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The Fox Meadows Sagas Season 3 A Fox in the Henhouse

Chapter 8 Facing our emotional Vampires

"So Fox tell me about your childhood" Madhead Magoo said softly.

"Mad head I just want to throw the ball about mate this doesn't feel like training!" Fox said in exasperation.

"Well I tell yer Fox to get through these play off you will have to face yer emotional Vampires sooner or later!"

Madhead was right the season had not been the success expected and some of the squad were looking beaten already. A full season in the Dibbl facing the heat of some of the biggest teams around and the heat of the media. Not to mention the constant Cabal replays of Fox being steamrolled by Morg had all but wilted the dreams of glory. The squad now had a run in the Hardy Sole, for the second time. Fox glanced at the empty dusty cabinet trophy Madhead had bought at the start of their run in the dibbl. Time to dust it off he thought.


The Madheads chose to receive, Fox quickly barked the oders out to the squad. We need to hit and hit hard. As the ball was kicked deep though here came spiraling through the air a brick from the crowd. It made direct contact with Vim Throt Picker and the Ogre was dragged of the pitch. Just what we bloody need thought Fox as he pounced on the ball.

The Vampires came hot on the attack Noah Beli and some on who looked like the tavern owner that Fox worked at brought the bash along quickly sending Bertie and Gogfanar to the Casualty box. Fox ran forward with the ball looking for Hotwing who was deep in the opposition half though marked by a vampires stooge. Fox backed up tucking himself behind a screen. The Sound of Helmut wulf struggling to start his saw up.

Out of nowhere suddenly a vampire battered into Fox but with his quick thinking he tossed the ball out to the edge of the cage.

The vampires continued to play hard ball but finally Fox managed to spin a trademark inch perfect pass out to the waiting Hotwing to make it 1-0.

With Vim well and truly knocked out Harold bravely took the field. The Halfling always entertained the crowds. The vampires were not keen on this spectacle and as they hit the wee fella there was an audible crack of his body.

As he was stretchered off he gave the thumbs up to Fox.

Too and fro the Madheads battled the vampires, a seemingly endless stream of players exiting the field. The vampires finally crossed the line.

The full time whistle blew and the match went into overtime.

"Right boys its do or die time!" Said Fox firing up the squad ready for the kick off. The ball went deep down the wing and the vampire covering back the field picked it up. Like a flash Hotwing and Barrilete tore down the wing pounding the vamp in the face stealing the ball and taking the win.

Fox ran to the casualty box!

"That is for you Harold, That one is for you!"

Joined: Oct 10, 2018

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The Fox Meadows Saga- Season 3 A Fox in the Henhouse

Chapter 9 Kick back and relax.

There stood Harold proudly in front of the Madheads mobile canteen.

"Fox this has always been me dream to be the best caterer in the whole of the deserted Isles." Said Harold licking the bowl in his hand.

Since Harold's career ending injury in the previous round he had been busily sending memos to the start up company deserted dessert's in trying to sort out supply chains to set up Crumpetasrse's Cream bun emporium.

"Really!" said Fox "I thought you wanted to be the heaviest halfling on the Blood Bowl circuit!"

Fox had been in a relaxed mood this week after finally getting some positive results together and cruising to the semi final of the Hardy sole. Todays opponent was the nasty looking squad of goblins they called the Kick back Attack. Widely know for their dirty tactics and rough housing.

"Rough house tactics fouling, don't you worry lads we are the masters of that game lets show erm what a Kick back looks like!" Bellowed Madhead Magoo as the squad ran out on to the feild.

With the Goblins kicking off Fox and Travis Hotwing sat on the bench. Not for long though almost immediately the hulking frame of all star troll Ripper Bolgrot launching a goblin attached to some sort of kite and running across the line to open the scoring.

Fox nodded at Travis. "Its hammer time mate."

Fox was quick to grab the ball from Kick off and held back deep. Slowly a swarm of Goblins were upon him smashing him to the ground despite him nimbly throwing the ball loose.

