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Joined: Feb 21, 2007

Post   Posted: Mar 20, 2023 - 23:20 Reply with quote Back to top

Welcome to the forum thread for Season XCVI.

SWL approaches the hundred with season XCVI, twenty years of promotion and relegation, aiming for the Premier title. So much history, so many champions, perhaps your team will be the future champions!?

If you want to change teams, or join the league don't hesitate to write a PM to swladmin or Wozzaa. The trial of Blood is kicked off but late drafting is still available and the new season kicks off APRIL 3!

Team Redrafts for those staying on (posted below as divisions finish up) are to be completed by Saturday the April 1st of January by 8pm. After that time, they may be done for you by admin, and good luck with that. Trial of Blood teams get a bit longer, but get your games in so we can sort your teams out for reggies.



Season XCVI
  • Schedule
    First round will begin on Monday the 3rd of April with a round 7 deadline on the 29th of May!

  • Structure
    We will likely have 1 Premier, 3 Conferences, and 2 Regional divisions. This is subject to change as league numbers change.

New Rules
  • Forfeit wins will gain 2 randomly placed MVPs (in the form of 2x4 added SPP), and 1d6 x 10k gold. For end of season tiebreakers, a forfeit win counts as a 1-0 victory.
  • Star players continue to be published and join the league at short notice, their special skills are in full effect, expect for the big Krox yet.

Recently Implemented
  • Changes to the Rock, Paper & Scissors system to help with league balance. Details available at #Announcements in the discord.
  • Players thrown by TTM or KTM, who only hit opposing players, do not cause a team turnover.
  • Star players paid to play for both teams, will play for neither.
  • Regionals promotion / relegation changes.

General Reminders
  • Axing
    Site PM to the swladmin FUMBBL account by 10pm Monday SWL (Sydney) time if your game has not yet been played.

  • General
    Please be aware that we rely on individual coaches to be active in checking this forum, arranging games against opponents, and in communicating with Admins. The responsibility is on the coach to enquire, not the Admins to inform. Please feel free to ask any questions, any time.

  • Communication
    Please respect each others time and reply to PMs in a timely manner, even if just to say when you'll reply in full. Not everyone uses the discord regularly, site PMs still rule. If your opponent hasn't checked fumbbl, try a ping on discord.

  • Discord channels
    There are division channels in the league discord, where the axeman can fairly adjudicate any forfeits, rather than DMs that are rather more opaque. If your opponent doesn't respond on discord, well, fumbbl site PMs are also good.

  • BB20 Rule Amendments
    We will endeavour to maintain our rules as close as possible to those of BB20 in regards to FAQ and Errata changes, taking into account the nature of our league. Rules not yet implemented in the client or website are normally considered sleeping rules, and can be expected to be applied as they are enabled. We are managing manual seasons in the meantime.

    Our agents fees are 15k per season, ignoring the player's first three post-season redrafts (including the Trial of Blood for those who played it). Player agent fees will be listed in due course here, along with redraft budgets.

Welcome all the new and returning coaches, good luck for the season!

If you have any questions whatsoever about joining the league, don't hesitate to pm me or swladmin or send me a message on discord and I'll help you out.

(credit to HaruHaru for writing the text above, I'm just the copy-paste monkey, but feel free to message either of us as above)

Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Mar 22, 2023 - 11:06 Reply with quote Back to top

Rerdaft budgets for the coming SWL season, and agents fees for the older teams. Team Value lower down must not exceed your cap after adding your agent fees for players you kept. No skills or team Rerolls may be added until after game 1 next season.

Note: This includes dead and retired players, it's everyone who played in 4+ seasons as of last season, regardless of their current capacity.

