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No, I doubt it.
 11%  [ 50 ]
I don't know what the NCAA is.
 26%  [ 117 ]
I don't join leagues.
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I dropped the soap.
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David Matlin, Warrielf Athleftic Director, steps to the podium:

MATLIN: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is David Matlin, and I'm the Director of Athlelftics at the University of Hawaii in Manoa. I called this press conference to inform you all of some changes going forward to the Hawaii Football Program.

First, it has been brought to my attention here that the NCBB and the Smack 9 have sent an angry letter to Zach Daniel and the Offensive Coordinator, GJ Kinne, expressing their frustrations with prioritizing Passing Yards over wins and touchdowns. We have had an internal meeting, myself and all of the Coaching Staff, and have decided to make a few changes going forward.

1) Hawaii Rules are important, and will remain in effect, as that is our Football Code. We must PASS the ball; that's what makes us Hawaii. We do not feel, however, that arrogant, vanity, unfettered and meaningless passing promotes Warrielf football to the NCBB. We have, therefore, elected to relieve GJ Kinne of his OC duties. We do not fault or blame Zach Daniel at all. We feel he was coached to throw relentlessly, which he successfully did, even leading him to a 2nd consecutive NCBB Passing title. We make this decision on the recommendation of some other NCBB programs, as well as the commentary of the Planters Goober Bowl earlier this Bowl season.

2) In examining our program, Hawaii is obviously an offensive-minded team. Football teams, however, are comprised of offensive and defensive squads. The coaches and I discussed at length how to successfully improve our defensive response throughout the season. As much as we appreciate all of the time and efforts of Defensive Coordinator Victor Santa Cruz, we have decided that it is best to change our direction for Season 35.

Having said that, we will begin the search immediately for new Offensive and Defensive Coordinators to lead us into Season 35. I'll now entertain a few questions from the audience.

REPORTER 1: Mr. Matlin, will you be changing the Head Coach as well?

MATLIN: No. At this time, we still have the utmost of confidence that Todd Graham is the right guy for our program going forward.

REPORTER 2: Mr. Matlin, how do you think changing the Offensive Coordinator at this point will affect Zach Daniel's career going forward?

MATLIN: I am off the opinion that the University of Hawaii's success is greater than that of only Zach Daniel. We have a LOT of talented players on this squad. It's a real shame that nobody talks about the Wide Receiver core on this team, as they work just as hard as anyone in the NCBB. There really aren't too many players that can do what those 3 guys can do in the rest of College Blood Bowl, but Zach's a top notch player. He'll be able to deal with whatever changes the new OC comes up with.

REPORTER 3: Mr. Matlin, over here! Is there any other discipline that is going to be handed out?

MATLIN: Uh, yes. We have informed Stan Gaudion that he is going to be benched for at least the first drive of the first game in Season 35, due to his lack of preparation and discipline when it comes to learning the offensive drills.

REPORTER 3: How did he take the news?

MATLIN: Well, Stan's a competitor. He's an enormous part of our offense, but he simply has to understand what's expected both of him, and of Hawaii Football. If he's not going to fully commit himself during practices, we can't expect to get 100% out of him when it comes to game time, so he simply has to learn how he is supposed to function within the offensive scheme. But, no. To answer your question, he didn't really take it well, and we didn't really expect him to... I mean, if the guy is OK with being benched, even for one play, then you've got to question the guy's motor and drive.

REPORTER 4: Mr. Matlin! Mr. Matlin!

MATLIN: Yes, the nice gentleman all the way in the back.

REPORTER 4: Mr. Matlin, can you comment on the lawsuit that was filed by Hawaii with the NCBB Commissioner's Office against the TCU program?

MATLIN: (uncomfortable chuckle) Yes, I can. We have elected to withdraw our lawsuit against the TCU Horned Rats program, and their constant branding of their program as "The Furry Hawaii". We can understand and sympathize that other programs desperately want to be Hawaii, but aren't...

Regardless, through a number of weeks of negotiations with the Commissioner's Office, and with the Athletic Director of TCU, we can now announce that future Hawaii/TCU Blood Bowl matches will be considered RIVALRIES.

Also, speaking further on rivalries, we also are announcing that we will be renewing our long-standing, historical rivalry with the U-Dub Elfskies. Many years ago, these two teams were rivals, always playing for "The Totem", and old relic believed to grant great fortune, luck, and fame on the Elf team that possesses it. We will renew that old storied tradition of presenting the winner of the annual UDub/Hawaii match with The Totem, with all the properties and bragging rights that accompany it.

REPORTER 5: What can you tell us about the new recruit class coming in for Season 35?

MATLIN: We have a young Blitzer recruit that we're hoping to get on the field as soon as we can in
Travon Killins
. We also have reached out to another Wide Receiver that we've had our eyes on since the young man was in his mid-teens. We feel like he could really round out the full power of an Hawaiian passing game.

Thank you, folks. That's all for now! We'll see you in Season 35!

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The Rotting Gators Are Back!!!!!

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Season 34 is in the record books, here’s an in-depth look at how the FBC fared. We’ll go in order of the conference standings.

#1 - Duke Blue-Green Devils


Standings: 10*-0-0
League Ranking: 1
Winner: National Championship

In a season mired in unprecedented occurrences, Duke emerged as the National Champions. You can argue the validity all you want, the truth is Duke came out and performed outstandingly in every match they played. Well done, coach Kzarik.

