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Group managers: polemarch, Balle2000
The Fringe is home to all non-league Blood Bowl in the Southern Wastes. In these barren lands new legends are born, and old legends come to die. Play free standing fringe games versus other roaming teams; build your roster for the next Fringe Major; raid Old World tournaments and bring back trophies & glory to the Wastes; prime your team for the SWL through the gruelling Trial of Blood; or stand in the greenskins' way by becoming one of the Blooders.
As with the SWL, to participate you must be living in an area within the broad GMT+7 to GMT +12 timezones. (Usually this consists of Australian/New Zealand and East Asian areas). Each coach is allowed any number of [L]eague teams. These can be any team you like, a brand new team, an SWL team, or an [L] team that once played elsewhere but have migrated to the Fringe. Once in however, there's ours! No dodging in and out of the group except for when raiding Old World tournaments.
Leagues and groups that are for the Asia-Oceanic region but is not part of the Southern Wastes fluffwise, or that otherwise don't fit in the Fringe group.

CBBA 7s Group Page

Southern Wastes Warlord Showdown Group Page

*** Trial of blood starting on XXX. Contact admin Polemarch to sign up. (Use =hidden on newsbox block when no particular news.)
The Trial of Blood is an pre-season tournament designed to prepare the new teams for the harsh life of SWL, arguably FUMBBL's toughest, meanest and best league. During this time, you will be able to play other SWL coaches to get your team ready for the upcoming season.

The Trial of Blood is an open round robin format tournament which runs for up to 5 weeks up prior to the next SWL season commences. New drafting teams will be able to play the other drafting teams plus a selection of SWL teams which have decided to avoid the big league, but are more than happy to assist new teams prepare for their opportunity to "Create a Legend".

Trial of Blood match are not trials of puppydogs and pink magnolias. As such, the winner of the Trial of Blood will receive a The Bloody Cup and standout players will receive individual awards. Games are are expected to be competitive from BOTH sides.

To be eligible to enter the next SWL season, new drafting teams must:
  1. Complete at least 2 Trial of Blood matches in order to be accepted into the league. This is to demonstrate the enthusiasm and ability of the coach to organise games.
  2. Have a Tournament Weight of equal to or less than 130 and 0 treasury to be accepted into the main league for the upcoming season.

The Trial of Blood rules for New and Existing SWL teams can be accessed through the RULES button below.
Trial of Blood for SWL Season LIX
Primary Draft 10th March - Secondary Draft 16th March
Runs Wednesday 11th March through to Sunday 29th March 2015

CoachTeam NameRace
BigbulliesXXXXPro Elves
FortisXXXXChaos Dorfs
CoachTeam NameRace
Balle2000Cathay Bush CobrasYYYY
polemarchTrainspotters UnitedYYYY
SeasonBloody CupBloody TargetBloody Star
New Teams (aka The Drafters)
  1. After successfully drafting a new team apply with your team at the bottom of the Group Members page for the ToB league
  2. Drafting teams can play as many games as can be scheduled, however all teams must have a maximum TV of 130 with 0 gold before commencing the next SWL reggie season

Existing SWL Teams (aka The Blooders)
  1. Have a maximum TV (excluding gold) of 140, except Non Stunty (Halfing, Goblin, Underworld and Ogre) teams which have No Limit
  2. Non Stunty Teams, Any player reaching Super Star (51 SPP)status must be retired before commencing a new game
  3. SWL admins have the discretion to veto teams which not conducive to fulfilling the ToB purpose

ToB Tournament
  1. The are no in game house rules applying to the Trial of Blood
Previous Season Results.
Trial of Blood Pitch Logos.

For Blooders use
For Drafters use

Just superimpose your team logo over the appropriate pitch logo!

Fringe Smackdowns


Tournament #3




Deep in the Southern Wastes desert winds race uninterrupted across endless leagues of scorched earth. Ever erratic, the winds this particular day offer up the fractured remains of a skull, as it comes skittering across the sands. For an age it has wandered the desert like a nomad, seemingly doomed to the mercy of the winds, but finally its path has now terminated at this barren piece of ground marked out in the middle of nowhere. A behomothian orc spots the skull as it comes to rest, and looking immensely pleased, wanders over and straps the skull to his shoulder pad.

This is the Fringe...there may be not much else, but there is Blood Bowl!