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Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Apr 08, 2020 - 10:54
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The Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg is a weekly league for New Zealand based coaches. Coaches from elsewhere able to commit to NZ prime time (7pm - 9pm nzt) are also welcome.

Season 20 has just kicked off what will be another great season, wizards, cards and all. Big changes for S20, the Leeg has taken the leap to a custom ruleset to enable both Spiralling Expenses AND Expensive Mistakes. Time to try and knee cap those monster teams.

FUMBBL has seen a big influx of activity and DIBBL is no exception. 29 coaches this season! Two Divisions for veteran teams, named after Crap Bowl winners. Plus Two Pools for Rookie teams. What to name kiddie pools after? Snotlings of course, wonderful fouling snotlings,

Skeletal By Nature` Division
Image Blackwater Glee Club - Foad Image
Image Karaz-a-Karak Krakens - Bojoaph Image
Image Dirty Rotten Filthy Scum - mushoomy Image
Image Talabheim Timelords - WozzaaImage
Image Back Alley Burglars - DustBunny Image
Image Deserted Isle Buccaneers - Happy_Amateur Image
Image Priests of the Red Amaranth - Klazam Image
Image Da Lunatic Fringe - Trickey Image

mjthrillerbbc Division
Image Pink 'n Scabby - Sharper Image
Image Bonesfield Bakers -PlantingLemur Image
Image Da Sexy Buggerz - Felix17 Image
Image Color From Outer Space - Atari Image
Image Otago Spirit - tussock Image
Image Jank, Jank, Splat! - blackcaps Image
Image Slaan Francisco 69ers - barberfettImage
Image Same Same but Different - ramchop Image

Swib Swab Pool
Image Night Terroz - Trickey Image
Image My Mess Up Family - Sergtacos Image
Image Bordeleaux Buffoons - Sandune Image
Image Four Kings Champions - Foad Image
Image Frozen Cripples - bunderlog Image
Image Place Your Axe Here - Geoffro Image
Image Western Bay Silverbacks - claymore3981 Image
Image willington underbelly - pdarbs Image

Boris Pool
Image Mighty Platypi - Sharper Image
Image Two Wolves' Serpants Sky - TwoWolves Image
Image Ungirt Runnerz - smeborg Image
Image Valley Vermin - ibanana63 Image
Image Yaphet Kotto - BlueMillionMiles Image
Image Umbrage of Ulthuan - LictorZ Image
Image Litenorsemen - bonesy Image
Image Bone-In Chickens - Jevouse Image

PM your opponents to organise your games. And post in this forum as much fluff as you like.

Joined: Oct 10, 2018

Post   Posted: Apr 11, 2020 - 01:03 Reply with quote Back to top

A guest appearance here for me the Mascara snake long time pundit of the Osbbl if you aren’t familiar with my work it is probably best. I have been freelanced to cast my eye over what the commissioner of Dibbl calls the Kiddies pools. With Rookie teams there is bound to be some upsets. So here is the prediction order.

Swib Swab Pool

Bordeleaux Buffoons - Sandune

The Buffoons are on the rise a clinical coach with a side that has performed well in preseason they will top the pool (unbeaten? Maybe not I think the Terrorz may scare them) Percival Pantless is the player to watch a stray boot to lord pantless would not go astray.

Place Your Axe Here - Geoffro

Everyone loves Dwarves and what is not to love. They will challenge for the top no doubt and their challenge will be led by the Runner Steelbrewer lets hope he doesn’t run into too much trouble.

willington underbelly - pdarbs

Skaven 4 gutter runners 3 of them Blodgers the rats will pressure opposition but also have a soft underbelly and though the pool isn’t too bashy when it gets exposed it will be opened up. Arr Dwellstisk is the Gutter Runner to watch.

Frozen Cripples - bunderlog

A solid coach who has been slowly proving his metal across the leagues that Av 7 will trip him up soon rather than later though and though Ice Drifter is the one to watch but will he be around for long.

Four Kings Champions - Foad

One of our top coaches, so why placed so lowly just rookie teething issues in the Swib swab will take a few scalps but will also be the scalp people are looking for. If anyone will be taking scalps it will be Eloise the Destroyer.

My Mess Up Family - Sergtacos

We are all struggling with too much family time at the moment. Pact are difficult at Rookie status and an early argument with Kreek gave these boys a hell of a scare in round one before they killed him (he will be rebuilt). 3 big guys if they can perform will be a triple threat, their rat is already dead though and all eyes will be on taking another minotaur hoof. That said a Minotaur with guard is something I can’t go past so Me is the one too watch.