Best Match:
It’s difficult to choose, but the National Championship Semifinal against Wisconsin stands out, due to the epic beating Duke inflicted, as well as “The Blitz Heard ‘round the World” in OT. This was the second time Duke handed their rival Wisconsin a defeat this season.

Gnaw Ge
Block, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, Break Tackle, 65spp
Coch Lear
Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard, Break Tackle, 101spp
Amberle Blackwell
Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, ST+, 68spp

Three solid players who all made an impact on the team. Expect to see these names in the NBFL in the future.

#2 - Ottawa Bee-Bees
Standings: 7-0-3
League Ranking: 5
Runner Up: Rose Bowl

Ottawa came out hard, punishing their first 5 opponents, before hitting a lull, but rebounded to end the season a few points shy of qualifying for the National Championship playoffs. They did this thanks to star ghoul Julian Starr. Unfortunately, those games where Julian was off of his game were those pivotal matches against Ottawa’s conference mates.

Best Match:
Ottawa doesn’t care for Slann, as they beat both Miami and UW-Whitewater, outscoring their opponents 5-1, and out casing them 11-1.

This team is only in their second season.

#3 – Um, G'olden Go For Its!
Standings: 6-1-3
League Ranking: 6
Winner:Rose Bowl

The GFI’s are a special team. They played hard in each of their matches, racking up an impressive number of touchdowns (17), while taking a beating (28 casualties.) They put up a solid fight against both of the top seeds from Season 34, and came closest of any team to ending the scourge of Julian Starr. This is a team to watch.

Best Match:
Watch their Rose Bowl performance, the second time they faced off against Ottawa in Season 34.


#4 - Saint Louis Billikens


Standings: 5-3-2
League Ranking: 8
Runner Up: Tossit-os Fiesta Bowl

The Billikens could have been a contender, had it not been for a freak illness that sidelined the team towards the end of the season. They beat both of their conference mates who went on to meet in the Rose Bowl, and we’ll forever ask “what if…” Regardless, the Billikens remain a giant High Elf team who can dish out a hot plate of elven magic on any unsuspecting, or suspecting, team.

Best Match:
Their 3 touchdowns in the second half against the GFI’s.


#5 - Miami BallHawks
Standings: 3-4-3
League Ranking: 17
Runner Up: Imperial Colleges of Magic Wizard Bowl

Miami attempted to get their mucus-mojo working this season, but never truly managed. While there were some highlights, there were just as many low lights. One such was the brutal, pitch clearing beatdown Miami suffered at the hands of their rival, Air Force. Sure, they secured a tie, but at the cost of three dead players. Not a great season for the team.

Best Match:
The O-o-C dicing of Mz State

Doug Cuzco - Lineman (Block, +ST // 25 spps)
Pete Lyman - Lineman (Block, +ST, Sure Hands, Tackle, Fend // 80 spps)
Elijah Woodhousii - Blitzer (Block, Guard, Dodge, Side Step // 68 spps)

The potential for a standout ball carrier, if the right team were to come along.

#6 - Howlson Tigers
Standings: 2-0-8
League Ranking: 27

The best part of Howlson’s season is that it’s over. They took A LOT of casualties for a Necro team, and try as they may, they were always on the wrong end of the stick. They did, however, manage to earn two victories. Well done.

Best Match:
The beating of some wood elves is always something to celebrate.


Final Tally
5 teams, representing 4 bowl games, with 2 wins and 3 losses. All in all, the FBC did what the FBC does best: making the rest of the conferences look bad.

See you in Season 35.

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NCBB Season 34 Awards

We have another season in the books, and I appreciate everyone who took the time to vote. Here are the results:

Hammer Award - best overall player

Winner: Julian Starr, Ottawa (17 votes)
Runner up: Cinco de Mifflin, Wisconsin (10 votes)

Mr Starr talked a big game in each and every publication he could, and he put up some fine statistics all season long. While some would question his performances in big games, or lack thereof, very few deny the talent he has. Mr Mifflin was likewise a huge threat on the field, apt on both defense and offense alike; his late-season injury has reportedly not deterred his pursuit of the all-time Spp record for his upcoming senior season.

Banger-Hardell Award - best offensive player

Winner: Dennis "Flash" Gordon, SMU (12 votes)
Runner up: Zach Daniel, Hawaii (10 votes)

A very close round of voting saw the speedster from SMU, Mr Gordon, win the award for best offensive player. Leading the nation in TDs score, while being third in rushing yards, was enough to convince voters that he was the rat for the job. Mr Daniels is a very different player, leading the most prolific passing attack in the nation with his arm (though he chips in a few rushing yards as he maneuvers in the pocket).

Neely Award - best defensive player

Winner: John Cannon, Air Force (17 votes)
Runner up: Amberle Blackwell, Duke (8 votes)

Perhaps the only time that Air Force will beat Duke in anything, Mr Cannon wins the award for best defensive player after leading the nation in casualties caused. While he wasn't quite as efficient
as other candidates, he was also clearly carrying the biggest burden based on the team that he is on. Mr Blackwell may have had to settle for second place here, but his team didn't on the field, so our guess is that he is ok with this result.

SOMUFTEN Award - coach of the season

Winner: Kzarik, Duke (22 votes)
Runner-up: tussock, Um Go (4 votes)

Duke finally managed to get back to the top of the mountain, winning their third championship already; coach Kzarik and his team recorded the first unbeaten season in league history in the process. Meanwhile, coach tussock is building his feisty humans into a program to watch out for going forward.

