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Rotters are only flesh
Roster [R] Vampire
We lost in the first round of XFL III. Shame... But it was right. I wasnt concentrating enough, vs Heinz´s Bon Scott vs. Brian Johnson. Always fun to meet legendary teams!

One closer to eternal fame. And the best is that the vamps will always be there to see their own glory. Fantastic. A good first game. Hoped to have a full squad to next game but turn 15 stopped that... Keeper of sad dreams was coach Nature_Warden´s first cas. So we honour him for that! And we keep him for that reason! Perfect! Love it! After 2-1 in their first game ever, versus ogres

Second game we had a draw versus a guy who had played 10 games! Beat that! LOL! Something said me that a friend he talked about helped out, because suddenly he started playing supercoachstyle! That was hilarious. I could not stop laughing. From not knowing how to get two dices to fancy chainpushes perfectly done! Note: always check how many games someone have played. That was a bit too much...but marveously fun! A gob killed himself in the last round, being eaten by a troll. Lovely! Leif got st+. After 2-0 versus School of D´oh

A vamp killed himself on a gfi trying to score in the second turn. Too greedy. Must learn that no GFI without rr if not truly necessary... Apo failed in the turn after. In the middle of second half two vamps and two thralls were alone versus the lizzards on the pitch. But we managed with one death and two MNG! Not bad, not bad at all. Got a new vamp, a Leader- and a dodge-thrall after the game! So, I got the reroll I wanted! After 2-0 versus New Green Speed Elite

Once again we ended the game with 4 players on the pitch, and when the vamp got the first bloodlust of the game (that wasnt rerolled) we only hade three. But the merciful Gebannus made a quick TD on me. Guardian of Pain got ag5, now he is one hell of a gazer... our first blodger arrived... thinking about getting a dp for my next thrall. Could need that when I meet wellcomposed teams... Not that gobbos arent Gebannus, of course they are. Please dont send your cage after me! Maaaaaaaaaaaam!!!! (Dhaktokh is quickly afterwards laying in his own blood, with marks of green (!) teeth... After 3-1 versus Gebannus´ goblinhorde 070204

Tiberius is our first niggled nurgled player ever! Yihoo! A perm cas vs nurgle!!! Our star wanted blood at halftime so the nurgled got an easy TD and its even at this very moment... exciting... 2 BH so far. They dont count. I must start to count ofcourse. Beastmen seems to be priority. Who breeds them? Forgot to ask. Next task. Could it be the beast??? But..................... another niggled vamp, what is this? A plague which has infected the noble warriors???????????? After 2-1 versus first Nurgled EVER!!! Quest has begun!

"Coach was upset. Sure, when they meet other teams, scoring is fine, but when we MEET NURGLE YOU MUST KILL! Thats how we get our sponsormoney, and how we make a name of ourselves. And when we had Get the ref, a dp on the pitch, COME ON! But the thralls were extremely happy. They had only one vamp as a help (yes, he did the first two tds, but still) and then they heat took him for the last drive, and we stole the ball from defence, 6 thralls vs 11 nurgled and SCORED. But coach was still upset... he knew his hard way to fame and fortune... he thought, but he didnt know how to realise it." After 3-0 versus nubbble boys 070216

"With the count as a traitor Immortali did the only right thing, tried to take out Guardian of Nuffle´s halfbrother Leif as soon as possible (he was exactly as good as the count, apart from ofab of course), and after dodges and hits and 2dices against, a singe blow niggled our star to the ass-bench forever. Very sad. The annoying part was that Rotters are only flesh did beautiful moves, perfect hits and still silly regen made my players die (apo failed) but the regen worked for the undead perfectly, I have to sneak up to their camp and check how they do I guess. But second half was a revengefull mess, where the ref was too scared to blow the whistle when the thralls hit the fouls, one after the other. It gave the victory but nothing more... and when on a revengefull mode, the vamps wants blood and blood and more blood... Even made a turn16-foul but nothing..! It was necessary for the spirit of the team (or rather, the coach)... This team has huge problems with niggled vamps, lets pray the new breed survives better in this harsch world." After 1-0 versus Immortali 070607

Hmprff.... the thralls were overjoyed, because they had dodge in one turn like never before. The vamps on the other hand were confused, they had always had a long dinner during the break, and had eaten well. But this time they had to play directly, NO FOOD??? They played away and tried to understand the simple creatures of this world, but no food??? They couldnt believe it. So - they did as the always do. They did it their way. Every turn of secound half, perhaps not one or two, I actually only think one, since in the end there was only one brave thrall on the field, they ate of the thralls., or atleast tried hard to. So, thralls being happy for their elfing suddenly faced 15 players who only wanted them dead. It was beautiful to watch. But much of a game it sure wasnt in that half. And yeah, stboub helped with a 15turn-thrall-foul and killed him (he hasnt understood the pleasure in hurting thralls... they last longer... the creatures of this world will never understand and we like it that way) and that thrall was rewarded with the mvp. So we got 3 spp! Now isnt that something! I am a fortuneteller! Meet me and see my thoughts come true. A kaosbeing had to retire from playing, coach was happy.

