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Past Players of New Ork Kafe Orkestra
Team Page
15GnappettoLineman1215+MAm, n
11GianGianniThrower1716Pass, Sure Hands, Block, Accuratem, -st
7Frank LucertolaBlitzer1544Block, Stand Firm, Mighty Blow, Guardm, -st
3GianpieroBlitzer20Blockm, -av
7PietrasalvaBlitzer526Block, Mighty Blow, Guardd
14AeroplaninoGoblin4321Dodge, Right Stuff, Stunty, Sprint, Blockn
4GordellaBlitzer2538Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackled
3GastoneBlitzer2133Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tacklem, -ma
5TorkioBlack Orc Blocker33m, n
11Jimmy ScandaloThrower4761Pass, Sure Hands, Block, Accurate, Safe Throw, Dump-Offn
14LapelloGoblin335Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffm, -av
11RocketThrower21Pass, Sure Handsd
11LuLuGoblin10Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffd
5TaskaBlack Orc Blocker1215Blockd
3GrasshooperBlitzer2057Block, Mighty Blow, +MA, Tackle, Shadowingm, n
1TrappolaBlack Orc Blocker3138Block, Mighty Blow, Guard-av, d
7GirellaBlitzer4766Block, Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Guardd
15JesterLineman5424Guard, +AGd
14LupastroGoblin113Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuffm, n
2TorpedoBlack Orc Blocker2631Stand Firm, Block, Guardm, n
10TessagliaBlack Orc Blocker3121Block, Guardm, n
4GalauBlitzer3552Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackle, Strip Ball 
1TrombettaBlack Orc Blocker1318Block, +STm, n
11SkapokkiaThrower2130Pass, Sure Hands, Dodge, Blockd
16Varag Ghoul-ChewerStar Player00Block, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Pro, Leader, Star 
16'Ripper' BolgrotStar Player00Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Throw Team Mate, Star 
5TorelloBlack Orc Blocker3132Block, Guard, Mighty Blowm, n
15'Ripper' BolgrotStar Player00Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Throw Team Mate, Star 
12PolpoLineman8643Guard, Block, Pass Blockm, n
10TattoliBlack Orc Blocker3137Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
11SkalpelloThrower2846Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Block, Dump-Offd
6GiapponeBlitzer1940Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Tackled
5TasselloBlack Orc Blocker1814Blockd
6ResistiThrower216Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Blockn
14LupozzoGoblin408Dodge, Stunty, Right Stuff, Sure Feetm, n
3GaggaloBlitzer5589Block, Mighty Blow, +ST, Guard, +ST, Break Tackled
13YappijauTroll7051Mighty Blow, Regenerate, Really Stupid, Throw Team Mate, Always Hungry, Big Guy, Guard, Break Tackle, Multiple Block, Juggernautn
12TatangaBlack Orc Blocker1931Block, Guard, Mighty Blown
7GolosoneBlitzer59127Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, +ST, Tackle, Break Tackle, Strip Ball-st
6GoraggioBlitzer1628Block, Mighty Blow, Dodged
5TrottolaBlack Orc Blocker1819Block, Mighty Blown
11TorelloThrower1625Pass, Sure Hands, +AG, +AGm, n
10WondrousLineman2317Block, Dirty Playern
9WallaceLineman8453Block, Dirty Player, Kick, +MAn
8WonderboyLineman3824Dirty Player, Blockd
4GasbarroBlitzer5084Block, Dodge, Tackle, +MA, Mighty Blow, Shadowingm, n
3GaspareBlitzer817Block, Guard, +AGn
2TrompetBlack Orc Blocker5438Block, Guard, Mighty Blowd
1TaliusBlack Orc Blocker5066Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, Break Tackle-ma, d