Gabbert-Bryant Award - best quarterback

Winner: Zach Daniel, Hawaii (26 votes)
Runner-up: Smitherman, Mz State (2 votes)

Mr Daniel won this award as a freshman after leading the nation in both passing yards and completions in the NonAQ, and followed that up by repeating those achievements in the BCS to win this award again. Mr Smitherman quietly had a very fine dual-threat offensive season for an overshadowed Mz State program, which is building up for another title run.

Wylie Coyote Award - most promising player who's career was cut short

Winner: Kwan "Quickness" Sparks, SMU (12 votes)
Runner-up: Xcess, Karak (3 votes)

Mr Sparks, aka "Quickness", posthumously wins the Wylie Coyote Award, much to the sadness of those at SMU. With exceptional strength and agility for his position, Sparks was a mobile enforcer who would have been a senior this year. Mr Xcess was a very different kind of player, but another who's loss is a setback to their respective program. Karak knew that once their star runner picked up the ball, the only thing that could stop him from reaching the endzone was the clock.

Wolfman Award - best first-year player

Winner: Alicia Devine, CSU (5 votes)
Runner-up: Mekel Ealy, Hawaii (4 votes)

A very close race sees Ms. Devine walk away as our winner after emerging as the best player at this aspiring young program. She and CSU will move up the BCS for their second season, hoping to establish themselves in this league for the next few years. Mr Ealy finds himself the runner up, as he found ways to contribute on offense with long scores and short passes; the threat of his speed could open things up for other teammates moving forward, or perhaps he will find himself racing past everyone into the endzone.

Game of the Year Award - best contest

Winner: TCU vs Karak (7 votes)
Runner-up: Hawaii vs Bro-hio (5 votes)

The game of the year wasn't remotely going to be noteworthy...until t15 when TCU decided to not only try a low-probability play to try and preserve a tie...but kept rolling more and more dice as the turn unfolded and somehow sent the ball 3/4 of the field to steal the game. Rat shenanigans. Meanwhile, the Smack conference game showcased both the best and worth of the group, as the Hawaii vs Bro-hio shootout was aesthetically pleasing but a defensive coordinator's nightmare.

Most Hated Program Award - obvious

Winner: Duke (8 votes)
Runner-up: Tie between Wisconsin, UNAM, and UCSD (3 votes each)

No surprise here, as the team that kicked everyone's ass last season on their way to the first undefeated championship receives little love and much hate from the rest of us. There was no clear #2, however, as three teams shared an equal amount of hate: Wisconsin for their brashness, UNAM for being too cowardly to return to the league, and UCSD for, well, clock-management issues. It should be noted that all of these teams have been championship and/or playoff contenders during their time here...so if people don't like you, maybe you're doing something right.

Best Conference Award - no we are

Winner: FBC (8 votes)
Runner-up: Smack and NonAQ (4 votes each)

Again, little surprise as the FBC crushed this voting like they crushed last season: they had three of the top six and four of the top nine teams in the Final BCS Standings. Meanwhile, the Smack and NonAQ both received love from fans of passing and new things, respectively.

Soon-to-be-jinxed Award - team that is predicted to win next season's championship

Winner: "Hopefully someone not in the FBC" (7 votes)
Runner-up: "Um Go" and "someone else from the FBC" (4 votes each)

On the surface, it would appear that the fans are hoping for a little differentiation next season, but in total there were 7 votes for non-FBC teams...and 13 votes for FBC teams! Granted the poll had four pro-FBC options, but maybe we have just accepted our fate of being dominated by this conference!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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So happy the league is still going!

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Ladies and gentlemen, BSDN (Blood Sports Daily Network) is proud to sponsor the first ever publishing of:

The AP(ojar) Poll:

For season 35, BSDN has submitted, and will continue to submit throughout the season, the AP(ojar) Top-20 Rankings. Take them for what you will, since we do have people that like toplay Banjos, and like APARs and the like.

Without further ado, here's the opening edition of the AP Top 20.

#20 - Howlson Tigers (FBC) - Drrek

This is an all-around well-built squad that only has ONE senior going into this year. They are at that point where their run to the top begins NOW. Their positionals are very good, with ONE OF the best one-two punches in the Nation in Andrew Garnett and Brendan Cassels. The role players on the squad are very good. They'll need to develop a little more (and by a little more, we mean ANY) depth in their Zombie core, and this team moves its way up the rankings quickly.

#19 - UDub Elfskies (Smack 8) - mrt1212

The team roster has yet to be updated, but the University has a LOT of scholarship money to offer its new recruits. The 10 that are remaining on the roster are all above average. They just do everything well across the board. It won't surprise their fans to see their squad competing in the top 10 late in the season, as long as they can continue their pattern of cultivating young talent immediately.

#18 - Ball State Crimson Birds (SCC) - petalwarfare

If you're a devoted fan of the NCBB, you've undoubtedly heard the names Julian Starr, Zach Daniel, and Nob Carson tossed around a lot for their prolific lines. Friends, Seth B is the best player in the NCBB that NOBODY seems to talk about. He's just shy of 20 touchdowns for the squad going into his senior year. The squad around him is well above average; the Blitzer core is solid, the Thrower is excellent, their Big Guy is more than adequate. Even their Linemen are nicely developed. This is a very well-built squad that will be looking to cause some havoc in the SCC this year.