Western Bay Silverbacks - claymore3981

Everyone wants to spank the monkey and I think these monkeys will get spanked. Great to have these odd lot here and the biggest oddity is Big Bro the silverback with Agility wait till he gets those feet on the ball.

Night Terroz - Trickey

Unfortunately powers that be do not allow me to predict anything but last for the terroz. 12 Goblins slowly mutating a Troll with tentacles and a whole host of visitors these are the surprise package of the league. Rumour has it Midlife Mediocrity is a thing to be afraid of.

Joined: Oct 10, 2018

Post   Posted: Apr 11, 2020 - 08:04 Reply with quote Back to top

Boris Pool- Dibbl Season 20

The Boris pool predictions in ascending order. As brought to you by the mascara Snake of Osbbl fame (ed-no shameful product placement here).

This is truly a rookie field out there with a few experienced hands also appearing. So how will they fare?

Mighty Platypi - Sharper

In a league surrounded by elfs the Platypi are set to rise to the top of the crop and who knows will they eventually replace the Dwarves everyone loves in the top division? We certianily can only hope and if they do Snorri Thyksson is the man they will rely on.

Ungirt Runnerz - smeborg

Early scouting has reported this side to be fumbling buffons but we think the coach is just playing it a little coy. Rookie orcs will make a slow start but they will spill blood while doing it. Robert Trueshield is the pick of the bunch and we are awaiting the full story on his parentage.

Bone-In Chickens - Jevouse

Khemri controllers here to sweep up the corpses is what early press reports said about this side. Other reports seem to indicate these Khemri have a knack for shifting the ball. Boom-in Buck is their go to line breaker. They will be a tough outfit to beat if they get on a roll.

Yaphet Kotto - BlueMillionMiles

This Elven Union side have promised to bring finese back to the leagues and perhaps they will manage that unless they all get stomped on early. Elf ball can be the most beautiful form of the game and with a hard working apocrotheray expect this team to do well before coming to a sticky end. Elfentine looks like the Elf to watch.

Umbrage of Ulthuan - LictorZ

One of the 2 Dark elf sides hanging here in the minor league. The Umbrage will not take it lightly being snubbed early by other teams and they certainly can play. I just can’t see them getting a lucky break in this league. Rerne Shadowbinder is the witch everyone will be hunting and she will be looking to make an impression.

Two Wolves' Serpants Sky - TwoWolves

Two Wolves arrived in the hands of a very rookie coach but he has slowly built up a solid understanding of the game and with a solid line up that will develop as the season goes do not be surprised when this team upsets someone. Sliscus has a bright future so we are told.

Litenorsemen - bonesy

The Norse have arrived in droves this season and these hardy men struggled in early season games and the seemingly Chocolate armour they have has led to a few early burials at sea. They will get to grips with the league and I am sure they will have many tales to tell as the season goes on. Hrafnkell Hárekrson is the Ulf that will be their go to man, but will he be able to escape the early watery bath his team mates seem to be destined for.

Valley Vermin - ibanana63

There has to be a last place doesn’t there but we all know this coach will have too much fun getting there. Skaven with an unconventional play style that makes them hard to predict no Rat ogre to rely on this Vermin side rely on resident head case Vetch Gutter snout to punch above his weight. Expect it to be a fun ride though.

And that's the Mascara Snakes predictions Join me on the other channel (ed-Job done lets give this guppy the chop)...........

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Apr 11, 2020 - 09:39
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

Skeletal By Nature` Division
Named after the winner of last year's birthday bash Crap Bowl V. This is the lesser of the top 2 divisions (The Shield is in the other one)

Image Karaz-a-Karak Krakens (bojoaph)
TW 2040. Bojo's dorfs one of the three Southern Wasters to lock out local glory in recent times. The Season 17 champs are looking to battle spiraling expenses and maintain a tough team going into the finals. Who needs cash when you have invincible Av9 anyway?
Player to watch: Die Die DIE! Orin Onyxheart
Prediction: 1st in pool, Champion

Image Dirty Rotten Filthy Scum (mushoomy)
TV 2040k. Sources close to the commish tell me the reason he was tipped to win last season, was to suffer a "Curse" induced choke. Would your Dear Leader really be so petty? Not this season, we need to stop the Aussie onslaught!
Player to watch: Waikik star scorer Queens really is Filth. A +St +Ma blodge pestigor.
Prediction: 2nd in pool, Runner-up