Fox leapt back to his feet and in the driving rain pulled up the ball and flung a spiralling pass the length of the paddock for Hotwing to cross to score.


"Lets Go lads!" screamed Vim Throt picker seemingly the blood rush to his head saw him lob Keith "Moon face" Beazley into a goblin covering the back field.

Fox was quick to hop on the ball again and this time with the dissipating Goblin defence only really leaving Ripper to hold back the Mob.

Again Fox sprinted down the paddock and spun an inch perfect pass to Travis.

Hotwing again sprinted down the field and got his second.

High fives all round the mob were well on their way they just needed to turn over the ball and get one more.

Sure enough the brutal blocking game led by the dwarven front line. Again Fox spun out a pass to Hotwing and another score for the catcher to seal his hat trick. The pair of the walked back to the reserves bench gave each other a firm nod and sat on the bench.

Job done thought Fox now on to the finals.

Joined: Oct 10, 2018

Post   Posted: Jul 10, 2021 - 21:43 Reply with quote Back to top

And Finally the Hardy Sole Report:

The Fox Meadows Saga’s Season 3 A Fox in the the Hen House

The Final chapter The Hardy Sole

This chapter is brought to you by Guest commentator the Mascara Snake of Osbbl fame and your own Harold Crumpetarse.

Hello Forks tis I the Mascara Snake of Osbbl fame. I have been called in to call the big game the Hardy Sole final. I am lucky enough to have the one time flying fling all star and all round good guy and now the face behind the Deserted Isles deserts cream bun emporium Harold Crumpet arse. (Just of note he only turned up to drop of some cream buns).

Iee how are we doing Snake, now I heard you commentators get a proper feed. Where are the biscuits?

Thanks Harold but lets us get our eyes off the pies and on to the prize. What is your call for the big one today? Well I can only see the Madheads taking this one they have been impeccable all season and Fox is in awesome form.

Impeccable you say Harold I guess 1 draw is a record equalling season along with this 2 game spell taking them into this final. Have they ever faced a threat like the elves though.

Elves bloody Haughty elves they don’t even have a pre match Pie. No time for these jokers.

Well Harold lets focus in on the game and here comes the kick. Followed swiftly by another kick from Velvetfoot, Luckily for him the referee seems oblivious again to his tactics.

Yeh Snake usually on the training field we have Madhead Magoo himself pretend to be the referee, even without vision and often on the wrong pitch he makes more calls than an actual official.

The Elves seem intent on pushing here and they are quick to turn over the ball. They also seem to have their own kicking game. And Fox Meadows is OFF! Oh hold on Snarls the team apothecary has got him and he is ok. The Elves are up though 1-0. Not the start you were looking for Harold.

No but never fear the boys will get this back.

Yeh lets see how they go with this kick here it comes and the pick up is fumbled. Thats the half forks. What do they need to do and what will Madhead be saying?

Well to be honest snake halftime means a custard square to me so I would usually nip out and get it while the others were whiffling. I think it will be just keep it simple and bring the bash.

Well here they come and it looks like they are ready to do just that and bring the bash. Harold Throtpicker the ogre has really struggled. Do you think the occasion has got to him?

Iee I think it has plus he had news to start the day. The stadium owner is officially blaming him for blocking the sewage system. That bill is really going to be a pain in the arse.

The Elves are quickly forming up again, it is like they have stolen the Madheads play book.

That is a good point Snake Madhead said he couldn’t find it, unlike him to take his eyes of something like that.

It looks like the Elves are going for the slow march up the wing. It is going to be a grind but there you go they have run down the clock and score again.

2-0 Tyranoc Typhoons take the Hardy Sole and yet again the Madheads come up fruitless. So much promise Harold where did it all go wrong? Harold, Harold!! I tell you I have never seen that Halfling move so fast but reports coming in say he is first at the buffet.

Well thats all for me Forks, remember you can catch me in the Osbbl season.
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