#17 - Duke Blue-Green Devils (FBC) - Kzarik

We can already hear all the fans in an uproar: The defending National Champions are knocked all the way down to 17th in the pre-season poll? That's disrespectful! We assure you that it's not really meant that way. When you look at the roster from last to this season, they graduated 3 enormous front line Saurii that accounted for 234 spps. It's just not fair to expect 3 rookies to be able to come in and fill those gaps without some growing pains. The squad still has Nob Carson to lead them for one more year, but senior Saurus Felton Capel III just can't do it all by himself. The success of this squad will be determined by how much of the leadership role that both Carson and Capel can take on, allowing the other members of the squad to flourish.

#16 - Missouri State Bull Dawgz (AKC) - BillBrasky

The University has yet to update its roster by fully matriculating its two Senior Blitzers from last year, but this squad is excellent. They feature four Black Orc Blockers with both Block AND Guard. Their remaining two Blitzers are both VERY good. Their Thrower certainly has a lot of utility to him. Their Troll is doing exactly what you'd like him to do: either Guarding or causing Casualties. This squad can make a run at a high bowl, but it NEEDS to be THIS season, as nearly their entire Offensive Line will graduate at the end of Season 35.

#15 - Hawaii Warrielves (AKC) - Apojar

Sure, Zach Daniel set the record for most Completions in a season. Sure, Daniel DESTROYED the single-season Passing Yardage record. Now that they are entering their 3rd year back as an NCBB program, what has the REST of Hawaii done?

They lost a rather good Blitzer to injury in their Planters Goober Bowl LOSS to Alabama in Season 34. They still have their entire Catcher core in tact. Their Linemen are nicely developing underneath it all. We do expect to see a bit of a different Hawaii this year, after the news broke that they have recently fired both their Offensive and Defensive Coordinator from last year. They have also announced that they will suspend Stan Gaudion for the 1st game of the season, due to his inability to understand the offensive side of the ball. This is a pretty good roster to build with, and we expect them to be hunting for a higher Bowl Game this year.

#14 - TCU Horned Rats (SCC) - FRSHMN

The Rats lost Alex Delton, the leader, their heart and soul, to Father Time in the off-season. He leaves behind a very good frame of a TCU roster, albeit rather young. They'll only have one senior this year: their Blitzing Gutter Runner The Horned One Itself. They also have one of the best Quarterbacks in the entire league in Justin Rogers. This team has enormous potential for a massive offensive output this year, but do they have any hopes of developing some defensive stars to help out Sophomore Rat Ogre Parker Workman? They'll certainly need to train quickly if they'll want to be competitive in what promises to be a jam-packed SCC this season.

#13 - Bro-Hio State Buckeyes (Smack 8) - OTS

The Buckeyes are somewhat similar in depth and structure to the aforementioned UDub squad: everyone on here is well-developed. They are built to win now, and only have one Senior this year in Lineman Tyler Friday. This is a team that can and WILL do some damage to the upper rankings this year.

#12 - Florida State Delfinoles (SCC) - Tzalaran

This is a FINE Dark Elf team to work with, as we all got to witness in the 2nd National Semifinal from Season 34. They stood up to a pounding from their opponents, and only graduated one player from last season, an under-performing Assassin with whom the University was all too ready to part ways with. The Blitzer core for the Delfinoles is AMAZING. The Witch Elves are excellent. The Runner is adequate for what is asked of the position here, and they have quite the fall-back player in Garanzo Beltaen, a fleet-footed Junior who can really pitch in when it counts. This is the kind of roster that Universities love to see on their watch. Look for HIGH Bowl invites for these guys this season.

#11 - Gallaudet Deaf Bulls (AKC) - Sergtacos

This roster has, without a doubt, THE BEST one-two punch in the country in Everett Polzin and Joey Mendis. There isn't a Senior on this squad, either. The core will be playing together through Season 36. The Chaos Dwarf Blockers on the roster are well above average as a whole. The Hobgoblins contribute with just enough, making this team a power house in the making.

#10 - Oregon Waterfoul (Smack 8) - Kryten

The Ducks will lose a top Lineman and a Blitzer to the NBFL Draft this off-season (which they've yet to do), accounting for a 99 spp hit to their roster. This program, however, develops key positionals quickly and deliberately. There is never any wasted effort from these guys; every skill and design is purposeful. They always seem to have developed EXACTLY what they need, and that won't change going into Season 35. A program this prestigious has little problem attracting the kind of talent they covet; a large endowment certainly doesn't hurt the cause either.

#9 - Minnesota Go For Its (FBC) - tussock

The Go For Its took the league by storm last season, marching into and through the Rose Bowl. Many grumblings were heard around the league, saying they should have at least been in the conversation for a semifinal berth. As such, they put the rest of the league on notice when they brought down powerhouse Ottawa for the 2nd time in a season.

This roster is LOADED with talent. It starts with their Big Guy up front, the Pillsbury Doughboy, the best Big in the NCBB. The rest of the team goes as he does. This squad is in its window to make that finals appearance NOW, and it simply must; they will graduate the Doughboy and 5 other players after Season 35. This is their chance to go for it all, and they've built just the roster that can do it.

