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Group managers: Wreckage
Hi, I'm proud to present the introduction of the first trade simulation game/tournament based on the fantasy football client.

This is a test season, please join up and help me test it.

The game is heavy on numbers and requires the coaches to have an interest in economic simulation games.

The Game
The game happens in real time.

Goal of the Game
You play a trader in the coastal city of Gromesk who is trying to build up his empire by taking over the majority of the shares of the local bank (51%), 100% worth a total of 12 million GP.

How do I get shares?
You can buy any amount of shares from the bank at any given time for 100k gp a piece (120 shares total). You can trade your shares with any other player. You can trade them back to the bank for 50k gp a piece.

How much money do I get to start?

You start with no money. The bank will loan money to you asessing your skills, but you will have to pay your debts back before you can win the game.
The bank will loan money to you based on the following criteria:
Coach Level
Rookie - max. 1 million gp - interest: 20% / month
Experienced - max. 1 million gp - interest: 10% / month
Veteran - max. 1.5 million gp - interest: 10% / month
Star - max. 2 million gp - interest: 10% / month
Rising Star- max. 2.5 million gp - interest: 10% / month
Super Star - max. 3 million gp - interest: 10% / month
Legend - max. 3.5 million gp - interest: 10% / month

How do I get more money?

Near Gromesk lies a successfull mining outpost that lives off of slave labor. The owners are huge fans of the game of bloodbowl and are willing to sell minerals far under value to members of the bloodbowl association.

However, since you are not a member you are going to have a team of merchants to pretend to be bloodbowl players to lead the negotiations.
The price for such a bloodbowl team is 1.000.000 gp.

How much ressources do I get from these trades?
Your sub-contractors handle the goods and the risk of loss. You just get to see the reward money after a successfull expedition.
A ship can carry goods worth 500.000 GP+ whatever bonuses were negotiated.

A ship needs 3 days to get to the outpost and 4 days to get back (slower when loaded).

What exactly will I get bonuses for?
The sillier your skills and racial choices for comedic effect, the better the negotiations:
Racial Choice:
Halfings: +30%
Ogres: +25 %
Goblins: + 20 %
Vampires: +15 %
Slann: + 10 %
Humans: +5 %

Skill Choices (no default skill bonuses):
VLL, Sneaky Gitz, +ag on ag1 player, leap&bigguy : + 15 % (+30 % on double)
Shadowing, Pass Block, Thick Skull, Jump Up, Diving Catch, (all passing skills except leader), Foul Appearance, Disturbing Presence: + 10%
Extra Arms, Grab, Multiple Block, Fend: +5 %

What's the catch?
You and your opponents get to use your money on two different types of teams aswell. Both can be hired for 1 million gp starting costs.
Those are pirates and mercenaries.

What are pirates for?
Pirate bloodbowl teams can blockade your trade ships and steal their goods. To do that the owner of a pirate team declares on the forum wich trade team on sea he is going to attack. Now he has to make an offer when a match should be played between the two in the next 24 hours.
If the other coach does not appear at the presented time, he is blockaded. If the pirate coach does not appear at the presented time, the trade ship is free to move on.

What happens during a blockade?
If a ship is blockaded, time stops passing as usual and its trade mission is halted until the blockade is over. The involved pirate ship is no longer able to attack any other ships until it ends the blockade.
The owner of a blockaded ship must present two proposals for a time to play. The first time must be at least 24 hours after he makes the proposal, the second at least 24 hours after the first time.
If the pirate captain does not show at either proposed time, the blockade is broken.
If the trader captain does not show at one of the proposed times, the blockade continues and the trader captain has to make two new proposals as if it was his first.
Offers should include an error margin of at least 15 minutes.

What happens exactly when they DO play a game?
The pirates will try to rob the goods on board of the ship, the traders will try to bring it to safety. For every TD more the pirates have scored, 20% of the goods on the trade ship will go to the pirates.
After the fight, both owners have to subtract the winnings of their teams from their balance as a fee for their done work.

Is the balance on my teams part of my total balance?
No, the teams have their own money. It is not yours and yours is not theirs. Money can't be transferred between you and your teams, except for in the defined cases: Start money and winnings. Otherwise they are completly independend and you do not even own them, they simply do contracts for you and due to your generous donations to them.

What are Mercenaries for?
Mercenaries can attack pirates the same way pirates can attack traders and blockade them. A mercenary ship that attacks a pirate ship automatically breaks any blockade the pirate ship was causing.
If the pirate ship has stolen goods on board, the mercenary can take it the same way the pirate ship could take it from the traders. Otherwise scoring touchdowns in such a match is irrelevant. Players and the bank can offer rewards for killing or incapacitating particular pirates.
The bank will offer money for pirates that have killed themselves. (Number of kills * SPP * 10.000Gp).

How do I train my teams?
Besides the option to the described options of combat, they can do arena battles, while in their home town. If they do that, they will be stuck there for the next 24 hours after the battle.
Both involved coaches and third parties are allowed to bet their money on such an arena battle.