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Group managers: DustBunny, Karnov, tussock
See the forum if you like to see forums. Post whatever you like, we're happy with anything.

We are not in any way affiliated with the SWL, we just poach their most talented, smartest, prettiest, and best-dressed coaches.

Due dates for the pending SEASON FIVE. Mondays.

Round 1: 3rd Jul. (or, it turns out, forfeitted)
Round 2: 10th Jul. (because, yeah, it says round 2)
Round 3: 17th Jul.
Round 4: 31st Jul.
Round 5: 7th Aug.
Round 6: 14th Aug.
Round 7: 21st Aug.

Either 5 rounds with a cross-division playoff game, or just 6 rounds and whoever tops the table is it, if we lack the coaches for the first option. Expect a fair break at the end of the season, unless I do like this one and skip it for more stunty games.

Wizards are on, PO is on and free to use, Spiralling Expenses is on and agressive, Expensive Mistakes are on too. Ruleset to check if you like that sort of thing.


That dastardly DustBunny has cobbled this thing together, and then tricked tussock into running it. What?!

Use your SWL team's player names and positions as creatively as you can! Your SWL team sets which stunty rosters are available. Other leagues in our time zone (SSL, DIBBL, whatever else is hiding out there) may be allowed as a base team if you have no SWL, and we're cool with parked teams hanging around here.

Might not have you if you can't make your other league games though.

Submit your top two of the three avialable, in preference order, I'll allow whatever's not already spammed in the group, and ask you to create a stunty team using the link at the top right of this page! NB: Aiming for maximum 2 of each team active from now, re-roll if you like the new choices.

Eshin Adepts, Pygmy, or Skink.

Chaos Chosen
Chaos Halfling, Horrors of Tzeentch, or Nurglings.

Chaos Dwarf
Gnome, Goblin Cheaters, or Snotling.

Chaos Renegades
Chaos Halfling, Gnoblar, or Nurglings.

Dark Elf
Eshin Adepts, Horrors of Tzeentch, or Strigoyan.

Gnome, Skryre Slaves, or Snotling.

Elven Union
Albion Fae, Pro Halflings, or Skink.

Forest Goblin, Goblin Cheaters, or Squig Herders.

Chaos Halfling, Pro Halflings, or Squig Herders.

High Elf
Horrors of Tzeentch, Pro Halflings, or Squig Herders.

Gnome, Pygmy, or Strigoyan.

Khemri Tomb Kings
Gnoblar, Snotling, or Strigoyan.

Forest Goblin, Pygmy, or Skink.

Necromantic Horror
Skryre Slaves, Snotling, or Strigoyan.

Chaos Halfling, Pygmy, or Strigoyan.

Nurglings, Goblin Cheaters, or Skryre Slaves.

Gnoblar, Snotling, or Squig Herders.

Forest Goblin, Goblin Cheaters, or Gnome.

Shambling Undead
Gnoblar, Horrors of Tzeentch, or Nurglings.

Eshin Adepts, Skink, or Skryre Slaves.

Goblin Cheaters, Pygmy, or Skink.

Underworld Denizens
Eshin Adepts, Forest Goblin, or Skryre Slaves.

Albion Fae, Squig Herders, or Strigoyan.

Wood Elf
Albion Fae, Horrors of Tzeentch, or Pro Halflings.

Season 4's biggest luckers
Cheesy Fleas
Chaos Halfling
Coached by ramchop

Season 3's biggest luckers
Horrors of Tzeentch
Coached by jevouse

Season 2's biggest luckers
Bakery and Cheesecakes
Forest Goblin
Coached by tussock

Season 1's biggest luckers
Cheesy Fleas
Chaos Halfling
Coached by ramchop