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Group managers: Wex

Secret League comes to SWL*!

Rosters here

ShhhWL is an offshoot of the Southern Wastes League, also known as SWL. The ShhhWL aims to maintain the culture of SWL, as well as act as a supplemental league to SWL. To facilitate this, it will run with less rounds but longer deadlines. The current expectation is that games will be played on a 10-day deadline, to a maximum of three deadlines a month.

This league is all hush-hush like, with none of that official blessings or whatnot. We got some of them on the down-low, but this is an underground league. Stay quiet, stay secret.

The first rule of Secret Wastes League is: Don't talk about Secret Wastes League to the admins or their snoops.

*Certain exceptions apply

Racial Restrictions

ShhhWL bans certain teams that have been declared "unfun" and exceptionally powerful or simply limited to a playstyle that frustrates both players, but allows for a balance across other rosters that are considered competitive.

Unfun teams: Daemons of Khorne, Half Orcs, and Von Carstein

Challenging teams are those with unusual play styles, or which are especially reliant on good dice to be successful. These teams are not part of the tier system, and can be chosen independently at any time. The Challenging teams are: Araby, Clan Skyre, Daemons of Nurgle, Engineers, Gnome, Goblins, Halflings, Lumbira, Lybaras, Nautican, Ogres, Squig, Treemen, Vampires and Underworld Denizens.

Lumbria teams always be available due to their native habitat being the Southern Wastes.

The other teams are split into tiers, reflecting their potency. These may be adjusted in future as more data comes to light.

The ShhhWL recognises three major categories of teams: Rock (Bash) teams, Paper (Agi/Fast) teams, and Scissors (mixed-type) teams. With this in mind, these 3 archetypes will be balanced with each other to create a more 'even' field of play.

Players may choose teams in a laddered tier system. You may choose any Tier 2 or Tier 3 team, subject to team balance. Players who choose to do so should submit a draft list of at least five (5) teams in order of preference. However, to choose a Tier 1 team, you MUST choose at least one Tier 2 and one Tier 3 team for each Tier 1 team, with a minimum of five (5) teams. Players who choose to do so will then receive a random team from their selection.


This group operates within the ruleset ID: 303.

This means it operates under most CRP rules, such as Piling On enabled and costing no rerolls, and Spiraling Expenses. However, the BB2016 MVP rule and Argue the Call are both enabled.
How to Join ShhhWL

1. Say hi! PM Wex

2. Submit your draft list! Look at the Racial Restrictions tab to see how to submit your draft list.

3. When assigned your race, start creating your team. The fluffier, the better, but don't feel obliged to fluff it up.

4. The Grinder. Currently not in place. Will be in place in Season 2.

5. Once the Season is drawn, PM your opponent, play your game, and repeat until the season is over! Build the greatest Master of Secrets!
League Structure
It is intended that ShhhWL will be a promotion/demotion round league with rounds of 10 days (give or take) - each round starting on the X1st of each month (With exceptions for February and March). Round deadline dates will be posted here once the season has started.

For the first season, there needs to a be a minimum of six players. Five rounds. If there are ten or more players, there will be split leagues.
Scoring Points
Win: 5 Points
Draw: 2 Points
Lose: 0 Points

It is common for two or more teams to be tied on league points at the end of a season. In this event, tiebreakers are used; these tiebreakers are (in order):

1. Total Points
2. Head to Head result
3. Play-off (If teams did not play each other)
4. TDDiff Average
5. TDFor Average
6. CasDiff Average
7. CasFor Average
8. Coin Toss
1.0 - League started
Draft Deadline: 10th April

Round 1: 1st May
Round 2: 11th May
Round 3: 21st May
Round 4: 31st May
Round 5: 11st June
March 31st 2017 - League Announced!
None yet