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[B] [B] Legend Kroxi
Top 25 List for Highest Rushing Box Lizardman Kroxigor

Was one of the last 2 players on the pitch for the team, an auspicious start to his career... the throw was turn 16 after the winning TD was scored by my gracious opponent. The icing on the cake would have been being awarded the MVP but Nuffle chose to bless him with an AG+, truely a sign of the great things to come.

After Game 3, in which he scored 3 TD, he moved to Top Active Box Lizrdman Kroxigor for Highest Rushing with 41. First List entry with sights set on the being the first entry on Highest Scorer and hopefully Top Passer too.

Game 4 : First game the wannabe failed to show any potential. Adding only 7 Rushing Paces to his total and failing to gain any SPP.

Game 5 : After a slow start where a skink failed to catch an accurate pass he went on to score and finally added a Casualty to the tally (4 Blocks in the game).

Game 6 : Threw a couple of supporting Blocks before being handed the ball to score (T3) only to be overcome with Heat Exhaustion until half-time. With just 6 players on the field for the second half Dalfort valiantly pursued the Ball Carrier until he Badly Hurt himself Going For It to put a Hobgoblin in a TZ.

Game 7 : Pretending to protect his Skink teammates He ploughed forward, the hand off was dropped and time wasted as they battled the dwarves to free the ball. Dalfort managed to pick-up and run in.

Game 8 : The Halflings bravely fought to pin down this mammoth reptile but with his break tackle and a feast of POWs clearing the Flings by the end of game Dalfort the Kroxi score to gain his next skill... 6,6 what to take?

Game 9 : Having taken Sure Hands on the 6,6 he put it to good use picking the ball up 3 times in this game against some initially hard hitting Chaos Dwarves. They killed a Saurus, Badly Hurt another by Turn 3. A Skink joined the Dugout by failing a Dodge and it looked hopeless, Coach Dalfort considered conceding but you do not get Stats by giving up and Dalfort the Kroxi understood this and went on a single handed crusade to ruin the CDs day. He fired off a Pass (his second) just before half-time and came out fighting chasing down the ball and managing to score mid second half. A late hit on a Hobgoblin saw his Cas tally rise as well. He ended the game just 1 square short of the 100 paces Rushing mark but 99 in 9 games is nothing to be sniffed at.

Game 10 : Added more Rushing with some good pick ups, 2 Passing by Handing Off to Skinks and his first Foul on Turn 16 (thanks for a really enjoyable game Subs!), onwards and upwards!

Game 11 : 2 TD and a Pass added along with 36 Rushing Paces all in a thrilling 3-3 draw vs Goblins.

Game 12 : A Chaos team which had 5 MB (All CW and 1 Beastman) were kept out in the first half, we even managed to pop the ball out and have Kroxi Dalfort throw a quick pass turn 8. Second half; with the lizzies only KO failing to return and the Chaos team back up to full strength they took 3 players out in turns 2 and 3, this after a risky play to get the skinks forward.

Game 14 : The above description is actually for game 13 so not quite sure where I messed up the numbering; Poor Dark Elves, I have such a bad record vs DE (ok I have such a bad record vs everything!!) but the dice were firmly in my favour, it clearly made my last 20 games worthwhile... A hat-trick of TDs takes Dalforts total past the Great Nemeton he aspires to emulate or at least it did until the Legend came out of retirement and has played a few games...

Game 15: After a break (been playing Chaos/Nurgle) Nuffle clearly showed his dismay at my team not taking to the pitch as 2 Saurus were dispatched in the first turn, managed to add some Rushing stats, went for 2 passes but was let down by the rookie Skinks. Consolation Snotling Casualty though so not all bad, mainly bad... but not all!

Retired after a concession when the team was down to 6 men at half time. Third game where I had no players left to face more bash bs.

Team will be retired now.

Top Stars17th575856180
Top Scorers1st14--13
Top Passers-410Empty List32
Top Interceptors-05Empty List0
Top Blockers-314-32
Oldest Player-1536-136
Most Blocks-75188-705
Most Fouls-110Empty List19
Highest Passing1st9--55
Highest Rushing1st190-39638
Updated 24/02/16 01:10 BB time

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Mighty Blow
Thick Skull
Prehensile Tail
Break Tackle
Sure Hands
Strong Arm
Match performances
2013-01-17'Em [B]oyz100016
2013-01-28Elfheim Greyshadows010003
2013-04-09Blackfrost Brawlers030009
2014-03-14Voie du cimetière010105
2015-02-10Los Urkosmentetx010003
2015-02-18New Flingland PastryTots010003
2015-03-05Unfortunate Creations BBL110106
2015-03-20Skullcave Skulkers120007
2015-05-03Oh Such Fun in the Box100001
2016-01-19Underworld Outlaws030009
2016-02-24Les Gros d'ici000102