"After that succeeded foul without dp (apo fail) on my CW... my team became wild and started to make blood all around. Dunno if it's cause of this, but seems is vamp became crazy and started to drink the blood of the tasty thrall. Good point is.... vamp were almost efficient as my CW-clawler... running around and removing thrall they can find. At some pts thrall were missing and vamp in lack of blood started to bench. Some of the most funny game i ever played ;p" --------------- stboub´s comments, worthy my bio!!! After 1-2 versus Reborned Chaotik Army 2007-06-11

"The lizzards had a horrible day at work. A ref that was so scared of the threat from the vamps so he let the master-dp-thrall smack away half of the lizzards team. And the luck for the vamps was very good. I thought first half was good, but second was better, even without a mad dp! Well, musashidk, thanks for an unfair game, it was fun chatting with you. I got myself a super-vamp, st 5." After 3-0 versus Coldblooded Critters 2007-07-18

"Ok, here we go!
Just to be challenged bu PeteW is an honour, and it was a brave challenge since I just got my st 5 vamp (not that Pete knew that, but still... I knew it in secret). First half; I had a great time, Pete had a hopeless time, all to nuffle. But a clumsy defence from me "gave" (nothing is easy vs pete, but still) 1-1 at halftime. The vamps had magic luck, and the elves didnt... that easy. Second half: My sinlge tackler didnt manage to pin down his catcher and we had 1-2 in turn 14. 2 turns for me to score. Well, I did, and in turn 16 pete got his 2nd niggled player on another doubleskull, he had plenty of them, and I was not too bad in the second half either. So, it all ended in a draw and the vamps were pleased since they were sure to get busted by pete playing woodies... Vamps still going strong. Now 7 rr, our 5 vamps need it badly and a new vamp with pro, also needed... (for my second half, my first half was dancing around elves... a great game, you should try it)" After 2-2 versus PeteW´s Ultimate Superheroes! 2007-07-18

"Played Synn, Qaz and PeteW in a row now, good coaches. And one good game of three. When looking at the games I would be most happy with a draw versus PeteW´s woodies (and got it) and I would really had expected a win versus Qaz bulls... a cherrypick, but no. In this game, I didnt manage at all, thought that 4 blodgers would be a fair game versus my single tackler and strong vamps. But Synn played well and at the end our spp were 0-24 (without mvp included). That says the most. But the vamps are still going up, and arent afraid even though my cr is going..................... and hopefully those dices are left behind. I will ask for a new set, one of those I had in the beginning for the team. Hard to play them over tr 200 though... just need some more tacklers... should be fine after that. Well played Synn!" After 0-2 versus Synndicate 2007-07-19

And I lost!!! Because of a 1+1 on the clock backwards and a crazy play.... like 2+3+3+4+3+2+2+ after a blitz all without rr.... sigh.... a great game and then that. Sigh. So unfair... these brave vamps lost on a thing like that... cant even belive it... vamps are not having it easy here. One vamp retired (loss st) and another niggled at 51 spp. Surprise!!! These vamps sure know how to niggle at skillrolls... After 1-2 versus Some Shady Characters, evil darkies, 2007-07-19

Well, the skinks knew what they were up to. I had no chance vs ss/dt-skinks... I soo blocked my alternatives (in my head), and was only lucky to dodge away from them every now and then. I have not been so far away from a TD ever with this team I think. But our superthrall (ag4, sure hands) dodged in the last turn two times to tacklezones, with a dt-skink on his neck, picked up the ball in two tz, dodged out and delivered the long pass. The recieving thrall fumbled in the mud but all cheered anyhow. We realise things and learn. "If skinks is still on pitch, skinks are gonna rock you in defence."