#8 - SMU Mousestangs (Smack 9) - Arcayn

The Mousestangs are ready to make their push for a Playoff Berth this year, coming into Season 35 with 7 Seniors. Arcayn hopes to send them into the world with an NCBB Championship under their pelts. These guys have 2 very good Storm Vermins, serviceable Throwers, some decent Linerats, and 2 top-notch Gutter Runners. Even the Rat Ogre is well above average. Everything about this roster just screams Playoffs.

#7 - Ottawa Bee-Bees (Big Beast) - Nelphine

Half of Ottawa's losses last season came at the hands of Minnesota. A 3rd was to the eventual undefeated National Champion Duke. The Bee-Bees is home to Hammer Recipient Julian Starr, a Ghoul who does a whole lot of everything for this 3rd year squad. This program has developed its positionals VERY nicely, and gets just what it needs out of its Zombie ranks. Do they HAVE to win it this year? No, as they'll be together next year also... but don't be surprised to see them there at the end of Season 35.

#6 - Saint Louis Billikens (Smack 8) - Fool

What an Elf roster this is. There isn't anything these guys can't do well. The neat thing about the roster is that the majority of the work isn't done by the positionals; it's done by their Linemen. It's both a blessing and a curse, in that the core 5 Linemen for the Billikens are set to graduate at the end of Season 35. They'll need to power their way through the folks above them to give those Seniors a proper send-off.

#5 - Karak University (SCC) - Xeterog

For the life of us, we can't honestly understand why more people haven't been RAVING about this roster? We get that it's Dwarves, but have you taken a peek at these guys recently? Don't say we didn't warn you if you haven't paid attenion...

The Longbeards on the team are excellent. The Troll Slayer and Runner positions are well covered. Where they excel is in their two DYNAMITE Blitzers in Junior SayOwl and Little Timothy. They'll need to start with both feet on the gas pedal, and drive it through the floor. They've got 5 Seniors going into Season 35, most of which are intricate players in Karak's game plan. It's close to a now-or-never scenario for the Dwarves.

#4 - UC San Dogo Krytens* (AKC) - JackassRampant

* - This team is NOT Bowl-Eligible this season.

Top to bottom, this is one of the most fearsome rosters the NCBB has seen in quite some time. Good coaching and good development led this squad to a Semifinal appearance in Season 34. They're at just about a 2/3 winning percentage overall. The team is just so well coached and played. When they're firing on all cylinders, they're very difficult to deal with.

We know that this team, due to some time mismanagement issues, is not eligible for post-season play in Season 35. The roster they have is still VERY formidable, earning them the right to start as high up in the rankings as they do.

#3 - Berea Bleeding Angels (Big Beast) - Wolvezzz

The Angels waltzed into their Bowl match in Season 34, having to play up 420k. They made it seem easy, earning a 2-1 victory over a very good Saint Louis squad. They have some scholarship money offered out to some recruits that are just waiting to have their names sewn onto their jerseys. Their top 11 is brutal, thorough, and efficient. They showed exactly what they were capable of in their Bowl match. This team is built to win EVERYTHING in Season 35, as they'll graduate over half of their starting lineup.

#2 - California Golden Lizards (Big Beast) - Ex-Convict

With last season's champion Duke in mind, California hopes to follow that exact same blueprint to a Championship in Season 35. This team has a DYNAMITE front 6 of Saurii, with a more than adequate Kroxigor helping to assist. The skink crew is led by Kyle Harmon, who exhibits lighting fast speed streaking down the pitch. He enters his senior year with a team around him that can easily be there for the end holding the trophy.

And finally, our #1 team heading into Season 35...

#1 - Fayetteville Broncospasms (Big Beast) - Garcangel

This team has everything. The coaching, the Wardancer-play, the Catchers, the Thrower. This team is just LOADED with talent and ability. The pair of Wardancers are one of the top 3 duos to play in the NCBB. The Catcher core easily outdoes anything Hawaii does. The Linemen can outplay nearly any squad's linemen, with the possible exception of Karak. This team can take on all comers, and leave them in a 4-1 dusting. It's just that good.

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The AP committee has been informed of some possible allegations of POINT SHAVING with the UC San Dogo franchise. It is said in a 24-page document, submitted by an unnamed source to the Commissioner's Office, that these allegations will result in 7 Juniors being deemed "Academically Ineligible" for any further NCBB action.

The document goes on to discuss how the High Elf players would shave the points on their ears down before each match, allowing them to be far bash-capable than typical Elves. As such, their CAS numbers were greatly inflated, giving the program an advantage.

UCSD officials, in an attempt to get out in front of the scandal, have dismissed the 7 Juniors from the squad, reducing their starting roster by an enormous 250 star player points. This will surely cause a "re-calculation" in the Opening AP Top 20 Polls!

Also on an important side note, we have been informed that the Ottawa Bee-Bees, after careful consideration, will remain in the FBC this season, instead of joining the Big Beast. That was a late decision by the NCBB Commissioner Committee, which was unavailable to BSDN at the time of the article.

Stay tuned to BSDN for any further details, as we approach the start of Season 35 for the NCBB!

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LOL can't take a poll serious where IVCC gets not love - fly-over country bias at its worst.