ImageBlackwater Glee Club (Foad)
TW 2400k. Another of the three Southern Wasters to pillage the Deserted Isles over the past three seasons. Oh so close to winning back to back titles last season, losing after overtime by a coin toss! The Glee Club are keen to be the first team from across he ditch to win the title twice, but will suffer more than most from the change in tax brackets.
Player to watch: An absolute monster, Andrew "Starships" Cornell is striving to extend his legendhood to qualify to be listed in the DIBBL Hall of Legends. To do that he can't merely rest on past SWL achievements, and must earn more than half his spp in DIBBL sanctioned events (or 176spp, whichever comes first, ask Foad he'll know).
Prediction: 3rd in pool, beaten semifinalist

ImageTalabheim Timelords (Wozzaa)
TV 1500k. Hipster supercity sub-class Counties' humans surprised many to reach the Tickling Playoff last time they appeared in the Leeg. There might be a few upsets along the way, but they'll be back in the Participation Plate where they belong.
Player to watch: No stats on the team, though he's no Mats Tremmel, Superstar blitzer Viktor Heinlager will crack a few skulls.
Prediction: 4th in pool

ImageBack Alley Burglars (DustBunny)
TV 2420k. Big OGRES got bigger last season and got a 7th Ogre. Peaarl, the Runt Punter wasted no time doing what Burglars do rolling a stat, and a strong one at that.
Player to watch: Last season Chop became the biggest ogre Ogre across all divisions in Fumbbl, and perhaps the known universe. What's left for him to achieve? Maybe target besting the biggest human ogre
Prediction: 5th in pool

ImagePriests of the Red Amaranth (Klazam)
TV 1510k. Elves don't tend to stick around much in DIBBL, big bashy monsters lurk on the Isles. But coach Klaz wants to learn the way of the elf, and this is where he's decided to learn 'em. It'll be a tough lesson.
Player to watch: Thrower Sinche Choque Huaccha Ag6! What a tosser.
Prediction: 6th in pool

Image Deserted Isle Buccaneers (Happy_Amateur)
TV 2140k. The Buccs disappointed last season ending up competing for (and winning) the Wobbly Boot. This time they'll qualify for the Plate, though only due to the qualification criteria being loosened. I guess that's a step up.
Player to watch: +Ag, +Ma, dodge, block, Mash Kharnn, that's surely against the rules.
Prediction: 7th in pool

ImageDa Lunatic Fringe (Trickey)
TV 1210k. The only team new to DIBBL in this division. They'll wish they started in a kiddie pool after the hiding they'll cop up here. Nevermind, they'll get to compete with the kiddies in the Wobbly Boot.
Player to watch: Might as well choose a player who's likely to survive until the playoffs. Big strong Troll Algardo Rib tickler might just stand around going "Duh", but may win a Tiki doing so.
Prediction: Spoon

Joined: Oct 12, 2013

Post   Posted: Apr 11, 2020 - 10:48
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View from above - Season Preview from your unbiased incorruptible Commish

mjthrillerbbc Division
Named after more Crap, the winner of year before's birthday bash. This is where The Shield lives

ImageSlaan Francisco 69ers (barberfett)
TV 2050k. After a short absence the 69ers are back for a massive claw and mighty blow job. Two goats are on the verge of legendhood and the team will have a great season pushing them both there. Things will come crashing back to earth though in a devastating first playoff game where the 69ers will get embarrassed by a team straight from the kiddie pools.
Player to watch: Pink Visual continues to brutalise the opposition and will finally give coach barberfett his first Legend.
Prediction: 1st in pool, exit first round of playoffs

ImageJank, Jank, Splat! (blackcaps)
TV 2210k. Big wood elves, with a big bench, and a big sack of niggles. Jank jank will run rings around bewildered opposition and storm into the playoffs with an even more damaged team.
Player to watch: More agile, and faster than your average wardancer, Don't hurt me has amazingly managed to evade getting hurt too.
Prediction: 2nd in pool, exit first round of playoffs

Image Da Sexy Buggerz (Felix17)
TW 2230k. So much guard, so much mighty blow. So much pain for the poor opposition. Orcs are tough, and these ones will really hurt things. This season they'll score enough to make the top playoffs too.
Player to watch: This is very much a team team, but there is one player who stands above the others Zak Efrork S4 Blodger will be very hard to take the ball from.
Prediction: 3rd in pool. Exit semi finals

ImageBonesfield Bakers (PlantingLemur)
TV 2250k. Solid grinding play will get them as far as fourth place this season, but unlike season's past they won't quite hit the top tier. With a bit of help from MVProids though, they might just see their first Legend. Astute readers might suggest this was a direct cut and paste of last season's predictions, well they'd be wrong! (TV was edited)
Player to watch: Massa Sovada is that Legend in waiting. He'll suffer another injury though, and missing one game may just mean he needs to wait until next season to be listed among the DIBBL greats.
Prediction: 4th in pool