Ex Premier Division Teams

[SWL] Dorruks to confs, 1430
60k -- Lamar -- Big Un Blocker
45k -- Wormser III -- Big Un Blocker
15k -- Gilbert 5 -- Blitzer

Albion Itinerants to confs, 1435
45k -- Drin -- Ogre
45k -- Parker Ust -- Blitzer
45k -- Yannick of Ostland -- Blitzer
45k -- Rebecca Razzia -- Catcher
15k -- Piter Lars -- Thrower

Amateur Professionals to prem, 1595
60k -- Buck Shelford -- Blitzer
45k -- John Timu -- Catcher
15k -- Mark Carter -- Lineman
15k -- Eroni Clarke -- Lineman

Flower Beard to confs, 1475
60k -- Poppy -- Blitzer
60k -- Iris -- Dwarf Blocker Lineman
45k -- Lily -- Runner

Ligna Ludis to confs, 1430
30k -- Finuba Org -- Catcher
30k -- Aovan Cord -- Thrower
30k -- Tindi Laurelin -- Wardancer
15k -- Udri Rikar -- Catcher

Sun's out, Guns out! to prem, 1665
30k -- Kali Muscle -- Norse Raider Lineman
30k -- Serge Nubret -- Norse Raider Lineman
15k -- Flex Wheeler -- Norse Raider Lineman
15k -- Denise Masino -- Valkyrie

Turbo Wolves to confs, 1540
60k -- Kate 'The Klaw' Chaney -- Werewolf
60k -- Hunter Sorensen -- Werewolf
15k -- Purple Pete -- Flesh Golem

Weapons of Maths Destruction to prem, 1560
15k -- Arcuebus -- Big Un Blocker
15k -- Hyperbolases -- Blitzer
15k -- Algebrass Knuckles -- Blitzer
15k -- Hypotenoose -- Blitzer
15k -- Da None Chukka -- Untrained Troll


Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Mar 22, 2023 - 11:08 Reply with quote Back to top

Note: This includes dead and retired players, it's everyone who played in 4+ seasons as of last season, regardless of their current capacity.

Ex Artoria Donatania Conference Teams

[SWL] Invasion Cube 001 to confs, 1530
No older players.

GG Luckers to prem, 1600
60k -- Karori -- Black Orc
45k -- Woodridge -- Black Orc
15k -- Gracefield -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman

Killer Heelz to reggies, 1390
60k -- Eisheth Stiletto -- Blitzer
15k -- Dr Martina -- Blitzer

Malapropisms Relieved to prem, 1545
No older players.

Mosgiel Moonrakers to confs, 1585
60k -- Shadowleaf -- Altern Forest Treeman
60k -- Lemon Sweetpea -- Halfling Catcher
45k -- Sweet Gumdrop -- Halfling Hopeful Lineman
30k -- Ben Bun -- Halfling Catcher

Nana's Undies to confs, 1415
15k -- Matty Brah -- Mummy
15k -- Betty Bloomer -- Mummy
15k -- Mr Bond -- Wight Blitzer
15k -- Ball Bagger -- Ghoul Runner
15k -- Spin Drier -- Zombie Lineman
15k -- Stringer -- Skeleton Lineman

New Blacktown Expatriates to confs, 1470
60k -- Big Ollie -- Trained Troll
60k -- Robb -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman
45k -- Jay Bee -- Black Orc
45k -- Geordie S -- Goblin Bruiser Lineman
45k -- Pineapple -- Black Orc
15k -- Da Treasurer -- Black Orc

Skye Babes to confs, 1560
60k -- Betty Grable -- Eagle Warrior Linewoman
15k -- Carole Landis III -- Python Warrior Thrower


Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Mar 22, 2023 - 17:39 Reply with quote Back to top

Note: This includes dead and retired players, it's everyone who played in 4+ seasons as of last season, regardless of their current capacity.

Ex Groth Paleflesh Conference Teams

Anti Skink Shaming drafted anew, 1250
No older players.

