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League Commissioner:
Chief Scheduling Officer:
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Rd 1 - July 14th
Rd 2 - July 28th
Rd 3 - August 11th
Rd 4 - August 25th
Rd 5 - September 8th

Rd 6 - September 22nd
Rd 7 - October 6th

Rd 8 - October 20th
Rd 9 - November 3rd
Rd 10 - November 17th

Das Waterbowl Rules:
1. Relegation / Promotion:

Division Funkyzeit!
  • Bottom 2 teams get relegated to Pech!
  • Last one from Funkyzeit! that is not relegated (currently rank 5) plays best one from Pech! that is not promoted (currently rank 3) for one spot in Funkyzeit!
Division Pech!
  • Top 2 get promoted to Funkyzeit!
  • Best one from Pech! that is not promoted (currently rank 3) plays last one from Funkyzeit! that is not relegated (currently rank 5) for one spot in Funkyzeit!
  • Bottom 2 teams get relegated to Ach Nein!
  • Last one from Pech! that is not relegated (currently rank 5) plays best one from Ach Nein! that is not promoted (currently rank 3) for one spot in Pech!
Division Ach Nein!
  • Top 2 get promoted to Pech!
  • Best one from Ach Nein! that is not promoted (currently rank 3) plays last one from Pech! that is not relegated (currently rank 5) for one spot in Pech!

no salary cap
runner up
3rd place
4th place
relegation match
relegated to Pech!
Ach Nein!
salary cap 1.650k
salary cap 1.650k
promoted to Funkyzeit
promoted to Funkyzeit
best runner up plays promotion match
3rd goes to Pech!
3rd stays in Pech!
4th goes to Pech!
4th stays in Pech!
5th stays in Ach Nein!
5th goes to Ach Nein!

Funkyzeit season 8
1st place from Funkyzeit
2nd place from Funkyzeit
3rd place from Funkyzeit
4th place from Funkyzeit
winner of relegation match
1st place from Ach Nein!
1st place from Pech!

Pech! season 8
runner up of relegation match
2nd best runner up of Ach Nein! and Pech!
3rd place from Ach Nein!
3rd place from Pech!
4th place from Ach Nein!
4th place from Pech!

Ach Nein! season 8
5th place of Ach Nein!
5th place of Pech!
coaches that did sit out season 7
new coaches

2. Bargaining Agreement:

We play with a Bargaining Agreement for each season and division (except top division Funkyzeit!. Its purpose is to prevent too big TV differences within a division. The Bargaining Agreement is implemented in form of a TV cap meaning right after your last divisional match (or your promotion/relegation match, see above) you have to trim your team's team value to a given maximum value for the division you'll be playing in next season.
For purposes of salary cap your current treasury is added to your TW (tournament weight - this includes your mng players) on a 1-on-1 basis. For example: Your TW is 1.300k and you have a treasury of 50.000 than your TW is considered as if it was 1.350k for salary cap calculations.

The Bargaining Agreement for season 7 is as follows:
  • Funkyzeit: No Cap
  • Pech: TW 1.650k
  • Ach Nein: TW 1.400k

Exception for season VII:
As we have a special situation in season VII with Ach Nein! and Pech! division being parallel (and not hirachically) arranged the salary cap for both Pech! and Ach Nein! will be 1.650k for season VII only!

3. Restarting / Dropping out:

If your team has been pounded and you feel you need to change it after the season has started, you may do this once per season. Your new team keeps the winning record and points of your abandoned team but pays for restarting with a penalty of 3 points (and a win from your record) which will be subtracted immediately.

If you restart at the end of a season, your new team begins in the bottom division (currently Ach Nein!) at the start of the next season.

Dropping out:
If you decide to take a season (or longer) out, then you must start with a new team when you return. You will start in the bottom division (currently Ach Nein!).

4. Game options:

Currently we play with no game options.
The board of league commissioners may opt to change that but won't do so during a running season.
About Das_Waterbowl:

Das Waterbowl is a scheduled league brought to you (unsurprisingly) by the Waterbowl, Manchester's home to all things bloodbowl.

Currently we have three divisions: Funkyzeit! (top division), Pech!, and Ach Nein! (parallel divisions). Each division consists of 5 or 6 teams that play each other twice each season. Rounds run to fortnightly deadlines. We play in European timezones.

After a season has ended there may be some sort of "friendly games" or "build up" games for brand new teams. This will be decided by the board of league commissioners and announced via pm.

If you are interested in joining please get in touch with the league commissioners (see "staff").

History / Hall of Fame:


Much has happened since our last news: 1st meet has been completed for all three divisions. Nuln Gunners replaced Manchester Monkeys in Ach Nein! Lots of spectacular matches have been played with lots of nice plays and even nicer kills!
2nd meet (rounds 6 - 10) are now in progress. So far every division still has several teams left that compete for the title - lots of exiting matches lie ahead of us!

First win for the little green buggers! In their 6th match the goblins from Ardly 'itin a t'ing finally managed to get their first victory! Worgore and Snotalot secured the 2-1 victory against Chaos Lords of Misrule!
Coach Dalfort joined our Admin team and got appointed Chief Scheduling Officer! Please include Dalfort and b4nshee from now on in your PMs concerning scheduling problems.
Season 6 individual stats are now available (thanks to Shraaaag's FUMBBL Scripts!). You can find them under "Stats".

Group page has been brought up to date and we now have a News section. Hopefully the History and Hof will follow soon! :-)
Season 7 has just started! With some old coaches dropped and some new blood joined we are now redistributing teams between Pech! and Ach Nein! division. The winners of those divisions will be promoted to Funkyzeit!, the remaining teams will then form Pech! (as 2nd division) and Ach Nein! (as 3rd division) for season 8.
Noteworthy: We will have two meetings between each of the two teams per division in season 7 to get a fair number of games.

No oldest news

Latest Results:

2017-07-17 - Funkyzeit (rd 6)
North Bay Buccaneers
Lancashire Wolverines

1 : 2
2017-07-17 - Ach Nein! (rd 5)
Nuln Cadets
A show about nothing

2 : 1
2017-07-13 - Pech! (rd 6)
Ardly 'itin a t'ing
Cool An' Green An' Shady II

0 : 2

Upcoming matches:

Funkyzeit! - round 6

Ach Nein! - round 6