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Are games against Dwarfs/Chorfs fun?
 40%  [ 4 ]
 60%  [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 10


Joined: Aug 15, 2020

Post   Posted: Jul 27, 2021 - 03:19 Reply with quote Back to top

These teams are awful for game balance and the experience of other coaches. With the introduction of BB2020 we're going to see total competitive domination of these teams- especially Dwarfs. The fact that a redraft of any of these will have everything you ever need from day 1 means no other teams will compare at the meta level.

I have some vague ideas- which consist mainly of removing Block/Tackle/Dodge spam, while staying true to lore.

DWARFS https://fumbbl.com/help:LRB6DwarfSetUp
Deathroller remains the same; it's rarely taken and seems more fun than meta.
Troll Slayers and Blitzers can remain as-is, thereby having up to 4 'Block' players. Perhaps give a 5k bump up on the price of Blitzers. The Runner can remain the same, unproblematic player.
Blockers. The true problem. I think they could be changed to have Wrestle, Arm Bar, Thick Skull, remaining at 70k; while still giving you those safe blocks, it stops the relentless grind and constant knockdowns/AV rolls currently present. Arm Bar is obviously much worse than Tackle- but remains true to the style of gameplay the Dwarfs have.

CHORFS https://fumbbl.com/help:LRB6ChaosDwarfSetUp
Mino remains the same, for similar reasons to the Deathroller. Bull Centaurs can stay unchanged- they provide hitting power, lacking Block but with ST4. Hobgoblins are fine as well.
Chorf Blockers: my proposal is to split them into two categories- 2x Mutants and 4x Blockers. The Blockers would be the same as the reworked Dwarf ones (+Mutation access on doubles), while the Mutants would start with Block, Thick Skull and Foul Appearance, with Mutation access as a Primary.

NORSE https://fumbbl.com/help:LRB6NorseSetUp
Yhetee is fine to remain unchanged. Blitzers and Ulfwerenars are probably fine- the Ulfs eat RR but provide you with ST4 AV8, while the Zerkers are reliable but fragile.
Throwers are redundant and don't even fit, lore-wise.
Runners could/should lack Block but have Sure Hands instead, similarly to a Dwarf Runner.
Linemen are tricky. The whole 'gimmick' of Norse is Block on all players, which is inherently stupid. With the advent of BB2020, I think Brawler and Thick Skull would make a good replacement. Alternatively, Brawler and AV8 might help them survive better when they lack that blanket of Block, the best skill in the game.

AMAZONS https://fumbbl.com/help:LRB6AmazonSetUp
Idea 1: inspired by Forest Halflings
The Blitzers would retain their statline, losing Dodge and gaining Claw, Dauntless and a 10/20k price hike.
Throwers could have just Sure Hands + Pass, but i think another skill on top is needed to make them worthwile- unsure what to give them though.
Catchers could remain unchanged, but I think they should have MA7 to set them apart a little, paired with a 20k price increase.
Linewomen are again tricky to fix, but with the increased power of the positionals, perhaps mass Sidestep would work. I did think Jump Up, but masses of it might be nearly as broken as Dodge.
Idea 2: basic rework
The Blitzers (I think) have GA access in BB2020, so perhaps they can retain Blodge. I also think they should have AV8, to give them a little durability, and cost 100k.
Throwers here would stay as-is, but with a 5k increase in price.
Catchers would still benefit from MA7 to make them a better carrier, with a 15/20k price increase.
I'm at a loss with what to do regarding linewomen. Perhaps have them at 45k with no skills at all, but grant GA access on primaries?

What are your thoughts and suggestions on these ideas? CC is of course welcome Smile

Joined: Apr 04, 2008

Post   Posted: Jul 27, 2021 - 05:54 Reply with quote Back to top

If you don't like block, tackle, or dodge spam take a look at what has been done on the Secret League. Perhaps Dark Dwarfs, Engineer, or Norse Dwarfs are more to your liking.

The problem is that dwarfs are SOOOOO slow that they need something to give them a real boost to be competitive with elves. Block helps a bit, but tackle gives them a shot against wardancers, ghouls, gutter runners, and catchers.

With short seasons, and random MVPs, dwarfs will remain an almost entirely rookie team. You need not worry about guard/mighty blow spam pairing with the block and tackle.

Oh, and Chorfs will not be much of an issue either. Claw/MB stack is gone and they will not skill much. Bulls will also be weaker with the nerf to BT and the fact that seasons will make them harder to build and maintain.
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