ImagePink 'n Scabby (Sharper)
TW 2020k. Winners of an epic season 19 final, the Champs will struggle this season. Down to one super star saurus after a key death in the final, the Pink ones simply won't be able to dish out the pain.
Player to watch: It won't take long for the team to be down to no superstar sauruseses, as Itchnsaur will instead be a Legend
Prediction: 5th in pool

Image Otago Spirit (tussock)
TW 2530k. No team in the league will be hit as hard by spiraling expenses as the Spirit. The bloat will finally leak out of this big balloon, as will a lot of key experience.
Player to watch: Speedy Hollie Fraser got so close last season, but will hit her stride early and finally make Legend.
Prediction: 6th in pool

Image Same Same but Different (ramchop)
TV 1490k. With the smallest team in this division by quite some margin, commish ramchop will have to lean the natural talents that Necro comes with. Speedy wolves, and immovable Golems will spend the season trying to convince the coach to stick with the same same team for longer than one season. They'll show enough promise to maybe see wolves line up ahead of vamps in s21.
Player to watch: Her name is Prince and he is funky. And fast!
Prediction: 7th in pool

ImageColor From Outer Space (Atari)
TV 2020k. The frogs snaffled the all important Shield last season. And they'll hold it throughout season 20 as well. That certainly doesn't mean they'll suffer no losses this season. Color will keep the Shield as they lose plenty of games to Wellington or Australia.
Player to watch: Talented positionals may scoff at this pick, but linefrog Mi-Go is one to watch. +St +Ag, Block, Sure hands. It's a vampire with long legs!
Prediction: Spoon

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Lump - Another Bad Haircut!
Reporting by Gabbers Gobsmith for Bloody Mayhem Magazine

Down in the brutal Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg a legend fell today as a haircut went wrong.
Lump of the Back Alley Burglars was brutally chainsawed by a journeyman hairdresser playing for Da Lunatic Fringe.
Symptomatic of all the bad haircuts we are seeing across the known realms, this attempt at a slight trim ended in wholesale decapitation that the medical staff were unable to fix.

Lump fell during his 140th match for the Burglars; the most fielded player on the team.
Having been a founding player almost 5 solar cycles ago, Lump rose to legend status as a brutal hunter of agile targets who he tackled and smashed to pieces.
Bloody Mayhem understands that Lump will now join his brother Heffa who fell in the Burglars' 30th match.

Bloody Mayhem have been unable to locate Coach DustBunny, and due to rising funeral expenses are not able to send any further itinerant reporters near the Burglars for comment.
Our expert analysts understand that the Burglars were a rarity in that they played with a 7 ogre side, but that moving forwards they will not be replacing Lump due to draconian restrictions from the central Blood Bowl board.
We at Bloody Mayhem strongly support the movement to allow 11 ogres on side.

If nothing else, this tragic haircut just goes to show that DIBBL is the league to watch!
Any league where legends stomp the pitches (and are stomped into the pitches) is surely a place you need to visit, even if it is only via Cabalvision!

[13:11] <;@Prinz> i can't ban bunny for being funny

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Post   Posted: Apr 25, 2020 - 00:21
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Rakhak's Hoof (aka "The Hoof", "The Rakhak")


The votes are in (only a week past the deadline).

Current player list:

ImageThe Mark: Andrew "Starships" Cornell. mushoomy knows how to hold a grudge, so of course nominated one of Foad's players. Starships is a horror, over 100 cas, a SWL legend. He used to be worse, until SWL admin castrated him of his piling on skill. Now only S4, but Foad want him on the DIBBL Legend list.

Image The Overstayer: Orin Onyxheart. This loathsome creature dares show his face on the Deserted Isles! After what he did to Lorax. Somebody kill him! Kill him twice! (8 votes)

Image The Rush: Chop. What a Legend! All time biggest DIBBL star, record rusher! The biggest Ogre star FUMBBL has ever seen. Chop is guaranteed to be the Ogre with the ball, and I just dare you to stand in his way. (4 votes)

Image The Lord: Lord Black Death Rotmawn. No stats, no doubles? What is this pretender doing on the list? 38 cas in 34 games. Yeah he's probably pissed off a few (4 votes)

Kill one of these lovely creatures and you can proudly display the Hoof trophy on your player bio, team bio, coach bio... wherever you see fit. Until someone takes it from you by killing another nominee.

The horseshoe, however is permanent, and may remain on your player's bio forever:


Image Brian "The Bagman" Berlusconi killed Image Blue Suede Shoes Season 14

The Hoof harvest:
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