Hammer and tong to confs, 1430
15k -- Sveinbiǫrn Þórðrson -- Norse Raider Lineman
15k -- Friðmundr Súlkison -- Norse Raider Lineman
15k -- Fǫstólfr Sǫlvison -- Norse Raider Lineman
15k -- Tiórvi Gíslison -- Norse Raider Lineman

Motherstone Connection drafted anew, 1480
15k -- Bootsy 'Twinkletoes' Holly -- Gutter Runner
15k -- Seedling Bill Bush -- Skaven Blitzer
15k -- Dr Warpenstein -- Skaven Thrower
15k -- Groovelax -- Skaven Clanrat
15k -- Blight Sabre Mania -- Underworld Snotlings

Pitch Painters to prem, 1505
60k -- Picasso -- Trained Troll
60k -- Leonardo -- Pump Wagon
60k -- Electric Indigo -- Fun-hoppa
15k -- Absolute Zero -- Snotling Lineman

Redgum's Renaissance to reggies, 1315
30k -- Tycho Brahe -- Ogre
30k -- Johannes Kepler -- Old World Dwarf Blitzer
30k -- Nicolaus Copernicus -- Old World Dwarf Runner
30k -- Sir Thomas More -- Old World Dwarf Troll Slayer
15k -- Robert Boyle -- Old World Human Blitzer

Roughstone Rock Raiders to prem, 1615
No older players.

Styx and Warpstones to confs, 1615
30k -- Atlas -- Gutter Runner
30k -- Kleodora -- Underworld Snotlings
15k -- Parthenos -- Skaven Clanrat
15k -- Anigrides -- Underworld Snotlings
15k -- Thanatos -- Skaven Blitzer

We Come From A Land Up Over to confs, 1385
No older players.


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Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Mar 22, 2023 - 17:44 Reply with quote Back to top

Note: This includes dead and retired players, it's everyone who played in 4+ seasons as of last season, regardless of their current capacity.

Ex Baron Von Kitemonger Conference Teams

Black Lagoon Go-Go Bar to reggies, 1285
60k -- Fruity Bloodclot -- Pestigor

Blackwater Picaroons to prem, 1640
60k -- Maleficent Lenestar (c) -- Koka Kalim Blitzer
60k -- Calliope Mehtyl -- Eagle Warrior Linewoman
30k -- Natalia Gunther -- Eagle Warrior Linewoman
30k -- Evilyn Gronkowski -- Eagle Warrior Linewoman
30k -- Iris Payne -- Eagle Warrior Linewoman

Boomtown Ratzz drafted anew (retired)
30k -- Windchill Factor Minus 0 -- Blitzer
30k -- Banana Republic -- Gutter Runner
30k -- Don't Block Mondays -- Blitzer
15k -- Block Me Down Again -- Gutter Runner

Carnage Patrol to confs, 1415
30k -- Anti Carnage -- Bloodseeker
30k -- The Blood Taker -- Bloodborn Marauder Lineman
30k -- Gimme ya Carnage -- Bloodborn Marauder Lineman
30k -- Blood Flanders -- Bloodborn Marauder Lineman
30k -- Bloody Truehawk -- Bloodborn Marauder Lineman
15k -- Son of Carnage -- Khorngor
15k -- Punished Goat -- Khorngor

Kapitol Krushers to confs, 1550
15k -- Yargol Treefella -- Blitzer
15k -- Nash Amazonstealer -- Big Un Blocker
15k -- Glob Beastbelly -- Big Un Blocker
15k -- Bugrash Amazonclaw -- Thrower

Lobrot Asylum to confs, 1515
60k -- Boyshape Gutwart -- Trained Troll
60k -- Auntyshape Grumbleflick -- Trained Troll
45k -- Legneck Can't-Stop-Won't-Stop-Bouncing -- Pogoer
45k -- Avo Smash Toastyflake -- Looney
45k -- Thunderfoot Imposticator, Scourge Of The Faithless -- Goblin Lineman