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NCBB Season 35 Storylines

We're going to identify a few storylines to keep an eye on this upcoming season:

Defeat Duke

No one managed to defeat the Green-Blue-Red-Yellow lizards last season as they won another championship; now they graduated three saurii from that roster, though they still have the great Nob Carson leading the offensive attack. While most experts think a repeat is possible, though unlikely, it will be interesting to see who gives them their first loss in a long time: an arch-rival looking for revenge, some up-and-coming program, or perhaps a longshot no one expected?

Chasing History

Living legend Cinco de Mifflin sits at #5 all-time for career SPPs earned in NCBB history, and he is coming back for his senior season. While he did pick up a permanent niggling injury late last year, his talent is still undeniable. The top spot in NCBB history is 179 spps, meaning that Cinco needs a mere 43 to break the record! Will he be able to etch his name in the record books forever? Or will someone stop his ascent into history?!

A Passing Fad?

The renowned Hawaii Warrielves program has established itself as the premier passing program in the nation, with their star thrower Zach Daniel occupying spots on the all-time leaderboard for both passing yards and completions (3rd and 7th, respectively) after just two seasons. But in a stunning press conference, the school fired both coordinators and pledged to dedicate themselves to more than just passing yards. It will be fascinating to see how the players and coaches adjust, and whether they can develop a complimentary defense to their high-powered offensive attack.

FBC: Fumbbl's Best Conference?

The FBC had a team win the national championship last season, in addition to having three teams in the top six of the Final BCS Standings. They were also voted the best conference in the awards voting, doubling the total of the next highest conference. In the offseason, they added a promising NonAQ team in the U Pike Pain Bearers, and had a playoff team in Fla St transfer into the group. Will the FBC be able to continue their dominance, or might they perhaps cannibalize each other too much?

The Age of Man?

While humans haven't had tons of NCBB success, we could be seeing a new wave about to establish themselves in the league. Already at 1840 TV, Ball State is led by the overlooked stud catcher Seth B in the wide-open SCC. Fresh out of the NonAQ, Charlotte's Forty Normers won the Famous Irrana Potata Bowl and take a balanced roster into the AKC conference. Finally, the Um, G'olden Go For Its were tabbed as the #9 team in the AP(ojar) Preseason Poll, as their seniors go into their final season with heightened expectations after winning the Rose Bowl.

Also the Appalahcian State Hillbillies technically exist but don't measure up to the other humans yet...and they smell bad. Luckily none of their players can read so they'll never know about this article.

New Hotness

This is probably the largest collection of new programs we've ever had, with fourteen teams lined up to do battle in the thunderdome. With some coaches working on a second program potentially for the future (Waaagh, JR), coaches returning to the league (Baz, Jeffro), or plenty of coaches getting their first shot in the NCBB, it will be a blast keeping an eye on all of the rookie action. One of these freshman players could be a future award winner in the making for all we know!

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We have Ranking systems based on Winning, Passing, Casualties, Strength of Schedule, etc. What we don't have is a ranking of how well our coaches are presenting their teams and/or players..I'm talking about the Team Bio, Player Bio, and Game Comments here! Well, that is about to change. Coach Xeterog presents....the...err...to be named later ranking!!! Wink

anyway, we went through every AQ team (non-AQ gets to sit this one out) and ranked from 1 to 10 each team in several categories, which are:
Team Bio (home page).
*Information presented (wins/losses/bowls..hard facts)
*Layout (does it look good to Coach Xeterog!)
*Fluff (does it have any fluff..rilvaries, cool quotes, team facts, etc)

Player Bio
*Information: cold hard facts about the player
*Layout: does it look good to Coach Xeterog!)
*Fluff: cool info about the player...or at least something other than he's a senior that blocked 10000 times...

Finally teams were ranked on their Game Comments.
*Frequency: Sadly few coaches ever even comment on games
*Fluff: if you do, make it somewhat fluffy.."This is bowl game of this season" doesn't cut it, nor does a blow by blow technical replay of the game.

Here are the results. 1st the Conferences ranking (darnit, FBC wins AGAIN!) then the top 10.

finally, you can drill down into each conference for the rankings there (and Coach Xeterog's very biased opinion)

edit 1: darn...that well, looked bad...let me work on it a bit...

Ok.. edit 2. Just go to this retired team's bio for the info you need. 17th Man

- Xeterog

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The updated AP(ojar) Pre-Season Poll (after the UCSD Point Shaving Scandal)

1 - Fayetteville
2 - California
3 - Berea
4 - Karak
5 - Saint Louis
6 - Ottawa
7 - SMU
8 - Minnesota
9 - Oregon
10- Gallaudet
11- Florida State
12- Bro-Hio State
13- TCU
14- Hawaii
15- Mississippi State (mistakenly labeled as Missouri State in previous article)
16- Duke
17- Ball State
18- UDubs
19- Howlson

The write-ups for each team are earlier in this thread. The new team into the top 20 is:

#20 - Wisconsin Rat-Grrrrs (charlie1331)

This Wisconsin squad qualified for the National Semifinal, playing against the eventual National Champions in Duke. This may have been the best Playoff game the NCBB has ever seen; it's for certain the most memorable. They took the undefeated Lizards into overtime, thanks to some super-Gutter-Runner heroics. Nuffle, however, had other plans for the outcome. Wisconsin played their hearts out, earning the crowd's respect, and taking 7 CAS in the process. This cost them 36 spp's in players, including a skilled Gutter and a well-skilled Rat Ogre. Duke also managed to permanently injure Cinco de Mifflin, the Rat-grrrr Superstar Gutter Runner.

