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<center><b> WILIES Division: Whitle Isle League Invincible Extreme Stunty Division.</b><br />
The best league ever...EVER!! </center>

<a href="http://fumbbl.com/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=14082">Group Thread</a>

JockMcRowdy - Recruiting, team restarting
Zombificus - League and tournament setup
Ludovicious - Rules and Restrictions

we will all deal with general questions and game forfeiting.

We welcome aboard;
Blacknwhitedog - graphics king pin
Purplegoo - backup admin.

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ok, we finished with 32 teams thanks to rijssiej

there will be 4 divisions of 8 teams,
so 7 games, 2 weeks for each.

the top 2 teams in each division go into a playoff for the title everyone else can play 2 friendlies, after which the teams will be ranked and put into appropriate divisions with promotion and relegation.

All are welcome, but those around GMT are suggested in order to easily play game before deadlines.

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Stunty isnt exactly balanced so the following restrictions apply;
Steak: Cheaters, Gnomes, Horrors, Nurglings, Slaves, Snotling
[C] Cheese: Chaos Flings, Forest Gobbos, Gnoblar, Goblin, Squig, Strig
[P] Pastry: Eshin, Fairies, Flings, Skink, Pygmy, Old school skink

# Chaos Halfling - must pay double to hire logan, as in have the cash in the bank and burn it through coaches/cheerleaders. [C]
# Eshin Adepts - 0-2 Night Runners maximum, team must have 11 players in order to hire an Assassin, so keep you team alive, its not a 1 man team..honest. [P]
# Fairies - No restrictions [P]
# Forest Goblin - No restrictions [C]
# Gnome - 0-2 Bommaz maximum. May only start with 1 Daredevil
# Gnoblar - 0-2 Trappers to start [C]
# Goblin - may not hire a non goblin star [C]
# Goblin Cheaters - 0-1 Kicker, Bomber and Chainsaw to start
# Halfling - Can only purchase 1 set of ingredients per game [P]
# Horrors - No restrictions
# Nurglings - 0-1 Beast to start
# Skink - No restrictions [P]
# Skryre Slaves - 0-1 Mechavermin maximum
# Snotling - No restrictions
# Pygmy - No restrictions [P]
# Squig Herders - 0-1 Hoppers, 0-3 Squigs to start [C]
# Strigoyan - No restrictions [C]
# Old School Skink - 12 skinks and 1 saurus available Cannot hire siibili [P]

By 'to start' i mean your starting roster must abide by these restrictions but you can proceed as normal afterwards, you could save the money to buy them game 2 but that would limit your rr purchasing for example.

To begin there must be 1 team of every race participating after that, standard Rock, Paper, Scissor rules, attempting to keep a 1/3 balance from the sections.

Get creating now!! 'L' League Teams please
<a href="http://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?&op=new_team">; Create a new Stunty team </a>
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<b> Round 5 Deadline: 17th October </b>