Minutes or Centuries to confs, 1520
60k -- Daylight Savings -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
60k -- Rolex -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
30k -- Overthyme -- Hobgoblin Lineman
30k -- Involuntary Leave -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker

Zealots of Change to confs, 1420
60k -- Giuseppe Garibaldi -- Gutter Runner
60k -- Pankhurst -- Skaven Clanrat
30k -- Niccolò Machiavelli -- Underworld Goblin Lineman
15k -- William Shakespeare -- Skaven Clanrat
15k -- Talleyrand -- Skaven Blitzer


Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: Mar 22, 2023 - 17:51 Reply with quote Back to top

Note: This includes dead and retired players, it's everyone who played in 4+ seasons as of last season, regardless of their current capacity.

Ex Apocalyptic SWL Predators Regional Teams

AA Team Spirits drafted anew, 1270
No older players.

Billabong Blue Bloods to confs, 1660
No older players.

Blockade Busters was filler (retired)
No older players.

Isilmë Bombers to confs, 1660
No older players.

Ophidian Infidels drafted anew, 1335
45k -- Jibade -- Skeleton Lineman
30k -- Bahiti -- Skeleton Lineman
30k -- Adeben -- Anointed Blitzer
15k -- Nkrumsh -- Tomb Guardian
15k -- Khnurn -- Skeleton Lineman

Questionable Ethics to confs, 1540
No older players.

Stolen Golem to confs, 1535
No older players.

Theo packrats to reggies, 1270
No older players.

U'zhul's Collectors to confs, 1450
No older players.

Zharr-Naggrund Ramblers drafted anew 1255
15k -- Ghutol Zhark -- Bull Centaur Blitzer
15k -- Dhurk Drazheran -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker
15k -- Grakgat Webskuttle -- Hobgoblin Lineman
15k -- Grakgaz Venomsmasha -- Hobgoblin Lineman
15k -- Zakkgut Gitshredda -- Hobgoblin Lineman
15k -- Mhukral Gath -- Chaos Dwarf Blocker


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Post   Posted: Mar 22, 2023 - 20:37 Reply with quote Back to top

Norse say "Blood Bowl is better with Beer!" As they ranpage to a post season celebration of coach Semis Inaugural SWL Prem victory.

SWL does it BETTER!

All-time Prem Champions by race (as at end of s94)

12 Image
11 Image
10 -
9 Image
8 Image
7 Image
6 Image Image
5 Image
4 Image ImageImage
3 Image Image
2 Image Image Image
1 Image Image

SWL Forlorn Races
Black Orc*
Chaos Pact*
Imperial Nobles*
Old World Alliance*

*made Prem

New contenders in Prem are rife in BB20. Everyone but the Blood Gods followers fianlly taking a spin on hallowed grounds.

Special Mention - Cup Winners

1 Image Image Image

Special Mention - Gentlemen's Picnic Winners

1 Image Image Image

TT Bloodbowl in AUS (FB)
NZ BB Community on FB

Joined: Feb 21, 2007

Post   Posted: Apr 05, 2023 - 14:39 Reply with quote Back to top

Twanhlows for the previous season. Last time apparently nobody even found them so now I'm linking them from everywhere.

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Post   Posted: Apr 18, 2023 - 12:14 Reply with quote Back to top

SWL Season XCVI Round 1 Axe

SWL XCVI Premier League

All Clear

SWL XCVI Torgan Silvermead Conference

All Clear


All Clear

SWL XCVI Cold Rock Regional

All Clear

Round 2 due 24th April

oryx wrote:
swladmin... now that's one mother#@*$er you don't mess with.


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Post   Posted: May 03, 2023 - 12:54 Reply with quote Back to top

Does this affect SWL?


I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying.

Oscar Wilde

Joined: May 29, 2011

Post   Posted: May 03, 2023 - 15:09 Reply with quote Back to top

It does not affect SWL.


Our ruleset is separate, and that's where the option lies.

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