Mifflin is a top-flight player. No one will deny that. Unfortunately, Mifflin can't do everything by himself. This team is VERY young, and will need to come along quickly to stay competitive. That's a tall order for Wisconsin, given both their Conference and their group in the OoC competition. They have the right coach in charge to do it.

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NCBB Season 35 Bowl Announcements

Another regular season down, another awesome bowl season to go! Here are the matchups for the (mostly) deserving teams:

McNurgle's Bowl
Appalahcian State Hillbillies (Beast, 1-1-8.) vs U Pike Pain Bearers (FBC, 1-0-9)

The battle to see who sucks the worst, both of these teams could really use a morale boost going into next season, but only one will get it!

Trollslayer.com Seven Zero Bowl
Ball State Crimson Birds (SCC, 4-5-1) vs StephenF.Austin LumberingJacks (Non-AQ, 5-0-5)

Feisty humans who refused to lose take on some equally feisty Khemri who refused to tie! Go big or go home!!

Gnarley-Raiderson Chain Saws Slaughter Bowl
Karak University (SCC, 4-3-3) vs John Molson School of Bruising (Non-AQ, 5-3-2)

Last season we had wizards, but now we step up our fluff bowl with chainsaws!!! Both sides will be given one to wield, and it could get messy!

WaffleHouse Salty Tears Bowl
Illinois Valley CC Ranchers (SCC, 4-4-2) vs Miami BallHawks (FBC, 4-2-4)

The Ranchers and the BallHawks will have to wipe the tears from their eyes and focus on getting another 'W' to end the season!

Famous Irrana Potata Bowl
Um, G'olden Go For Its! (FBC, 5-2-3) vs Texas Tech Red Reptiles (Non-AQ, 7-1-2)

The Go For Its will send off their first wave of seniors against a team in their program's first ever bowl game! It wasn't too long ago that those humans were in the lizards' position!

Fireball Fire Bowl
Howlson Tigers (AKC, 5-2-3) vs Utah Runnin' Brutes (Non-AQ, 5-3-2)

After double checking our math, the Utah orcs will face the Howlson Tigers in the Fireball bowl. Punch em in the face!

Planter's Goober Bowl
Charlotte's Forty Normers (AKC, 4-4-2) vs Texas AM Les Agriculteurs (Non-AQ, 7-1-2)

It's humans vs...kind of humans in the Goober Bowl! Will the royalty of Bretonia be able to put the peasants from both teams in their place?

Wonderbra Wonder Bowl
Hawaii Warrielves (AKC, 5-2-3) vs Ohio Wesleyan Battling Benders (Non-AQ, 7-0-3)

The student vs the master! Hawaii and their prolific passing offense takes on Ohio Wesleyan and their 'balls deep' defense which pressures opponents on every play!

Killer Lite Bowl
Poli Puerkos (Beast, 5-2-3) vs Fighting Illinois 2020 (Non-AQ, 6-1-2)

It's a family feud in the Killer Lite Bowl, as the dwarfs from Poli take on their evil cousins, the chaos dwarfs from F. Illinois!

Tossitos' Fiesta Bowl
Air Force Warpstone Falcons (FBC, 5-2-3) vs Paris University DeadJokers (Non-AQ, 7-2-1)

Air Force looks to cap off a magical season against the best Non-AQ from this season, coming to us all the way from Paris! We're not joking, and neither are they!!

DedEx Orange Bowl
Oregon Waterfoul (Smack, 5-4-1) vs Navy Midskeletonmen (SCC, 5-3-2)

Two of the oldest teams in the league meet once again, as Oregon will look to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and...dodge away from the mighty mummies of Navy!

Uluthan's Rose Bowl
SMU Mousestangs (Smack, 6-2-2) vs TCU Horned Rats (SCC, 5-3-2)

It's a rat race to the endzone in the Granddaddy of them all, the Rose Bowl! Uluthan will be overrun by hordes of skaven fans, as they want to get a look at their two proud programs face off in this legendary contest.

BCS National Championship Semifinal II
Gallaudet Deaf Bulls (AKC, 6-4-0) vs Duke Blue-Green Devils (FBC, 7-1-2)

The dynamic duo vs arguably the top dynasty going, the Deaf Bulls will look to stay unbeaten against the powerful Duke program that refused to partake in a 'rebuilding season'.

BCS National Championship Semifinal I
Ottawa Bee-Bees (Beast, 7-2-1) vs Fayetteville Bronchospasms (Beast, 6-3-1)

A rematch of a stellar game earlier this season, the undead and wood elves will have a rematch to determine who is truly worthy of representing the Big Beast conference in the title game!

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

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NCBB Season 35 Awards

We have another season in the books, and I appreciate everyone who took the time to vote. Here are the results:

Hammer Award - best overall player

Winners: Julian Starr, Ottawa AND Joey Mendis, Gallaudet (12 votes each)
Runner up: Two with four votes each

Both Starr and Mendis led their teams to a playoff semifinal, but we were robbed of a dream matchup in the championship as both fell to the lower seeded team. Still, no one can deny these junior players' excellence, and we get one more season to cheer and/or boo them on.

Banger-Hardell Award - best offensive player

Winner: Joey Mendis, Gallaudet (12 votes)
Runner up: Zach Daniel, Hawaii (10 votes)

Mr Mendis walks away with another trophy, claiming the offensive PotY award as well. Few could stop him when he had the ball, as he led the nation in both touchdowns (18 ) and rushing yards (291). Mr Daniel was very close in the voting after leading the nation in literally every conceivable passing category.