Coach summoned afterwards.
- Well... Guardian of Regretful Elves did one good thing, the rest of you suck. Fouling and whatever you did... go to bed, all of you! You, Guardian of Regretful Elves, can stay up and watch the Simpsons-movie with me, the rest... OUT! After 0-1 versus Viper Strike; 2007-07-29

Became Vampire Fanatic with 2-0 versus Blood Angels JE 2007-09-01

The vamps met their sister-team, take a close look at the two team-names, very similar, very strange... and were paralyzed! So Skeloboy got a pretty safe ride, I messed some things up, and some things didnt work out, and vamps are not the hottest vs sewer-rats.... and, again, a vamp niggled at age-roll. This is beginning to become a nightmare for such a beautiful team. Or rather the struggling coach! ;-D But I was only a 2+ from a draw in the last turn, but the vamps werent in mood for playing versus rats today. 2 games, 2 vs skaven, 2 losses. They dont like ratmeat. As easy as that! After 1-2 versus Skeloboy´s Rotten Flesh Is Our Ecstasy

First turn. One dead (failed apo), one mng and one niggled thrall, though kind of rookies all of them. But gtr and 11 fouls later made it an awful game. Burnalot used his advantage to full degree and I dodged like a mad cow. Made a td even!!! Very lucky pass and dodge. So, the vamps are down to ff 12. That sucks. Favourite team is in pieces and very far from xfl. I had one player left on the field at the end and higher %... lol. Got cash, very important. Take care, I was just a bit annoyed. Wouldnt have bothered the least if it wasnt an xfl coming up. Now I did care to my surprise!
Two new players to your memory!
Keeper of burnalot´s pows and dp´s and Guardian of burnalots soul. After 1-2 and a lot of blood vs Nachtburg Ancients

This team has a big brother in "Lawyers against Khemri". That team lived for one game!
We will fight with fury against the awful smellers. Perhaps other smellers as well. The important thing is that it´s the same coach for both teams, a niggled (twice) orcthrower who switched carrier and started in the laboratory. If anyone knows about a quite famous orcthrower, let me know, so I can meet him and "talk" about his crazy quests. (I will probably end up dead, but still...) Thanks!

Second goal is to breed 6 vampires of unequal strength and inner harmony! Third is to take part in a major! Not Bloody Likely is our dreamteam that we look with envy upon... NOT PERFORMED YET

Played my 500th ranked game with them, all teams included: 2008-07-08! Yihaa!

-morehouse- i love bringing the mindless killer out of a nice intelligent coach :)
<Dhaktokh> hehe, you sure did
<Dhaktokh> havent felt it before (still being happy that is) ;-D
<Dhaktokh> but this...
<Dhaktokh> phew
<Dhaktokh> skill! yes!
-morehouse- gratz
-morehouse- and i NEVER give gratz
-morehouse- so you earned it
<Dhaktokh> hahahahahahaha
<Dhaktokh> going to their bio!
-morehouse- sweet
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Progression: Standard
# Name Position Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs vp Sp Cost  
1 Keeper of passblocking hobg...Thrall6337Block, Tackle, Kick 56040333340k (40+60k) 
2Keeper of supervamps in XFLThrall6347+AG, Block, Tackle 19430333440k (40+80k) 
3Keeper of games at workThrall6337  1100000040k (40+0k) 
4Guardian of dodging thrallsVampire6448Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Block 122203014110k (110+20k) 
5Keeper of boring gamesThrall6337  200000040k (40+0k) 
6Keeper of Zombie69´s warda...Thrall6337Dirty Player 16020011140k (40+20k) 
7 Keeper of BC CommandoThrall6347+AG, Block, Sure Hands 281740023940k (40+80k) 
8Keeper of good thralls and ...Thrall6337  000000040k (40+0k) 
9 Keeper of dark vaultsThrall8337+MA, +MA, Block 43340544540k (40+80k) 
10Guardian of dead thrallsVampire6458Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, +AG 143101113110k (110+40k) 
11Keeper of late nightsThrall6337  901000340k (40+0k) 
12Keeper of playing at allThrall6337  200000040k (40+0k) 
13Guardian of turn16winningch...Vampire6448Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration 4000000110k (110+0k) 
14 Guardian of red woodiesVampire6448Blood Lust, Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration 6000000110k (110+0k) 
14 players  
Coach:Dhaktokh Re-Rolls (140k):3  
Race:Vampire Fan Factor:10  
Team Value:1580k Assistant Coaches:0  
Treasury:40000 Cheerleaders:0  
Tournament Weight:1580k Apothecary:Yes  

Games Played:95 (42/18/35) |TD Diff:29 (145 - 116) |Cas Diff:-88 (104/71/31 - 149/98/47)
Last Opponent: Defenders of Lizard Earth