable player by SPP count immediately following its last league fixture. The player will be inducted in to the TTT Hall of Fame, given a torture implement of his choice from Dave's Emporium and a Radio Snotling fan club t-shirt.

    * a TW cap of 1,750 will operate at the start of the following season.


    Harm Grudgebearer - Inaugural member of the Old Skool Invitational Hall of Fame. Holder of two winner's medals from his first and only OSI season. Elevated after injuring 10 players in his first 11 games, and memorably scoring from an intercepted pass.