Neely Award - best defensive player

Winner: John Cannon, Air Force (26 votes)
Runner up: Lauret "Gray Langur" Magveil, UCSD (3 votes)

Mr Cannon, aka "Murder Rat" wins the Neeley award again after a late-season surge in CAS, as he ended up leading the nation in the category (17). Mr Magveil was very close statistically in CAS (15) despite not having claws, so perhaps some more media attention will garner him the respect he deserves after a fine season.

SOMUFTEN Award - coach of the season

Winner: Aenir, Navy (13 votes)
Runner-up: Sergtacos, Gallaudet (7 votes)

Aenir has historically had little on-the-field success with his beloved Khemri throughout his many years in the league. Fans love a good underdog story, however, and perhaps no story was better this season than when Navy met TCU with their personal bet on the line. Dusting off their ancient playbook, the skeletons took to the air on the final turn and knocked off the then top-ranked rats in the process. Sergtacos took his third year program from 'promising' to 'powerhouse' with an unbeaten regular season and a playoff appearance. Perhaps the team can take the next step with the first seniors in the program's history.

Gabbert-Bryant Award - best quarterback

Winner: Zach Daniel, Hawaii (24 votes)
Runner-up: Two with three votes each

Mr Daniel has now won three straight 'best QB' awards, as his prolific passing has captured the hearts of fans and crushed the souls of his haters. He lead the league in completions (24), passing yards (200), yards per completion (8.333), and yards per game (22.222), so uh...he's pretty good.

Wylie Coyote Award - most promising player who's career was cut short

Winner: The Horned One Itself, TCU (8 votes)
Runner-up: Alex Funches, Cal (7 votes)

In a late surge, the Horned One Itself claims his rightful title as the cruelest kill/retirement. After all, how could the Skaven deity not be the choice? Finishing in a close second was Mr Funches, a very skilled and experienced senior saurus who found out the hard way that injuring Julian Starr will get you counter-blitzed the next turn...with splooshy results.

Wolfman Award - best first-year player

Winner: Jett Bender, Ohio Wesleyan (15 votes)
Runner-up: Pavel Bury, John Molson (5 votes)

Mr Bender (not to be confused with the other Benders on the team), was a force early and often for the first year Ohio Wesleyan program, and already has more Spps than many programs average on their graduates. Mr Bury wasn't quite as prolific, but grew consistently over the season and now looks to be the next in line of great Pestigor ball-carriers in NCBB history.

Lustrian Spectacle Award - game of the year

Winner: TCU vs Navy, aka "Go For Four" (12 votes)
Runner-up: Ottawa vs Fayetteville, Playoff Semifinal (10 votes)

A close voting race is fitting for all of these games, as they were epic contests that came down to the end. TCU vs Navy gets the nod, perhaps because of the storylines behind it, with Navy both winning their bet and knocking off the #1 team with one (rare) pass. Meanwhile, the playoff semifinal between the #1 and #4 seeds was a rematch of a great game from earlier in the year, and this one was somehow even better. Both games have been saved on my youtube page for eternal viewing.

Dwarven Spirit Award - most hated team

Winner: Duke (12 votes)
Runner-up: UCSD (6 votes)

When you reach the title game in your "rebuilding year," you are the definition of a hate-able program, and the fans agree. UCSD claims second place, finishing one vote ahead of both UNAM and TCU, after having an unbeaten regular season despite a mass exodus of players after last year's playoff incident.

Beast Conference Award - best conference

Winners: Big Beast and FBC (7 votes each)
Runner-up: Non-AQ (6 votes)

The Beast and FBC combined for three of the four playoff teams, as well as four other bowl participants (plus App St in the McNurgles). Thus they were both seen as the top dawgs this year, after the FBC had a clear lead in last season's voting. Meanwhile, the new kids on the block from the NonAQ look like they're ready to make their mark on the league, as they claimed both bowl wins and second place in the voting, finishing one vote ahead of both the SCC and Smack conferences.

Elven Try Hard Award - team that is predicted to win next season's championship

Winner: Fayetteville (8 votes)
Runner-up: Duke (6 votes)

Shockingly, voters thought that both teams who ended up fighting for the championship are the early favorites to win it again. Although most of the votes came in before these two clashed (and maybe even before one or both had won a semifinal), the consensus is that we certainly haven't seen the last of either of these two programs.

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That's three GotY-Awards in a row for TCU. With two of them coming from regular conference games... Eat this, SCC haters, we are entertaining... And your hate simply comes from the deep desire to be part of the show!!!

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Nelphine wrote:
The crowd cheers as Julian Starr Image comes out of the dugout.

"Eh, you'll have to vote for us to be the 4th spot in the playoffs. You're never going to see another Junior Legend in NCBB. I run. I hit. I dodge, I smash, I take the ball and I never, ever give up. You want intensity? You want the BEST? Put me into the playoffs, and we'll take that Cup, and give it to someone who truly deserves it.


Just for the salt! Razz

I guess we're not going to see a Junior Legend win a Championship for some time.
But hey, at least you can add another quality to him: He runs. He hits. He dodges, he smashs, he takes the ball and he never, ever gives up. And he dies in his Senior Season.

Twisted Evil
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